Professional Inviter Online Training Program

Professional Inviter Online Training Program


Developed by Tim Sales for Network Marketing Professionals who want to master the skill of inviting.  This training program comes complete with a seven module online training program with pdf version of the workbook & transcripts and inviting scripts delivered to your members area. You’ll receive email notification with your login credentials immediately upon successful completion of your purchase.

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Professional Inviter is Tim’s signature training program that will teach you how to invite anybody to anything at anytime.

Without Professional Inviting Skills Tim would have never become as successful as he has. He wants you to have that same success in your own business.

Here’s what you’ll get in the Professional Inviter Online Training Program

  • The entire 7-Module set which includes live inviting calls done by me personally that show you each step in action
  • A workbook with transcripts and exercises you can do as you go through the CDs
  • The Inviting Scripts – which you will use until you have mastered each step so that you actually start improving right away
  • The complete transcripts are also included in the workbook so you can read along as you listen to the CDs or the online version and hard copy workbook loaded with exercises that help you learn faster and better as you go through the training

As you already know, your success in Network Marketing is determined by a few factors, but the single-most important one is how well you can invite. Real inviting is much, much more than a 30-minute pep talk and a list of friends to call.

Make No Mistake! Inviting Is an Art and a Science!

Your mastery of it has everything to do with your success! Don’t let anybody tell you differently!

Tim knows what He’s talking about, after all spent many years mastering it. These are the same techniques he used to build his own downline to 56,000 people in several countries. He still enjoys today the millionaire status that he earned with these techniques.

Professional Inviter is the complete training course that he developed so anybody could master inviting and build strong businesses, and thousands of people have done just that.

With that kind of success behind this one training course, it means you don’t have to suffer, struggle, or rack up massive losses to get a few wins. There’s a much better way. We’ve all heard of people who quit because they couldn’t master inviting. Well you don’t have to be one of those people.


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