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Professional Presenter - Gold


Professional Presenter – Gold

The Gold Version:  This is the physical version.  We’ll ship an attractive physical CD/DVD set with the 177-page workbook, the booklets and the presentation card to your doorstep. This is perfect for listening and watching from your favorite media player at home or on the go.

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Product Description

How Would You Like a Sneak Peek of Professional Presenter?

Clips from the DVD

How do you treat a rental car?
You're always going to get a price objection
The Inside Scoop On Handling The Pyramid Objection
Answering... How do I get paid?
I'm wondering if this is a fit for me

Now, on to a Look at the Workbook and Audio Presentations…

What is MLM - Professional Presenter Workbook

I really do leave no stone unturned with this package.

When you crack open your Professional Presenter™ course, you’re going to find many things. One of those is a workbook and printed transcript combination that is overfilled with tips, strategies, and very specific advice on this critical phase of the Recruiting and Selling process.

Upon cracking open the workbook…you’ll immediately become familiar with:

The 10 Communication Qualities

For the purposes of presenting, your skill in their use must be more advanced.  So be prepared to learn more about these because they are different than what you heard  in Professional Inviter. This I’ve done intentionally as your knowledge should be more advanced for the purpose of presenting.

In addition to the workbook and the complete transcripts…you’ll also receive 4 audio CD’s that contain the valuable “core training” for this course.What is MLM - Professional Presenter CD

CD#1:  How to Present to Your Prospect.

CD#2:  What to Present to Your Prospect. 

CD#3:  How to Present MLM One-on-One

CD#4:  Handling Objections

You’ll learn how to have confidence when answering these objections…and turn them into new product sales,  downline members or both. I really hope you see the HUGE opportunity sitting right in front of you here, there’s so much power in learning to present, then sharing that with others in your business…that it could be the secret to unlocking the door to true freedom for you. By the time you’ve completed this much of the training, you will also realize that every good presenter, requires essential tools in order to deliver a truly professional presentation without a hitch – and that’s exactly what these next two items are.

The Professional Presenter Presentation Card

What is MLM - Professional Presenter Bonus 1

I’ve had MLM leaders “chomping at the bit” just to get their hands on this truly unique presentation aid.

When I first developed this card, I gave them a little sneak peak to some leaders . . . Their response. “This is EXACTLY what our team needs!” And they were right! Presentations do become a cinch…and your prospects will fully understand the points you make when you use the professionally designed illustrations on the card.


Full instructions on how to use the Presentation Card!


How helpful is this in keeping you focused?


What is MLM - Professional Presenter Bonus 3

The Final Element of the Pro Presenter Package is

The Build Your Own Business Booklet


What is MLM - Professional Presenter Bonus 2

This is the booklet I developed and personally used to successfully explain MLM to Larry King and clear up any misunderstandings he had about the network marketing industry.






  • Get Your Professional Presenter - Silver Today!
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  • Get Your Professional Presenter - Gold Today!
    For Only $226.55
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  • Get Your Professional Presenter - Silver Today!
    For Only $180.55
  • Get Your Professional Presenter - Gold Today!
    For Only $226.55
  • Get Your Professional Presenter - Platinum Today!
    For Only $353.05

    - Best Value -


Listen to  Mike Miller as he explains why Professional Presenter  is simply brilliant! 

Ali Khan over in London tells you that Professional Presenter is so very, very useful, and presenting the business is so much easier for him now.


There’s only one thing left for you to do; now it’s time to take advantage of this incredible opportunity to inject massive leverage into your MLM business: The next step is yours to take, but never alone…

As you listen to my teachings, and hear something and think, “That goes against everything I’ve learned…”, just keep in mind the big picture – which is for you to build a business and retire from it, you must teach others to do what YOU do.

That is my overall intent behind delivering Professional Presenter™ to you today. Nothing less. It’s finally time…there’s only one thing left for you to do, now it’s time to take advantage of this incredible opportunity to infuse massive leverage and higher closing ratios into your MLM business:


  • I was really impress. Tim Sales teaches specifically, but easy. Currently the age of 19, but what’s good about this, is this training does not only relate to network marketing, but in our social life on communication. But what i am seeing from network marketing training don’t really offer the same way as Tim. It really teaches the Nuts and Bolts of the whole industry. Really appreciate it, saves my time and money. Its a great investment to my own success. Thanks again.Takuya Watanabe
  • I have benefited greatly from the Professional Inviter and the Professional Presenter. The best benefits for me is the belief in the industry and belief that “I can do this and it is worth it!”Roxanna Dickinson
  • “I used to be scared of presenting and worry about what I should say. But not anymore!.” Michele Matton

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18 reviews for Professional Presenter – Gold

  1. :

    A Very practice oriented product, very helpful indeed.

  2. :

    Hi Tim I bought your Professional Presenter a few years ago.I am so glad I did. I can fully recommend it.What I am now missing out on is your Last minute DVD. Is it possible to get hold of it. Regards Trudie

  3. :

    Very specific and useful and has helped me a lot to develop as a leader and a professional

  4. :

    The training is professional and has integrity! The approach is practical, clear, and easy to follow. With Tim’s success using these same principles, why not employ them for me and my team.

  5. :

    Tim gives very specific instructions, breaks things down step by step. Absolutely no hype – thank you.

  6. :

    Effective communication of the Network Industry and how to relate it to business in general before getting into specifics of your company. That’s what I call building a bridge from the known to the unknown. I found out when I started to do that, I got more prospects willing to listen to my full presentation.

  7. :

    Tim was recommended by one of our organization’s young, top producers. I’ve seen his dramatic improvements with each of his presentations. When I checked out Tim’s information, it was logical, thorough, easy to follow, and easy to do. Plus, it’s gotten me results – especially in the area of Training my team.

  8. :

    Since I’ve been using these products my confidence has skyrocketed. I am training my downline w/ ease and grace.

  9. :

    Awesome training. I like how Professional Presenter so naturally expands from Professional Inviter and makes presenting so simple, obvious, and clear rather than making it more complex.

  10. :

    EXCELLENT!!!! I could not ask for more! It was as though I was a baby now learning to take my first steps and by the end of the session, I WAS WALKING!!!

  11. :

    I am very impressed with the information from Professional Presenter. I have already put a number of these tools to work and it has been an amazing the results. Thank you for sharing your experience with the field you are truly changing lives.

  12. :

    Prof. Presenter — by far the best product you have created!! I haven’t watched the DVD yet, but the CDs are right on target, and the workbook eliminates hours of hunting for just the right audio segment to listen to again.

  13. :

    Pro Presenter is by far the “Golden Goose” of all the things Tim has produced. This brings everything I have learned through Pro Inviter to Communicater to Presenter to a professional closer. Proof is in the results.

  14. :

    Maybe it’s because I’m a retired fleet sailor – I understand Tim and he relates to me easily. His speaking and presentation style is comfortable, believable, and very friendly. I highly recommend Professional Presenter. I wish every package came with a complete script of the audio CD’s! I listen, then go read it and underline key words. I
    can review important points over and over so I retain the information better. Brilliant idea!

  15. :

    To date, Professional Presenter is the best tool I’ve found for growing my MLM business. It is filled with useful info just as Brilliant Communicator and Professional Inviter are, but having the addition of transcript and workbook, along with all the CD’s being labelled as to their content, Professional Presenter is much more user friendly. The transcript makes it easy to study without getting caught up in conversations.

  16. :

    Very useful for my business. This is my 1st MLM company, and i can proudly says that im doing very well, because i been introduce to Professionla Inviter and now profesional presenter. I recomend to all my downline to own this valuable CD

  17. :

    This product is excellent. Thanks for the thorough and clear explanations and the crystalline presentation itself of “Professional Presenter”. It really helps to have the DVD, the “Build Your Own Business” supplementary material, and the transcripts. Bravo for a job well done — again!

  18. :

    Thanks for sharing your gift–putting your insights and experience from this industry (and relationships)in a nutshell for the rest of us. The increase in confidence level alone is worth a fortune!

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