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Daily Motivation - Third-Party Enthusiasm Builds Credibility

Daily Motivation – Third-Party Enthusiasm Builds Credibility

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Credibility in Multi Level Network MarketingAmazon.com has an interesting ad campaign right now. They discuss how they have reinvented normal. It’s true. What you once spent time going out to find (a shoe rack or a particular replacement cord for your camera) is now a click away on Amazon. With a vast marketplace of products, it’s often difficult to know what to buy, but Amazon helps you out with customer reviews.

They even say that customer reviews were their “light bulb” in their new commercial. And those customer reviews are what I want to talk about today. The enthusiasm customers show for a product on Amazon can help you make an informed decision.

These reviews point out potential problems or other ideas for dealing with a problem a particular product seeks to solve. They build credibility for the company and other customers trust reviews over marketing language.

So what can you learn from the inventors of the customer review? That you need your own reviews. You need third-party stories and testimonials on what it’s like to work with you or to purchase your products.

Those reviews will help build credibility and others’ enthusiasm will help you inspire new team members to take a chance with your business opportunity.

Where do you get testimonials and where do you use them? You get them by asking your team and customers for a brief statement on why they work on your team or why they buy products from you. Then, you use them on your website, in your conversations with prospects and in recruitment ads.

Action Item: Start building credibility by leaning on others’ enthusiasm for your business.


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