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MLM Diamond Package


MLM Diamond Package

It’s Our Top Core Products in One Package at a Tremendous Discount!


Product Description

For Serious Network Marketers and Trainers

This MLM Diamond Package Contains My Most Effective Solutions All in One Package!

If you’ve got a Downline to train, or a serious desire to have everything you need right at your fingertips because expansion is your middle name, then The MLM Entrepreneur Diamond Package is what  you want!  It will help you skyrocket your MLM Business and allow you to enjoy the lifestyle your business should provide you.

Consider for a moment:  What does it really take to be a Self-Made Millionaire?

Dear Future Network Marketing Superstar,

If you are considering this package for your MLM Business, then I believe it is safe to assume that you have at some point prior to arriving on this page listened to  some of my lectures.  From that, you know I take this business to heart.  I do not take growing a downline and creating true wealth lightly.  If you’re like me, you you do too.

My approach to MLM, which has made me a millionaire has always been to master the skills of this business.  People skills, business building skills, techniques and everything in between.

In Pro Inviter, I tell you about the hours and hours and hours I spent practicing with Buckshot and a tape recorder.  In Brilliant Communicator, and Professional Presenter, you’ll hear stories of the hundreds of hours I spent creating the formulas that have made me the millionaire I am today.  Of course, the point of this is only one:  All that research and time spent was done so that I would be a success.  It wasn’t until years later, that I turned that success into training products that others could use too.

The answer to the question above is simple really:  Follow my route and really learn what I teach you well!

The products I offer you here are designed to take years and possibly decades off your route and off the route your downline travels.  Study them as seriously and with as much dedication as you can.  Get your downline to do the same! They work.

Wishing you Success!


You’re about to gain access to everything you need no matter what stage of building your business that you’re in. In fact, after today, you could very well be on the fastest possible track to Network Marketing success.


The Professional MLM Entrepreneur’s Diamond Package

diamond package bundle

This is a very careful selection of the “best of the best” from my First Class MLM Tools lineup and I’ve packaged them together to provide you with all the hard-hitting training you need to succeed in MLM…period.

This package covers it all!

  • From prospecting to goal setting…
  • From handling objections to effective communication skills…
  • From Presentation Techniques to the to tools you use to present
  • From Invite to Close  . . . you get it all!

 What The Professional MLM Entrepreneur’s Diamond Package includes:

Featured-portfolio-image-professional-presenterProfessional Presenter

Watch on DVD as Tim Sales walks you through several one-on-one presentations step by step, leaving no stone unturned. Audio CD’s cover 4 key areas of the Professional Presentation process in detail. Did you know that there is a formula to a successful presentation?  Yes there is!

Pro Presenter also includes the presenting card, which gives you talking points and simple explanations, beautifully illustrated that explain key points of the industry to your prospect.

The final ingredient to success in your Pro Presenter Pack is the beautiful and professionally done 28-page high-end booklet, Build Your Own Business – With it, you will overcome your prospect’s common objections to MLM the booklet is professionally designed to guide your prospect through  home business-building, Network Marketing, and help them understand the common misconceptions about MLM.

Once your prospect has had a presentation by you following all the guidelines and principles in Pro-Presenter, and using the razzling-dazzling presentation tools as you go, “No” just isn’t in his vocabulary anymore!  -Complete course with DVD, CD’s, Workbook, and full-printed transcripts… ($197 actual value)



The Professional Inviter™ Home Study Course with Workbook

Next to Brilliant Compensation, the company’s legendary Flagship product, Pro Inviter is the top-selling-of-all-time product!

Listen to the story of how Tim, Buckshot, and a tape recorder changed the face of Network Marketing!  Listen  in on REAL calls with Tim Sales and live MLM prospects! Not only can you “eavesdrop” on Tim’s phone conversations as he invites his prospects to learn more about his MLM business, but you can learn how to use those same techniques when you are inviting your own prospects!

These are live calls with real prospects. Tim will also explain to you his step-by-step Professional Inviting Formula™ which he uses to successfully move a person from prospect to distributor. The workbook is chock full of exercises designed to get you perfecting your own inviting skills.

If you’re serious about mastering your inviting skills for both customers and your opportunity, then the unsurpassed training tool of all time, Pro Inviter is what you need.  ($174 actual value)

Brilliant Communicator Online and Workbook in PDF Format

Bcomm online and workbook transparentWhat’s the difference between MLM millionaires like Tim Sales and you?

The answer is finally revealed inside the Brilliant Communicator CD set and Workbook. They effortlessly turn every chance encounter into a business building opportunity with precision and skill.

They apply Brilliant Communication skills and strategies that every one of them had to learn. And now, you can learn them too inside this complete package.

People sometimes forget just what makes a sale . . . underneath it all it is one’s ability to communicate. and we are not meaning how well you talk or use big flashy words!  Learn the Ten Communication Qualities and watch your sales soar!  ($94.00 actual value)

What The Wealthy Buy On Payday™ DVDWhat the Wealthy Buy on Payday

This is the must-have 8 minute presentation that shows your prospect the proven path to wealth… and educates them about what it takes to become rich. It leaves them wanting to know more about your opportunity.

Tim Sales discovered that their are certain things that every prospect needs to be in agreement with before they will seriously consider your business opportunity and this DVD gets that agreement by transitioning a person from what they are currently doing to put them into the state of mind that they should be owning their own business and investing resources into things that make them more money ($7.87 actual value).


Brilliant Compensation DVDOne Brilliant Compensation™ DVD

The presentation of the MLM Industry that started it all!  Yes, many of us do remember the days before Brilliant Communicator!  The lost prospects and opportunities simply because there was no professional, truthful, no-hype presentation of Network Marketing itself!  This is the presentation that shows MLM to be the best business model ever, and WHY!  Listen to Tim Sales interview Dr. Charles King from the Unviersity of Chicago.

Have your prospects begging you to show them your business opportunity after they watch the Brilliant Compensation DVD by Tim Sales. The original and most effective prospecting video…Brilliant Compensation is the surefire way to present Network Marketing to prospects in any MLM industry, and have them begging for more information about your business. . ($11.77 actual value)


Build Your Own Business Booklet (10 Pack)

Included in Professional Presenter

Build Your Own Business Booklet

These 28-page booklets, titled “Build Your Own Business”, will guide your prospect through an easy-to-read introduction to home business-building, Network Marketing, and help them understand the common misconceptions about MLM. After reading, your prospect will be eager to hear about your MLM business opportunity. ($39.99 actual value)




Performance Tracker™ with Online Training Videos

performance tracker training series 300 by 300There are 13 actions that you need to do in your MLM Business each and every day!  Doing them all puts you on the road to success!

Not doing any one of them, slows you down!

Keep track of your MLM business-building activities with Performance Tracker. This newly released booklet makes you effective in MLM by breaking down the whole subject into individual activities with a  scoring system to keep you on track to your goals. Plus get three training videos explaining how to use this tool. ($29.97 actual value)




Non-Fluff Goal Training CD

(Included in Brilliant Communicator CD Set)

Forget everything you’ve learned about “goal-setting”, instead learn “goal-achieving” with Tim Sales. It isn’t enough to set a goal.  You need to achieve it. But . . . how do you do that?  What does it take to actually make that goal happen?

Not knowing how to achieve a goal has more to do with failing to achieve it then people realize.  Set it, then what?  That’s what you are going to get answered in this CD!

Never again experience the guilt of failing to achieve your goals! In this audio training CD, learn Tim Sales’ four-step formula for successful goal development and achievement.

Get the things you want most in life and from your MLM business starting right now. ($7.95 actual value)


Brilliant Questions OnlineBrilliant Questions Online

You’ve got Brilliant Questions and these are the straight answers you need!

You run into things with your prospects every single day, and so do others.  Brilliant Questions is a CD set that is going to give you answers to 67 different questions other networkers asked Tim over the years.

More than likely the question on your mind right now has been answered inside the Brilliant Questions CD set. Practical and detailed answers to 67 of the most pertinent questions network marketers have asked Tim Sales over the years.

Get the insider secrets to Network Marketing and other very useful information that you simply won’t find anywhere else. ($64.00 actual value)

Exclusive Package Price: $597.00

Buy Now

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The next step is yours to take, but never alone.

So I ask you to take action right now and get this Diamond!   The most important part happens when that package arrives on the doorstep, you need to take action on what’s inside!

To your success in MLM,

Tim Sales

Founder of FirstClassMLMTools.com

MLM Millionaire

P.S. Imagine having everything you need to build the “freedom lifestyle” right at your fingertips.

No more relying on a boss for a paycheck…more free time to do what you want…and most importantly a solid MLM Business to provide you with a secure income for years to come.

It’s time to grow your business, so scroll up and pick the package of your choice right now.


  • Tim speaks straight from the heart with no fluff and he has the experience and success in MLM to prove what he talks about.Guest
  • Thank you for all you do!!!!!!!Robert Polker
  • Tim always approaches with honesty. This is most important to me.Joe Vular

17 reviews for MLM Diamond Package

  1. :

    These truly are brilliant questions and Tim’s answers are brilliant too! Brilliant, because they always come from the philosophy of serving others and from tried and tested experience, not theory that just sounds good. Every new person in Network Marketing needs to hear this CD set as part of their Getting Started process!

  2. :

    Hi Tim I bought your Professional Presenter a few years ago.I am so glad I did. I can fully recommend it.What I am now missing out on is your Last minute DVD. Is it possible to get hold of it. Regards Trudie

  3. :

    Pocket Tracker has helped my organizational skills. Each day I know what needs to be done.

  4. :

    I loved listening to Brilliant Compensation Plan, it literally gave me a paradigm shift into what i do for work everyday. Won’t be the same man, fortunate to have landed across it. FORTUNE!

  5. :

    After seeing Brilliant Compensation and using Professional Inviter, there is no comparison. Others try to train by motivating using fluff and hype. Tim’s approach is the polar opposite where he teaches step by step. The trainee gets motivation from fully understanding the concept.

  6. :

    Have been using the Brilliant Comp DVD and believe it is one of the best generic tools ever produced to help people understand the potential opportunity with a good network marketing company.

  7. :

    Brilliant Compensation presents the entire Network Marketing concept in comprehensive yet easy to understand terms.

  8. :

    Awesome training. I like how Professional Presenter so naturally expands from Professional Inviter and makes presenting so simple, obvious, and clear rather than making it more complex.

  9. :

    EXCELLENT!!!! I could not ask for more! It was as though I was a baby now learning to take my first steps and by the end of the session, I WAS WALKING!!!

  10. :

    I am very impressed with the information from Professional Presenter. I have already put a number of these tools to work and it has been an amazing the results. Thank you for sharing your experience with the field you are truly changing lives.

  11. :

    Prof. Presenter — by far the best product you have created!! I haven’t watched the DVD yet, but the CDs are right on target, and the workbook eliminates hours of hunting for just the right audio segment to listen to again.

  12. :

    Pro Presenter is by far the “Golden Goose” of all the things Tim has produced. This brings everything I have learned through Pro Inviter to Communicater to Presenter to a professional closer. Proof is in the results.

  13. :

    Maybe it’s because I’m a retired fleet sailor – I understand Tim and he relates to me easily. His speaking and presentation style is comfortable, believeable, and very friendly. I highly recommend Professional Presenter. I wish every package came with a complete script of the audio CD’s! I listen, then go read it and underline key words. I can review important points over and over so I retain the information better. Brilliant idea!

  14. :

    Very usefull for my business. This is my 1st MLM company, and i can proudly says that im doing very well, because i been introduce to Professionla Inviter and now profesional presenter. I recomend to all my downline to own this valuable CD

  15. :

    This product is excellent. Thanks for the thorough and clear explanations and the crystalline presentation itself of “Professional Presenter”. It really helps to have the DVD, the “Build Your Own Business” supplementary material, and the transcripts. Bravo for a job well done — again!

  16. :

    Brilliant Questions is Very complete and well done. Tim Sales is the ultimate mentor/trainer for those of us who are humbled enough to learn from master. Thank you Tim Sales for all you do and who you are! Blessed in Wi.

  17. :

    I now enjoy it when someone asks, “isn’t this a pyramid?” just so I can educate them about Network Marketing thanks to your DVD! It is amazing how they “get it” after watching. Thank you!

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