Effective Phone Messages by Tim Sales (CD Format)

Effective Phone Messages by Tim Sales (CD Format)

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Effective Phone Messages: (Lecture #1 Hot MLM Prospecting Tips Training Series)

Getting prospects to call back after you leave them a message is one of the most vital skills you can develop. The good news is that it’s NOT rocket science! In this CD Lecture by Tim Sales, you’ll gain valuable skills that will help you get that prospect on the phone and talking.  CD, transcripts, study guide and sample scripts ship to your door.

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Getting Prospects to Return Your Calls, Getting Prospects to Talk to You

What good is a list of leads or prospects if they’re not going to talk to you?  There’s nothing more challenging than leaving voice messages that will get people to call you back and talk with you!  Tim’s got a few pointers that can make this part of the job far more effective!

Listen in as Tim shares secrets that has made him millions. . .

  • The single most important key to getting your phone messages returned – Get this right and your confidence will soar 100-fold! 
  • Are you making any of these 5 phone message mistakes? Knowing what not to do is more than half the battle!
    Warning: How you end the call is just as important as how you begin! Here’s how to make sure you’re always in the driver’s seat 
  • Why your prospects don’t call you back – The answer is so obvious it may surprise you. . .and it will empower you as well! 
  • The secret to successful follow up – Use this proven 21 day message schedule to maximize your closing ratio and recruit only the best


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    You have got to get this! Since I’ve listened to this lecture, I have people returning my calls. And not just once in a while, but a LOT! Thank you Tim!

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