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Build It Big - Book


Build It Big – Book

“Build It Big” is a  guide that I put together for you which contains the road map to start building your MLM business in an easy to follow, logical, step by step fashion. It helps you have even more success when using Brilliant Compensation with your prospects.


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Product Description

“Build It Big” The MLM Downline Growth “Bible”

Build Your MLM Downline Quickly And Easily…

Tim Sales reveals the insider secrets behind Brilliant Compensation… and shows you how to Build it Big!

Build it Big, by Tim Sales


It’s frustrating for me to see anyone having trouble building their MLM business.


Because I know for a fact that anyone, and I mean anyone, can have tremendous success in Network Marketing (MLM). I did it myself, all you need is a true, burning desire to succeed and the right tools to help guide you.

This is one of those tools.

Can you imagine what you can accomplish with a step by step road map to using MLM’s best prospecting tool to grow your business?

How about a step by step roadmap written by a MLM millionaire?

“Build It Big” is a 60 page guide that I put together for you which contains the roadmap to start building your MLM business in an easy to follow, logical, step by step fashion. It helps you have even more success when using Brilliant Compensation with your prospects.

Here’s only some of what you’ll learn inside:

  • Right out of the gate on page 5 you’ll discover what “Inviting your prospects” really means. Many get part of this wrong and fail, so you’ll instantly gain a competitive advantage.
  • On page 8 you’ll discover what you have to make sure you’re doing every time to say the right thing, every time…no failing.
  • On page 13 you’ll discover what the “Inviting tug of war” is and how to avoid it entirely. For others this will be a constant battle when trying to organize a particular system for their business.
  • Page 22 will reveal the “Danger of Full Disclosure” and what you can do to prepare yourself better and avoid having to give the details that don’t even matter to your prospect in the first place.
  • On page 28 you’ll discover why Brilliant Compensation works in the first place, step by step. These are the “behind the scenes” nuggets of gold that will arm you with the confidence to close “roomfuls” of people. (also, you’ll enjoy the graphic on page 30 too)
  • Chapter 4 is devoted to overcoming objections. You’ll enjoy the “snapshot” on page 41, plus my step-by-step methods to disarming the most common (and some uncommon) objections to MLM.
  • Plus much, much more including the opportunity to learn and grow your MLM downline growth skills more polished.

I’m really excited to share “Build It Big” with you…

“Build It Big” Is Divided into 5 Chapters

each one dedicated to a part of MLM business building…

awardCHAPTER 1
The Only Business On Planet Earth

Design A System That Passes The Prospect Test

Deliver On Your Promises

How To Handle The MLM Objection When It’s Raised Early In The Inviting Process

Opportunities To Grow And Learn

What Do You Think Happens When You add Brilliant Compensation to the Equation?

Brilliant Compensation DVD

Brilliant Compensation DVD

When you combine the secrets you’ll learn inside “Build It Big” with the prospecting DVD Brilliant Compensation, you’ll have the ultimate foundation of insider MLM business secrets and execution toosl that you can find in MLM business-building at any price…period.

“Build It Big” combined with Brilliant Compensation together are the best foundation I can give any MLM business-builder and expect results to be delivered.

Here’s The Bottom Line…

Of course, “Build It Big” doesn’t reveal every single detail about building an MLM business under the sun, as I couldn’t cover every single detail in only 60 pages, which is why I have created other products that cover those deeper subjects in complete detail.

But I do expect “Build It Big” to provide you with the roadmap to success in prospecting with Brilliant Compensation. The combination of these two tools by themselves are the fail proof “one-two punch” you can count on to bring you results for years to come.

So now it’s time for you to take the next step (but never alone)…

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    Being an expert trainer, I recognize quality work when I see it! Tim is in the forefront and his cutting edge training methods are what I can readily relate to.

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    I love all of the products. The book, Build It Big, is a quick read that clearly explains why it is so important that your prospects understand the MLM industry. I also love the daily tracker.

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