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Build Your Own Business - Booklet (10 pack)

Build Your Own Business Booklet
Build Your Own BusinessBuild Your Own Business Booklet

Build Your Own Business – Booklet (10 pack)

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These 28-page booklets, titled “Build Your Own Business”, will guide your prospect through an easy-to-read introduction to home business-building, Network Marketing, and help them understand the common misconceptions about MLM. After reading, your prospect will be eager to hear about your MLM business opportunity. Pack of 10.

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Product Description

Build Your Own Business Booklet

It’s One Hot Prospecting Tool from Tim Sales!

Discover How You Can Save Countless Hours of Time & Build Quickly Under You.

You’ll Start Recruiting Distributors More Quickly Once You Begin Handing Out These Little Gems to Your Prospects… Guaranteed!

From the desk of Tim Sales

Dear Friend,

Building an MLM business can be challenging at times.
I was where you are right now, working part-time trying to build my MLM business…and while I was “full of fire” inside, at times it was a struggle to get people past that first step in the process.
I was excited enough to promote my opportunity from one person
to the next, but no one seemed interested enough to continue.

Long story short, after bugging the best of the best in MLM to share their prized secrets of
“breaking the ice” with me…I had a revelation that I am going to share with you today. I am
sharing this revelation in the form of a tool that makes it easy to get prospects interested to learn about your opportunity

What is this revolutionary tool in the FirstClassMLMTools.com lineup? TimLarry_handshake

I have created for you an ultra-effective, high quality 28 page booklet that gives a no-hype third-party endorsement of the MLM industry. There are several ways to use it but the result will be prospects that are excited to hear about your opportunity.

It’s really that simple.

Before, I had to personally do this step manually, explaining away the misconceptions about MLM with each prospect individually…educating prospects one by one on the opportunity that lies within MLM as an industry (before they even got to hear about my opportunity).

I had to do it manually, you get to do it automatically.

When you invest in these booklets (available in packs of 10), you will hold in your hand the highest quality prospecting tool money can buy, period.

When your prospect reads this booklet, inside they’ll learn:

  • The benefits of owning their own business (page 1).
  • The difference between “trends” and “cycles” (page 6).
  • How to gain leverage when owning a business.
  • The best business model (hint: it’s MLM).
  • Why MLM “works” and why it’s a real business.
  • Common misconceptions about MLM, and why they don’t exist.
  • Your prospect will have all of their common MLM objections destroyed automatically from pages 18-28 in the booklet.
  • Plus much, much more.

Build Your Own Business

Build Your Own Business

Here’s How To Use This Prospecting Booklet


Use it to present MLM:

Let’s say you’re on an airplane and sitting next to someone. You start talking and you do the Inviting Formula. You greet and qualify and determine that this person DOES qualify for your business.

At this point you have to make a decision. You can #1, decide to present the business at some point in the future. If you choose this, you ask for contact info to follow up with the person so you can present later on. Or #2, you present the concept of MLM right there, on the airplane.

You would pull out the brochure, and use it to help guide you through presenting the MLM industry to your prospect.

Leave it with a prospect after a one-on-one:

After the one-on-one where you may have sketched or written things on the brochure to personalize it for the prospect, you let them take it home with them so they can look at all you talked about. But also, if they have a spouse they can explain it to their spouse and have the brochure to help guide them.

So instead of a spouse who is immediately skeptical, you’ve got a spouse who can see a very professional brochure, take 10 minutes to read it over and have their general questions answered, objections handled, and a spouse who is now open to the idea of business, rather than closed to it.

Use it in a follow up meeting:

This scenario would apply to anyone who has qualified for your business and you have gotten them to watch “Brilliant Compensation”. When you have a follow up appointment to review the points from “Brilliant Compensation” and merge your company and products with the MLM industry, you would use this booklet during this discussion.

As you review the key points of “Brilliant Compensation” (highlighting the broker/real estate agent, basketball/garden hose analogies, or using the “Common Questions” section to help address any questions the prospect may still have) you would point them out in this booklet to reinforce the concepts.

This booklet is so professional, I’ve even used it to explain MLM to talk show host, Larry King…

BYOB Booklet

However you use it, after your prospects are done reading, they’ll want to hear about your opportunity!…

(Make sure you staple your business card or put a sticker with your contact information in the back of each booklet.)

Each pack of 10 business-building booklets is only…

Regular Price: $39.99

Sale Price: $24.99

Sale Ends August 31st!

Sale Extended to September 8th!

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7 reviews for Build Your Own Business – Booklet (10 pack)

  1. :

    I really love the way Tim explains away all the misconceptions many people have about network marketing. This does make things a lot easier for getting the point across to potential prospects. This is what I lead with now, and wouldn’t dream of mentioning my primary business. Thanks Tim you’re simply the best.

  2. :

    I have just been introduced to Tim Sales. I am happy to have his viewpoint and to see how well it complements my own. He has had the effect of false data stripping a lot of MLM training I could never feel comfortable with. Now I know why. The result is, my communication with people is more me and not someone I was told I should be. I love it. I’m so glad I found this training. I was introduced to Tim’s website by my upline. In the video he was talking about handling objections. It made so much sense to make sure you were at the handling step before trying to do a handling. I didn’t buy that day, but remembered the site and came back to it later and purchased Brilliant Communicator. I love the workbook that goes with it. It really makes you start to use the data.

  3. :

    I think That what Tim is doing in the MLM Training Arena is EXTRAORDINARY! As a Retired USAF member, I appreciate his focus and dedication in training others! Because of his efforts, I feel more confident than ever that I have chosen the right profession for my family’s future, My Team Motto is ” If You Ain’t Training……You Ain’t Gaining!!! Tim obviously agrees with that mantra!

  4. :

    Wow! I can’t believe what a great resource this ebook is! Until i got this 48 proven ads ebook I was actually afraid to advertise. Now I feel like I’ve got a shot at not wasting my money placing ads that I don’t know how successful they’ll be. Thanks Tim, I really needed this.

  5. :

    He teaches the basics, anyone can understand his teachings and two of my downlines have used his teachings to better their understanding of the industry.

  6. :

    I like Tim’s delivery of facts and techniques. Tim speaks on a level that most everyone can understand.

  7. :

    Tim Sales materials has really helped me to stay put in MLM business. Each day I read his materials, I really get motivated and fullfilled in building my MLM business. Even though MLM is not easy, but it is worth the whole stress. MLM gives you hope and future. I will really love to have the brochure to help me in retailing my FOREVER LIVING PRODUCTS Suppliments which is the BEST Suppliments in the whole wild world. Thanks Tim, for your continuous support and encouragment.

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