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Places To Value-Market Your Business on the Internet (Free)

Places To Value-Market Your Business on the Internet (Free)

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Good Morning Network Marketing Professionals,

With summer now in full swing, we often see lots of family time and vacations.  It’s a time typically when our industry doesn’t have as much growth.  I am frequently asked what should be done during this time to stay in the game.  The answer is promote.

Today, I’ve got some suggestions of places you can promote your business on the internet free or for very little.  But first let’s set the parameter.  

Here’s what you don’t want to do:  just try to sell product or build your business as your first step. In today’s Internet world, which has become very “socially driven” you want to give value as your first marketing step.

Here’s a great definition of what I mean by giving value: Anything you can freely give that actually helps people.  

Today, on the Internet, just about anywhere you go, people are trying to sell you something. And that’s ok.  It’s a great way to get introduced to new ideas, products, services, etc.  However, most end users are more interested in its social aspects first and foremost.  That means you’ve got to advertise in a more social way.

The real trick to getting those sales is to first build trust, respect and confidence in your potential prospects. Let’s face it, it is always easier to make a purchase from somebody you take seriously, and have some trust in.

It’s what we do as Network Marketers, building trust and strong relationships.  We know this approach works and if you think about it, we were probably the pioneers of this approach, long before there was a social structure on the internet!

Always start your marketing cycle by first giving value.

Before you begin advertising, work out what you can freely give that actually helps people.  Give them some value and then get them to your website or give them a phone number to call you, whatever works best for you (or both). Once you have that worked out then here’s some places you can market free.

Facebook_Logo-19Giving Value on Facebook  

The more you offer help, advice and real solutions in your posts and comments on other posts in your news feed the more you are going to become an authority and become trusted.  Do meaningful posts that refer people to your site at the end.

When you comment, avoid using a link to your site (it is often considered as spam).  If you have not joined groups pertinent to your business, then do a search for them and join.  

But don’t just “spam” your company or products.  Instead become a real member of the group offering support, advice, help and make yourself available to those who need help.

ypCaptureYP.Com (Also Known as Yellowpages.com)

You can list with them at no charge. Here you can accomplish a couple of things.  Get a local listing for your business.  Make sure you are listed only in relevant categories.  In the General Information Section of your listing, make sure you not only briefly explain your product line, but open your General Info section with some real value.  

If, for example, you are a health and wellness distributor, show first how your company can offer simple steps and education on becoming healthier or eating better, etc.  Then talk briefly about the products offered.  The profile section has many sections to it, so it’s a great opportunity to really make a local impression.  

Keep in mind though, customers can and will give reviews, so make sure you treat them right and even ask them to put a review up.  You can also advertise with YP.com, there’s a number to call to get assistance with this if you are interested.  Note:  Be very certain that you read and follow the Terms of Service before you do your listing.  This is always a critical step anywhere you look to market on the internet.

repspacelogo Repspace is “The Business Network for Work at Home Professionals”.

If you are not already a member of Repspace, go sign up.  It too is free. They offer several free services such as classified ads, groups, articles, forums and more.

They are similar to Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin in that people can make posts and follow each other, etc.  In essence they’re the social network for “work at home professionals”.  

Don’t go there and just post a flurry of ads. Go there, set up a great profile, and interact with people.  Post ads too of course, but use it as the social network it is meant to be.

linkedlogoLinkedin is for Business Professionals

Linkedin promotes themselves as the world’s largest professional network with 300 million members.  If you don’t have Linkedin, then get signed up there too.

Follow the same concepts for posting, giving value and interacting with other members.  Get signed up with groups relevant to your business and become a contributing member.

You can also advertise there, however, the terms of service are critical to understand and follow carefully.  Make sure you know them well. Just remember, the key is to give value first wherever you go!

Have some fun with it!





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