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The Perfect Storm of Opportunity - DVD/CD Dual Disc


The Perfect Storm of Opportunity – DVD/CD Dual Disc


Anxious to earn more money? Really want your prospects full attention? With Paul Zane Pilzer’s latest prospecting masterpiece you can capture your prospect’s interest for your wellness business in just about 10 minutes.

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Product Description

It’s Truly the Perfect Storm of Opportunity!

If you need to be reminded of why you opted to start your own business, or if you need to remind others then you need Paul Zane Pilzer!  He is for many the best motivation you can lay your hands on!  Pilzer is an economist, an entrepreneur and a professor.  He’s also a New York Times Best Selling Author. 

He explains in this cd/dvd set just why home based businesses are both economically sound and the best choice a person can make.  He lays it all out there and its backed by facts and economical “know how”.  He’s got the math and the wisdom on his side!  And he’s going to explain it all to you in such a way that not only will you realize that he’s right, but you’ll thank yourself for actually creating your own home based business!

Here’s a great little passage from Paul that almost everybody in the industry can relate to in one way or another!  You’ll love him! You’ll love his material!

clip from Paul Zane Pilzer

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