Qualifying Prospects by Tim Sales (CD Format)

Qualifying Prospects by Tim Sales (CD Format)


Qualifying Prospects: (Lecture #3 Hot MLM Prospecting Tips Training Series)

There's a lot more to qualifying a prospect than meets the eye.  If you know how to do this well, your downline and customer base will grow stably. In this lecture by Tim Sales you'll get the real meat and potatoes of how to do this and do it well. This product is in CD format and will ship to your door along with transcripts, study guides and sample scripts.

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Never Sell What the Prospect Won’t Buy

(Get prospects to “open up” so you can see if they qualify)

This is where the rubber meets the road! When you understand how to qualify your prospects you’ll not only save time and money, you’ll have the inside track to recruiting the cream of the crop. All of which means you’ll build a larger organization more quickly and start seeing larger and larger monthly checks.

Here’s some of what you’ll discover:

  • 3 things to always keep in mind when speaking with prospects – The basics are the foundation upon which you’ll build lasting success! 
  • Tired of “smokescreen” responses from your prospects? Here’s how to get clear answers and move the recruiting process to the close. 
  • The secret to getting both strangers and people you know to tell you what they want – This is the master key that unlocks all doors! 
  • Are you losing prospects who think they already have a solution? Use this strategy to recruit even the most stubborn into your downline. 
  • The single most important key to success in business and in network marketing. If you’re serious about MLM, print this out and memorize it!

You’ll get the training CD and complete transcript booklet that you can use as you study or to refer back to shipped to your door.


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