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What the Wealthy Buy on Payday - DVD

What the Wealthy Buy on PaydayWhat the Wealthy Buy on Payday

What the Wealthy Buy on Payday – DVD

There is nothing more frustrating than hearing your prospect tell you how badly he needs to raise his income level and then walk away from the very thing that will do that for him because “he can’t afford it”!

What the Wealthy Buy on Payday puts an end to that once and for all! Use it before you explain your opportunity and you will no longer hear that objection!


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It’s because he uses his own tool, “What the Wealthy Buy on Payday” every time and here he is to tell you about how and why…

You Can Set Yourself Up With Every Prospect and Have Tim Sales Do It For You!

Share this DVD with your prospects first… before you offer anything else


Recruiting can either be exciting… or it can be a challenging process. When you’re getting people to join, there’s nothing better. But if you’re not getting results, well… not so much fun.

How many times have you heard your prospect say the following…

  • “I cant afford to get involved in your opportunity at this time.”
  • “I just don’t have the money to become a distributor right now.”
  • “My credit cards are maxed out. I’m gonna have to pass.”

It can sound like a broken record after awhile… and unless you overcome this objection, your downline can stay stuck in a deep rut.

On the other hand…

PI_Digital_Happy_Woman_Money_Back_OfferWhat if you had a short 8 minute DVD that wiped clean this objection… that gets your prospect to say “YES!” without you saying a word?

And what if all you had to do was hand out this 8 minute DVD where I do all the talking for you? No hype. No high pressure sales pitch.

Think about it…

Just a simple explanation of why the rich get richer… and how your prospect can get rich as well. An easy to understand formula for creating wealth… used by the rich for centuries.

I’m talking about an eye-opening presentation that primes your prospect to want to know more about …and join… your opportunity… How many of these DVDs would you pass out in the next 90 days?!


Here’s Tim Sales Explaining Exactly Why and How You Should Use This Tool With Every Prospect


Introducing What the Wealthy Buy on Payday

Click To Play this short clip from the DVD

Most people, including your prospects, resist being “sold to.” That’s why I’ve always stressed the importance of first finding out what your prospect wants and needs.For example, if they tell you they’re looking for extra income… or a way out of the rat race…or money to put their child through college… its an opening to present them with information on how they can achieve their goals.

But… rather than try and “sell” prospects on your opportunity, you’ll find it’s more effective to first educate them about how to create wealth.

That’s where “What the Wealthy Buy on Payday” comes in.

It’s a short 8 minute presentation that shows your prospect the proven path to wealth… and educates them about what it takes to become rich. It leaves them wanting to know more about your opportunity.

In a nutshell, here’s what your prospect will discover…

  • How the rich define assets and liabilities – And why this distinction is important to creating financial freedom
  • The simple formula for creating wealth – Virtually guaranteed to create an “aha” moment for your prospect
  • Why most people never get rich – Eye-opening information that gets your prospect past the “I don’t have money” objection
  • What kind of opportunities wealthy people look for – The answer to this question opens the door to your opportunity!

“What the Wealthy Buy on Payday” oils the recruiting gears so it will be easier to talk to them about your opportunity. Then, after watching this DVD, you can show them one of your company videos or “Brilliant Compensation”, for example. All they need is the “What the Wealthy Buy on Payday” spark to get them started!

After watching “What the Wealthy Buy on Payday” your prospects will be primed to say “YES”

They’ll be ready to begin their own journey of creating wealth through network marketing. couple_with_salesman

Having an arsenal of “What the Wealthy Buy on Payday” DVDs will create huge dividends. It did for me… and I promise, it will for you as well.

All you need to do is start sharing the DVD… and it will do the rest. So let me keep this simple… because I know you’re ready to start educating your prospects and getting more of them to join your organization.

The dream of networking success is yours for the taking.

Make a commitment to start sharing 5-10 DVDs and watch how fast your downline can grow.  This is one of those “MLM How To” basic items that every member of your downline needs to have!

Your Satisfaction is Always Guaranteed!


It’s Easy to Get Started…


I want to make it easy for my prospects to overcome the “I can’t afford to join” objection… and skyrocket the size of my downline! With that in mind, please rush my “What the Wealthy Buy on Payday” DVDs today!

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 Seize the Day!

Don’t delay your success another day longer. “What the Wealthy Buy on Payday” will open your prospect’s eyes to what it takes to get rich. Simply put a DVD in
their hands… and let me do the work for you.

Many of them will want to know more about your business… and many of them will say “YES!” And thats where the fun begins!

Take action today… and see the fruits of your efforts more quickly than you ever thought possible.

To your success,

Tim Sales


Just Listen to What People Say about What the Wealthy Buy on Payday

  • As they say, I am not the sharpest tool in the box, but Tim has a way of breaking down the industry, processes, what a pyramid scheme is, etc and helping others understand them. Tim’s intentions truly are to better people’s lives and it shows in his work! Thank you for sharing your unique talents with the world!Sisi
  • Tim is the Network Marking Mentor & Upline I never had. Tim has brought Professionalism & clarity to an Industry that has been tarnish by negative media. Thank You, Tim, for all you have done! You are a true Go-Giver. I hope to shake your hand should our paths meet.Kevin D. Walls
  • I like his systematic approach and the fact that he doesn’t hide the fact it is MLM. He educates the prospect to why this is the best business model for ordinary people to earn extraordinary incomes.Tony Snell
  • I love Tim’s approach to the business because its everything I want to replicate in my daily actions as I build my business and as a leader as I model my business. Tim has a very special gift of a gentle yet focused approach – in my experience I have found this to be rare in our industry. As I continue with Tim’s training I feel more and more empowered as I am no longer attached to the “sale” or “sign up” -that has helped to dispell the fear I felt for years!Mary Willis
  • Tim Sales continues to be one of the first people I go to in the network marketing profession. He is trustworthy and I know I will get the right information from him.Seth Miller
  • THANK YOU, TIM!!!!!! I have grown so much over the last several years, and all because I have studied your materials and put your wise comments to use. It is all about making other people’s lives better! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I think of you as one of the best upline trainers I have!Anne Schabert

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3 reviews for What the Wealthy Buy on Payday – DVD

  1. :

    These products have been very helpful in really fine tuning interactions with potential business partners. Thank you for sharing your years of experience!

  2. :

    “What wealthy people buy on payday” along with “Brilliant Compensation” are real eye openers to some people who are sitting on the fence deciding what to do next. Thanks for sharing.

  3. :

    I absolutely love your style Tim. Professional and focused on making lives better! I have Professional Inviter and What the Wealthy Buy on Payday and Brilliant Compensation and I love the confidence I have in talking to people. I have learned to LISTEN more and talk less. Thank you for helping me sharpen my saw so I can make
    better the lives of others!!!

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