Performance Tracker Online Training Videos & Booklets

Performance Tracker Online Training Videos & Booklets


Score Your Daily Progress and track the actions that make a business grow with Performance Tracker booklets. Performance Tracker was developed by Tim Sales to help you stay focused on the critical daily activities that build businesses and stay out of the trap of time wasting activities that only prevent you from achieving your goals.

You’ll track and score directly in the booklet. You’ll use one booklet per month. This is the starter kit, which includes one booklet and the complete set of training videos.  The training videos are delivered to your members area while the booklet is shipped within 24 to 48 hours of successful purchase.   If you want to order additional booklets, click here.

Why Do You Need Performance Tracker?

There are specific activities that when tracked and monitored properly, will give instant data to find the weak areas of any MLM businesses and fix them immediately.

Tim developed a “points system” and scoring sheet with benchmarks on it to be used each day and to help track your business growth each month. This tool might make building your MLM business way too easy…”

That’s it right there. Tim wanted building and growing your business to be way too easy. And Pocket Tracker was the original tool. But now he’s made that even better with Performance Tracker.

In just a few minutes you’ll discover just how easy it is to …

  • Eliminate wasted time – know exactly what to do and when to do it each and every day.
  • Discover your hidden weak areas, then remove them from your daily routine forever.
  • Help your downline do the very same thing so you work more closely as a team with higher production.
  • Easily build and train an army of new recruits to skyrocket your income in just minutes a day.

Do all this and much more easily once you’re on track and know your “score” for building your business. All it takes is a little organization and Performance Tracker.

Learn How to Use Performance Tracker with our Online Video Training

We provide you with easy, effective training so you can rapidly and effectively use Performance Tracker. When you buy the training, you’ll be logging into your member’s area and watching three short and easy-to-understand videos that make learning how to use Performance Tracker a breeze!


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