Core MLM Training Sequence by Tim Sales

I am often asked in what sequence should people do the MLM training  that I offer.  First, let me explain that I offer a number of MLM training products, but there are three key training products  that all Network Marketer needs. These are the core MLM Training Products that I offer.

Core MLM Training Products

These core training products are in our shop.  You have your choice too.  Digital format or CDs & DVDs. Study these courses in this sequence.

  1. Professional Inviter
  2. Brilliant Communicator
  3. Professional Presenter

What Do You Learn from These MLM Training Products?

Professional Inviter 

This MLM training course teaches you the real nuts and bolts to inviting people. No matter what you are inviting for, you’ll learn to do it in this course.

In essence, anything you need to invite a prospect to is covered:

  • Inviting by phone.
  • Inviting in person.
  • Inviting to your business.
  • Inviting to your products.
  • When to invite to your business and when to invite to your products.

Inviting is the bedrock of all other actions that you do in Network Marketing. If you can’t invite, you can’t succeed. Poor inviting can cause you eat up a lot of your own profits. 

Brilliant Communicator 

This course picks up where Professional Inviter leaves off.  It takes you deeper. You will learn the ten communication qualities that will help you become a true leader. With this course you can master the art of communication. It’s communication that is behind everything you do.  Expert sales people are expert at communication.

Once you master this course you will find that everything about network marketing is easier. You will also find it is a lot more fun to do!

Professional Presenter 

This course is not only trains you to be able to present to an individual or an audience, but it is your tool to train your team. This means your team can stop relying upon you to invite, communicate and present to each and every prospect they find!

If you want more sleep, more free time, and more skill then become a professional presenter. 

Now that you know the line up, I hope you study and succeed!

Looking forward to your future success,

MLM Training

Oh and one other thing . . . don’t just study these courses once!  Study them over and over.  You’ll be amazed at how much more expert you become!



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  1. Paulina July 28, 2018 Reply

    This is exactly what I needed because I have been confused on what course to start with. Now I finally know what to buy first. Thanks!

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