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Good News for Network Marketers. Don't Miss it!

Good News for Network Marketers. Don’t Miss it!

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Hello Network Marketers,

In the past 24 hours the technology section of new outlets has exploded with talk about Facebook’s recent update that is going to be extremely helpful and beneficial to small business owners – which includes network marketers.

I thought this was timely information that you would want to know about.  If you want more leads, more people to talk to, more people to sell your product to, then make sure you’re up on the latest info that’s out there.

One of the constant challenges that network marketers face is: not enough people to talk to. But what’s so exciting is that with new technology advancements, combined with the popularity of social media the perfect storm is created for network marketers to have a continual flow of good people to talk to.

Yesterday Facebook announced a number of updates and improvements that will directly benefit small business advertisers – their new developments help small business owners easily target specific users – which means helping you find very qualified people to talk to about your business or your product.

 If you’re not using Facebook to advertise for product leads or business partners, you should really consider it. You’re actually losing and missing out on a lot of potential by not at least exploring the possibility and giving it a try.

In fact, I personally know several successful network marketers who promote consistently on Facebook and have a constant source of qualified leads to work every day – with, and get this…it’s the best part – minimal expense.

I also have a friend in the real estate business who has been quite successful. He’s been working hard over the past few years to really create a presence on social media and he was recently interviewed about his strategies and success and one of the things he said was, “We get the most results from Facebook advertising – without question.”

With a lot of excitement buzzing today with Facebook’s announcements at their conference  yesterday I thought it would be helpful to look at ways you and your team can benefit from plugging into Facebook advertising. There are several reasons and over the next week we’ll be highlighting the ones that are most significant to you and your network marketing business.

Here’s the first advantage to advertising on Facebook:

Facebook Has A Global Gigantic Audience Which WILL Include Your Prospects

If you’re familiar with “Brilliant Compensation” think…Huge Expanding Market! 


Stats from last quarter indicate that Facebook has over 1.19 billion monthly active users and 728 million daily users.

You can be sure that with that many people logging on every day, you are guaranteed to find and connect with your market – regardless of what your company is or what products you sell.  A good percentage of your target audience is going to be looking at Facebook every day.

And the beauty of all of this is – especially if your business is global and operates in some or many countries around the world – you can target and find people in those countries. Expanding your business and truly having a global business is possible if you tab into this advertising resource.

I’d love for you to join in on our conversation. Have you ever advertised on Facebook and if so, what were your results and how did it go for you? Be sure to leave me a comment so we can continue the discussion there. 

Then, in a few more days we’ll continue with other advantages of generating leads using Facebook Ads. It’ll be a fun week of learning new ways to get more leads for your business. I hope you’ll stay tuned.

Also, before I sign off, If you’re already interested in this idea of generating a lot of qualified leads using Facebook, there’s something you need to listen to.  A short while ago Tim and Stephane Page hosted the “Ultimate Sales Funnel”  conference call and they talked about generating and working leads. They even announced a special Facebook Prospecting Webinar on this training call. You’ll get some important, behind-the-scenes information, so be sure to check it out.

You can listen here: https://firstclassmlmtools.com/ultimate/

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