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Don’t Blow It – Simplifying the Recruiting Process

Don’t Blow It – Simplifying the Recruiting Process

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Hello Network Marketing Professionals,

I had an interesting conversation with a frustrated network marketer a few days ago.

During our conversation I asked what was stopping him from making progress in his business. His response, “I don’t want to blow it!” He constantly worries about losing good leads and blowing it after getting the conversation going.

And then what he told me next just blew my mind.

I asked what he was doing to start the recruiting process and what his results were so far. In about these words this was his response: 

“When I get a lead, my first conversation with them helps me set everything up. I ask questions to make a strategic map of the prospect’s strengths, weaknesses and abilities. Then, with this information I prepare the material that they should review and this usually includes something on the science of leadership or case analysis.”

His results so far are zero successful recruits.

I wasn’t surprised. The approach was too complicated.

Sometimes we make this business too hard. I recommended to my friend that really, all he needed to focus on right now was the Invite category. That’s it. Don’t worry about strategic maps and case analysis. Just learn to recruit and invite. That’s it.

I sent my friend one of our new inviting cheat sheets “How to Recruit Like a Pro” to help get him unstuck and working in a new direction.

Out with all of the maps and analysis and moving on with simple things he can do today to learn how to recruit like a pro.

I thought you’d like access too.  Download your free Cheat Sheet “How to Recruit Like a Pro” here.

Hoping this helps move your business forward this week,

Tim Sales




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