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How Do I Motivate Myself And My Downline?

How Do I Motivate Myself And My Downline?

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MLM Business SuccessHow do you develop the self-motivation and enthusiasm that you need to stop procrastinating? The motivation you need to get busy taking steps to achieving the goals that produce results and ensure your MLM business success?

When we talk about motivation, especially in the context of, “how do I motivate myself?” and, “how do I motivate my downline?”, the universal truth is that nobody else can motivate you – only you can do that for yourself. Of course, others can help by creating the right environment and infrastructure. But honestly, if you can’t motivate yourself, you won’t know how to motivate your team, nor will you deserve a motivated team.

Motivate Yourself First

Neither you nor anyone else can do that. But you can create the right environment for them, you can ensure that the right support and the right resources are in place to help them increase their productivity.

So, first, how to motivate yourself?

The word motivation means a feeling of enthusiasm, interest, or commitment that makes somebody eager to do something. So, what would stop someone from being enthusiastic, interested, or committed? Well, the first thing that comes to my mind that stops motivation dead in its tracks is confusion or indecision.

Have you ever felt that hesitation – that feeling of being stuck – any time you feel a little bit confused about what you should be doing?

I’ve had that feeling, and it’s not good, is it? Not knowing whether you should be inviting a prospect to look at your MLM business, or whether you should be inviting them to look at product. You might ask yourself questions like, “what would be the best way to approach this particular person” or “do I really believe that this product will actually help this person?  And do I really believe that I can teach this person how to succeed in the network marketing business?”

All that noise going on in your head prevents you from being motivated. Not only that, those questions cause you to actually look for more distraction, so that you won’t have to actually face that challenge or make a decision on which action to take.

The Secret to Motivating Yourself

To motivate yourself, the secret is that you make absolutely sure you’re not confused about anything whatsoever. So many times I’ll find myself unintentionally moving away from something that I’m working on, and I’ll just stop right then and I’ll ask myself a number of simple questions:

  • What am I backing away from?
  • What am I not sure about?
  • What am I uncertain about?
  • What am I worried about?
  • Why do I feel as though there isn’t a solution?

I’ll just run through that little list of questions. Normally, it’ll be one little tiny thing where all I have to do is just weigh the odds between the alternatives, and then I can make a decision on it. And once I make a decision it’s not a problem anymore.

The Danger of Procrastination

Let’s talk a little bit more about procrastination and the huge impact it has on your network marketing success.

Are we really creatures of habit? Or can this be a case of replacing bad habits with productive ones?

Does this sound familiar: you sit down and say, “okay, I’m going to make some phone calls.” But first you go through your little routine about how you get your drink ready, and you do some other chores, and then you go through your list of names that you could potentially call, and then you typically get a little bit nervous, and then you get distracted, and then you procrastinate some more.

That’s a bad habit. So, what you have to do at this point in time is break the routine that is adversely affecting your productivity. You have to do something entirely different to break the routine and rekindle your motivation. Develop a good habit or a routine that enables you to call your MLM prospects and get good results. And never get out of the habit of prospecting. I recommend it because I know that once you get into the habit of prospecting, you will never want to stop.

And, once you know how to motivate yourself, you will be able to facilitate the same learning process with your downline.

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