Product Sales Tips by Tim Sales (Online Format)
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Product Sales Tips by Tim Sales (Online Format)

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Product Sales Tips: (Lecture #4 Hot MLM Prospecting Tips Training Series)

In this final lecture of the Hot Prospecting Tips Training Series by Tim Sales you’ll finally learn those golden nuggets that make selling your products so much easier AND when to lead with product or business! This product is only available in Online format and will be made available to you in your member’s area along with transcripts, study guides, and sample scripts.  You’ll receive a notification email after successful purchase.

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Do you lead with selling your MLM product or your business opportunity first?

That question and much more like “How do I bridge the gap between selling the product and then selling the business opportunity?” are answered. Earn more from your MLM business by properly and successfully increasing product sales with the secrets available in this module.

Here’s only some of what you’ll discover . . .

  • Discover the truth about discounting your product for friends or family (track 3) – It’s extremely important that you listen to this portion of the module, the answer will shock you, but will also add dollars to your bottom line.
  • On Track 10 I reveal the biggest mistake you can make when selling your products – This happens over and over again, and one simple change to your approach will transform the way you talk to people about your products and help you make more income from product sales.
  • In track 1, I show you which you should lead with, your product or your business – This is the master key that unlocks all doors to selling products in MLM!
  • Learn what I ACTUALLY focus on when using tools to promote MLM products – You see, it’s not what you use to promote your product, it’s __________________(find out on track 9)
  • How to teach your new recruits to get customers of their own – If you’re serious about MLM, leverage is a concept you’ll adopt as your best friend. This strategy (starting on page 12 of the bonus transcript included) is one of the ways to implement leverage into your MLM business easily.


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