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Brilliant Compensation DVD - Updated

Brilliant Compensation DVD

Brilliant Compensation DVD – Updated

The video is truly brilliant!  Network Marketing is simply the best business model ever developed.  But, not everybody can see that! Getting somebody who doesn’t know what network marketing is interested in your business can be the biggest challenge you’ll routinely face. But with Brilliant Compensation, you just melt those objections or misconceptions right away!

This presentation has helped to sponsor more than a million people into Network Marketing. It truly is a surefire way to present network marketing to prospects and have them begging for more information about your business. You’ll  want to keep several of these DVDs on hand.


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Let Tim Work His Million-Dollar Magic for You…and Watch How Fast Your Downline Can Grow!



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For Larger Orders and Discounts, Please Contact Customer Support at 888-307-7104.


What If You Could Silence Those “Pyramid Scheme” Objections… Once and For All?

411196422_343c0965a8_mWhether you like it or not, a lot of your prospects misunderstand what network marketing is all about. And when they find out your “incredible opportunity” is one of those “multi-level deals” they cover their ears. They run for the hills… and don’t give you the time of day. They tune you out completely. It’s tough to have your dream stomped on time and time again by “well-meaning” friends and family without taking it to heart. And what if you are a “grizzled veteran” of MLM, “impervious” to these annoying objections? Well, there are likely hundreds, maybe even thousands of people in your downline who are nowhere near as thick-skinned as you.

It can be the most annoying thing in the world.

In fact, this close-minded and ignorant attitude towards Network Marketing can spell defeat for you and your new recruits… unless you do something about it. And that’s where “Brilliant Compensation” comes in. Brilliant Compensation allows you to take the pressure off yourself and your recruits… as third-party experts do the job of crushing the “Pyramid Scheme” objection once and for all!

Finally… A 100% No-Hype, Logical Explanation of the Network Marketing Industry

exclamationEarly on in my network marketing career, I became VERY “well-versed” in overcoming the anti-MLM objections. But that only got me so far. Truth is, even if you have the “gift of gab” when it comes to answering these objections, it will only get you so far as well.

After all, who is going to be there when your new recruits are getting “hammered” from friends, family and business associates? The last thing you want is for your downline to stop growing simply because you aren’t able to be there for them 100% of the time. I realized that I needed help to keep my organization growing. And I knew that my downline needed help to keep their organizations growing as well.

The solution came to me in one of those “AHA” moments. I would create a video (now a DVD), bring in expert testimony, and make a strong case for the MLM industry. It would be a no-nonsense, straight talking conversation with the prospect… with the goal of educating them about the remarkable opportunity that the network marketing industry represents.

And wow… does it ever work! It’s completely disarming to even the most cynical person, because it is factual and doesn’t come off as a sales presentation at all.

Banish “MLM Skepticism” to the Grave… for Good!

Brilliant Compensation does what I could never do on my own… which is to be in 100 or more places at once… at the same time! As soon as my downline started passing out copies, the “Pyramid Scheme” objection went down in flames… just as I expected it would. Within a matter of months after creating this prospecting tool, my downline exploded. Once you and your team start using it, I’m confident it can do the same for you. Here’s why…

  • There’s no hype, no “salesy” language. Just a factual, logical explanation of what makes Network Marketing a powerful, proven business model.
  • Persuasive diagrams and analogies that illustrate the effectiveness of Network Marketing as the perfect vehicle for creating wealth.
  • Provides instant credibility with Dr. Charles W. King, Ph.D, who earned his doctorate in business from Harvard and is a Professor of Marketing at the University of Illinois.
  • Gives your prospect every reason to say YES! to Network Marketing.

By the time the DVD ends, any objections your prospect has are quickly overcome… and you are freed up to continue building your dream network marketing business.

New and Improved for Exponential Growth!


Brilliant Compensation is one of the most powerful recruiting tools on the planet… and it just got better. To begin, the main content has been edited down to 30 minutes which makes it a breeze to review.

Your prospect quickly discovers why leverage is the key to wealth creation… which is precisely how network marketing works. Plus, there is a separate FAQ section which your prospect can watch… if they want to. Each question can be accessed from an on-screen menu.

Take a look at this short clip and see for yourself what I’m talking about…

Watch a Short Video Clip From the New “Brilliant Compensation”

(Tim Sales reveals how to evaluate and profit from trends.)

In addition, the packaging has been redesigned so you can easily mail copies to prospects anywhere in the world. You can also slip 2 or 3 copies in your notebook or handbag and be ready when the opportunity presents itself. As we used to say in the military, “lock and load!!”

Use Brilliant Compensation to Build Your MLM Business FAST!

I designed Brilliant Compensation to be the perfect business-building tool… to effectively erase the “Pyramid Scheme” objection and open your prospect’s mind to your opportunity.MLM success is yours for the taking once you start handing out copies… and once your downline starts passing them out as well. If you follow this plan, it’s as easy as 1-2-3…

  1. Tell your prospect you have a DVD that you think they would learn a lot from. Don’t say a word about your particular opportunity just yet.
  2. Tell them it’s a presentation by a number of successful entrepreneurs, including a Harvard-Educated college professor, discussing how regular people are making lots of extra money in today’s economy.
  3. Let them know you’ll need the DVD back in a few days, because you have others who want to watch it. Set a firm date on when you will be getting it back from them, and stick to it.

When your prospect is done watching the video, I promise you… they will be primed and ready to talk to you about your opportunity.Imagine how good you’ll feel when more of your prospects start saying YES! In the end, it will largely be a numbers game… and with Brilliant Compensation, the game is now rigged in your favor! I’ll keep this simple… because I know you recognize the value of being able to overcome the “Is this a pyramid scheme” objection as you go about building your business.


Your Satisfaction is Always Guaranteed!





Additional quantities at discounted price can be added in shopping cart so DON’T FORGET to get some for your downline and future downline.

For Larger Orders and Discounts, Please Contact Customer Support at 888-307-7104.



What People Say About Brilliant Compensation

  • Your tools are an excellent method to break people’s mental paradigms about MLM industry. Better understanding in how to explain the power of MLM.Martin Mendieta
  • After watching brilliant compensation I could not imagine anyone not purchasing his product's, Communication is the key to any business after hearing Tim you want to be able to speak like him. No hype No fluff just 100 % 1st class training in anything he does.Michael Jewitt
  • After seeing Brilliant Compensation and using Professional Inviter, there is no comparison. Others try to train by motivating using fluff and hype. Tim’s approach is the polar opposite where he teaches step by step. The trainee gets motivation from fully understanding the concept.Robert Calhoun
  • It has open my eyes on the way things work in MLM. I really enjoy listening to Tim Sales teach. You are good at explaining things on a level I can understand. Thank you for that.Yvette Pinn
  • Brilliant Compensation is the best explanation of why one should consider a network marketing opportunity. For those who do not understand or cannot visualize the mathematics of residual income, the presentation is to the point!Anita Fogtman
  • This DVD is the best we have seen in explaining the truth about network marketing. Thank you for providing this excellent information.Pam Kalian

From our Customers

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    44 reviews for Brilliant Compensation DVD – Updated

    1. :

      I shared the DVD B.C. with a huge skeptic and she now has a different opinion about the industry. Thank YOU!

    2. :

      I like very much the video “Brilliant Compensation”. I think this video is the best tool to explain about network
      marketing. I think all products by Tim Sales are very useful especially for new people in this business. I really learned from Tim Sales training how to handle any objections and it helps a lot.

    3. :

      I recently started a MLM home based business; and right now my upline is using Tim Sales material to train us. I think this is the best tool I have ever heard and seen to help people in the Network Marketing business and reach their up most potential and be very successful. Tim Sales is amazing and a great teacher. Love it! Would like to meet him

    4. :

      “What wealthy people buy on payday” along with “Brilliant Compensation” are real eye openers to some people who are sitting on the fence deciding what to do next. Thanks for sharing.

    5. :

      I feel the Brilliant Compensation CD and DVD are great to hand out to prospects. It really gives them a good understanding of what Network Marketing is and how it works.

    6. :

      Once l went to your web site l discovered Brilliant Compensation. OMG! THIS HAS TO BE THE GREATEST TOOL THIS INDUSTRY HAD EVER SEEN…long over do! Because of it I’m proud to let people know what I’m doing. Before l would hesitate to tell people. It has helped me so much. I’m just trying to learn how to use it to correctly…thru Professional Inviter. This is the best training I have ever seen. Thank you so much for putting this
      information out there for me and my team. l have been in other network marketing companies and failed because l didn’t know what l was doing. l was so frustrated watching others being successful and not being able to get ahead.
      Kinda hard to go somewhere with out a map…now l have one. Thank you!

    7. :

      Great information, help me with my business prospecting and recruiting.

    8. :

      Very thorough & in-depth. I now feel very confident explaining my business.

    9. :

      The content on the CD and how Tim layed it out was Phenomenal. I have already put it in the hands of a couple people who have always been on the fence about the industry. Based on their feedback they now know the industry isn’t under suspicion their mindsets are. Thank you Tim

    10. :

      I have used the BC Dvd for those who currently do not have internet connection and it has been very helpful in building my business. I find the bonus videos to be very effective in handling objections like SALES and TIME. Its truly a FIRST CLASS tool.

    11. :

      The Brilliant Compensation DVD gives me the opportunity to find prospects outside Denmark. I can now, in English, tell my
      prospects how a MLM business works and I do not get the Pyramid Scheme objection. I got distributors in Hungary, Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, Romania and India using the information I have got over the last few weeks. See you on
      the Top!

    12. :

      Changed my perspective on network marketing and makes it easier to explain to others who don’t understand it.

    13. :


    14. :

      I thought the DVD was the best overview of NM I have ever seen.

    15. :

      I loved listening to Brilliant Compensation Plan, it literally gave me a paradigm shift into what i do for work everyday. Won’t be the same man, fortunate to have landed across it. FORTUNE!

    16. :

      I love brilliant compensation. I want to thank Tim Sales for what he is doing to build correct principles and promote a better understanding of what Network Marketing is and is not.

    17. :

      When I first watched Brilliant Compensation, I was impressed with Tim’s presentation. It clarified a lot of questions that I had at that time about network marketing and gave me some measure of belief in the business when some of my ‘friends’ thought I was involved in a ‘pyramid scheme’. After watching the DVD I was able to confront these objections and nowadays I present my business with confidence. Thanks for the good work Tim.

    18. :

      I have made use of your Brilliant Compensation video to help me understand MLM and explain it to others.

    19. :

      I like the way he explains himself and the products. He makes it so simple. I recommend Tim Sales to everyone who is interested in becoming a MLM business. Before I introduce my product, I have people watch Tim Sales DVD. The information I have received has helped me so much. Thanks Tim

    20. :

      After listening to Tim’s DVD, I followed up on-line and really like what he says. From this point on, I will not sign-up anyone in my down-line until they listen to Tim’s DVD. I want people to understand what MLM is really all about. Thanks

    21. :

      Watching brilliant compensation renewed my belief that I had made the right decision by becoming an independent distributor working with a network marketing company.

    22. :

      Have been using the Brilliant Comp DVD and believe it is one of the best generic tools ever produced to help people understand the potential opportunity with a good network marketing company.

    23. :

      The primary reason I like “Brilliant Compensation” is because it is a “One Stop Shop” comprehensive overview that leverages not only my own time and effort, but more importantly, the time and effort of my prospect. In a single
      presentation, people are educated concerning the benefits of network marketing as a business model, while common roadblocks, misconceptions and objections are addressed in simple to understand terms.

    24. :

      I saw Brilliant Compensation on a website and it helped me understand and overcome my concerns about network marketing.

    25. :

      Brilliant Compensation helped me to get past my biggest hurdle — a vague (mis)understanding of the MLM industry. Through Brilliant Compensation and other Tim Sales training tools, I now see the strength and advantages of this industry. Although I already had tremendous respect for my MLM company and its products, I now have a much greater confidence in being able to communicate these benefits to others as it relates to MLM. Thank you for emphasizing the goal of focusing on the customer’s needs/wants and making their life better. Honestly, I hesitated to spend more money on ‘yet another training program’; however, Tim’s approach is different and the tools are effective. Looking forward to ‘Professional Trainer’ when it is available. I have a training background and really appreciate all the time and effort that has gone into the videos and other materials that you are providing. As an IT director, I am also very impressed with the explore freedom website setup and user interface. Very well done !!!

    26. :

      Brilliant Compensation presents the entire Network Marketing concept in comprehensive yet easy to understand terms.

    27. :

      Brilliant Compensation is the best analysis, for the layman, of Network Marketing that I have ever witnessed. It made me want to sign up again. The title is exactly correct: It is Brilliant.

    28. :

      I chose Tim Sales because of his professional approach to the business. I realized that the first thing to ever learn in this business is how to invite. Many others would have emphasized on the presentation, prospecting and other skills first. The best part of it all is of course Tim’s video on Brilliant Compensation. It explains the business to my prospects in the most logical no hype professional way and creates a more understanding of the MLM industry holistically. This is pure gold! It also has the FAQ section feature which eliminates some objections
      that prospects could have. I personally think this is the best explanation of the industry that anybody can ever get. Thanks to Tim for creating such high quality tools for us distributors. Most importantly the tools really works!

    29. :

      The BC dvd does a wonderful job of explaining network marketing and dispelling the ‘pyramid’ idea.

    30. :

      Brilliant Compensation, is the best piece I have ever seen with regard to MLM and provides the best explanation of the industry.

    31. :

      “Brilliant compensation” is really brilliant I have started my MLM business about 3 months ago and only now I understand the industry, thanks I know it will change my business for the better! Thanks again

    32. :

      Tim’s a genius! Myself and my downline are flourishing because of Professional Inviter and Brilliant Compensation!

    33. :

      The answers to objections are a help and gave a good insight on the MLM business with products compared with a pyramid scheme.

    34. :

      Wish someone had given me the BC dvd 10 years ago. As soon as my husband and I watched it, he turned to me and said “you need to order 3 of those and give them to all of our friends” This from a man who is very frugal!

    35. :

      This is exactly what I have been looking for – a way to educate people on network marketing. People always object to what they don’t understand and there is a lot of misconception about network marketing as a legit industry. I plan to use the DVD to educate anyone before presenting my specific opportunity to them.

    36. :

      Brilliant Compensation definitely gives the best explanation I have ever seen of what Network Marketing is and shows the great potential that it has. The scripts that Tim has produced should be studied by anyone in the business, no matter how long they have been in the business – learning how to invite professionally can only lead to long term success. I have been in this business for nearly 5 years, and I only wish that I found this excellent training before I did – but now that I have, I am already seeing the benefits, so all I can say is thank you Tim!

    37. :

      Excellent explanation on network marketing. Clear and unbiased. Takes away myths about what network marketing is all about.

    38. :

      Extremely helpful in getting my prospects to understand the Network Marketing Business through the Brilliant Compensation DVD. Negative thoughts and misunderstanding regarding the industry is dramatically reduced.

    39. :

      I now enjoy it when someone asks, “Isn’t this a pyramid?” just so I can educate them about Network Marketing thanks to your DVD! It is amazing how they “get it” after watching. Thank you!

    40. :

      The Brilliant Compensation DVD movie is everything that I already knew about mlms but didn’t know how to explain to my prospects, the Brilliant Compensation DVD movie is AWESOME!!!

    41. :

      Was very impressed with the video. I had just done a presentation today and several of the questions on the video came up so I was able to answer them!

    42. :

      Since I use Brilliant Compensation my prospects never ask me questions “like is this mlm, is this a pyramid scheme”. This is the best way to explain the mlm industry. Thanks Tim

    43. :

      The DVD was sooo good. It addresses AND prevents objections in such a brilliant manner. Who wouldn’t want a career in Network Marketing after viewing this DVD. Thanks so much, Tim.

    44. :

      Thanks Tim for simple and attractive presentation about the industry Just by going through 1st page of brilliant compensation I was able to close 3 new prospects in a day and after watching DVD now I am able present about industry without hesitation now really I am feeling proud to be with such a powerful industry

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