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Professional Inviter – Gold Version

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Product Description

When you eavesdrop on Tim Sales’ live recorded prospecting calls you’ll curse the MLM trainings that have told you almost the exact opposite of where your focus should truly be to see immediate growth in your business…

Master the One Critical Skill that Sponsors People with Ease

Giving Your Growing Downline The Confidence To Build Their Business Without Babysitting… Pep Talks… Or Endless Hand Holding…

Better yet… the proven 6-Step Professional Inviting Formula™ has fast become the accepted shortcut to building your business with…

Zero Manipulation…

Arm Twisting…

Or Slick “Double Talk”…



Tired of prospects giving you the run around…

Tired of being rejected over and over…

Tired of watching your downline dwindling in number… or just remaining unproductive and stagnant…

Sick to death of prospecting “systems” and company trainings that haven’t delivered results for you or your team?

You’re not alone.


PI_Digital_Teaching_StudentWhen you first start in network marketing no-one takes you aside and shares the harsh truth…

They don’t share how frustrating… even how painful prospecting can be without the correct training.

They don’t share how fragile a downline can become unless you breed loyalty early in your prospecting approach.

They don’t share anything besides how rosy it’ll be when you’ve got a downline freeing you to live life on your own terms.

And don’t get me wrong…

That’s a rosy situation you definitely want to find yourself in.

It’s getting there that can pose problems.

It’s natural to hope that the journey to that hands-free residual income doesn’t have to be so painful or frustrating…

So you hold out hope that building a networking business can actually be fun and rewarding. Yet…

Maybe you’ve been in network marketing for years with not much to show for it… followed the training you’ve received to the letter… yet not achieved nearly the success you see waiting for you?

Or have you found success… shown the dedication to build a downline… but over time it’s become a leaky bucket you need to plug with people dropping out in equal numbers to new sign ups?


Maybe product sales has been your main focus until now… but you’d like to start seeing those bigger checks… so you want to find out how to prospect while always keeping your integrity and still having fun.

Or are you having a crisis of confidence… one that I can truly understand from personal experience, where you’re even unsure you’re cut out for networking at all?

Are you thinking that the folks you see stride across the stage at company events are simply different from you?

That they’re cut from different cloth…

Born with a special “it-factor”… a mysterious charisma that magically attracts productive distributors into their business?

If part of you feels like this, there was a period when I was right there with you.

As contrary to popular belief, I’ve never been a “natural born” salesman or communicator.You may or may not believe that right now, and that’s o.k.My childhood pals will gladly pinky-swear that it’s the God’s honest truth…

PI_Digital_Nervous_ManWhen I opened my mouth what came out was nothing but mumblin’ and stumblin’… and boy, did they bust my chops for it!

I wasn’t confident with people one bit.

However, if you’ve heard me speak on conference calls, at events, or in other successful products I’ve built to serve the networking industry, then you know me now as a clear and confident communicator.

In fact, looking back it shocks me that I’m now known industry-wide as the guy who breaks prospecting concepts down into their simplest parts.

But I can assure you it wasn’t always like that.

When I started out in MLM I was clueless.

Not knowing what to say, or how to say it, left me unsure to approach or call any prospect, even in my warm market.When I did muster the courage, I’d quickly put my foot in my mouth… or I’d “over-sell” my business or products… scaring great prospects away.You end up wondering if there’s something wrong with YOU that explains everyone’s poor reaction.


PI_Digital_Untrained_WomenWell, I can tell you that there’s nothing wrong with you, but likely a lot wrong with the training you’ve received since you began in network marketing.

And until you truly realize that you haven’t yet felt the benefits of optimal training… it’s easy to remain puzzled by what you might call…

The big unsolved mystery of MLM… (Until now…)

See if you relate to this…

You’re struggling to build your business… getting “blowback” in the form of objections you don’t know how to properly handle… let alone prevent entirely…

You’re even receiving total disinterest, even flat-out hostility, from prospects…

Some days, or even weeks, you’re totally avoiding the pain of prospecting altogether.

But you can’t help noticing, like I once did, that others in your company don’t seem to have those problems.

They’re rising up the ranks month after month… sitting pretty as you spin your wheels.

And when I was starting out, I saw similar people in my own company.

They always seemed to have…

Multiple guests tagging along at hotel meetings and events…PI_Digital_Grey_Moving_To_Color_People_Cartoon

No trouble calling leads and developing strong and profitable relationships with almost perfect strangers…

And a constant stream of new blood entering their ever-growing business.

Man, I wanted to be these folk so bad!

I could only imagine the checks they were banking.

As the company CEO slapped them on the back and everyone stood to applaud, I couldn’t help wonder what they said when a prospect shot the time objection at them… or the MLM objection…

How did they answer the pyramid objection, or get people who say they’re too busy to slow down and take a good look at their business?

How did they avoid being mercilessly grilled by skeptical prospects intent on knowing everything immediately?

Were they just reeling off witty comebacks that neutralized the same objections that were tripping me up – or was there more to it?

Was there a whole different approach to their prospecting efforts?

After all, surely they couldn’t be using the same company-sponsored training I was following with little success.

PI_Digital_Light_BulbI couldn’t shake the hunch that there was more to prospecting than meets the eye…

So even though I was close to throwing in the towel, I made the decision to listen to the part of me that wasn’t giving up…

The part of me determined to truly know how the big guys and gals get the results everyone knows them for.

It was a long and bumpy road.

I’ll tell you just how bumpy… but first you need to know that I created the Professional Inviter™ training package to make prospecting as smooth and painless for you as possible.

As the first and most powerful “lightbulb moment” in my quest to figure out how to achieve true residual income was deceptively simple.

It turns out that one particular prospecting skill is king when it comes to seeing fast yet lasting results.

PI_Digital_Frustrated_Woman_LaptopWith a thorough knowledge of how to professionally invite prospects to view your business…

You can always put your prospects in front of great presenters who’ll do the selling for you…

Plus… when this skill gets quickly ingrained throughout your downline your distributors stick around for the long-haul…

Because let’s not mince words.

Rejection stings.

It can deflate enthusiasm like a pin poppin’ a party balloon.

No-one enjoys it… whatever they tell you.

It’s only natural if you come up against too much rejection to feel discouraged… even feel the urge to walk away.

Worse… there’s no stability in an organization with a high drop-out rate. You’re in perpetual “rebuild” mode… living with the fear that the income on which so much depends is perched on a house of cards that could tumble any second.

And that’s why I’m so glad you’re reading this today, as…

If you want to build it once…

and live off the rewards forever…

PI_Digital_Man_Woman_Thumbs_UpDiscovering how to professionally invite prospects to view your business is the foundation on which to sit a sturdy and recession-proof income…

When you and your distributors are skilled in the art of inviting people to look at your business, your downline will never have to be rebuilt, and for a very important reason…

Downlines are only as strong as the relationships they’re built on.

Whether you’re using any of the 11 ways of promoting your business I’ll walk you through in your training…

One thing always holds true…

PI_Digital_Nervous_Woman_On_PhoneAt some point you must talk in person with that lead and begin to build a lasting and profitable win-win business relationship.

It may be over the phone. It may be in person. And perhaps right now, these moments are filled with tension for you or your team.

After all, what if your prospect asks questions that tie you in knots… or hits you with objections you have no clue how to effectively help them past?

It’s little wonder you’ve always got that edgy feeling in the pit of your stomach.

But I’m about to put a swift end to all that.

Almost faster than you can imagine, and you might not fully believe it until you’re listening to the trainings at your desk or in your car, but…


PI_Digital_Happy_Woman_With_ArrowEven long standing fears or “bad feelings” about prospecting disappear to nothing…

Why does this happen?

It’s simple.

When you know exactly what to say and how to say it… you can handle objections with ease and any reason to be fearful dissolves.

That said…

At certain times I’ll make clear to you… it’s actually best to encourage prospects to voice objections.

Trust me, this saves you a ton of grief down the road and makes the business a whole lot more fun.

I know this might seem contrary to training you’ve received up to this point. But this is clearly unlike any other training out there.

And let’s face facts… if that training worked you wouldn’t be here right now. Poised to…

PI_Digital_Happy_ProspectsBe next to discover the profitable wisdom behind these proven yet unconventional methods…

Methods that give you more confidence than ever before about your networking skills, quickly alerting others to the hidden talents inside you… camouflaged before now by poor MLM training.

And as prospects sense that same new confidence… they’re naturally more inclined to respect you right off the bat.

Making it easy for you to guide them to the solution you have for them in the shape of your networking business.

Do you see what this means?

Suddenly YOU are in full control of every prospecting encounter.

Make no mistake now… this is not in any way about ugly manipulation.

Far, far from it. The cornerstone of my business – a networking business that did 25 million in sales in 27 countries – comes down to a simple and powerful intention that underpins my every action:

PI_Digital_Car_Holiday_HomeHelping people.

Helping them get what’s lacking in their lives.

Helping them leave their jobs, and work from home…

Get that carenjoy that vacationor get that bigger house.

And if they’re desperate to get their time back so they can spend precious days with loved ones … I help them get that too.

And it doesn’t happen by accident.

It happens because I lock arms with them until I’m the person they eventually point to and say, “That guy changed my life in ways you can’t even imagine.”

Their success is built on me giving my new distributors the exact same training you’ll be receiving in Professional Inviter™.

It’s training that allows them to be empowered and independent, rather than always reliant on me for everything… training that I know is building win-win relationships that are making my business stronger by the day.

Of course I’m always there if they need to talk about anything. I’ll sit with them and make phone calls until they’re comfortable.

But this training lets me quickly take the training wheels off and duplicate my own skill set throughout my team.

Better yet… if living with a crystal-clear conscience is something as important to you as it is to me, then you’ll be pleased to find…



The Inviting Formula™ isn’t about forcing people through your “process”… it’s built on natural transitions from one step to the next…

Because quickly into training I want even new distributors to feel good about picking up the phone and calling a lead.

I want them unafraid to take the initiative… knowing they are acting to make other people’s lives better… and going about it in a way that lets them hold their head high.

The last thing I want is for them to be second guessing themselves…

Scared to be in a situation where a prospect is hammering any confidence out of them with questions they can’t answer…

Or with objection after objection that they don’t know how to ease past.

More than that… I want them to feel relaxed in every muscle and joint in their body. To the point that prospecting stops being a tension-drenched affair and becomes a truly rewarding experience.

You’re helping people… and they’re sincerely thankful to YOU for it.

PI_Digital_Help_PeopleIt’s all about moving you and your downline away from prospecting pain…

And toward the profound pleasure of genuinely making people’s lives better… and seeing bigger checks in your mailbox because of it…

Now… if the idea of sincerely helping people doesn’t sit well with you then you are not someone who’s going to benefit from this training and you shouldn’t order it.

Every step of the Inviting Formula™ is based on treating people with respect and dignity. Not only because it’s the right thing to do… but because it’s the most profitable thing to do.

If you’d rather build your business based on a “churn ‘n’ burn” strategy, then I genuinely wish you all the best.

However, based on the 22 years I’ve spent in networking marketing, I know you’ll have to cordon off years of your life to keep rebuilding your downline over and over.

A loyal and profitable downline doesn’t appear outta nowhere. It’s built on respect… confidence-giving training… and the sincere desire to help others.

If that’s something you have in your heart too then I guarantee that this exclusive training I want to introduce you to now will be a revelation to you… your downline… and your ongoing profits.


And when shared with your downline createsindependent-minded and confident networkers armed with the skills they need to build their business without babysitting from you.There are 6 steps to the Professional Inviter™ formula that I’ll cover in your 7 hours of comprehensive audio training.

Step #1: Greeting

Step #2: Qualifying

Step #3: Inviting

Step #4: Handling Questions and Objections

Step #5: Closing

Step #6: Following Up

You, no doubt, recognize the words I’ve used to describe each step of the Inviting Formula™. But be warned…What you might understand now by the word “qualifying” for example, is not how I’ll explain it to you in your MODULEs. My willingness to slaughter some of MLM’s sacred cows makes this training like no other you’ve ever received.As you listen to your Professional Inviter™ package you’ll see that I’m not just going to coach you on how to overcome every common objection that can come up in prospecting conversations. One better…


I’m going to expertly coach you to prevent objections from arising at all…

You’ll be amazed when you listen in to the recorded live calls I’ve included in this package. These are real live calls with 100% real prospects.

Some I’ve met briefly before and just got their contact details. Others are perfect strangers to me at the time of the call… people whose number I’ve received from a friend or a lead service.

Still… you’ll see that very few objections come up at all…

In some calls you’ll listen in and see that no objections come up whatsoever!

Listen to a live call with a lead.

But don’t think that’s because I’ve got some special mystery powers…

No way is that the case. It’s simply because I’m following the same proven Inviting Formula™ you’re about to arm yourself with.

Order Now…choose the option that fits your needs best:

1. The Silver Digital Version lets you listen anywhere you have a Net connection and a web browser. Use a computer, tablet or smartphone. This is the quickest option so you can start listening right away. There are NO physical CDs shipped.

2. Choose the Gold Physical Version and we’ll ship an attractive physical CD set with the 350-page workbook to your doorstep. This perfect for listening from your CD player, computer and car CD player. Turn drive time into productive time.

3. The Platinum COMBO Version gives the best of both worlds. You get both the physical CD set and workbook shipped to you PLUS instant access to the Digital Version. This means you can start listening right away while you wait for your CD set in the mail. It’s the best value and gives you total flexibility in listening options so you can maximize your learning experience.

  • Price: $235.00

  • Price: $217.00

  • Price: $437.00

Let me give you a small taste of what you can expect to discover when your Professional Inviter™ package hits your doorstep…







  • Why learning how to invite your prospect in a professional way gives you intense pride in your business. It also ensures your prospect enjoys the experience too. (0:30 MODULE1)
  • Your advantage over other competing networkers the moment you learn how to invite like a pro. (1:20 MODULE1)
  • The dire consequence for any networker who can’t invite well. There’s nothing worse than when a new networker gets their “fire” extinguished by a bucket of cold water! (1:25 MODULE 1)
  • Why your downline can be stacked with skilled business builders. Discovering the secrets to making professional invitations is often a transformative moment for even “dead wood” distributors. (3:10 MODULE1)
  • Why it’s never enough to tell your downline to “just do the numbers.” This is critical insight if you want to avoid building a whiny and excuse-making downline. (4:59 MODULE1)
  • Do you know the powerful job description of a professional network marketer? It’s probably not what you think… and it’s almost impossible to build true passive income unless you live by its creed. (5:12 MODULE1)
  • The only reason someone will pay money for anything. (6:35 MODULE1)
  • Why inviting is so key to making people’s lives better through your business. (7:01 MODULE1)
  • The 2 critical roles you must embrace in order to be a truly successful networker. Most training is basic at best when it comes to these critical mindset issues. (7:31 MODULE1)
  • The avoidable negativity that stalls too many networking businesses to count. (8:23 MODULE1) 

 Listen To A Live Clip from MODULE 1 –


This stinkin’ thinkin’ might slam the brakes on other networkers achieving their dreams… but not YOU…

You’ll also discover…

  • The only way to get your downline making real money. (8:43 MODULE1)
  • To the degree you ___________ is to the degree you will have prospects. With the Inviting Formula™ always at work for you, this simply means more money in your pocket. (9:05 MODULE1)
  • The hard truth about the person who says they don’t like sales. Next time this comes up you’ll be able to offer them an almost instant solution. (12:51 MODULE1)
  • The “lightbulb moment” waiting for you when you finally know where your business-building focus needs to be. (15:38 MODULE1)
  • Why anyone can use prospecting scripts and yet not sound robotic. Yes… you can be 100% yourself all the way, and still use a script to take the work out of prospecting. (21:37 MODULE1)
  • An important rule of communication to follow when you want a prospect to picture themselves succeeding in your business. (16:48 MODULE1)
  • How to avoid confusion, misunderstandings, even arguments, as you promote your business. (17:13 MODULE1)
  • Why knowing the right thing to say to a prospect is a skill you learn and develop, not something only “special” people can pull off. (18:11)
  • Why it’s not just what you say, but how you say it. (20:50 MODULE1) Naturally, this skill is so powerful that…

Expect you and your team to quickly become known for always being ready with the right words at the right time… even with difficult prospects.

  • But that’s not even all you’ll discover on the 1st MODULE of 7! Get set to learn…
  • The real reason you may not have succeeded yet in network marketing. And why it’s not your fault. (32:56 MODULE1)
  • Why it’s dangerous to hide from what you don’t know in MLM. (31:08 MODULE1)
  • The major “skill-divide” between “big money” networkers and those who complain endlessly about how the company is already saturated. (37:32 MODULE1)
  • The importance of preventing… rather than just handling objections. (47:02 MODULE1)
  • The common prospecting question you should never ask. I’ve found in 80% of cases it results in the response… “Is this MLM?” I’ll show you how to tweak the question so your prospect leans forward to learn more… rather than running for the hills. (52:56 MODULE1)
  • The priceless advice I received from my Tennessee high school wrestling coach. His hard-earned wisdom fueled my $25 million dollar business… and it’s behind every proven prospecting script in this package. (61:07 MODULE1)


 Listen To A Live Clip from MODULE 1 –




  • The critical first step in being a good communicator. This will convince you once and for all that you don’t need any special talents or charisma to attract prospects into your business. (0:12 MODULE2)
  • Why the best networkers are not slick, polished or dynamic. Instead they focus on making prospects feel unique, special, valued, and listened to. (0:49 MODULE2)
  • The eyes have it! How the baby blues of a great networker communicate everything a prospect needs to know to want to learn more. (1:21 MODULE2)
  • The very worst thing you could ever say when a prospect shares their hobbies and interests with you. (2:15 MODULE2)
  • Where you need to put the spotlight of every prospecting conversation (2:39 MODULE2)
  • Why your cell phone can damage your reputation with a prospect beyond repair. (2:56 MODULE2)
  • How to annoy a prospect without even knowing it. (2:58 MODULE2)
  • Why tough guys don’t always make it in network marketing. (4:03 MODULE2)
  • How to climb the “prospecting ladder” so your team is sponsoring new leaders into your business on a regular basis. (5:36 MODULE2)
  • Why being too assertive with a prospect can come back to bite you. (6:20 MODULE2)
  • Where you need to put your “third eye” during every prospecting encounter. (6:50 MODULE2)
  • One thing you should avoid at all cost when a prospect is telling you about their job. (8:15 MODULE2)

So many people do this… but it’s the fastest way to offend a prospect I know!

Speaking of prospects bolting for exits, I know you’ll want to avoid…

  • 7 “fluff and puff” words you shouldn’t use to describe your products or opportunity. This gets prospects back-pedaling from you and your business. I’ll tell you what tone to take instead. (9:08 MODULE2)
  • Why savvy networkers hit the candy aisle before they meet one-on-one with a prospect. (10:32 MODULE2)
  • What people are really buying from you in network marketing. Knowing this gives you the expert perspective you need to attract more prospects than ever before. (12:44 MODULE2)
  • The golden rule of dress code that saves you from embarrassment as you greet your prospect. (13:05 MODULE2)
  • The fastest way to alienate a prospect. It’s surprisingly easy to do and we all do it from time to time. (17:09 MODULE2)
  • The craziest thing I’ve ever observed… and it happens in network marketing all the time! I’ll show you how to avoid it because left unchecked it can take money out of your pocket. (19:46 MODULE2)
  • How the law of attraction is successfully used by big money earners. (20:46 MODULE2)
  • Your business won’t grow for the long term unless your thoughts occupy this proven and profitable headspace. (22:56 MODULE2)
  • How the universe is rigged in favor of networkers who think about their business in these terms. (25:05 MODULE2)
  • The trick to using your home phone and your cell phone in tandem to make sure you are sounding professional to your prospect. (30: 02 MODULE2)
  • The feeling you need your prospect to be consumed by when they get off the phone with you. (31:11 MODULE2)
  • How to confirm your meeting with a prospect so they don’t stand you up and leave you feeling like a fool. (31:27 MODULE2)

This single tip alone will save you tons of time, energy and gasoline!

Better still… I can’t wait to let you in on…

  • A painless way to ask for someone’s contact details without seeming pushy. (33:42 MODULE2)
  • The trap too many networkers fall into on the phone. (34:21 MODULE2)
  • The critical information you can get from a prospect that makes promoting your business to them remarkably easy. I’ll walk you through getting this information step-by-step. It’s much easier than most trainers make it. (35:41 MODULE2)
  • The simple question that tells you what you need to focus on as you begin to describe the benefits of your networking business. (36:30 MODULE2)
  • What you must do before you make any recommendations to your prospect. (37:10 MODULE2)
  • The wrong (and potentially costly) intention to carry in your mind during a prospecting call. (37:25 MODULE2)
  • How to build instant rapport over the phone. This works particularly well when your prospect seems super-busy. (40:09 MODULE2)
  • Should you lead with your products or your business? My answer, that’s backed by statistics, isn’t just clear and definitive… it likely flies in the face of what you’ve been taught in the past. (41:02 MODULE2)
  • The exact point in time to bring up the business opportunity with someone who is solely a product user. (46:03 MODULE2)

I’ve found broaching the topic of business before this point is a major turn-off to people…

I’ll also share…

  • The profitable “win-win” option I give to people who’ve given me a referral. (46:21 MODULE2)
  • Discussions you should avoid like the plague when you’re talking to a prospect about your products. I’ll teach you how to move more product through the power of “trends” rather than waging a bloody battle to win “the ingredient war.” (47:24 MODULE2)
  • The real reason why people say ‘No” to your company and products. Hint: it’s nothing to do with you. (48:47 MODULE2)
  • The problem with “full disclosure” at the beginning of the prospecting process. (50:29 MODULE2)
  • 4 words that instantly raise the defenses of a prospect. Sorry thing is… they’re usually the first words out of most networkers’ mouths! (51:48 MODULE2)
  • How to avoid the “bait and switch” feeling most prospecting techniques give to prospects. I’ll show you how to win their respect early in the process and only watch it grow. (52:02 MODULE2)
  • How to ride the coat-tails of third party endorsements to overcome objections to network marketing. This is the fastest way to be viewed as professional and competent. (55:48 MODULE2)
  • The “ice-breaking” resource you can use to professionally follow up with prospects you only met quickly in passing. This also works perfectly for people who don’t have entrepreneurial experience. (59:06 MODULE2)






  • The true purpose and importance of “greeting” your prospect correctly. This is key to nurturing a great business relationship and friendship. (0:48 MODULE3)
  • Why you can’t rush the greeting step. Think back to when prospecting encounters haven’t gone well and this could be to blame. (1:07 MODULE3)
  • The lost art of a warm market greeting. This primes your warm market to trust your recommendations. (02:45 MODULE3)
  • The EXACT moment you’ll know to listen for when your prospect’s defenses drop. When you greet your prospect in this way they truly do let you in on their deepest hopes and ambitions. (02:39 MODULE3)
  • The blunt question that can be the start of a beautiful business relationship. (07:25 MODULE3)
  • The key to starting up conversation with strangers even if you’re shy. If every networker used this overlooked tactic, they’d see that the infamous “3-foot rule” can actually produce painless results! (8:36 MODULE3)
  • The almost secret mechanism behind meeting new people. (10:44 MODULE3)

Now you can place an ad and use the Inviting Formula™  to make a lasting impression on those who respond…

PI_Digital_Live_CallHow to greet people who’ve sent you a resume in response to an advertisement. This gives you great posture with people right off the bat. (11:10 MODULE3)


PI_Digital_Live_CallThe key question that gets your prospect to go “outside of themselves” and tell you exactly what they are looking for from your opportunity. (11:24 MODULE3)


PI_Digital_Live_CallHow to greet skeptics who’ve left a message on a 1-800 line or on your answer phone in response to an ad. What I’ll teach you to say won’t leave them skeptical much longer. (15:21 MODULE3)


  • How to greet a prospect who is a purchased lead. I’ll show you how to avoid people asking “How did you get my number?”… or, “Why are you calling me?”(16:03 MODULE3)
  • The sure-fire way to tell whether you’ve accomplished a full and successful “greeting.” (20:05 MODULE3)
  • What you MUST DO in order to sell something… your products… or your business opportunity. If you dislike the idea of selling, you’ll really like this “contribution-centered” approach. (30:05 MODULE3)
  • How professional networkers go one critical step further when they are determining what a prospect really wants from life. (31:11 MODULE3)
  • The deeply hidden information I try to tease out of a prospect when we are chatting on the phone. (32:27 MODULE3)
  • The priceless nugget of hidden information to listen for on each and every prospecting call. A stable downline is built on training people to spot this information and use it to make people’s lives better. (35:14 MODULE3)

Listen To A Live Clip From MODULE 3 –

The lesson of this next live call is that anyone can do this… no matter how good a communicator they believe they are… (It’s all in following the formula…)

PI_Digital_Live_CallHow to turn a bland, monotone response into gold. You’ll be amazed how you can turn one-word answers into your prospect happily revealing the real wants and needs that will drive them to join your business. (40:12 MODULE3)

  • How to control every conversation with every prospect. It’s not about manipulation… it’s about helping people get what they want, even if you feel shy, awkward, or even anti-social some days. (45:01 MODULE3)
  • The secret to never being peppered with questions by a difficult prospect. This is a simple technique every networker can quickly master. (46:21 MODULE3)
  • A direct approach you can use in your warm market to open up conversation about business. This is just what new networkers need when they’re starting out. (52:05 MODULE3)


PI_Digital_Live_CallHow to take a conversation that feels like it’s going nowhere, and bring it naturally back to business. You’ll see how I do this when you hear me on a live call with an aerospace engineer. (57:09 MODULE3)


PI_Digital_Live_CallThe exact words to say so a purchased lead “opens up” to you. This is the easiest way I know to find out what your prospect needs, wants, or doesn’t want without them feeling interrogated. (58:06 MODULE3)


PI_Digital_Live_CallWant to sponsor a doctor into your business? You’ll hear me assist a doctor I’d never talked to before to happily tell me exactly why a home-based business would be perfect for her. (59:55 MODULE3)


  • Price: $235.00

  • Price: $217.00

  • Price: $437.00






  • The EXACT wording to successfully invite someone to a one-on-one meeting or a hotel meeting. Remember, this is the wording I use myself, and it’ll come out of your mouth so naturally. (1:57 MODULE4)
  • Why you can’t hesitate between moving from an invitation to a close to action. “Snooze and you lose” has never been more true than here. (5:19 MODULE4)
  • Why it’s a costly mistake to try to handle objections with snappy comebacks. I’ll show you how to truly move people past objections so any negativity or skepticism is quickly in the rear-view mirror. (02:13 MODULE4)
  • The crucial difference between an expressed and an unexpressed objection. The Inviting Formula™ secures you every piece of Intel you need to overcome even stubborn resistance to your business or products. (07:13 MODULE4)
  • The “bug” metaphor that makes it easy to see yourself overcoming objections like a prospecting master. (08:50 MODULE4)

Now… when someone tells you they’re “too busy” you’ll be ready… and they’ll even thank you for helping them think about time in a brand new way…

PI_Digital_Live_CallEavesdrop as I overcome the time objection with a rushed-off-her-feet Project Manager. You’ll see just how simple it can be to put the time objection to rest, even with the busiest of people. (38:10 MODULE4)

  • What you shouldn’t tell your prospect when they raise an objection. (17:59 MODULE4)
  • The 5 simple steps to fully remedy any objection. (21:14 MODULE4)
  • How to avoid giving your prospect’s objection any extra strength. (23:51 MODULE4)
  • The best way to handle the pyramid objection. (25:26 MODULE4)
  • How to lead prospects to solve their own objections! This takes handling objections to a whole new level. I’ll bet money your company trainings don’t even touch on how to do this. (27:28 MODULE4)
  • How to overcome the “What is it?” objection in a snap. (30:28 MODULE4)
  • The 2 types of “too busy” objections and how to get past both. (32:57 MODULE4)
  • Why you can’t just send prospects a resource, or send them to an internet system that claims to “do it all for you”. (11:37 MODULE4)
  • Overcoming the “Is this sales?” objection begins by you asking an important question. I’ll also give you the most effective question to get your prospect to view sales in a different light. (46:15 MODULE4)
  • Is this MLM/Network Marketing… is this one of those pyramids… is this like Amway? To properly handle these objections you need to ask a non-confrontational question of your own. (49:01 MODULE4)





  • Listen in as I handle the sales objection of an Irish bookkeeper who’s sure she can’t sell. Her unusual reply to a question gives me an opportunity to show you how to step-by-step move people past even long-standing MLM objections. (05:34 MODULE5)

PI_Digital_Live_CallHear me make an error inviting someone! I catch myself and tell you exactly what I did wrong. You won’t make the same mistake I did. (18:56 MODULE5)


PI_Digital_Live_CallThe correct way to deal with a prospect who is genuinely not interested. You’ll hear me make someone feel honored and respected for their decision not to move forward. You need to keep the relationship on this positive footing in case circumstances change and they suddenly need your business in their life. (21:26 MODULE5)



 From beginning to end… the Inviting Formula™ is about treating people in the same way you like to be treated.

And I’m thinking you’d also be grateful to know…

  • 4 steps to coolly deal with a “disaster call” if it ever appears on your radar. (25:33 MODULE5)
  • How to take “agreeable steps” toward your prospects getting the time freedom what they want. (30:47 MODULE5)
  • The importance of “allocating responsibility” at the end of every prospecting call. (31:27 MODULE5)
  • The “plan” that the success of anyone you sponsor depends on. (34:15 MODULE5)

PI_Digital_Live_CallListen in as I prospect an experienced sales person who has a lot of questions! You can swipe the answers I give her that keep her keen to learn more. (40:13 MODULE5)


PI_Digital_Live_CallThe common “salesy” tactic I don’t recommend when you’re setting a date for a prospect to review a resource. (41:24 MODULE5)






  • “The wall of determination”… and how to lead prospects over it. This explains why people’s objections to your opportunity and products are not your fault. (04:55 MODULE6)
  • Exactly what to do and say if your prospect doesn’t look at a resource as they agreed they would. (40:03 MODULE6)

PI_Digital_Live_CallHear me follow up with a woman I met at the gym who was concerned about MLM. You’ll hear me walk her past all her objections with an approach even an unconfident networker can easily manage. (12:29 MODULE6)


PI_Digital_Live_CallThe multi-tasking and distracted farmer who I brought back into our call with one simple question. (21:17 MODULE6)



PI_Digital_Live_Call2 calls where I follow up and walk people through a powerful explanation of network marketing that can help you sell the value of any company. (30:33 MODULE6)

  •  What to say when a prospect says they need to discuss the business with other people first. (21:29 MODULE6)
  • How to get a prospect to come back into “the moment” and refocus on your business opportunity even if they seem disinterested. (47:03 MODULE6)

 Listen To A Live Clip From MODULE 6 –





  • The “game” you should never play with a prospect on the phone. It only creates ill feeling toward you. (0:16 MODULE7)
  • The responsibility it’s important to share if you want a prospect to remain interested in your business. (0:34 MODULE7)
  • The right way to use “Caller ID” to get a prospect to pick up the phone. (2:27 MODULE7)
  • How many weeks should you keep calling a prospect? Note I said weeks, not months. (2:57 MODULE7)
  • The true reason someone doesn’t return your call. You’ll feel much more positive about follow-up when you know the underlying truth (3:35 MODULE7)
  • Someone avoiding you? I’ll tell you what to say to put you both at ease about continuing your relationship in a positive way. (6:12 MODULE7)

These 3 live calls will give you every insight you need to transform your follow-up calls from “necessary evil”… to the heights of fun and profits…

PI_Digital_Live_CallThe follow-up answer phone message I leave for a prospect desperate to get her husband out of war-torn Africa and back into the USA. You’ll hear me use an extra “CIA”-inspired research tactic to form a steely bond between us. (8:02 MODULE7)


PI_Digital_Live_CallHear me refocus a busy prospect back onto why she needs a home-based business. Her mind is on surviving a week of traffic school of all things, but suddenly she’s picturing the benefits of residual income thanks to the technique I’ll show you how to use. (9:56 MODULE7)


PI_Digital_Live_CallThe Domino’s pizza call! You’ll hear a prospect’s wife answer the phone and give me a very creative stonewall. You’ll see how you just need to laugh this kind of stuff off and keep a positive mindset at all times. (14:45 MODULE7)

  • What people can’t hear until they already have some basic skills down. (16:48 MODULE7)
  • The key to finding all the prospects you need. (17:00 MODULE7)
  • 11 ways to successfully promote your business. At least 3 of these methods are woefully underused. (17:32 MODULE7)
  • The $27,000 survey I commissioned that told me the true reason why people take supplements. (19:06 MODULE7)
  • 3 areas of promotion I strongly recommend. (19:42 MODULE7)
  • Newspaper ads: The secret to getting your ad optimal placement for the best business-growing response. (21:27 MODULE7)
  • What you need to be prepared for when you call a newspaper to place a prospecting ad. (20:21 MODULE7)
  • The best way I’ve found to invite people to contact you via newspaper ads. This gives you great posture with the prospect right off the bat. (21:59 MODULE7)
  • “Lead generation” tactics that outright disgust me! I’ll point you to ways to generate leads where you can feel good about yourself every time you dial a new number. (24:49 MODULE7)
  • How to avoid being the unfortunate networker who has to deal with a hostile lead fed-up of being badgered to death. (25:08 MODULE7)
  • The highest and best use of your profits. This was a hard-won lesson for me to learn, but once I got it… it’s multiplied my income ever since. (28:59 MODULE7)
  • The powerful visualization every successful networker must embrace. It’s not just about picturing yourself on stage receiving awards… This is more about seeing the vast expanse of opportunity all around you at any given moment. (32:05 MODULE7)
  • A Hollywood-inspired networking concept. It’s no shocker when networkers who throw their arms around this idea see blockbuster growth in their business. (34:06 MODULE7)
  • The shortcut to becoming an “influencer” in your personal network. (38:07 MODULE7)
  • The important trait to look for in prospects. It’s likely not what you think. (41:06 MODULE7)


This Is Important…PI_Digital_Man_On_PhoneI don’t just let the live calls run and let you figure out what’s important to say and what’s not.I “break into” the calls at regular intervals to alert you to important parts of the Inviting Formula™ in action.You’ll hear both sides of the conversation too. I want you to hear every objection you can encounter… every personality you will have to deal with.This is to ensure…

You’ll never feel any fear or have any need to procrastinate in your prospecting efforts.

You’ll never be stumped by a question or objection from a prospect again.

You’ll even know how to prevent objections from arising altogether.

But I can guess what you’re thinking…

  • Price: $235.00

  • Price: $217.00

  • Price: $437.00


Listen to Ashleigh:









My team is consistently growing and we recently brought in 12 new team members. – Ashleigh Gass

Listen to Mack:









My numbers have gone up 70%. When people call me, I use Tim’s scripts, and they work because no one feels like I’m trying to sell them anything. – Mack Biggs

Listen to Bruce:









My sponsor rate has increased 70% and that’s pretty good in my book. – Bruce Rouse

Listen to James:









I’ve just sponsored 4 new distributors in 24 hours. Professional Inviter is a fantastic tool. Thank you so much. – James Kellett

Listen to Michele:









Now, I can talk to 40 prospects, and get 12 to 15 people looking at my opportunity. – Michelle Schooley

Listen to Reynold:









My organization is growing, thanks to Professional Inviter. He tells you exactly what you say. You can’t go wrong if you do it that way. – Reynold Samuel

Listen to Kate:









I’ve become a total sponsoring machine and I know with absolute confidence how to train my team. – Kate Moller

Listen to Donna:









I was able to help my group achieve a 100% success rate. Each person that we invited to look at either our products or our business became either a distributor or a customer. – Donna Detwiler

Listen to Johnny:









My business has increased 1000 percent. I was even able to quit my job and I’m doing this full time now. Thanks Tim. – Johnny Smith

Listen to Ray & Akemi:









We have really studied Professional Inviter and most recently sponsored 3 people into our business… – Ray & Akemi Rogers

Listen to Janet:









Since I have been listening to Professional Inviter, my self belief and motivation have been rekindled. – Janet Drake

Listen to Heidi:









Professional Inviter has given me more confidence in approaching prospects. I am no longer prospecting with desperation… – Heidi Swander

Listen to Anne:









Tim takes you step by step through the whole process and explains exactly what to say in every situation in Professional Inviter. – Anne Schabert

Listen to Tony:









The handling objections formula really works with the person you’re talking with. – Tony LeDuc

Tim… with an offer this good I can’t wait to order… Thank you!

“Real Sponsoring Results Or Your Money Back…” 

15-day Guarantee on digital or streaming products.


Order Now…choose the option that fits your needs best:

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* Digital products carry 2-week guarantee.


Tell your friends about this super sale.

“O.K. Tim, what’s this going to cost me?”

I know you see the immense value of this comprehensive training. Now you’re hoping it’ll be within financial reach. Well, I’ll tell you the investment I’m asking in just a moment. When I do you can expect a pleasant surprise.

But first I want to explore for a moment what it won’t cost you.

We both know there are costs to running a successful network marketing business.

There’s the big conferences where you fly to a city and sit for a weekend among a group of excited networkers. Then you check your receipts and see you’re down at least $3000 when you factor in air fare, hotel, tickets, taxis, meals, souvenirs, T-shirts…

And for what?

A jolt of excitement that quickly wears off… replaced by the reality of PI_Digital_Exspenseyour prospecting fears… and the frustration of a downline that still lacks the confidence to build a business without your daily assistance.

Yet two of these events a year and that’s $6000…

But of course, you won’t pay close to that today.

Out-of-town events aren’t the only things that empty your pockets though. Even hometown company trainings add up. Eight trainings a year at $100 a pop… plus training materials… meals, time away from family… and you’re looking at least at $2000 a year right there.

And usually, as you know, there’s more back-slapping and company promotion at these events than real actionable training that you and your team can put to work and immediately see results.

So, naturally, you look outside of *official* company training for a prospecting approach that works… only to get hit-up for “systems” that are unproven… and exist more for the ballooning ego of the trainer than they do to actually work in real-life.

And don’t even get me started on those scammy Internet systems that say “We’ll build your downline for you!”

That’s a recipe for heartache.

Many of these so-called “sure-things” cost $500 and up and not only don’t work… but they often walk on treacherous legal ground. You don’t need any part of that.

Anything operating a world away from the tenets of mutual respect and dignity that underpin the Inviting Formula™… is not something you want to bank your family’s income on.

PI_Digital_How_MuchAnd to build that income there’s another overlooked business cost. Over the course of a year you can easily spend $300 or more simply meeting with prospects.

Food…drinks… gas… it adds up fast.

But if you don’t know exactly what to say to a prospect to prevent objections… it’s wasted money. Prospects hit you with a Houdini disappearing act… or you don’t know what to say to ease them past concerns.

Now… I can’t ask you for $2000, $500, not even $300 to claim your Professional Inviter™ training package today.

Not when I want this to be a “no-brainer” decision for you.

I’m intent on removing all the barriers preventing you from joining the elite band of networkers who continue to use Professional Inviter™ to see great results for themselves and their downlines.

That’s why you can claim your exclusive training today for only $147.

So you know how serious I am about seeing the Inviting Formula™ grow your business to new heights… Let me give you the peace of mind of an extraordinary guarantee…

PI_Digital_Happy_Woman_Laptop“Yes… 30 days to put this proven training to the test and still get your money back if it disappoints in even the slightest way…”

You rarely see a guarantee this strong when you purchase anything… let alone a comprehensive training like Professional Inviter™.

Yet I’m willing to give you such peace of mind when you order because I know this training works. My own results and the testimonials up and down this page attest to the fact.

I’m hoping me providing this safety net is the nudge you need to purchase Professional Inviter™ today… and start seeing your networking business change your life for the better in ways you can barely imagine.

Tim, your 30 day “Real Results” guarantee is letting me order now knowing this can’t possibly end up being a bad decision

If you’re thinking a guarantee this generous leaves me open to folk with a shortage of moral scruples taking advantage…

Well, you’re right. It does!

But I’m happy to be “played” a handful of times to make sure nothing stands between honest people like you and the training you need.

PI_Digital_Happy_Woman_Money_Back_OfferBecause achieving true residual income and time freedom doesn’t have to be an exhausting gauntlet of trial and error for you.

I took that journey myself so I know it’s not easy.

As I studied what successful networkers were doing, here’s what I observed…

Some were building their downline on loose promises… fragile relationships… and prospecting “double-talk”…

Of course, the problem was…

PI_Digital_Leaking_TapThese downlines were leaking like crazy!

People were dropping out faster than new blood was coming in.

In other words… these networkers were treading water to stay afloat.

That’s the last place you want to find yourself!

In contrast, others were building downlines made of solid granite… held together for the long haul by solid relationships and quality training.

In fact, their downlines revered them for giving them the correct training so they could truly be “independent” business owners.

This meant if a hot new biz opp set up shop they weren’t about to jump ship on a whim…

And that almost “unbreakable downline” was what I wanted to have for myself.

So I ran from meeting to meeting, grilling these successful networkers on how they built such profitable businesses. Thankfully, they generously shared their word-for-word scripts for getting prospects to happily look at their business.

I’d take those scripts back to my office and study them. I’d say them aloud into a tape recorder. Test them. Refine them on real prospects.

PI_Digital_Seeing_Consistent_ResultsI’d do this until they weren’t only as effective as possible in any prospecting situation… but so they also met the highest ethical standards.

Over time I started seeing consistent results… exactly what I needed to maintain a productive and stable downline.

Prospects were suddenly keen to know more…

Letting their guard down to allow me to help them achieve the new income they needed so badly.

I was sponsoring more people than ever… and productive people too.

Let me tell you…

To experience success, after so much struggle… it felt amazing!

What’s important for YOU to know right now is this:

When I was struggling… successful networkers were overly generous in sharing their winning methods with me.

Obviously, I’m keen to pay forward that same goodwill.

PI_Digital_Help_WantedIn all seriousness…Why do it? 

Why keep doing the same things and expecting a different result? Especially when I’ve done all the hard work so you don’t have to. Now you can bypass more pain…

End frustration entirely.

With the bullet-proof self-belief that you and your team will become an unstoppable force – for good!

We can lock arms and show them once and for all that the success in the testimonials on this page is no fluke…

That, however confident you are in your communication skills at this moment,… with the training you’re about to receive you can build a stable and profitable networking business.

But don’t do it for me.

Do it for you. 

PI_Digital_FamilyFor your family.

For your self-confidence.

For the respect, both at home and in business, that you’ve long deserved.

You’ve got the very best in life coming to you when you invest in this training.

That’s no empty promise…

I guarantee it one hundred percent!



  • Price: $235.00

  • Price: $217.00

  • Price: $437.00




From Our Satisfied Customers

  • Tim takes you step by step through the whole process and explains exactly what to say in every situation in Professional Inviter.Anne Schabert
  • Love the tools.......Professional Inviter, Brilliant Questions, Brilliant Compensation DVD, brochures...."Why do I...age? get sick? get diseases?" and "What Do Vitamin and Minerals Do For Me"? I have accumulated numerous tools over the years, but these are the best!!Patricia Patterson
  • I have to let you know that I thought I knew how to prospect. I earn a solid six figure income in my company and have for years. In fact I was awarded $10,000.00 as a bonus for being the top recruiter in my company at a national convention so I was hesitant to change what was working for me. I purchased the Professional Inviter CD’s and after listening to them I realized I was a rookie when it came to inviting. Never before have I found a tool that made such a big difference in my ability to get people to look at my business opportunity. Best of all I don’t need to spend hours trying to train my team, I simply have them get the CD’s and my business explodes along with my check. Thanks for the millions!D.H.

10 reviews for Professional Inviter – Gold Version

  1. :

    Because Tim’s materials are very practical, easy to understand and to transfer into daily practices. He can explain complicate connections or esoterically Terms very easily and most of all he’s honest. Thank you Tim.

  2. :

    He really breaks down the steps on what to say, when to say it and how to say it. It’s a lot to learn. Not something you can learn to do in a month. This is REAL college level learning here. Once learned then you need to get you feet wet and do it. Hearing it and doing it are two different things. But once you learn it and know how to apply it your business and downline will EXPLODE.

  3. :

    Tim’s approach to Network Marketing compliment my Christian character. I find that the principles he teaches align with and are conducive for godly conduct. I can truly use his approach to market my business opportunity and product to people with a goal to help make their life better! That’s something I can feel good about and go to sleep without regret.

  4. :

    I bought Brilliant Compensation and found it to be very impressive. I watch it over and over. I have Professional Inviter and Brilliant Communicator CDs and workbooks. I am studying those and have learned so much and feel so confident as I do my business.

  5. :

    I have learned so much already and I have not even heard all of the CD’s yet! I am sure I will listen to them over and over

  6. :

    I only wish I could have gotten his training years ago. There is nothing else out there like his training

  7. :

    There was a special 1 week sale to buy Personal Inviter and his emails were enticing enough to try his product and very glad I bought it for myself and my upline Diamond.

  8. :

    After seeing Brilliant Compensation and using Professional Inviter, there is no comparison. Others try to train by motivating using fluff and hype. Tim’s approach is the polar opposite where he teaches step by step. The trainee gets motivation from fully understanding the concept.

  9. :

    I have benefited greatly from the Professional Inviter and the Professional Presenter. The best benefits for me is the belief in the industry and belief that “I can do this and it is worth it!”

  10. :

    Tim’s a genius! Myself and my downline are flourishing because of Professional Inviter and Brilliant Compensation!

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