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MeetUp Magic For Networkers


MeetUp Magic For Networkers

Have you run out of people to talk to? You’ll never suffer from this problem again when you begin using the power of MeetUp groups to build a new warm market – on demand! Networking veteran, Jackie Ulmer, takes you step-by-step through a system that combines the best of online and offline networking!


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Product Description

Attention Network Marketers!

Never run out of high-quality local leads with Meet Up Magic to Guide You!

Discover the Safe and Easy Way to Grow Your Downline – Create Real Relationships and Get Tons of Customers – Right in Your Own Back Yard!

Tim Sales

Hey everyone…

My good friend and network marketing trainer Jackie Ulmer has uncovered a lead-generation goldmine. She created “Meetup Magic for Networkers” exclusively for First Class MLM Tools and all my subscribers.

It’s a genuine must-have if you’re ready to take your business to the next level… and it’s only available here. Check it out below!

 Million-Dollar Networker and Top Sponsor Shares “The Goose that Lays the Golden Egg”


Meet Up Magic Creator and Trainer

Dear Friend,


Leads – This word could be the most important word in your network marketing vocabulary.


As networkers, we live by leads in good times… or we die by them in lean times.  Nothing beats having people to talk to about your company and products as well as your opportunity. 


Put another way, silence is not what’s golden in our business… leads are what’s golden!


Without a good supply of leads, it can be difficult to achieve success.  I can tell you this first hand, as I have sponsored well over 1,500 people in the last 15 years alone.  I have been consistently the top-sponsoring rep for the company I’m currently with… and I’m on track to do it again.


Let me share how you can get a steady stream of quality leads… right there in your own backyard In a way that feels safe and easy.  Even if you consider yourself on the shy side. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re brand new to network marketing or you’ve been around the block a time or two either.

 The Secret to Building a Large Downline

Having built downlines of over 12,000 with one company and over 18,000 with another, you may be wondering, what is my secret?   How did I get my first 10 people, then my first hundred and my first thousand?  And what about building a local team?


Well, the key is knowing how and where to find quality leads, including folks who live close by


When you build a strong local team, it can become the rock-solid foundation upon which your downline is able to grow into the hundreds and thousands.


Ultimately, I discovered along the way that you can build a large downline… you can create wonderful team synergy and bonding… when you work smart.    And in a moment, I’ll share one of the smartest ways I know to make all this happen.


Before I do, take a moment and imagine that it’s 6 months from now and you’re feeling on top of the world because…

  • You don’t worry about having people to talk to about your business opportunity.
  • You don’t stress out about finding people to share your products with.
  • You don’t get anxious about building your downline and making money in network marketing… because you know the secret to finding quality local leads.


Visualize all this happening.  Your dreams and goals are within reach… and some, already attained. 


That feels good, doesn’t it!


The best part is that the leads I’m talking about are FREE… and that’s what I call working smart.


Cashing In On The New Gold Rush


It may be old news, but the reality is that the internet and social media have opened up all kinds of opportunities for networkers.  Gone are the days of having to rely on your friends, family or co-workers to build your downline and sell your products. 


On the one hand social media has made the world a whole lot smaller… while on the other, it has made your backyard a whole lot bigger!


As I mentioned earlier, I’ve personally sponsored over 1,500 new distributors in the last 13 years. What I didn’t tell you is that 95% of my new recruits have come through social media. 


Well, in all my years of using social media websites to build my downline, nothing excites me more than harnessing the power of a website called Meetup.com.  


Meetup.com is one of the new social media giants of the internet… and it provides you with a powerful platform for building a strong local team by quickly connecting you with TONS of live, local networking groups. 


Consider the following…

  • There are 109,600 Meetup groups worldwide, meeting in over 45,000 cities, covering over 117,000 topics — A HUGE untapped market of new prospects
  • 6,900 new Meetup groups were formed last month — There’s no end in sight to the possibilities of ramping up your product sales and downline growth
  • Each month, 2 million+ RSVP to attend a local Meetup — A steady stream of potential leads, actively networking around mutual interests
  • Meetups are being used more and more by people when they relocate — Build your local team and reach out to other cities through your new team members

Every month there are hundreds of potential distributors and customers waiting to hear about what you have to offer… in a safe, pressure-free, hype-free environment. 


By leveraging the power of Meetup.com and local Meetups, you’ll have an endless supply of high-quality locally-based leads… and the opportunity to grow your downline like never before.



“Meetup Magic for Networkers”

Harnessing the Power of Meetups

To Explode Your Downline!

Meetup Logo


My search for leads took me to the internet, where I’ve been able to use social media sites like Meetup.com to quickly explode the size of my downline.


The great thing about social media is that from the comfort of your own home, you can interact with others and recruit a good number of people into your downline.

Meetup.com is unique, because it allows you to prospect locally… both online and offline. 


It offers the best of both worlds.  You can interact online and connect with others in your Meetup group before you actually “Meetup” with them offline.  It’s perfect for “shy networkers” who don’t like cold-calling or attending events where you don’t know anyone.


When used properly, Meetup.com can be like a goose that lays golden eggs… all year round.


And if you can follow the simple steps I’ve laid out for you in my all-inclusive course, Meetup.com can become your springboard to network marketing success.


Here’s what you’ll receive when you pick up your copy today:


MeetUp Magic Module 1 Finding GroupsModule #1:

Creating Your Power Profile

This module is where it all starts. You’ll discover how to create a Meetup profile that showcases your strengths and gets others interested in you.

    • How to create a bio that sizzles and stands out in the crowd
    • What kind of information to include in your profile that gets others wanting to know more
    • Getting the most from your primary profile and your group profiles

MeetUp Magic Module 2 -Finding Groups

Module #2:

Finding Your Groups

Once your profile is up, it’s time to find local groups where you have the best odds of finding prospects, customers and referral partners.

      • Three things to look for when searching for groups to connect with
      • How to research what group members are doing so you can more quickly identify those you want to meet
      • Sorting through the 1000’s of groups to find your target audience

MeetUp Magice Module 3 Targeting Prospects

Module #3:

Targeting Key Prospects and Potential Customers

This is a critical step. It’s important that you know how to find people who might either buy your product, become a distributor or refer you to others.

      • Two things you must look for when joining a new group
      • What to do when you discover that you and a group member have mutual friends and business associates
      • How to identify if a group could be a good source of leads
MeetUp Magic Module 4 Discussion Boards

Module #4:

Making the Most of Meetup Discussion Boards

Meetup discussion boards give you the opportunity to engage potential prospects and business relationships when used effectively.

  • How to keep your name front and center in your groups
  • The best way to use the Meetup Discussion boards before and after attending events for maximum results
  • Controlling the information pipeline to avoid overwhelm and burnout
Meet Up Magic Module 5 Going Global

Module #5:

Using Meetup for Global Reach

Meetups are happening all over the world. This module shows how you can use Meetups to expand your downline outside your local community.

  • The fastest way to find the best Meetups outside your local area
  • How to use Meetups if you or a downline member are travelling or relocating to a new city or state.
  • Building local and going global for maximum downline expansion
Meetup Magic Module 6 Building Events Part 1

Module #6:

Building to Events Part 1

This is the first of a two-part module on how to generate buzz, excitement and attendance at your Meetup events and your other networking events.

  • How to use Meetups to strengthen your downline bonding
  • Three types of offline business-building events that your Meetups can help drive attendance to
  • Leveraging Meetups to find prospects to invite to your events
Meetup Magic Module 7 Events Part 2

Module #7:

Building to Events Part 2

In part 2 of Building to Events, you’ll discover how to use Meetup.com and other Social Media to build excitement and buzz during your events.

  • The best types of photos to post for building your downline culture
  • Three types of short video clips you can upload to your Meetup.com and other social media pages
  • What you can to do help your downline build their downline
MeetUp Magic Module 8 Keys to Attending Live Events

Module #8:

Keys to Attending Live Events

In this module you’ll discover how to become “unforgettable” when you attend events… which is key to the long-term success of your downline.

  • The right way and the wrong way to present your opportunity.
  • What to do before you go to an event that makes all the difference whether you will succeed or fail in generating leads
  • Warning! Any more then 4-6 of these can spoil your results

Meetup Magic Module 9 Power Follow Up

Module #9:

What to Do After The Event

Proper follow up gives you the best shot at adding new customers and recruiting new distributors into your downline.

  • The biggest mistake to avoid with your follow up
  • How to become a “Connector” and generate more leads than you know what to do with
  • The best way to ask for referrals for your products and opportunity



Creating your Meetup presence gets the ball rolling… targeting the right groups and prospects builds your momentum… attending events and following up afterwards helps seals the deal.


Here’s the best part…

You don’t need to have ANY internet skills, speaking skills or network marketing know-how to start taking advantage of local Meetups in your area.  You’ll discover how to make it all happen inside the “Meetup Magic for Networkers” training kit.


Before you know it, new distributors and customers are adding up.  I call it harnessing the power of this awesome social media phenomena.


“Meetup Magic for Networkers” provides you with an easy-to-follow roadmap for using Meetups to build a strong local team… and getting in front of potentially hundreds of targeted prospects in the coming weeks, months and beyond.


You’ll be free of the “friends, family and co-workers” recruiting trap that leaves far too many networkers on the edge of failure and defeat. 


The leg up you’ll gain on your competition is practically priceless… while having a steady flow of high quality leads is invaluable and essential to your networking success.


In my experience, you could easily spend hundreds of dollars each month for targeted leads.  There are some networkers who spend thousands on lead generation over time.


Don’t worry, though, because your “Meetup Magic for Networkers” training won’t cost anywhere near that.  I’ve made sure of it.


Now, initially I was planning to offer the program for $297, which is a fair price considering that I charge $197/hour for coaching time.  Some of my coaching students have invested thousands of dollars… and tell me it’s more than worth what they paid.


To put this into perspective, you’re getting nearly 3 hours of my social media expertise and training at a considerable discount.


However, I know that Tim’s goal is to make this training available to a wider audience and a new generation of networkers… and I share this same goal.


So with that in mind, Tim and I decided that an investment of $178 for the entire Meetup Magic for Networkers training would be the right thing to do.


Order “Meetup Magic for Networkers”

For the Special Price of Just

But Wait… We’re Not Done Yet!

Order Today and You’ll Receive

4 Bonuses Worth $188… All Included at no extra charge!



To complement your “Meetup Magic for Networkers” training, and to help you ramp up your online presence, we’ve got something special in store for you. 


Order your copy of “Meetup Magic for Networkers” today and you’ll also receive 4 incredible bonus audios, featuring over 2 hours of additional training!


This is not fluff or filler… these bonus audios are going to turbo-boost your business!  I go the extra mile to give you some much needed social media and Meetup tips and tactics that can help you achieve the networking success you desire.

Don’t wait.  Check out these bonuses you’ll receive when you order today:


Bonus 1


Bonus #1 (Value $47 – Free!)  Networking Offline — You’ll discover what to do and what not to do in order to close more new customers and distributors from the leads you generate at local networking events, including your local Meetup events.




Bonus 2


Bonus #2 (Value $47 – Free!)  Generating Leads with LinkedIn — This  is a power-packed audio training on leveraging social media giant LinkedIn to grow your downline.  You’ll discover the best practices for getting the most out of your time spent on this site.




Bonus 3


Bonus #3 (Value $47 – Free!)  Follow Up For Life — The fortune is in the follow up.  Do it right and you’ll explode your downline over time.  I’ll share the key to successful following and getting more people to buy your products and join your company.




Bonus 4


Bonus #4 (Value $47 – Free!)  Create Your 30 Second Elevator Pitch — Knowing what to say to the leads you generate at your Meetups and other networking events is critical to your success.  You’ll get access to my simple formula for nailing your pitch.





Let’s Recap Everything You’re Getting


Grow Your Downline Meetup Magic for Networkers Training with 9 Modules $297
Grow Your Downline Module #1: Creating Your Power Profile included
Grow Your Downline Module #2: Finding Your Groups included
Grow Your Downline Module #3: Targeting Key Prospects and Potential Customers included
Grow Your Downline Module #4: Making the Most of Meetup Discussion Boards included
Grow Your Downline Module #5: Using Meetup for Global Reach included
Grow Your Downline Module #6: Building to Events Online Part 1 included
Grow Your Downline Module #7: Building to Events Online Part 2 included
Grow Your Downline Module #8: Keys to Attending Live Events included
Grow Your Downline Module #9: What to Do After The Event included
Grow Your Downline Quick-start Meetup Checklist included
Grow Your Downline Bonus Audio #1: Networking Offline $47
Grow Your Downline Bonus Audio #2: Generating Leads with LinkedIn $47
Grow Your Downline Bonus Audio #3: Follow Up For Life $47
Grow Your Downline Bonus Audio #4: How to Create Your 30 Second Elevator Pitch $47

Grow Your Downline

This product is streaming product. You will get access to your modules from a secure members area immediately after you place your order.


Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed



A good lead source is like water on a parched desert for networkers.  It’s the lifeblood of every successful downline.  Social media sites like Meetup.com are ideal because you can find high quality local leads… and interact with folks before you meet them!


That said, I want to give you every reason to jump in with both feet, just as I did.  Because of this, Tim and I are going to let you put this training to the test without risking a dime. 


Take a full 30 days to review all the modules.  If you’re not convinced you’ve received more than your money’s worth, we’ll refund every penny and dime of your investment, no questions asked.  And we’ll still part as friends.


So now, you have a decision to make. You can take Tim and I up on this special offer… knowing you can test-drive “Meetup Magic for Networkers” entirely risk-free.  Or… you can do nothing… which only increases the odds of you not reaching your goals. 


Don’t let that happen.


Pick up your copy of “Meetup Magic for Networkers” today and set your downline on fire!


It’s Easy to Get Started

product warranty


I’m ready to starting mining for gold on Meetup.com.
I want to harness the power of the social media giant to create a steady stream of high-quality leads starting today!


I understand that when I place my order today, I’ll receive instant access to “Meetup Magic for Networkers” as well as all 4 free bonuses….


I also understand that I can take 30 days to put this training to the test entirely risk-free. If for any reason I’m not completely thrilled with the results, I can receive a full refund, no questions asked.


So with all that in mind, let’s do this!


Order “Meetup Magic for Networkers”

For the Special Price of Just




NOTE:  After you’ve completed your order, you’ll immediately receive an email that contains your PRIVATE access link.  Do not share this link with anyone.  You’ll receive INSTANT ACCESS to this training immediately once your order is processed.


Fortune Favors the Bold


MeetUp Trainer

If I hadn’t taken that first step, and then the next and the next… I might still be chained to the alarm clock, building my boss’s dreams and not my own.


Please… don’t kid yourself into believing that wishing for success leads to success.


Action is what it takes.  You’ve already come this far… now… let’s get you over the goal line.  “Meetup Magic for Networkers” gives you a simple-to-follow game plan for creating a steady stream of local leads that can explode your downline.  And by the way, it’s fun too!


So take the next step.  Order your copy of “Meetup Magic for Networkers” right now.


EXPECT Success!


Jackie Ulmer


 P.S.  There’s no way around it.  You need a good supply of leads to achieve success in our industry.  The good news is that you don’t have to cold-call and you can leave your family, friends and co-workers alone.  “Meetup Magic for Networkers” helps you discover the local leads goldmine right there in your backyard.  Order your copy today!


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