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Qualifying Prospects - CD Booklet


Qualifying Prospects – CD Booklet

Do you ever feel like you’ve said all the right things to your prospect but they still tell you they aren’t interested?

One secret to improving your closing ratios is to find out what your prospect will buy and then present your opportunity to them in those terms.

There are plenty more tips to learn in this great “MLM How To” CD and booklet set on Qualifying Prospects!


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How to Network Marketing

What’s the Number One Reason Prospects Don’t Join Your Downline…Or ANY Downline?

They Have Not Been “Qualified”

There are probably as many philosophies on qualifying a prospect as there are on how to build a downline. And not all philosophies work well! For example, most people think that they’ve qualified the prospect when they simply meet the person and see that he or she has some interest. In some cases, that may even but true. But in most cases, it is not! (Sort of like the problem we see with some of the downline building approaches we’ve all tried). And what do you do to truly qualify a prospect? Find out with this CD and Booklet from our “MLM How To” Series! With my booklet & CD, “Qualifying Prospects” you’ll discover…

  • How to make the crucial connection between your prospects desires…and your opportunity
  • How to get prospects (even strangers) to open up about their desires…and how you can fulfill them!
  • How to ask qualifying questions and lead your prospects step-by-step to joining your downline!
  • How to know when a prospect is just telling you what you want to hear…and how to get them to “be real”!

For just $14.95 discover how to get your prospects to see your opportunity as the bridge to their dreams and desires!


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