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5 Steps To Handling Objections Successfully

5 Steps To Handling Objections Successfully

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Training in MLM - Handling ObjectionsIt is safe to say that no matter how well prepared we are, when we go through the process of inviting prospects to look at our network marketing business we will have to deal with questions and objections. There are just common questions and objections that are pretty much always going to come up. Every once in a while, you’ll get one that comes out of left field that you’ve never heard of. Those are okay because if you fully know how to handle objections, then it doesn’t matter what comes your way – you’ll be able to handle it professionally. You might not be able to give the prospect the correct answer right away. In this situation you can say, “I’ll get that answer for you.”

When presented with an objection, the clearer you are as to what the objection is and why it has been made the more likely you will be able to handle it.

1. Listen Completely Through the Question or Objection

You want to listen completely through the question or objection. This makes sense because you don’t want to be handling the wrong objection. The other reason that you do this is you want to really let that prospect know that you are listening to them and that what they are saying is important. A lot of the time if they see that you are fully listening to them they are more than ready to listen to you when they’re finished.

2. Confirm the Understanding

Next, repeat back what you think they said and meant. This is to insure you confirm your understanding of the objection. That way, you and the business prospect you are talking with have the same picture in your minds. If any part has been missed or misunderstood, this is the time to seek clarification until both of you agree.

3. Validate the Question or Objection

Make the question or objection valid with the same or slightly less intensity – but of course don’t agree with the objection. When you agree with an objection, you’re basically giving it more strength, giving it more weight.  This may well make it far more difficult for you to handle, and I am sure that’s not what you want to do.

4. Handle It!

For example, the prospect’s objection might be, “well you know what, I need to talk to my wife about this,” or “I need to have my spouse come here,” or something similar to that. So if that’s the situation, then you handle it right then and there. It also could be that you’re going to facilitate handling it. In other words, you’re going to be like a team-mate to this prospect and get creative at getting them creative, so they end up handling their own objection.

When you can get creative at helping them get creative, they solve their own problems. The reason being is because if you say something, it can be tested or challenged. But if they say it – it must be true. So, the brilliant people are really the ones that are able to facilitate handling the question or objection.

5. Conclude and Return

This is most important part. When you complete or conclude handling the question or objection, return exactly to the point where you were when the objection was raised. For example, if you were building a clear picture of the prospect’s needs and wants and you felt that you needed to find out more before you could invite them to look at your network marketing business, it is imperative that you return to that point in your interaction with the prospect.

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