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Melt Your Prospect's Objections Away

Brilliant Compensation has sponsored more than a million people into Network Marketing.

There is no more powerful presentation available to you today.  

If you want more people to join your business, and buy your products, then you want Brilliant Compensation.

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In 1989,  Tim Sales entered the Network Marketing Industry, not knowing the first thing about it. He quickly learned that there were too many mentors or trainers who simply didn't have the right training to build a strong and stable downline.  He decided he would have to do something to solve that problem for himself and all the rest of the people in the industry.

Over the next several years, and through much  trial and error, he built a downline of 56,000 people and a signature training program that has continued to help network marketers the world over ever since.  In fact,  his network marketing income rose to over $150,000 per month. More than 2,400 new distributors per month were entering from 20 different countries.

Tim’s successful experience and knowledge has made him a legend. He is one of the most sought after advisers, speakers, trainers and mentors in the industry. His products and training are the only known products that have stood the test of time.

While many trainers come and go, their products suffering a short shelf life, his products carry on because they get results.  they set the standards that many strive to achieve.  


Here's what you do with it when it arrives...

Listen to It Yourself

And then listen to it again.

Get Your Prospects to Listen to It

Get appointments set for one on one meetings with your prospects.


Close Your Prospects

Now that the objections are out of the way, present your products and business!  They're ready!


We were not kidding when we told you that Brilliant Compensation has sponsored more than a million people into Network Marketing. There is no more powerful presentation available to you today, and now you can get this CD absolutely free.  

"Brilliant Compensation is 100% generic...

...and appeals to logic by eliminating, one by one, the objections that we face with our prospects every day."

When your prospects hear Brilliant Compensation, they don’t have objections anymore. They want to hear about your company and products.

When I watched the video version of Brilliant Compensation the first time, I knew I needed it immediately.

Today, it is mandatory for anyone I meet to watch it first. Without it, my job is too hard.."

Stephane Page

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Tim Sales recognized that the hardest thing for network marketers to overcome was common objections to the network marketing industry.  He knew that all network marketers struggled to convert new prospects into team members or customers because they didn't have an effective tool to educate the prospects on the truth about Network marketing. 

That's why he created Brilliant Compensation.  It's his gift to you.  All you have to do is have your prospects listen to this CD BEFORE you explain anything else to them and you'll start expanding your business faster and more stably.

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