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“Go from ‘Somewhat Succeeding’ in Network Marketing to a ‘Top Tier Professional’ in Just 6-Weeks.”

Our NEW Online Virtual Training System Makes It Happen


I wish everybody had a success switch you could just switch on. The difference in your life could be dramatic — instantly you’d have a richer and more fulfilling life experience.

Until medical science invents such an advancement we’ve got the next best thing. Go from months or years of frustration to a successful network marketing professional in just 6-weeks.1a

Our new online virtual training system, Network Marketing 101: A Step-by-Step Plan for MLM Success, is specifically designed to flip on your success switch.

It goes step-by-step building your MLM muscles to the peak of fitness — you’ll be able to handle any prospecting, presenting and closing scenario this tough world can throw at you.

You know, what separates First Class MLM Tool’s programs from the rest are the detailed instructions you need to succeed. Nothing is missing or left to chance.

Tim SalesTim Sales, while in service to our country, was part of an elite military unit charged with diffusing bombs — thus saving many lives. He was so skilled at this task his commanding officers had him write the manuals used to train new bomb squad members.

It took a great deal of planning and intricate detail to write such a manual — you see, in that line of work if you leave out a crucial detail it could have life threatening consequences.

That same level of planning and detail went into this training — this step-by-step virtual course can take a complete beginner to a successful professional in just 6-weeks.

While not as fast as flipping a switch — I think you’ll agree it’s much faster than the trial-by-error method so many use today.

Take a look at some of the crucial skills and principles you’ll master…

Your Virtual Online Curriculum for Success


  • Discover the secret to having a ‘burning desire’ for success. Stay focused, disciplined and on target — just like the 7-figure earners do.
  • This simple and immensely effective goal creation system gives you the drive to get through even the toughest days — it works for building your business and for any life endeavor. Teach it to your children for a great head start in life.
  • Get and stay organized for increased efficiency and faster results. PLUS get unstuck from ALL the common roadblocks in network marketing.
  • Strategize your best lead generation options and find the most cost-effective and high-yield lead sources to grow your business.
  • Engage your new plan for success.

“The…Goal Training…is great. It gave us the steps we needed to achieve our goal. It made so much sense. We have written our goals,  plans etc. today. No more guessing, it’s all there to follow and I now understand why it will be achievable to reach our goals. It will be great to teach our team these principles.” — R.W.


  • How to handle and convert your new prospects into effective business builders. Your confidence level will soar when you know  what, when and how to say the words that gets proven results.
  • Solve the shrinking downline and slow growth blues. 
  • Develop the confidence to breeze through any prospecting and inviting scenario when you discover the keys to effective communication and connecting with your prospect. 

“I’ve just sponsored 4 new distributors in 24 hours. Professional Inviter is a fantastic tool. Thank you so much.”— James Kellett


  • This week you’ll solve one of the biggest fears in MLM. It’s the insider technique that closes more prospects than any other method.
  • Get past the ‘10,000 pound phone fear’ phenomenon and shoot past the networkers who only promote the ‘don’t talk to any one’ fallacy.
  • Maximize your time by qualifying your prospects correctly and efficiently.
  • Discover their inner most desires without prying — and how to connect fulfilling those desires with your opportunity.
  • You’ll get the qualifying questions you should ask to lead your prospect step-by-step to joining your downline.  Ingenious!
  • PLUS! You’ll master the ‘little black book’ of inviting scripts that have built 6, 7 and 8-figure fortunes for those who took the time to learn and use them. 

“This book helped me turn my Networking business around overnight! I bought & read this book in one day. I immediately started using what I had learned from this book and found that people really wanted to talk to me.” — Cathryn Ackerman


  • This next 7-days will be your ticket to whatever income you want.
  • You’ll be given the secrets to creating the ultimate persuasive presentation and how to deliver it with supreme confidence and devastating effectiveness.
  • Discover the Presenting Formula tm that gets amazing results but so few use. It’ll speak directly to every single prospect in your audience and their unique needs. This is the secret great communicators, throughout history, have used.
  • All of these secrets can be used to create compelling and effective YouTube tm videos, too — it’ll give you the ‘ultimate persuasion’ magnified 24/7/365 all over the world.

“I used to be scared of presenting and worry about what I should say. But not anymore!.”  — Michele Matton


  • It’s evaluation time! Here you’ll honestly asses your new skills and commit to shoring up any weak areas that can hold back your success.
  • You’ll polish your skills and tackle the world with a new confidence and in an almost effortless and magical way.
  • You’ll pass these skills onto your team members for a faster business building experience — that’s why it’s critical that you master them yourself…first.

“If everybody trained with Tim it would be a lot easier to do this industry.”  – J.H.



You’ve made it — this is a major accomplishment for you.

  • Now you’ll put everything you’ve learned and discovered into daily action with a simple, and the most effective ‘little tool’, ever devised in the industry.
  • You’ll discover why ‘40-points’ will be your new best friend.
  • Instantly you’ll have a method for evaluating your group and individual performance level — you’ll quickly pinpoint log jams in your business and get things flowing again. This info is priceless to you.

“If everyone really understood this and just focused on scoring their points, soon they’d be home full-time living the lifestyle of their dreams!” – Stephane Page   

  • Each week you’ll discover new skills and polish old ones that’ll build your confidence, discipline and success level.
  • You’ll get access to 1-2 powerful lessons a week (about 1 every 4 days) for 10 lessons in total that’ll build your MLM business skills to the next level.
  • These easy bite-sized portions are a great, and more effective way to learn so you won’t ever feel overwhelmed.
  • The included ACTION GUIDES makes this a ‘real’ ACTION experience of DOING, too —  rather than just another dry, static training program.
  • As with any skills the benefit comes from the APPLYING of them rather than just knowing them.

 Get Ready for a Whole New Level of Success.

When You Realize Failure is Optional Success Appears Before Your Eyes

Maybe for you, as for many in the industry, your network marketing experience has been filled with frustration, fear, anxiety and disappointment.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

By internalizing some basic skills and principles your business can make a 180-degree turnaround — and when your group applies these same skills your leverage is magnified to super-growth levelsjust like the 7-figure earners.

If you were to purchase similar materials from this website you would pay a ‘real world’ $150 dollars — a great price to become a top tier network marketing professional, isn’t it?

PLUS! The increase in commissions you’ll experience makes it an amazing, can’t miss investment.

However, with this new training tool you won’t need to invest that much. Because this is a virtual course in digital format you’ll only invest $59.99 — less than half the cost of the materials otherwise.

Tim wants to make this important training as affordable as possible so everyone can take advantage of it.

Couple this with over $139 in discount coupons for your future advanced training and you can see why this is a terrific value. 

With Tim’s reputation for delivering top-quality training you know this offer will become the buzz of the industry.

PLUS, with our generous affiliate program, by the time you have referred three people you will have recouped your own cost — making it essentially FREE!

Take action now to be among the first to benefit and get a jump on everybody else. Your downline will thank you — your upline, too — and you’ll watch as those nagging fears and frustrations melt away. 

Be amazed as your commissions grow, too.


Our Double Guarantee of Quality

Try Network Marketing 101 for a full 60 days. If you’re not delighted in every way request a no-hassle full refund. There’s no need to prove you met any conditions — at all. 

Your decision to try this potent training is fully protected.


Get Network Marketing 101 Digital Training NOW!

Network Marketing 101 Digital Training Program by Tim Sales

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Frequently Asked Questions

(Just click on the question to see the answer drop down)

What exactly is Network Marketing 101
Network Marketing 101 is a six-week course that consists of 10 lessons. As you go through each lesson you will learn the key and essential skills that are needed in order to make money in network marketing. The lessons include training instruction by MLM legend and million dollar earner, Tim Sales and include an action guide, which gives you practical experience using what you’ve learned.

This inexpensive course was created specifically for network marketers who:

  • are new in the business,
  • for those who have been in the business for a while and are stuck and not getting results, and
  • for leaders who would like some direction in getting their entire team on the same page and producing results.
How do I receive my lessons?
Your lessons will be activated and made available to you in your FirstClassMLMTools member’s area. The lesson material is in digital format and the action guides are in PDF format so you can print them out for easy use.
Can the six week course be done at a slower pace, i.e. at my own pace?
The lessons are delivered in a specific sequence, what you learn in earlier lessons helps you complete the later lessons. In order to build and keep momentum in your business, you have to work at a steady pace and the lessons and content have been created to help you get into that key activity level. The lessons are doable and realistic based on the timing of their delivery and what’s included in the content. However, if you want to take the course at a slower pace that’s fine. Each lesson will activate at the regularly programmed time, but you can open and start it when you’re ready to start it.
Can the six week course be done at a faster pace, i.e. at my own pace?
Yes! If you would like to take the course by the horns and work through it as quickly as possible we can manually open up all lessons at once for you; just call our staff and they’ll be happy to help.
What if my schedule prevents me from doing the course now. Will it be offered again?
This isn’t a “course” that’s offered like a college course where there’s a specific start and end date. The course takes six weeks to complete the material; it’s up to you to decide when you start. That’s what makes this such a great training. For example, if your schedule prevents you from doing the course now, but you’ll be ready to start it in three weeks, no problem! The day you buy the course signals “day 1” in the course for you and then you’ll progress through the six weeks of lessons from there.
What if I miss a lesson?
If you miss a lesson, no problem. We know that “life” happens and sometimes unexpected events that take our time pop into the schedule. The lessons will continue to be activated at the regularly scheduled release date, but if you miss a lesson you have two choices:

1) Work at a faster pace to get caught up, meaning complete two lessons within the three/four day period before the next lesson is activated.

2) Continue to go through the lessons at the recommended pace, finishing a lesson ever three to four days. The “next” lesson will activate at the regularly scheduled time, but you won’t start it until you’ve completed the previous lesson. Depending on how many lessons you miss, the course could turn into a 7 week course or an 8 week course and that’s okay. We recommend that you not “skip” a lesson because each lesson builds on the previous lessons and we don’t want you to feel lost. So do keep them in order; just make a commitment to stay on a steady path to complete them.

Will the material continue to be available to me after the six weeks?
Absolutely! Once a lesson is activated in your account, the lesson and accompanying action guide will be available in your member’s area forever. Come back and study the course again, visit specific sections to find answers to problems – the content will always be there for you.


Powerful Proof
That This Course Will Give You The Tools You Need:

I really appreciate you investing in the MLM industry and especially for investing in each of us who pursue this way of life. … Thank you for your generosity in making so much of your training available to us free of charge and for retailing your products at reasonable prices.”  – M. 

“Just a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate all that you do. I love your teaching and feel very confident with your approach. We have been using Brilliant Compensation in our system for years and we believe in you. Sending you a very warm “Thank you!!”  – N.M.

“Just wanted to tell you that you represent a truly wonderful model for how people should do their network marketing business.  Your generosity of spirit shows through in everything you do and your respect for every human being you touch is greatly appreciated and admired.  Thank you for not only teaching us how to be better at what we do, but also for showing us in everything you do.”  – C.M.

“There are times people like me who have been in the business now going on five years need a pointer. You are that pointer.”  – B.D.

“I just want to let you know how much you are appreciated.  I have used Brilliant Compensation for a long time and think it is absolutely the BEST thing anyone has ever done for all of us who have a network marketing business.  I just want Tim Sales to know that he has is in my estimation a WONDERFUL PERSON,  and much appreciated.  Again….THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO.”  – N.G.

“I have been telling as many distributors in my company as I can about you because you have taken the guesswork out of this business and you have given us back our integrity, confidence, and professionalism. God bless you.”  – D.D.

“I have read your newsletter for a number of years, always noting how much common sense was part of your system. Unfortunately I was one of those who attempted to create a “stew” from information gathered from many sources, some credible, others destructive, net effect zero. Well, I’ve learned my lesson. A simplistic “diet” yields the best results. To be a professional in this business, one must adopt a true professional demeanor. I view your messages as the hallmark of the professional movement in network marketing.”

“Just wanted to drop you a line to give you a continued “Thanks” for having wonderful products, newsletters, training calls, etc.”  – M.J.L.

“Thank you for your effort and excellent skill for bringing the business of network marketing to our level.”  – P.L.

“My upline has only recently DISCOVERED the PHENOMENON known as MR. TIM SALES…His systemic way of explaining MLM to even the most “feeble minded” is so extraordinary that I’m in need of WORDS to describe it!” – R.K.

“I cannot thank you enough for doing what you are doing. You will continue to help millions of people in addition to the ones you have already helped. …God Bless you Tim Sales. I thank you with all my heart.”  – T.B.M.

“Tim, I really appreciate all your help & advice on building my business. You keep everything basic and show the human side of the business.
Thanks.”  – Gruelt Baker

“My special thanks to you Tim,  for your brilliant, humorous and loving support to all of us around the planet. I have followed your conference calls, newsletters and all MODULE-tools for 3 years now – I don’t know any better and supportive tools in our MLM branch yet.

You are a fantastic teacher and such a warmhearted being; I feel oftentimes deeply touched, like by a close friend and mentor. The encouragement you give me is always with me – and so is your funny and giggling laughter…thank you from my deepest heart to have the honor to belong in your network family…”  – Adrian A. Horvath

“I would like to start by thanking you for the materials you make available to people like myself that choose to pursue Network Marketing.  I’ve attended one of your seminars, as well as purchased numerous MODULE, DVD and book materials you’ve developed.  I can honestly say that I’ve learned as much from your teachings as I have from any classroom courses I’ve ever taken.  I’ve applied much of your teaching to my everyday life as much, if not more, than I’ve applied them to my actual Network Marketing Business.”  – Scott Biese

I would like take this opportunity to say, once again, how much I enjoyed seeing you at my company’s national convention. … I retired from a very successful real estate career after 22 years and you are the first person I have heard in the network marketing industry that speaks of and teaches techniques that focus on heart and interest in others from the perspective that you do. What a welcome relief to have found you. Thank you so much for speaking to my heart and mind. I am so excited to learn more from you.”   – Dyann M. Lyon

“The conference calls and the e-mails I receive from Tim are just awesome.  I have learned more in the few months of exposure to Tim’s information than I have of years of listening to others.  Most people give information telling you what you need to do, but they don’t tell you HOW to do it.  At this point Tim is the only person I listen to when it comes to building a business; I am extremely impressed.  Keep up the good work!”  – Anicka Richmond

“Thank you for providing Tim’s monthly conference calls. When I listen to the calls Tim gives me a real sincere and good feeling. He really wants success for all people involved in network marketing… and that is great!”  – Jane van Slingerland

“Hi Tim. I just wanted you to know that my team members and I are just so inspired by your trainings. They have been the driving force behind us finding our own way to bring people into this great business.  I have lost most of my team and was in danger of losing my own self- belief and self-motivation too, but it has all been re-kindled and I can once again feel that I have a business and a great TEAM in development…..”   – Janet Drake

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