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  • Tim Sales — Founder


    Tim Sales founded First Class MLM Tools to help network marketers sharpen their prospecting, sales and marketing skills through great training. Tim’s experience in building a downline of 56,000 network marketers helped him develop his signature training series. A public relations ambassador for the network marketing industry, Tim has also dedicated his time to debunking the false information spread about the MLM industry. Read all about our impressive Founder in the About Tim Sales Section of our website.

  • Tanya Munro — Executive Director


    Tanya is the Executive Director of First Class MLM Tools. She manages the day to day operations of the company for Tim, while implementing both short term and long term goals for the company. Tanya has an extensive background in Sales, Marketing, Management, and Public Relations. She has also worked for many years as a freelance writer, bringing her skill set to a variety of industries through on-point marketing, advertising, media and public relations campaigns. She is the proud mother of four children all grown and doing terrific things with their lives. In her spare time, she pampers her Standard Poodles, mostly by involving them in a number of outdoor activities such as biking, beach walking, and swimming.

  • Rolyn Matuto — Executive Virtual Assistant


    Rolyn is the Executive Virtual Assistant to the Executive Director and literally lives in the hot seat on a daily basis! She’s the girl that keeps things organized and on track for Tim and Tanya both. She’s in charge of stats, reports, project management targets of the Executive Director’s Projects, and a variety of administrative tasks that arise on a daily basis. She is also in charge of the company’s social media site, ensuring they grow and remain a valuable resource for all the company’s followers. She has a variety of hobbies to keep her busy in her spare time. She particularly enjoys playing with kids and dogs, and watching movies with her better half just to name a few.

  • Leni Neto — Web Architect


    Leni Neto is the Leader of the Company’s Technical Team. He is the architect and creator of all thing Technical for the First Class MLM Tools family of websites. Leni is often referred to as the “Magician” because of his uncanny ability to solve any technical problem that may arise. Normally, his problem solving skills are behind the scenes, and in effect before anybody even knew a problem existed. Leni works closely with Alex and Asif guiding, directing and creating the technical interfaces and environments that comprise today’s high tech world. A native Brazilian, when Leni has spare time it is devoted to his beautiful wife and two adorable children.

  • Alicia Clarke — Bookkeeper


    Alicia Clarke is the bookkeeper, in-charge of keeping the finances straight and true. Most days, you’ll find Sue and Alicia poring over spreadsheets and managing the financial matters of the corporations like true seasoned veterans! When she is not writing checks, collecting money or balancing the books, you can find her and her husband enjoying the warm weather out in Southern California.

  • Diana Coulby — Back Office Administrator


    Diana Coulby is in charge of the First Class MLM Tools back office – processing orders, moderating comments on our multiple websites, and handling different administrative support tasks. She has been on Tim’s team for four years. When she’s not switching hats, you can find Diana at the gym, cooking or planning here next travel adventure. Diana lives with her husband and two dogs, Penny & Rusty, in Maryland.

  • Mary Joy Ocoma — Leads Loyalty Specialist


    Mary Joy, like Michela and a few others is managing multiple responsibilities. She is in charge of the Amazon Bookstore project for First Class MLM Tools. She also assists Rolyn with the Social Network needs, and manages advertising of company products. Since the release of the New Customer Loyalty Program for Leads Subscribers, she has become the specialist in this area, assisting subscribers with all their leads loyalty needs. Make no mistake, she’s one busy girl! In her off hours, she loves to cook spaghetti and bake brownies. She’s a loving mother and wife. Her family loves to travel and go for adventures.

  • Ivy Kamhi — Brilliant Prospector Administrator

    Ivy Kahmi - First Class MLM Tools Customer Service Specialist

    Ivy is the Brilliant Prospector Administrator. She also provides support to all of our customers. Her purpose is to ensure our customers get the best experience with their subscriptions and their products so they can expand their MLM business. When Ivy is not helping customers she enjoys performing arts and singing. She also loves spending time with her family, friends and dogs.

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