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Tired of leads “looking for a job?” Here’s a solution for you…

Tired of leads “looking for a job?” Here’s a solution for you…

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Hello Network Marketing Professionals-

It’s the start of a brand new week. What goals have you set for your business this week?

On the blog last week we launched a new short series that can help you get more leads and more people to talk to. After all, having enough people to talk to is always something that network marketers tell us is one of the most frustrating and difficult parts of the business.

We know how important leads are to your business – and are excited to introduce you to a very efficient and economical way to get more people to talk to.  Last week’s blog post focused on some the latest news from Facebook – and how entrepreneurs and small business owners can use the social media giant to find qualified and interested leads for any business or product.

Read the article here if you haven’t already – and then let’s continue on with the final two reasons why advertising on Facebook has huge advantages for network marketers. 

The first advantage to using Facebook, covered in the previous blog post, was that Facebook has a GLOBAL, gigantic audience that will include your target audience. There’s a huge pool of people you can tap into, and with that in mind, consider these other two advantages:

The Options to Reach Your Target Market Are Incredible

Sorry for all the excitement, but using Facebook advertising really helps you zero on the most qualified lead possible. Your ability to find a very specific audience is affordable and doable! Here are a few examples of how precise you can target an ad:

  • Let’s say you sell a weight loss product and want to start a local weight loss group. You can run advertisements that will only show up on Facebook for people in your area code who have an interest in weight loss or health and wellness. Facebook can even tell you how many people are in that reach, so you’ll have an idea of how many people would see your message.
  • Or how about you have a strong team or upline leader in a different area than you. You could run advertisements for your business in those key areas where the company or team is exploding and has a lot of support available. When you sponsor a new team mate from those ads, they immediately can tap into those resources that are local to them.

Starting to see the big picture? Not only do you have access to millions of people, but you can also tap into very specific, niche markets. That’s huge advertising power for your business.

And the final point you should know about, and one that I think you’ll be really happy about is:

Advertising on Facebook is really inexpensive

Yes, you read that right. Generating prospects on the social media giant is inexpensive and it’s not going to break your bank. Because you can really control your target audience, you know your ad is only going to be seen by your ideal prospect. And, you have full control over how much money is spent. If you want the advertising to shut off after $10 has been spent, the ad will shut off. And you constantly have at your fingertips all kinds of useful data to help you make good decisions on future advertising. You’ll quickly know exactly what you’re getting out of it.

Facebook will tell you all kinds of things like how many times your ad was shown and the number of people who clicked on the ad, and so much more.  With these tools, you are able to really develop the perfect marketing plan to get highly qualified people to talk to about your business or product.

After last week’s post, Alem wrote in and asked a great question that I thought you would like to be aware of too:

“I hope you will be discussing how to effectively use Facebook for advertisements.  I for sure want to grow my leads and could use all the help.”

And the answer to that question is – Absolutely! Facebook is a great way to grow your leads and we certainly have a resource that will help you, Alem. In fact, that resource is a webinar with Tim Sales and MLM Superstar Stephane Page.

You’ll learn all about how to advertise on Facebook, how to target your ad to generate a very qualified lead, how to quickly get Facebook to approve your ads, how to tell if your ad is a good ad and on target to create great leads, and so much more.

The best part about all of this is that the Successful Facebook Prospecting Webinar is on sale, but only for a few more days. The special price will save you 30 bucks, but only until April 2, so be sure to check out your special offer here:


And, if you have some experience generating leads on Facebook or have any questions please leave your comment or question in the “comments” section of the blog. I’ll be happy to continue the discussion with you there.

Have a great week – and make sure you’re connecting with 10 people every day. If you do, your business will grow.

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