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Professional Inviter -- Workbook ONLY

Professional Inviter Workbook Only

Professional Inviter — Workbook ONLY

It’s time to truly bring the Inviting Formula™ alive for you, and let it finally stack your downline with productive action-taking reps. To make this happen I want to give you something no event… no training course… no “system”… has ever even attempted to give you before now.

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Professional Inviter Workbook

Get the Words Right Every Time!




The Mystery Man on the train…

The rushed-off-her-feet Project Manager…

The stressed-out Doctor…

The shy Social Media lead…

The Mom desperate to hit the beach…

Attention: Professional Inviter™ owners. In a clear set of survey results, Professional Inviter™ owners like you asked me to give them more confidence in using the Inviting Formula™ in real-life situations. And I’ve acted to make it a reality. It’s time to truly bring the Inviting Formula™ alive for you, and let it finally stack your downline with productive action-taking reps. To make this happen I want to give you something no event… no training course… no “system”… has ever even attempted to give you before now.

Real-world prospecting confidence without having to practice in front of real prospects

As you’ll discover, that’s exactly what the “practice run throughs” in this new Workbook give you.

They bring the Inviting Formula™ alive so when you encounter a similar situation in real-life, it’ll be a piece of cake.

Now there’s no need to chalk up another humiliating prospecting encounter as a “learning experience”…

Thanks to how this new Workbook recreates real-life prospecting situations, all your “learning experiences” will safely take place on your own or with your team… away from the eyes of prospects you respect.

Then when you do prospect the public you’ll have the Inviting Formula™ down so well that you can relax, and finally… after all the frustrations you’ve encountered, prospecting can actually become fun.

Introducing… the only way to gain real-world confidence in using the Inviting Formula™ without having to practice in front of real prospects…

The new Professional Inviter™ Workbook is packed with many more confidence-giving “practice run-throughs” for each of the 6 steps of my proven Inviting Formula™…


  • Full transcripts of all 7 CD’s of my industry-leading Professional Inviter™ training. The more ways you can take in this training the better it’ll stick…
  • A comprehensive training directory so you can find any part of the 8 hours of unique training in mere seconds. (To test it out myself, I just searched for a live call with Catherine, where I walk her past the MLM objection, and it took me all of 10 seconds to find it…)
  • Ready-made step-by-step training outline. Makes training your team in the Inviting Formula™ as easy as turning the page and reading aloud. No “lesson planning” needed… I’ve done it all for you. Just sit back and let me turn you into the most popular trainer around.

Each “practice run-through” drops you into a life-like prospecting simulation and allows your confidence to only grow… never be beat-down.

Now… the next time you talk with a prospect in the flesh or over the phone, the Inviting Formula™ will be an easy and natural part of every word that leaves your mouth.

There will be no more stumbling or uncertainty about what to say or do next.

Offering your prospect a professional invite to view your business will be a simple and effortless motion. Nothing nerve-frying… nothing daunting.

Plus… because you’re using the Inviting Formula™ to build your business, you’re treating prospects with the deserved respect so many networkers aren’t savvy enough to give them.

In return, prospects are gratefully welcoming you into their life…

Creating a 100% “win-win” situation that lets you feel terrific about how you’re creating the new checks arriving in your mailbox.

And the confidence you need to do this… to finally force rubber to meet road and make this thing happen…

To prove any naysayers wrong…

To get your group actively recruiting without non-stop pep talks…

It can now come to you with unexpected ease… quickly and simply given to you via the self-belief and practical know-how you receive from the practice run-throughs Iike those on this page.

This new Workbook really can give you real-world prospecting confidence without talking to real prospects!

When I surveyed thousands of Professional Inviter™ owners like you, what I heard back was that networkers wanted more confidence in executing the Inviting Formula™ in real-life situations.

Now that confidence is “hot-off-the-press” as they say, in the form of this great-looking new Workbook.

My 30 day guarantee has your back. There’s nothing to lose by ordering now. Only lots more prospecting confidence and a fast-growing downline to gain.

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  • I’ve just sponsored 4 new distributors in 24 hours. Professional Inviter is a fantastic tool. Thank you so much.James Kellett
  • Professional Inviter is a BOON to the network marketing industry. The Inviting Formula helped me to build my business in a brand new country in 12 days. The Inviting Formula works. It is so powerful that in 7 days flat, my team and I put together 713 people for a business presentation and it has been a record in my company that the max number of attendees in a presentation has never gone beyond 150-250. That was quite an achievement for our team. We have been using the Inviting Formula successfully in everything we do, because communication is the most important part of ANY business network marketing or otherwise. “I have had my staff listen to Professional Inviter and my training company has doubled our sales in 30 days. My downline have made checks and these are the people who had not earned in more than one year in spite of being active.P.
  • Without question the Professsional Inviter and Presenter set have bridged the gap between uncertainty and unfamiliarity which is leading us to certainty and Concrete confidence in the industry, our business and ultimately more belief in ourselves.Peter Hall
  • I actually look forward to talking to people now, whether they are a prospect or not. On the phone or in person I feel I have a much better grasp of how this whole communication thing actually works.J.A
  • I just completed the follow-up CD in “Professional Inviter.” I must tell you that CD alone is worth more than the cost of the set; I would say it is “priceless.” My wife and I have already begun implementing the “Professional Inviter” information and are seeing positive results. It is so much easier working with prospects when they are being listened to instead of talked at. T.S.
  • I’ve become a total sponsoring machine and I know with absolute confidence how to train my team.Kate Moller
  • I have listened to many "Gurus" on the Internet and their supposedly "best" training, and I have not found not "one" that even comes close to this kind of training that Tim hasLois Downer
  • I was able to help my group achieve a 100% success rate. Each person that we invited to look at either our products or our business became either a distributor or a customer.Donna Detwiler
  • Since I have been listening to Professional Inviter, my self belief and motivation have been rekindled.Janet Drake
  • Now, I can talk to 40 prospects, and get 12 to 15 people looking at my opportunity.Michelle Schooley
  • Tim takes you step by step through the whole process and explains exactly what to say in every situation in Professional Inviter.Anne Schabert
  • Professional Inviter has given me more confidence in approaching prospects. I am no longer prospecting with desperation…Heidi Swander
  • I have to let you know that I thought I knew how to prospect. I earn a solid six figure income in my company and have for years. In fact I was awarded $10,000.00 as a bonus for being the top recruiter in my company at a national convention so I was hesitant to change what was working for me. I purchased the Professional Inviter CD’s and after listening to them I realized I was a rookie when it came to inviting. Never before have I found a tool that made such a big difference in my ability to get people to look at my business opportunity. Best of all I don’t need to spend hours trying to train my team, I simply have them get the CD’s and my business explodes along with my check. Thanks for the millions!D.H.
  • He really breaks down the steps on what to say, when to say it and how to say it. It's a lot to learn. Not something you can learn to do in a month. This is REAL college level learning here. Once learned then you need to get you feet wet and do it. Hearing it and doing it are two different things. But once you learn it and know how to apply it your business and downline will EXPLODE.Bill Holmes
  • I bought Brilliant Compensation and found it to be very impressive. I watch it over and over. I have Professional Inviter and Brilliant Communicator CDs and workbooks. I am studying those and have learned so much and feel so confident as I do my business.John Nauslar
  • We have really studied Professional Inviter and most recently sponsored 3 people into our business…Ray & Akemi Rogers
  • My business has increased 1000 percent. I was even able to quit my job and I’m doing this full time now. Thanks Tim.Johnny Smith
  • I have never experienced such fantastic training. You, Tim Sales are the most astounding trainer that I have ever heard! You even converted my husband, who would never consider MLM. I truly see you as a master trainer/educator. Thank you for your dedication to perfection.Vivian Rogers
  • Tim, if you charged $5,000 for your “Professional Inviter” course, it would be cheap. You’re practically giving it away, and the value it has for my business is immeasurable. Thank you for sharing what you’ve learned. C.D.
  • I only wish I could have gotten his training years ago. There is nothing else out there like his trainingLois Downer
  • I started listening to Professional Inviter a couple weeks ago and I’m already halfway through the CDs for my second time. I have sponsored two people in the last two days using the Inviting Formula. THANK YOU SO MUCH…Scott Nicholson
  • My organization is growing, thanks to Professional Inviter. He tells you exactly what you say. You can’t go wrong if you do it that way.Reynold Samuel
  • Love the tools.......Professional Inviter, Brilliant Questions, Brilliant Compensation DVD, brochures...."Why do I...age? get sick? get diseases?" and "What Do Vitamin and Minerals Do For Me"? I have accumulated numerous tools over the years, but these are the best!!Patricia Patterson
  • My numbers have gone up 70%. When people call me, I use Tim’s scripts, and they work because no one feels like I’m trying to sell them anything.Mack Biggs
  • My sponsor rate has increased 70% and that’s pretty good in my book.Bruce Rouse

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