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Brilliant Communicator Online

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Brilliant Communicator Online

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Product Description

“It’s Not What You Say That Sponsors People…It’s HOW You Say It”

Mastering This One Critical Skill Will Allow You To “Write Your Own Check” In MLM, Guaranteed…


What You’re About To Learn Is The Real Reason 95% Of All Network Marketers Get Frustrated, Have No Results, And Quit The Business!
(And It Has Nothing To Do With “Working The Numbers”, Having Charisma, Or Some Secret Sponsoring Formula)

From the very moment you meet a prospect for the first time, proper communication will make or break whatever relationship you hope to create.

Say the wrong thing or say the right thing in the wrong way, and you can kiss that relationship goodbye or prevent it from ever growing into a financially rewarding experience.You’ll continue to “hobble along” while earning just a fraction of what you’re capable of and wondering what the “big secret” is the Top Income Earners have that you don’t.

Fortunately, you don’t need to tote around an interpreter to get your message across. What you do need is an understanding of how
effective communication works.

Want to make more sales and recruit more associates the easiest way possible?

It’s time for you to discover the Ten Communication Qualities that will make all the difference between your earning $200 a month and earning $2,000 a month. Or even $20,000 a month or more like I did.

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Inside The Brilliant Communicator™ Training System you’ll discover:

  • The one thought in your head right now that can mean the difference between success and failure. Get this wrong, and you’ll join others in the “MLM Business Graveyard.”
  • The one simple thing you can do that will ensure that you’ll never say the wrong thing in a conversation with a prospect.
  • Why your fortune in MLM depends on some basic “street savvy”, not scripts…and how to get it quickly even if you’ve led the most boring life in town. (A unique secret to turning your overlooked personality and the way people actually talk to each other into huge results!)
  • Win over any prospect with this one simple gesture. Any child will tell you it works every time.
  • How to keep your prospect from taking control of your meeting depends on how much of this you use.
  • Why not paying attention to these simple yet critical details can send your prospect running the other way immediately.
  • The one thing, that if done properly, will almost always get your prospect to trust you right from the start.
  • The best sales techniques in the world are totally powerless if you don’t know enough about this one basic sales “tool” most network marketers overlook completely.
  • There’s no difference between selling to a corporate executive and selling to a truck driver if you know how to avoid this one critical mistake.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.


BComm_Online_Lonnie_E“I sponsored quite a few people right out of the gate when I got started in network marketing and was making decent money. Problem was, no one on my team was making any money. In fact, they were really struggling. Each month, several distributors in my downline would quit and I had to run around and try to sponsor more people just to fill the void. My downline was like a leaky bucket – something was wrong.

A top income earner in my company flew down to meet me. I was excited to have the chance to ask questions about how I could get my team to duplicate and have the same success he was having. After I rambled on & asked him several questions, his only response was, “I think you’re doing a great job here and I know all you need to do is work through more numbers and you’ll find those stars in your organization.” Basically, he couldn’t give me any advice that would help me and I was incredibly frustrated and worried about the success of my organization.

It wasn’t until I listened to the Brilliant Communicator CD’s and Workbook did I realize that the reason my Upline couldn’t help me was because they didn’t know how to help me! They couldn’t put their finger on the reason why they were seeing success but others weren’t any better than I could!

Brilliant Communicator has taught me that it’s not about following a script or a “system”, it’s about being an effective communicator. That’s what the Top Income Earners are & that’s what Tim has finally been able to teach and explain to the masses with this product – how to say something so you get results.

Needless to say, I’m teaching these concepts to everyone in my organization with awesome results. As a leader, it’s wonderful to see the people on my team prospect with confidence and have success in their business. Brilliant Communicator works. Thank you Tim!” Lonnie E.


What Are You Getting?

You will receive 10 CDs of recorded teleconferences filled with over 7 hours of the most dynamic and powerful strategies I’ve used personally to build a downline of over 56,000 network marketers in 26 countries.

Adopting these 10 communication qualities in this course can help send your sales through the roof, and simply being aware of them in and of itself can help you in any situation. You’ll lean the shortcut secrets of instantly connecting with 99% of your prospects. (This is stunningly simple, once you know the “pro-level” tricks.)

Here’s a Sneak Peek

Module #1

Bcomm onlinr only

What You First Say To A Prospect

  • What greeting your prospect is really about…and it has nothing to do with saying “Hello”
  • The real reason why I don’t get any objections when speaking with prospects (Hint: it’s always easier to keep a bomb from blowing up than it is to contain a bomb after it’s blown up)
  • How what you say silently to yourself 30 seconds before you call a prospect or team member will make or break your results on the call. Do this and stop saying the wrong thing!
  • Why I believe “faking it until you make it” is the dumbest philosophy ever
  • Hear me on a live prospecting call where I walk you step-by-step through calling a prospect. Pay close attention to the way I say nothing about my company, product or opportunity, yet the prospect is open and excited and I get no objections. You’ll learn exactly how I do this so you can do it too!

Module #2 


How Not To Be Distracted By Your EnvironmentBcomm onlinr only

  • Hear a real life example showing how multitasking can stop you from really connecting with your prospect
  • An explanation of a “mistimed response” and why you want to avoid this at all costs when you first meet a prospect
  • How to handle a prospect who is distracted and draw them back into the conversation (Listen to a live prospecting call where I totally bust a distracted prospect for not listening to me! It’s hilarious!)
  • My step-by-step list of how to handle several types of distractions encountered while presenting. From dealing with pets, children, technology and even product packaging – you’ll learn how to handle every distraction like a pro.

Module #3 

Have A Sincere, Friendly Facial ExpressionBcomm onlinr only

  • Discover the statements prospects say that can totally rattle your confidence, fill you with fear and worry…plus my secret tips to help you move through them with confidence
  • Why putting effort into trying to be perfect can actually screw up your presentation
  • Why I believe reading body language is a total waste of time and what you should be doing instead
  • How long should your presentation really be? Find out what psychologists say and why I disagree

Module #4 


Stop Burning Through Valuable ProspectsBcomm onlinr only

  • Finally stop burning through leads and all your warm market contacts! The training on this CD is the key to making the most out of every contact you have.
  • What is the “third eye”, and why it’s imperative that you have it with all your prospects
  • How to instantly tell if you’re moving your prospects up or down the “sponsoring ladder” with these simple observations.
  • Surefire ways to put your prospect down, insult them, or lecture themyou’ll learn what they are and how to stop them right now!
  • The key to having charisma or the “it” factor…why the top leaders seem to have it and how you can quickly have it too
  • Secrets every great dog trainer knows and how to apply them to your presentations
  • How I personally deal with “tough sell” prospects

Module #5 

Don’t Be Afraid Of Your ProspectsBcomm onlinr only


  • Discover easy skills to teach your downline how to communicate (Hint: it’s as easy as teaching a child how to place an order in a restaurant!)
  • “Air space” or silent pauses in a conversation with a prospect are uncomfortable. I show you exactly how to handle this every time it happens.
  • Discover some tricks to get into good favor with the corporate office and become an influencer within your company
  • Listen to my “surprise” interview with Dr. Charles King

CD 6 (Digital Version: Module #6)


Make Sure Your Body Doesn’t Distract The ProspectBcomm onlinr only

*This is possibly the most controversial subject I’ve ever spoken on and definitely not something that’s usually discussed in MLM training. However, it’s so important; I had to hold a live training call on the subject. You’ll discover…

  • The surprising thing your prospect is really focused on…and why they’re trying to figure out how to get away from you instead of listening to your presentation. The real reason why caring about your clothes is important to your prospect
  • The experts say, “People don’t buy a company. They buy you.” Learn what part of “you” they’re buying.
  • Why I don’t believe wearing a suit is a good idea – what should you wear instead?
  • How to deal with a prospect whose body or appearance is distracting
  • What you really want to make sure people are talking about when you’ve finished making a presentation

Module #7 


Why Your Prospects and Downline Won’t Do What You Ask Them To DoBcomm onlinr only

  • Key communication qualities you must know that make how you say something the true difference between failure and success in your MLM business
  • The real reason why your prospects and downline are friendly with you, but they won’t follow you
  • 5 areas of potential “dishonesty dangers” you can get trapped in and how to avoid them
  • Why it’s your responsibility to stop dishonest distributors (including your Upline) and some easy, non-confrontational ways to do it.
  • How to focus, stop procrastination and get yourself to do what you say you’re going to do!

 Module #8 


The Importance Of Knowing What You’re Talking AboutBcomm onlinr only

  • Discover my personal advertising method and why I believe it’s vital to advertise strongly during the summer months
  • What is the “missing link” to making yourself different as a network marketer? Learn this and you’ll be overwhelmed with people wanting to join your business.
  • How selling Ginsu knives will help you explain your business to prospects
  • 99% of the objections you get will be about this…discover what it is and how to handle them
  • Do you sell nutrition or “me too” products? Learn exactly how to differentiate your products from everything else on the market
  • What’s really the most important product your company produces? (It’s not what you think it is!)

 Module #9 


The Value Of Connecting At The Prospects’ LevelBcomm onlinr only

  • How to sense when a prospect “spaces out” and what to do to fix it quick
  • Discover important tips to keep groups of people interested and excited in what you’re saying
  • Why knowing facts about your product turns off a prospect and what to say instead that will impress them
  • How to really tell if your prospect is understanding you without offending them or making them feel stupid

Module #10 


The Importance Of Having The Right IntentionsBcomm onlinr only

  • How thinking about your product volume, your numbers, or your check will really screw things up in your business
  • Why “smiling and dialing” is the worst possible thing you could do when calling leads
  • Hear the true story of how I lost my vision for the business, went into a sales slump, and then turned it all around again – I give you the key to turn around your business fast!
  • What are the subconscious thoughts in your head that cause you to focus on the wrong things and get poor results with prospects? I give you a list of them and tell you what to focus on instead.
  • Why the real way to make your volume requirements has nothing to do with a “sense of urgency”…it’s actually about this…

But that’s not all!

You’ll also receive “The Workbook”…

See sample pages from the workbook

The Brilliant Communicator™ Workbook in PDF Format:

Created So You Can Put The Brilliant Communicator™ System
To Use In Your MLM Business IMMEDIATELY
Obviously, you have to actually use the principles on these CD’s to really internalize them and make them part of the way you do business.

brilliant communicator

When you use something…you learn it, and then (and ONLY then) do you own it.

If you don’t use these principles…then you only partially understand them…

…you’ve heard about them… you’ve read about them… …but you don’t have true understanding until you use them in your business. And neither do the distributors on your team!

That’s why Arlene Hutchison, a 45-year veteran schoolteacher turned Top-Performing Network Marketing Pro, used her phenomenal education skills to develop the 270-page companion workbook for Brilliant Communicator™.

She wanted to create a system that would guarantee that her downline would be able to put these secret communication principles to work in their business – AND FAST.

So, Arlene tested the new workbook she created with her own MLM downline.



  • “…I have noticed a difference in their attitude in the way they do their business.
  • They have more confidence when they talk with people.
  • Their businesses are growing, meaning people are joining.
  • They have the ability to train others to do what they’re doing.
  • They have a roadmap to know how to invite people to look at their business.”
And you get this very same workbook in your package so you can put what you learn to work quickly in your own business and also with every distributor on your team.



Tim…This is clearly the best training tool you have developed. Many people look at the book and say…”geez looks like homework”…what they will miss are the keys to uncovering the details that make people very effective communicators. This book when drilled with a team member will make both instructor and student highly effective. This is developing my team to be more than motivated…it’s developing them to be highly effective. – Steve Swartz
From the moment I sponsored my first person, I was instantly faced with the challenge of training my team. I did just what my sponsor taught me which was to sit down with my new distributor and have them fill out a goal sheet, write a list of 100 names, and then start making calls with a script. The results were always disastrous. My new teammate would get frustrated because they were having poor results and would call me to complain and ask why. I never knew what to tell them except to call more people & work through the numbers. They’d end up burning through their entire warm market & quitting. I felt so terrible. Actually, it got so bad that I’d hide from certain people on my team at the weekly meetings. I was supposed to be their “Upline expert”, but all I seemed to be good at was training them on techniques that failed. The Brilliant Communicator Workbook changed all this. Not only did I learn what to teach them, I learned how to teach it in a way that really made a difference in their results. Tim talks about training being the key to duplication, but until now I didn’t even know that I was training the wrong things. Now I’m confident that I can help my new distributors achieve the success they desire, create the income they want, and create duplication on my team. – Rachel E


On top of the main course material, I’ve carefully selected 2 bonuses that will allow you to take the skills you learn in Brilliant Communicator™ and begin to “write your own check” in your MLM business…

Bonus #1 – Non-Fluff Goal Training

BComm_Online_Non-Fluff_CDI’m including with your “Brilliant Communicator™” purchase another CD containing my “Non-Fluff Goal Training” teleclass. I know that setting goals for many of you is a nail-biting task that’s easier to avoid than tackle.

But ask any successful businessperson how they got to where they are and setting achievable goals will be at the top of their list. Goal setting is a must-do. No way around it. But I am not a goal trainer. I am a goal achiever. My “Non-Fluff Goal Training” CD will make setting and achieving goals as easy as putting on a pair of shoes.

“Non-Fluff Goal Training” sells for $7.95 but I’m including it at no charge to you just for ordering the Brilliant Communicator™ training system.



Bonus #2 – Say It With Power

BComm_Online_CD021On the Brilliant Communicator™ CDs and the “Non-Fluff Goal Training” CD I often ask you to refer to an issue of my newsletter that contains the same subject matter.

I’m going to send each of these to you as well.

These newsletters have now been created as a new eBook, Say It with Power.

This makes it really easy for you to follow along with the training material.

Having them right at your fingertips is priceless.

You’ll love how mastering the Ten Communication Qualities will raise your confidence dramatically when communicating with anyone.

This ebook sells for $29.95, but it’s yours free when you get Brilliant Communicator!


So go ahead, put your money where it will do you the most good by ordering The Brilliant Communicator™ Training System and your 2 bonus CD’s right now.


Isn’t It Time For You To Get The Same Results As The Top Income Earners…

Or Even Better?

  • Brilliant Communicator™ 10 lectures streaming in your members area
  • Brilliant Communicator™ Workbook in pdf format in your members area
  • BONUS #1: Non-Fluff Goals Training lecture in your members area
  • BONUS #2: Say It with Power eBook in your members area

And Remember, as with all of My Products,

Get the Brilliant Communicator™ Online at 60% off Until October 2, 2017!

Buy Now

Normally $130.00

Now available for $78.00

5 reviews for Brilliant Communicator Online

  1. 4 out of 5


    Good points all around. Truly apeepciated.

  2. :

    BRILLIANT COMMUNICATOR IS ABSOLUTE BRILLIANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am on the 2nd CD of my new Brilliant Communicator program and I am blown away. It makes so perfect sense! I know that I will skyrocket with this training. I have never been as excited as I am now about this business

  3. :

    I recently ordered Brilliant Communicator and the workbook. I have been totally amazed at the information AND surprised that everything Tim touches on has happened to me! It is like he is inside my head!!! I keep it in my car and listen while driving over and over. I learn something new every time.

  4. :

    I gain a better knowledge of the mlm industry now its to apply and teach it in my marketplace. Tim Sales is a professional no doubt, he knows his stuff, at first I wasn’t sure if I can believe what he was saying but as I started to follow and research him more I realized that he truly wants to help others succeed. I’m excited to embark on this new online venture and increase my success and be in position in the bear future to be teaching others the same way that Tim is. Thank you Mr. Sales for your extraordinary leadership. Larry Dennis, Montreal,

  5. :

    Really appreciate Tim Sales materials and teaching, it is like a breath of fresh air after being stuck in a deep dark well! So logical and clear, it is really amazing, thank you very much!

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