Use Brilliant Compensation to Explain the MLM Industry
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Recently Prem Prasad asked this question regarding his MLM Business & the MLM Industry:
“How do we change people’s thinking about network marketing?”

Prem’s question is one of the single-most important questions in the entire network marketing business or MLM industry.

Prem, you may not be aware of this, but you couldn’t have asked your question to a better company! First Class MLM Tools was founded by Tim Sales more than a decade ago to help legitimize the MLM Industry by providing training tools that teach good practices and provide factual information about the MLM industry. The goal was to accomplish two things:

  • The industry legitimized,
  • and the Network Marketer a success.

Brilliant Compensation, Tim Sales, MLM IndustryOne of the very first things we show is that before you present your MLM Business or products to a prospect, you’ll want to get any misinformation about the MLM industry out of the way. If you haven’t watched the Brilliant Compensation video, we recommend that you start with that.  Tim Sales created this presentation specifically to remove the MLM Industry objections.

One of the main problems that networkers have is that they often try to present their product or opportunity before they have addressed the prospect’s objection to the network marketing industry itself. This approach can lead to people who are misinformed about the MLM industry not being willing to hear what you have to say. Show your prospects Brilliant Compensation first. It will clear up any false information they may have and change their thinking about network marketing.

If your prospect still has objections after watching Brilliant Compensation, direct them to our free resource website where they can read a number of different articles that explain many different things such as pyramid schemes and other common misconceptions about the MLM industry. They will find articles that show them what a legitimate MLM company is like as well. This information can be very helpful when you are talking with somebody who isn’t convinced that Network Marketing is a good idea.

One of the truly valuable things that you will find if you watch Brilliant Compensation is how to evaluate a company. Once you know that your MLM business fits the criteria for a legitimate MLM business and you have information like the above to help answers people’s questions, you’ll find that it’s easy to change their minds about network marketing.




  1. Louise July 28, 2018 Reply

    This one lecture has completely changed my business! If you use Brilliant Compensation in your business you are going to find what I found, it gets easier to recruit people, it gets easier to get customers, AND it’s a WHOLE LOT MORE ENJOYABLE!

  2. Garrett July 29, 2018 Reply

    Great information! Good Post. In fact, I have recommended this Brilliant compensation DVD to people in the industry for years. You just can’t go wrong with it!

  3. nigel Dix August 22, 2018 Reply

    Hello, do you offer a digital download version of Brilliant Compensation.

    Thank You

    Nigel W. Dix

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