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About First Class MLM Tools

About First Class MLM Tools

MLM was not always a well-known and well-thought-of business model, and that was the first thing that Tim Sales worked to resolve.  He saw that the multi level business model was both fair and lucrative– if it was used correctly.  He also saw all those years ago that many misconceptions and beliefs had developed around the industry, in part due to a lack of information, and in part due to some people having poor practices which needed to be changed. Although MLM is more favorably thought of today, for many who have never been exposed to it, misconceptions of the past still persist.

The most well-known and well-respected product that First Class MLM Tools provides is the legendary Brilliant Compensation by Tim Sales. Brilliant Compensation is a powerful 018presentation available in many languages and used across the world to educate and inform people on the value, fairness, and brilliance of Network Marketing.  It was first released in the mid-90s and is now responsible for the sponsoring of more than a million people into the network marketing industry. It was the beginning of change that Tim foresaw and began to bring about.

He established First Class MLM Tools to help him help the industry.  It’s purpose is to offer the highest quality products and services that will allow any person in the MLM industry to become a first class professional in their network marketing business.  It offers a complete range of  ethical and proven tools and resources for the Network Marketer at any phase of his business.

Brilliant Compensation was only the beginning.  Today, there are many training products and resources provided by First Class MLM Tools. The company’s reputation of success is well known by thousands upon thousands worldwide.  And they continue to grow as more and more people reach out to learn the multi-level marketing techniques that made Tim Sales a multi-millionnaire and have helped thousands upon thousands of other reach their goals too.

Tools include

  • training programs that teach you everything from the ground up so that you can build a large network marketing business
  • prospecting and lead generation systems
  • pamphlets, CDs, DVDs and other tools that Network Marketers can give to prospects, their downlines, etc. to help sell products and build a successful business
  • information and tools that grow your customer base

These tools are either created by or approved by Tim Sales, who says, “I am a hard man to please, so rest assured, what you find at FirstClassMLMTools.com is the best you’ll find anywhere.”

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