What the Wealthy Buy on Payday by Tim Sales (DVD)

What the Wealthy Buy on Payday by Tim Sales (DVD)

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What the Wealthy Buy on Payday, developed by Tim Sales puts an end to the frustration of hearing your prospect tell you how badly he needs to raise his income level, but then walk away from the very thing that will do just that . . . all because “he can’t afford it.  Use this DVD before you explain your opportunity and you will no longer hear that objection!  Normally ships 24 to 48 hours after successful purchase.  Discounts available on added quantities or bulk orders.


Recruiting can either be exciting… or it can be a challenging process. When you’re getting people to join, there’s nothing better. But if you’re not getting results, well… not so much fun.

How many times have you heard your prospect say the following…

  • “I cant afford to get involved in your opportunity at this time.”
  • “I just don’t have the money to become a distributor right now.”
  • “My credit cards are maxed out. I’m gonna have to pass.”

It can sound like a broken record after awhile… and unless you overcome this objection, your downline can stay stuck in a deep rut.

On the other hand…

What if you had a short 8 minute DVD that wiped clean this objection… that gets your prospect to say “YES!” without you saying a word?

And what if all you had to do was hand out this 8 minute DVD where I do all the talking for you? No hype. No high pressure sales pitch.

Think about it…

Just a simple explanation of why the rich get richer… and how your prospect can get rich as well. An easy to understand formula for creating wealth… used by the rich for centuries.

I’m talking about an eye-opening presentation that primes your prospect to want to know

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    Thanks Tim. This formula has really helped me with my business.

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