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A Conference Call On Leadership & Truthfulness

A Conference Call On Leadership & Truthfulness

Posted in Building a Downline, Leadership, Presenting Your Business by Tim Sales.

Good Morning Network Marketing Professionals,

As many of you know, I’ll be speaking on Leadership and Team Building in the upcoming Top Earners Academy sponsored and hosted by Ray and Jessica Higdon in Tampa Florida in August.

I’ve asked my staff to pull out of our audio library a conference call I did awhile back while I was developing the Professional Presenter Course, where I explain some of the values and skills that make a great leader.


Tim SalesA Conference Call from January 2009:

“Leadership & Truthfulness”

by Tim Sales



To learn more about Leadership and Team Building, please join me in Tampa!

Top Earner Academy

Take Your Rightful Place among Our Industry’s Next Superstars!

In Tampa, you’re not only going to learn from me, you’re going to have three power-packed days, where you’ll hear from some truly great people, especially my friends Ray and Jessica Higdon. They’re sponsoring this summit and they will be providing some real power-packed training.  If you haven’t heard these two, well, I can’t say enough about how much you’re going to learn.

Here’s the Rundown:

Event:  Top Earner Academy

Location:  Marriott Tampa Waterside, Tampa, Florida

Dates: August 13 – 15 (VIP Day August 16th)

Hosts & Lead Trainers: Ray & Jessica Higdon

Special Guest Trainers: Tim Sales and Peter Montoya

Coaches & Trainers: Jerry Clark, Vince Reed, Justice Eagan, Richard Matharoo, Steve Krivda, Cesar L. Rodriguez, Tanya Aliza, David & Kate Ingram, Terry Gremaux, Chris Carroll, Mark Harbert, Kdna Keep, and Jessica Nelson

Special Price (Ends on July 3rd at 7:00 PM EDT)

  • 1 Ticket: $397.00
  • 2 Tickets $597.00
  • VIP Tickets: $1,294.00, if you want all the perks and special treatment that Ray and Jessica can roll out for you, then this is the ticket to get! (And yes, I’ll be speaking on VIP Day! Don’t miss this! It’s the Elite Mastermind Training Day)

If you want more information or you are ready to sign up now, I’m sending you straight to Ray’s site to get registered. Just click the “Click Now” Button and you’ll find yourself at Ray’s Top Earner Academy Event Page where you can review all the exciting information and get your tickets!

Click Now button

For Those of You Who Plan on Coming But Need More Time:  

If we’ve caught you at a bad time, but you do plan on attending, you can secure your special pricing.  Simply call us or email us before July 3rd and reserve your tickets with a deposit.

  • $75.00 deposit for one ticket,  
  • $125.00 deposit for two.  (Balance will be due by August 1, 2015, Deposit will be forfeited if not paid in full by August 1). 

Sorry, but we can’t accept reservations on the VIP Tickets. There’s not too many of those left so if you want to go VIP you’ll want to get that as quickly as you can.

  • Call:  (888) 307-7104
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Also, here’s how to book your hotel:  Call (888) 789-3090 or Click Here

Special Thank You Gift – Just For You!

And one last thing:  Once you buy your ticket, or if you’ve already bought it:  I’ve got a special thank you gift just for you! Forward your Sales Receipt for the Top Earner Academy from Ray’s site to support@firstclassmlmtools.com.  My staff have been instructed to send you a coupon for $50.00 for anything you want in our shop!  

Why am I doing this?  Because I believe that those of you who are going to that event have alrray and timeady taken the first step toward becoming Top Earners and I want to give you something that you can start using right away!  

You know what you need most so that’s why you get to choose how to use that coupon!  

I hope you enjoyed this conference call replay today and Ray and I can’t wait to see you all there!





Tim Sales

P.S.  Remember we do not have live phone support on the weekend but any voicemails or emails will be handled first thing on Monday as always. 

P.S.S.  To pay the balance on your reserved ticket(s), contact our support department and we’ll process your payment and get you registered.

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