Creating Curiosity by Tim Sales (CD Format)

Creating Curiosity by Tim Sales (CD Format)


Creating Curiosity: (Lecture #2 Hot MLM Prospecting Tips Training Series)

Do you get frustrated when your warm or cold market turns a blind eye to what you're offering – especially when you know for sure it can immensely improve their lives? If so, this lecture is exactly what you've been looking for!

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Getting Prospects to Want What You Offer

Inside you’ll discover… The secret to keeping your prospect on the edge of their seat …

  • You’ll create a tsunami of desire and interest when you get this right
  • The #1 mistake most networkers make when trying to arouse the interest of their prospect – This is a bombshell you don’t want to miss!
  • Do you know the right time to start creating curiosity when speaking with your prospect?
  • Failure at this step can turn a good prospect bad
  • What to do when your prospect starts asking questions – Use this tactic to keep things moving and to avoid your prospect bailing out.
  • “No” means “No” when talking with your prospect, right? Wrong! Use this strategy to keep the conversion going and turn things around!

Hot Prospecting Tips training series has become a resource many team leaders insist their downlines get right away.  Why? Because they give you the instant start you need — right out of the gate!


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