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I'm confused about all of the accounts I have with you. How do I keep them all straight?

I’m confused about all of the accounts I have with you. How do I keep them all straight?

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In some cases you may have up to four separate accounts. The reason for this is because we have four completely different and unique websites.

1. First Class MLM Tools by Tim Sales


This is our main website, and is the place where you can purchase training materials like CDs and DVDs, as well as access to all of Tim Sales’ free training content on the Blog.

Log in is needed if you have purchased digital content and would like to download and/or access the digital content in your account. To login you need your username and password.

2. Brilliant Prospector Online


This subscription service gives you access to the online videos “Brilliant Compensation,” “What the Wealthy Buy on PayDay” and a prospecting website on the domain www.ExploreFreedom.com, as well as a multitude of training materials and bonuses. To log in you will need your email address used at the time of sign up and a unique pass code (a number sequence)

3. First Class MLM Leads


This is our website for high-quality, cost effective leads. When you make your first lead purchase, you will be issued a username and password. These are then used to login to your account each time you visit the site.

4. Affiliate Program


If you are an “affiliate” you can earn commissions for products you recommend to others. We pay commissions for products at FirstClassMLMTools.com and FirstClassMLMLeads.com. From this affiliate site you can log into your Affiliate Account to retrieve your unique affiliate link, access promotion/advertising banners, and review your affiliate stats like number of clicks and commissions. To log into this account you need your email address and password.


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