Brilliant Communicator Online

Brilliant Communicator Online


This online version of Brilliant Communicator training program created by Tim Sales includes all the Brilliant Communicator training modules, the workbook in pdf format and two bonuses.   All products are delivered instantly to your member’s area after successful completion of your purchase.  Nothing ships.  After you order look for your email notification for access to your new Brilliant Communicator Online Training Program.

Brilliant Communicator Online picks up where Professional Inviter leaves off.  It’s the natural progression in your complete Network Marketing Training.

This is the training program that teaches the ten communication qualities that you’ll use when working with your downline or talking to your prospects.

This is the ideal course for anybody who believes they have no ability to sell. Tim shows you how easy sales can be, because he teaches you the very essence of communication. It’s excellent communication that makes one a salesperson and nothing else.

As you progress through this training, you’ll soon find all your own resistance to selling and communicating melting away and being replaced with a quiet, simple confidence that will begin to open doors you previously believed to be shut up tight.

You’ll also get two bonuses when you purchase this online version:

Bonus #1 – Non-Fluff Goal Training
Included with your “Brilliant Communicator™” purchase  is the “Non-Fluff Goal Training” module. Setting goals for many of you is a nail-biting task that’s easier to avoid than tackle.

But ask any successful businessperson how they got to where they are and setting achievable goals will be at the top of their list. Goal setting is a must-do. No way around it. The “Non-Fluff Goal Training” module will make setting and achieving goals as easy as putting on a pair of shoes.

Bonus #2 – Say It With Power
In both the Brilliant Communicator™  and the “Non-Fluff Goal Training” modules, I often ask you to refer to an issue of my newsletter that contains the same subject matter.

I’m going to send each of these to you as well.

These newsletters have now been created as a new eBook, Say It with Power. This makes it really easy for you to follow along with the training material. Having them right at your fingertips is priceless.




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