Professional Inviter Workbook (ONLY)
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Professional Inviter Workbook (ONLY)

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After thousands of Professional Inviter™ owners like you were surveyed, Tim discovered that networkers wanted more confidence in executing the Inviting Formula™ in real-life situations. Now that confidence is “hot-off-the-press” as they say, in the form of this great-looking new Workbook.  Use it to refresh your inviting skills, or to build them up even more.  Product ships to your door within 24 to 48 hours after successful purchase.

The Professional Inviter Workbook is packed with many more confidence-giving “practice run-throughs” for each of the 6 steps of Tim’s proven Inviting Formula.


  • Full transcripts of all 7 CD’s of my industry-leading Professional Inviter™ training. The more ways you can take in this training the better it’ll stick…
  • A comprehensive training directory so you can find any part of the 8 hours of unique training in mere seconds. (To test it out myself, I just searched for a live call with Catherine, where I walk her past the MLM objection, and it took me all of 10 seconds to find it…)
  • Ready-made step-by-step training outline. Makes training your team in the Inviting Formula as easy as turning the page and reading aloud. No “lesson planning” needed… I’ve done it all for you. Just sit back and let me turn you into the most popular trainer around.

Each “practice run-through” drops you into a life-like prospecting simulation and allows your confidence to only grow… never be beat-down.

Now… the next time you talk with a prospect in the flesh or over the phone, the Inviting Formula™ will be an easy and natural part of every word that leaves your mouth.

There will be no more stumbling or uncertainty about what to say or do next.

Offering your prospect a professional invite to view your business will be a simple and effortless motion. Nothing nerve-frying… nothing daunting.

Plus… because you’re using the Inviting Formula™ to build your business, you’re treating prospects with the deserved respect so many networkers aren’t savvy enough to give them.

In return, prospects are gratefully welcoming you into their life…

Creating a 100% “win-win” situation that lets you feel terrific about how you’re creating the new checks arriving in your mailbox.


1 review for Professional Inviter Workbook (ONLY)

  1. 2 out of 5

    This workbook is so valuable to me. Thank you Tim! I can’t say enough about how nice it was to have the workbook to help reinforce what I was learning in the Professional Inviter CDs. You’re the best!

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