Conquer Phone Fear by Tim Sales

Conquer Phone Fear by Tim Sales


Conquer Phone Fear – How to Get You and Your Team over Call Reluctance
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Your Fear of the Phone Can Be Gone in No Time!

This is the eBook for you if you have experienced any of the following:

  • Having trouble getting on the phone?
  • Not sure what to say or how the listener will respond?
  • Don’t know why the phone call could be so hard?
  • Don’t enjoy “hitting the phones?”
  • Always finding excuses not to call people?
  • Other things keep getting in the way of calling your MLM Prospects?

This is the eBook that will get you to enjoy making prospecting calls!

This is one of those basic how to areas of MLM. That’s why we call it an “MLM How to” – bottom line, if you don’t know how to conquer your fear of the phone you can’t invite, present, or recruit. No matter how much you may work your leads and prospects over the Internet, email, and skype, there still comes that point, where its unavoidable: you have to hit the phone. So hit that phone right, and win!

Learning to be a good communicator was a painful process for me. I interviewed successful leaders and would ask them questions like, “What do you say to invite a successful business person to learn about the business?” I would record the response, and go home and write it down, word for word, on paper. Then, I would practice delivering those lines over and over and over again, until I could say them smoothly, without stuttering or hesitating.

Then, I would hit the phones (or the streets) and practice delivering my lines on strangers, on leads, on customers…anyone I could talk to. I would keep track of what words or phrases would trigger objections or questions. I kept track of what words or phrases worked well and eventually I had a list of scripts that I could get consistent results with every time.

I perfected those lines and practiced them so much that they just became a part of my natural vocabulary. Then, I taught those lines to my team, and boy did we practice those lines until the team could also deliver with confidence. That’s what I’m sharing with you in this report. Some of my key lines, and how to train your team so they can speak with confidence and not avoid making phone calls. – Tim Sales

This “MLM How To” Basic eBook Will End Procrastination, Fear, and Reluctance!
It’s the best money you’ll ever spend!



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