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Jackie Ulmer

About Us

She’s another MLM Millionaire

And the Internet Was Her Greatest Tool!


Jackie Ulmer joined up in the Network Marketing industry all the way back in the days of face to face meetings, newspaper ads, and friends and family.  Just like Tim, she did things the “hard way” it was a time when the internet was new and just getting a name for itself, and certainly not the place where one socialized.  It was 1994 and she had one goal, build a strong home based business that would allow her the critical time to be with her young children and share their lives with them instead of shipping them off to Daycare.

In the years that followed, as she will tell you, she experienced success and it was a slow but steady rise through the ranks, it was never the passive income, work-at-home-in-your-spare-time, be-your-own-boss-at-the-beach type of business, but with hard work, good skills and dedication, it was a good income, with good residuals, and a strong hope for a continued successful future.

And then the Internet really got interesting, and Jackie was there to pioneer it as a place to make new contacts and build new relationships!

Today, she’s got what her original goals and dreams were all about:  First and foremost – she enjoyed her kids – they never did a day at Daycare while she slaved in a 9 to 5! Second — she made it to the ranks of MLM millionaire.  And she did that by harnessing the power and speed of the Internet.

Although her courses may seem simple and easy to you (that’s good, they’re supposed to be), it won’t be long before you discover and harness some of her ingenuity for yourself.  Sometimes the simplest things make all the difference! More important, she’s got the magic that makes these internet socializing gems work and work very well!  Following her lead can only help you to get a bit of that power from the Internet faster and easier!

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