Effective Communication Skills Are a Core Requirement to Success
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How Effective Are Your Communication Skills?

Have you ever heard of communication described as words, music and dance? In other words, how effective are your communication skills based on the words you use (words), the tone in which you use them (music), and the body language you display at the same time (dance)? This simple explanation shows why face-to-face communication is the most powerful communication form because all three vital components are on display simultaneously.

It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It

In the Brilliant Communicator Training Program, I break things down and show you how to develop or improve some basic concepts of communication that often get overlooked.  I call these the ten communication qualities.  Initially introduced to you in Professional Inviter, the next level of training on these critical and essential skills are in the Brilliant Communicator Program.

When communicating with an MLM prospect, you may not always have the benefit of holding a face-to-face conversation. However, even on the telephone, the music in your voice or the tone you use will come across loud and clear. Likewise, you will pick up the tone of your MLM prospect.

Now let’s put this into context when you are discussing your network marketing opportunities or handling questions and objections about the MLM industry.

Communication Qualities
Another term for communication skills is communication qualities. These communication qualities are the subtle and not-so-subtle nuances of how you present yourself and the multi-level marketing industry to your prospects. It’s how everything comes together when a person actually talks to another person.

One communication quality is a friendly facial expression. So, when you’re sitting down with a prospect, you want to make sure you have a friendly facial expression. When you’re talking on the phone, you want a friendly verbal expression. Why? Because any time that a prospect has an objection, whether it is expressed or unexpressed, the only chance that they will open up and share with you is if you have a friendly facial or verbal expression.

Faking It Doesn’t Work
You have to get this right – especially when you’re sitting down talking to a prospect. And never fake it. Unless you are genuinely interested in helping your MLM prospects, no matter how hard you try it won’t work. Either the tone you use will betray a faked friendly expression or a faked tone will be spotted immediately by your facial expression.

If you are still wondering why a “facial expression” is regarded as a communication quality, just think the look you gave someone the last time you were mad at them. How’s that for communicating?

Monitor Assertiveness
Another communication quality is the amount of assertiveness you use. When you are communicating you can come off as too strong, too soft, or just right.

Assertiveness is the amount of force that a person uses to make their opinion known. If you use too much, then you cause the prospect to back away. And volume of your voice doesn’t matter. You can come off as assertive even if you speak quietly.

When you’re dealing with network marketing objections, you have to use the right amount of assertiveness. What’s the right amount? The right amount depends on the level of assertiveness used by the questioner.



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