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Hot MLM Prospecting Tips CDs


Hot MLM Prospecting Tips CDs

The Hot MLM Prospecting Tips are 4 CD’s loaded with Dynamic Business-Building Content!



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Product Description

It’s a Laser Beam Targeting Your Four Biggest Problems in MLM!

“If You Have Trouble Getting Prospects To Look At Your Business, Buy Products Or Return Your Calls, Then The Problem Is Probably Something Very DIFFERENT From What You Might Think!”

Take action now, invest in one or all 4 of my “Hot Prospecting Tips” CD’s , then watch your business grow by leaps and bounds!

The Hot Prospecting Tips CD 4-Pack

hot mlm prospecting tips

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It can be scary talking to people you don’t know . . .

It can even be scary talking to people you do know! It can also be a challenge to know exactly what to say and when to say it.

But when you can free up the talent, intelligence and ability you have within you, your network marketing business will grow by leaps and bounds – and more quickly than you could have dreamed possible because you’ll be able to. . .

  • Quickly qualify prospects and identify their hot buttons
  • Get your prospects to talk freely about their wants and “don’t wants”
  • Determine if the prospect in front of you is a candidate for your product or your business – or both
  • Create the right amount of curiosity and interest to keep things moving
  • Know how to handle the most difficult of objections with ease
  • Begin and end phone messages in ways that significantly increase response

You’re about to discover all this and more in a special 4-CD set I’ve created that can help you grow your business quickly and get your financial house in order fast.

Hot MLM Prospecting Tips

Business Accelerator 4-Pack

CreatingCD EffectiveCD ProductSalesCD QualifyingCD

4 CD’s Filled with Over 3 Hours of Dynamic Business-Building Content


These sessions were recorded live during 4 tele-training calls that I did for subscribers to my monthly newsletter.

Many of the folks who listened in were so inspired by the information that they emailed me and asked if I would make recordings of the calls available. . .and the answer is a resounding Yes.

These calls have become a resource many team leaders insist their downlines get right away.  Why? Because they give you the instant start you need — right out of the gate!



CD #1 – Effective Phone Messages

How to Get People to Talk to You

–> Listen To Live Clips From The CD <–





(The Most Important Thing You Need to Know About Leaving Messages)





(What to do About People Who Don’t Return Phone Calls)

Getting prospects to call back after you leave them a message is one of the most vital skills you can develop. The good news is that it’s NOT rocket science! Listen in as I share secrets that have made me millions. . .

  • The single most important key to getting your phone messages returned – Get this right and your confidence will soar 100-fold!
  • Are you making any of these 5 phone message mistakes? Knowing what not to do is more than half the battle!
  • Warning: How you end the call is just as important as how you begin! Here’s how to make sure you’re always in the driver’s seat
  • Why your prospects don’t call you back – The answer is so obvious it may surprise you. . .and it will empower you as well!
  • The secret to successful follow up – Use this proven 21 day message schedule to maximize your closing ratio and recruit only the best!

CreatingCDCD #2 – Creating Curiosity

Getting Prospects to Want What You Offer

–> Listen To Live Clips From The CD <–





(Get prospects to want what you offer. Here’s how…) 





(Avoid this “antagonizing” prospecting mistake)

Do you get frustrated when your warm or cold market turns a blind eye to what you’re offering – especially when you know for sure it can immensely improve their lives?

The key to getting your prospects to watch your movies, listen to your recordings and review your literature is to create curiosity – not too little, not too much but just the right amount. And this CD reveals exactly how this is done.

Inside you’ll discover… The secret to keeping your prospect on the edge of their seat

  • You’ll create a tsunami of desire and interest when you get this right
  • The #1 mistake most networkers make when trying to arouse the interest of their prospect – This is a bombshell you don’t want to miss!
  • Do you know the right time to start creating curiosity when speaking with your prospect?
    Failure at this step can turn a good prospect bad
  • What to do when your prospect starts asking questionsUse this tactic to keep things moving and to avoid your prospect bailing out.
  • “No” means “No” when talking with your prospect, right? Wrong! Use this strategy to keep the conversion going and turn things around!

QualifyingCDCD #3 – Qualifying Prospects

Never Sell What the Prospect Won’t Buy

–> Listen To Live Clips From The CD <–





(The Most Important Thing to Write Down During a Conversation)





(Get prospects to “open up” so you can see if they qualify)

This is where the rubber meets the road! When you understand how to qualify your prospects you’ll not only save time and money, you’ll have the inside track to recruiting the cream of the crop. All of which means you’ll build a larger organization more quickly and start seeing larger and larger monthly checks.

Here’s some of what you’ll discover –

  • 3 things to always keep in mind when speaking with prospects – The basics are the foundation upon which you’ll build lasting success!
  • Tired of “smokescreen” responses from your prospects? Here’s how to get clear answers and move the recruiting process to the close
  • The secret to getting both strangers and people you know to tell you what they want – This is the master key that unlocks all doors!
  • Are you losing prospects who think they already have a solution? Use this strategy to recruit even the most stubborn into your downline
  • The single most important key to success in business and in network marketing. If you’re serious about MLM, print this out and memorize it!

ProductSalesCDCD #4 – Product Sales Tips

How To Lead With Your Product And Increase Sales

–> Listen To Live Clips From The CD <–





(A Script To Keep From Damaging Relationships With Friends & Family)

(How to talk about the products if you lead with the business)





Do you lead with selling your MLM product or your business opportunity first?

That question and much more like “How do I bridge the gap between selling the product and then selling the business opportunity?” are answered on this brand new CD and transcript I just released. Earn more from your MLM business by properly and successfully increasing product sales with the secrets available on this CD.

Here’s only some of what you’ll discover on this brand-new CD…

  • Discover the truth about discounting your product for friends or family (track 3) – It’s extremely important that you listen to this portion of the CD, the answer will shock you, but will also add dollars to your bottom line.
  • On Track 10 I reveal the biggest mistake you can make when selling your products – This happens over and over again, and one simple change to your approach will transform the way you talk to people about your products and help you make more income from product sales.
  • In track 1, I show you which you should lead with, your product or your business – This is the master key that unlocks all doors to selling products in MLM!
  • Learn what I ACTUALLY focus on when using tools to promote MLM products – You see, it’s not what you use to promote your product, it’s __________________(find out on track 9)
  • How to teach your new recruits to get customers of their own – If you’re serious about MLM, leverage is a concept you’ll adopt as your best friend. This strategy (starting on page 12 of the bonus transcript included) is one of the ways to implement leverage into your MLM business easily.

 Plus You’ll Get 3 Valuable Bonuses with Each CD!

1. Transcripts, 2. Study Guides and 3. Sample Scripts

(Total Value $45 each CD with bonuses)

1. transcripts of each of the 4 CD’s

  • Follow along in the word-for-word transcript included while you listen and then review to reinforce your understanding

2. Study Guides for each of the 4 CD’s to help you anchor your insights and help you apply the information

  • There is a blank version of each study guide as well as one with all the answers filled in so you make sure you understand the material 100%.

3. Sample telephone scripts and other examples of how to create curiosity and better qualify your prospects

  • You’ll have all the bases covered, to begin prospecting and following up like a pro and build your downline faster than before.

And one more thing to make this the best deal you’ve had in a long time!

A Resource section for each of the 4 CD’s 

  • You’ll find a list of additional resources to help you take your MLM business to the next level easily.

Just Imagine . . .

iStock_000001016744XSmallJust imagine how quickly your business will grow when you understand how to qualify prospects, leave phone messages that actually get returned, and get people interested in your MLM business opportunity (as well as your products when you listen to my newest groundbreaking CD and bonuses).

Imagine how much income you will earn when you add just one new distributor per week to your MLM business and that distributor ventures out with the same knowledge that you have and does the same. It’s the principle of leverage you’ll discover when you invest in one or all of my CD’s right now.

I can tell you from personal experience that when your distributor organization grows into the hundreds and then into the thousands the income you generate with your MLM business starts looking pretty sweet!

So take action now, invest in one or all 4 of my “Hot Prospecting Tips” CD’s , then watch your business grow by leaps and bounds.

The Hot Prospecting Tips CD 4-Pack
(plus the $45 in bonuses listed above for each CD)

 hot mlm prospecting tips

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The CD’s are also available individually…

The CDs are also available individually

Product Sales Tips – Price: $19.95



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Effective Phone Messages – Price: $19.95



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Creating Curiosity – Price: $19.95



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Qualifying Prospects – Price: $19.95



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  • They are the best – very clear with real examples.Guest
  • I have loved and learned a great deal from all of them. All of the products I have gotten have been very professional and the Quality that they are put together is really amazing. I love that he puts the CD in with the written material gives me an opportunity to learn while driving and also read and study it later. The question and answers are a great way to check on yourself to see what I actually have learned.Sandie Nielson
  • Great products very helpful, it exposes the simple things that sometimes fly over our heads.Delacie


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