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SPANISH Professional Inviter - CD Set


SPANISH Professional Inviter – CD Set

Listen LIVE with Tim Sales calls and prospects MMN

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Mastering The One Crucial dexterity with which you can Build Your Downline (Downline) Consistently In a Good Or Bad Economy …

It is as simple as following my proven formula 6 Steps How Invite professionally ™ to sponsor more people with more confidence and sell more products with much less effort.


In Inglés – Professional Inviter ™ is here

Do you find it easy to start a conversation with your prospect?

Or in advance you are stressed and you get nervous or even until you become paralyzed with fear?

Do you sometimes expect even have an answering machine instead of having to talk to a prospect?

Professional InviterWhat happens during the conversation with a potential member of your downline?

If something is off course, you feel unsure about how to handle it?

Have you ever had situations that have gotten worse and worse as you wore more and more tense?

How is the end of the process, leaves the way you planned? After a call that was not right, you feel sometimes you’re not really made for network marketing?

Some time ago I was exactly where you are now, with all those feelings of insecurity, doubt and sometimes misery when things were going wrong.


That’s why I created the package Inviting professionally ™

Domina these 6 steps and a crucial skill, then all your “bad feelings” soon disappear …

I understood how easily and successfully recruit and I can show you exactly as I have taught hundreds of others now successful network marketing professionals. On my way in building an organization of more than 56,000 distributors, I had to overcome my fears.

Here are the 6 steps Inviting professionally ™ …

Step # 1: The Wave

Step # 2: Rate

Step # 3: Invite

Step # 4: Know Handle Questions and Objections

Step # 5: Commit to Act

Step # 6: Give Monitoring or Continuity

It took many years and practice but now I have taken everything and learned that it works, and I have concentrated these 6 steps and explanations in seven hours of audio so you can save a lot of time to reach your goals. .

“I mean Inviting professionally is the best thing that has happened to me so far … Before this, I was terrified to answer the phone and talk to people. Now I know to say and I am directed to a beautiful future … I purchased How Invite professionally 3½ months ago. I can honestly say, because your way to simplify the recruitment process, let my business has exploded! I have personally recruited nine new associates around the country. ” – JC


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CD 1 Listen Now!


Once you’ve listened and practiced what you learn with the package Inviting professionally …

  • You will not feel any fear or you will have no need to delay your efforts to get prospects.
  • You’ll never find yourself not knowing what to answer a question or objection of a prospectus.
  • Even you know how to prevent objections that arise from your prospects completely.

Instead, there is nothing more important in network marketing than inviting.

If you can invite well, you can put your prospects in front of good presenters and good presentation tools (such as videos, audios, websites – things like that).

But if you can not invite well, you ‘ll have a difficult time in network marketing.

How Inviting Way Professional ™ is a unique tool that breaks down the whole process of inviting in 6 easy steps , which you can learn easily. Then you can listen to genuine calls live with prospects real , so you can have something to compare your own calls and continue to improve.


“How Invite professionally helped me overcome fear calls because when listening to calls Tim, I can see that the business can be done without offending people without making them feel pressured by the type of sales calls telemarketing “. – BP

Can you say “No” to everything you need to master this unique critical skill for success in MLM?


With Inviting professionally ™ you will learn everything you need to know to invite your prospects to see your business and products. In fact, this is all you need to master (invite a professional manner) to get the success you want.

When you hear How Invite professionally ™ , you’ll learn my easy six – step formula and you will find that there is a natural flow or formula for effective communication . And all effective communicators use this formula even realizing or not.

You will also learn that it is easier to prevent objections before they happen that handle objections at the time they arise, and here I will show you exactly how.


“It has helped me to feel comfortable talking to anyone about anything without feeling the” pressure “to make a sale. I have to no longer develop scripts before talking to someone. I only speak and let them guide where the conversation goes, it makes them feel like they have control, but they are not. My questions always guide them to ask about what I do … and that takes my pressure to force a conversation. I feel better about myself , my business and communication at the same time. ” – KH

Listen to live calls with prospects Tim Sales real .


I recorded both sides of the conversation because I wanted you to hear every objection that I found, each personality that I had to deal and every possible circumstance under which I invited someone to learn more about my network marketing business.

I also added my comments, such as director’s commentary on a DVD. I’ll take you by the hand and show you exactly what happens every step of the process.


“The live calls are really a unique part in the training. Escucharte making calls live not only teaches techniques have developed so carefully but allows us to hear the nuances and tone of your voice, making your calls as effective “. – JG


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Listen to Tim Call a Prospect!
All this is your success in MLM …


You know, I care about this industry and I really care about your success.

I want to share with you what I’ve learned through the years, which makes people think I’m a seller or “born” communicator. I’m not really “born” for nothing … but I’ve learned how to be and most importantly, can you. .

But I must warn you … do not listen to this training package as something where you can learn one or two quick tricks … this is not that kind of training.

The reason why someone has not been successful, not because there is not learned enough “tricks” or “new” things, it is because he has not mastered the basics.

How Invite professionally ™ contains the basics you need to master.

Remember, the Confidence comes from the ability .

And the capacity comes from proper training and practice .

You get both with professionally Inviting ™.

And … your decision to invest in How Invite Professional ™ Way is totally risk free for 30 days. If for some reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply contact us and we will give instructions for a full refund.

Get How Invite totally free professional manner ™ risk right now for 30 days, then increase your capacity and build your downline faster than you thought possible (in fact, people might start calling you a born).


Discover How Invite professionally ™ yourself … and start to grow your MLM business right now … even during a “down economy.”

Order Inviting Professional ™ Way Right Now and also can get this valuable gift (sent with your order):

Gift: DVD Brilliant Compensation – -Use this video presentation of 86 minutes to overcome the biggest network marketing objections. It has been used to launch thousands and thousands of people in network marketing. A value $ 11.97 … is yours FREE.

Now you must take the next step to success in MLM (but you’re not alone) …



I can continue talking for hours about mastering the skills of process Invite professionally because it is really critical to your success in MLM.

It’s all in this package and have carefully selected the most useful to include what really complement your training and help you implement what you learn as you listen and take note gift.

Your turn to take the next step, do you give me?

And remember … you have 30 days to test Inviting Professional ™ risk free way …

Only $ 129
Warranty 30 days or your money back

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Committed to your success,

Tim Sales

“The Standard Professional Education Tools & Construction Business MMN.”


Just look at all those people who have changed their lives because they took the step towards Inviting professionally … will you join them?

Only $ 129
Warranty 30 days or your money back
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    I recently started a MLM home based business; and right now my upline is using Tim Sales material to train us. I think this is the best tool I have ever heard and seen to help people in the Network Marketing business and reach their up most potential and be very successful. Tim Sales is amazing and a great teacher. Love it! Would like to meet him someday!

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