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Tim Sales Inviting Scripts eBook


Tim Sales Inviting Scripts eBook

How many times have you been disappointed by the outcome of a conversation with a prospect? Ever wish you knew the perfect thing to say that would get them to seriously look at your business?

Especially when first starting out, you often need a reference manual. As you use the scripts and instructions in this ebook on your live calls, and you will soon master the inviting formula. You’ll start to communicate successfully and with ease and put an end to being caught off guard, bumbling or fumbling. The end result will be that you close more people, in less time, and with greater confidence!

Start down that road to Greater Confidence Today!


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Product Description

Tim Sales Inviting Scripts eBook:  How to Invite Like A Pro!

This eBook Shows How to Move Your Prospects from “Leave Me Alone” to “Tell Me More!”



There are 70 Scripts and Power Phrases that Show You

Exactly what to say, word-for-word, in any and all “inviting” scenarios…

  • How to deal with rude people…never lose a prospect due to anger!
  • How to leave voice mail messages…that get THEM to call YOU!
  • How to “flip the script” on prospects who have “tried MLM and didn’t like it”
  • Lunches, dinners, formal group presentations, hotel meetings…here’s how to handle them all

Read the instructions and try these Seventy Power Phrases that Tim used to book thousands of meetings…for only $11.97, no make that $7.00. Just think, with every new member you add to your downline how priceless these scripts become!

This is easily the lowest-risk, highest return investment you can make in your business.


Every Day Low Price: $11.97 

Now you can have it for only $7.00

Inviting is the core skill needed to succeed in network marketing.  Everything else happens AFTER the successful invitation!  If you want to take your inviting skills up several notches, then you need only to get this ebook and start using the scripts and power phrases!  Watch your stats soar into the stratosphere!


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