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Nutritional Supplement Brochure Package

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Nutritional Supplement Brochure Package

Nutritional Supplement Brochure Package-Get both Why Do I Age? Get Sick? Get Diseases? and What Do Vitamins and Minerals Do For Me? in this package.  Best Savings When You Buy the Bundle!

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Product Description

How To Get Your Customers To Use the Proper Levels of Your Nutritional Product

If You Give People the Right Information They Will Respond With Their Wallets Wide Open

If you sell nutritional supplements and products, I’m sure I don’t have to convince you of how critical it is to take proper levels of supplements every day for optimal health.

The problem becomes, how to convince OTHERS to take them…especially if you sell high-quality products that many people may consider “expensive”.

I used to try and sell my nutritional products using my company’s brochure, but couldn’t. I also found that when I did sell these products, I had a very low reorder rate.

It wasn’t long before I had made a list of the “reasons” my customers gave me for why they didn’t reorder. The most common one was, “I still have plenty of vitamins in the box.” Meaning, they didn’t use the vitamins as directed – they took them when they “felt” like it.

With these two issues needing to be solved, I hired a marketing company to find out:




Fortunately… and surprisingly the answers to these two questions were the same! Here’s the answer…the customer must know what a vitamin or mineral or antioxidant does in their body before they will buy it and before they will take it every day and night. When the Health Awareness Foundation asked me to write these two educational brochures about supplements, I jumped at the chance.

The result was…

Pamphlet #1 – “Why Do I Age? Get Sick? Get Diseases?”brochures1_med

  • This 4-panel pamphlet clearly explains in layman’s terms the root cause of all disease.
  • It explains how free radicals attack our cells.
  • It provides a compelling argument why antioxidants are the simple preventive solution.
  • It Naturally leads your prospect to take an interest in nutritional supplements.


Pamphlet #2 – “What Do Vitamins and Minerals Do for Me?”

This 5-panel pamphlet explains, in plain English, the role of vitamins & minerals in the body, why it’s impossible to get adequate amounts through diet, as well as proven ongoing benefits of taking them. And most importantly, it explains why it’s critical to take high-quality supplements – leading naturally to interest in YOUR products.

What Do These Two Nutritional Brochures Do For You?

These professional, generic sales pieces answer exactly the questions your prospects have, as well as make a VERY convincing argument for taking HIGH- quality supplements.






NEED THEM IN SPANISH? Get the Spanish Versions Here >>

On Sale for $27.99 When you Buy Both Brochures!

Want To Know More?

It’s all in these two pamphlets

Vitamin-Literature-Bundle-Why-CoverWhy Do I Age? Get Sick? Get Diseases?

Sell more supplements and turn your  product users into loyal life-time customers!

This first-class brochure alerts us to some of today’s most pressing health and wellness issues. We know that diseases are not “caught” but are caused by what we eat or don’t eat. “Why Do I…Age? Get Sick? Get Diseases?” is an introductory brochure that will help the reader understand:

  • The Cause of Disease.
  • How cells age, get sick and get diseases.
  • Where free radicals come from.
  • How free radicals cause and/or contribute to heart disease and cancer.


Perhaps most importantly, the brochure concludes with a call to action asking each reader to evaluate the consequences of poor health, and the realization that nothing is more important than their health…..because when good health is lost…everything and everyone suffers.

Personalize these brochures in the space on the back with your name and contact information. Then, place them in health clinics, fitness centers, doctors offices, or simply send in the mail. This brochure is the ideal introduction piece to be used when promoting your vitamin and supplement products.

What Do Vitamins and Minerals Do For Me?


This second brochure was designed to be used as a follow up to “Why Do I… Age? Get Sick? Get diseases?” and gives readers the additional information they need to further their research in using supplements in their daily diet.

You can use both brochures in combination like a “one-two” punch to quickly and easily show prospects why they need high quality supplements without coming across and annoying, pushy or sounding preachy.

The brochure further explains how vitamins and minerals build up our immune systems, increase energy levels, enhance appearance and expand our intelligence.

This brochure shows your prospect that every supplement will contain different combinations of vitamins and minerals. The glossary in this brochure gives comprehensive information about these vitamins and minerals so that your prospective customer understands the importance of each: Vitamin A, Vitamin B Complex,Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Molybdenum, Phosphorus, Silicon, Calcium, Chromium, Copper, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Potassium, Selenium, Vanadium, Zinc What I found is that often, a potential customer wouldn’t remember half of what I said about my product during our meeting. However, when they took this brochure home and reviewed the information…they were sold.

Read What Doctor “H” Had To Say About Using The Brochures In His Business…

“The first two mlm prospects that I showed the Vitamin and Supplement brochures signed up in my liquid vitamin and supplement business. The brochure sold my product for me. I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who is promoting a liquid supplement and liquid vitamin. The photo of the two tablets on the X-ray and the comparison of the two women who are around the same age is a powerful tool for anyone to see. The brochure is powerful educational and eye opening tool. Just GET the 50 pack and you will see what happens when you hand them out. Simply AWESOME!” ~ Dr. Rick H.

Here’s How It Works…

Both brochures come in packs of 50. They can be used separately or together. However, I strongly encourage you to use them together. Give your prospect the “Why Do I…Age? Get Sick? Get Diseases?” brochure first, and then follow up with the “What Do Vitamins & Minerals Do For Me?” brochure. Let these brochures do the convincing for you…so you don’t have to be “pushy” or “preachy” with your prospects! If you’d like to go ahead and grab a package of each brochure, you can do that and save even more. You’ll get 50 “Why Do I…Age? Get Sick? Get Diseases?” brochures PLUS an additional 50 “What Do Vitamins & Minerals Do For Me?” brochures for a special price savings. That’s less than 40 cents a brochure. Less than 40 cents to quickly and easily convince your prospect to purchase your nutritional products. That’s a smart investment in your business if you ask me. Remember, I used these brochures myself. So I know they work. I’ve also trained thousands of distributors, just like you, how to use these brochures in their business and not only did their product sales and reorders multiply, but they felt good about presenting their product to prospects in a helpful and non-pushy way.

I believe so strongly that these brochures will help you do the same, that I’m offering a 30 Day “Prove It” Money Back Guarantee 

Order the brochures and try them out in your business for the next 30 days. Leave them with potential customers, use them as follow up mailers, and send them to your current customers. If you product orders do not increase, then feel free to call or email my office, let them know the brochures didn’t work for you, and we’ll issue you a full refund of your money – no questions asked. I’m that serious.

Now listen, I’m giving you this guarantee because I trust that you’re honest and will actually use the brochures. If you just toss the whole pack of brochures on tables at coffee shops, but never use them when speaking with a product customer, then all bets are off.

Let me ask you this: What is one new product customer worth to you? Now, multiply that number by 12. That’s how much one new product customer is worth to you over the course of a year if they continue to reorder. If these brochures help you get only one new customer OR help you keep a current customer on auto-ship longer, then they more than pay for themselves. This much is for sure: For the rest of your career as a network marketer, you’re going to run into people everywhere who are prime targets for your nutritional products and supplements. The question is, are you going to have the right tools and materials available to help you succeed? Or are you going to let each of these opportunities slip by because you weren’t prepared and miss out on all the residual income you could have been making? The choice is yours and with my 30 Day “Prove It” Guarantee, you’ve got nothing to lose. So, if you’ve decided that you’re done putting up with tiny residual checks, with pushing and convincing prospects to buy, and with trying to preach to customers why they need to take your supplements daily…then go ahead and grab these sales tools for your business today.

On Sale for $27.99 When you Buy Both Brochures!

Committed to multiplying your product sales, Tim Sales P.S. Every business building tip, strategy, and technique that I share with you is a PROVEN winner. I’ve used every one of them personally in my own business. I’ve had much success using these brochures with prospects, and I know that they can work for you too. Remember, you have a 100% satisfaction guarantee – if you’re not happy, YOU DON’T PAY. This is truly a 100% risk- free offer.

Both Brochures Are Available In Spanish Too!

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  • I have all of Tim’s materials and I am building my business with them. They got me going with a professional posture. Thank you so much. All this material is the best that I have found by far and I strongly suggest that anyone wanting to succeed in this industry purchase and assimulate every word.Fred Walker
  • The products and services I've used have always helped me to move to the next step.Arlene
  • He teaches the basics, anyone can understand his teachings and two of my downlines have used his teachings to better their understanding of the industry.Mrs Ibare-Jones
  • These products gave me the means to educate on the important value of my own products.Louis
  • I have shared them with a few clients and really got great response Thanks Tim for all you doJim Fortner

10 reviews for Nutritional Supplement Brochure Package

  1. :

    By using the brochures, I no longer feel a need to try and explain aging, sickness, why a person may need a particular supplement, vitamin or mineral. Helps me to stop being a motormouth! Thanks for wanting everyone to succeed in mlm/direct selling!

  2. :

    My prospect really like the brochures. It explains in very simple words why they need to take care of them self. I have learned a lot from you and gotten some very good tipps how to continue, Thank’s!!!!

  3. :

    I like the simplicity that was laid out in stating why we get sick, etc. Clear and understandable.

  4. :

    My upline recommended this to the team. Our team members did their own research into the MLM series and brochures and everyone agreed that it was all very professionally done

  5. :

    Thank you for taking all the really hard work out of selling. I struggle with my Celiac and some days i don’t feel so great, so trying to put things together and muster the energy to sell are extremely difficult. You have helped with about 80% – 95% of the preparation.

  6. :

    I Was looking for generic brochures on health. Liked the information I saw on Tim’s site, and the title of the brochures were catchy. I also thought the Vitamin & mineral brochure would help people understand what we have since we have liquid vitamins, and help people connect the dots once they read about how powerful Antioxidants are for their health.

  7. :

    The tools are easily making me feel more professional about MLM. I am able to approach friends and new acquaintances with confidence.

  8. :

    Excellent, easy to understand, common sense material. No attempt to promote any specific program.

  9. :

    The first two people that I showed the Vitamin and Supplement brochures signed up in my liquid vitamin and supplement business. The brochure sold my product for me. I HIGHLY recogmend it to anyone who is prmoting a liquid supplement and liquid vitamin. The photo of the two tablets on the X-ray and the comparison of the two women who are around the same age is a powerful tool for anyone to see. The brochure is powerful educational and eye opening tool. Just GET the 50 pack and you will see what happens when you hand them out. Simply AWESOME!

  10. :

    I purchased the “Why Do I Age? Get sick? Get Diseases?” and “What Do Vitamins and Minerals Do For Me” brochures. I have read both of the brochures from front to back and I can’t see why anyone in their right mind would not be concerned about their health or understand why there is so many people in this world who have cancer, heart attacks, etc. Here’s hoping these brochures will help people to understand why they would want to purchase my nutritional supplements.

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