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Training, Accountability and a Free 15-Minute Review Session

Training, Accountability and a Free 15-Minute Review Session

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Recently, one of our subscribers sent in this comment in an email:

I already own pretty much everything that Tim has put out and admit that it’s very good but still have not achieved a decent level of success in my mlm… Will there be any consultation &/or accountability in this training? My upline in non existent.

Thank you for reaching out to us. I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t achieved what you were hoping for in MLM….at least not yet. J  And I’m sorry to hear that you don’t feel like you have upline support. Although it can be a challenge, there are thankfully other options, including tapping into the resources we have here at FCMLMT.

To answer your question directly, Yes, there is an option for both consultation and accountability with the new Network Marketing 101 training. I’ll share the details of that in just a minute, but first want to point something out that I think can add value to our conversation.

Early in Tim’s career, as his downline began to grow, he realized that the only way he could be an effective upline was if he could coach a person based on what that person needed to succeed in MLM. He started with a group of people on the phone for a Saturday training and go over the comp plan, products, ingredients, the back office- you name it, his calls covered all of that stuff. Everyone on the team had the recommended tools and resources from the field and the company. But people would still tell him that the business wasn’t working for them.

This was really frustrating for Tim (he thought he was giving them everything they needed to succeed) until he figured out a way to pin point exactly where someone was getting tripped up. It was then, that he developed 13 money making activities that are essential to making it in MLM. And he developed a way for his team to keep track of what they were doing and a way for him to see where things were falling apart. Then, he could coach specifically for that person to help them get over whatever was stopping them from progressing.

The Network Marketing 101 Course is basically an introduction to the 13 activities. Each lesson is introduced in a specific sequential order and the action guides included with every lesson have simple, doable projects or activities to help you put what you’ve learned into action.  I am thrilled that you have many of Tim’s products, but where Network Marketing 101 could be helpful to you would be in these areas:

  1. The lessons are presented in a basic gradient level – not too overwhelming but enough training to give you sold direction and confidence. What you’ve learned in Tim’s previous trainings will be helpful as you go through the course.
  2. Because the entire course focuses on the 13 activities – you will see how everything you’ve learned in the past and learn in the course all fits together. Instead of all of these ideas and suggestions floating around in your head, I would suspect that this course will actually bring clarity to the training you have already received.

So let’s conclude with some specifics about the accountability and consultation option with the course. When you purchase Network Marketing 101 there are two packages to choose from, one of which is the Personal One-on-One Coaching along with the course.

Here’s what you can expect with the One on One Coaching:

  • Get input, feedback and direction on the content you’re learning. Make sure you’re learning and understanding the material for maximum benefit.
  • Have someone who you can be accountable to, to help you stay on task and on target so you can stop procrastinating.
  • Have someone to practice and role play with.
  • Oftentimes the hardest part of learning and training is the DOING part. Through the training sessions you will learn how to correctly DO what you have learned.

The Coaching sessions are 30 minutes per session, once session per week for six weeks. Especially where you don’t have upline support, this would be very helpful (and motivational) for you!

Ultimately, you have to be accountable to yourself. Your business will only grow if you are accountable for managing your time wisely and staying focused enough to consistently work the business.  But, combine that personal accountability and consistency with the added support of some personal coaching and you will  be amazed at what you can achieve in only six short weeks.  You can get the course and coaching package here: https://firstclassmlmtools.com/nwm101/

If you feel like you have invested in training but still aren’t getting results, leave us a comment sharing your biggest challenge when it comes to training. Why do you think the training you have done in the past isn’t getting you the results you hoped for? Everyone who submits a comment will receive a 15 minute free review session with me to go over what traning they have and some pointers to getting the most of your training so you can get results.


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