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Professional Inviter & Professional Presenter are the Signature Training Programs developed by MLM Legend, Tim Sales. ​

With Tim's training you can transform from not being able to invite or present effectively to a complete MLM master - who can also train your own downline!

Not Only Will You Save a Bundle - You'll Be Getting Complete Training!

Professional Inviter

There are a million ways one can "blow it" when talking to a new prospect.  And most of us have tried at least a few of those "techniques" or shall we say, most of us have just stumbled through the conversation hoping against hope that somehow the person will join up.

Professional Inviter puts you in the driver's seat.  No more hoping for the best, no more testing the waters trying to do what your buddy did, what your upline did, or something you saw on a Youtube Video.

Professional Inviter is the real deal, it was developed by Tim Sales after years of painstaking perfecting to help all Network Marketers stop struggling and start converting.  It's the relationship building tool that gets your prospects loving what you can do for them, and what they will soon be able to do for themselves.

The Best Training You Can Get

Unravel & Master the Mystery of Handling a Prospect Correctly

Get Your Prospect to Love What You Are Offering and Reach Out to Be a Part of Your Team


Actually Build a Business that Gives You The Time & Financial Freedom You've Been Looking For


If You're "Dying on the Vine" Pro Inviter is the Life-Saving Kit You've Been Missing and Pro Presenter takes you into the Stratosphere!

You Don't Have to Stumble, Struggle, or Falter Anymore!  

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Professional Presenter is Yours Absolutely Free When You Buy Professional Inviter!

Professional Presenter™ Makes You Effective, and Fearless.

Whether your presentation is delivered to an audience of one prospect or 1,000, ensuring they actually buy your product or join your business depends solely on your ability to clearly communicate in a way that has a unique and personal impact on each and every prospect.

And that’s what Tim teaches you in The Professional Presenter Training Program - Here's Just a Few Examples of What You'll Learn:

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    Discover how to create that “magical connection” with every prospect 
  • check-square-o
    Learn how to give logical answers to the 15 most common questions about MLM
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    Never be stumped or thrown off track by your prospect’s questions again.
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    Learn how to use the 10 Communication Qualities to get your prospects reaching to join your team!
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    Uncover & master the four critical questions you must answer before presenting to anyone so you can stop wasting time.
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    Watch and Listen as Tim takes you through all the steps of presenting so that you can see hands on how easy it actually is

Why Do You Need Both?

In MLM, there are four critical steps to success.  

  • Prospecting
  • Inviting
  • Presenting
  • Training

When you get both Professional Inviter & Professional Presenter you will actually learn valuable techniques and methods on how to invite and present hand in hand.  

I have seen far too many times people get just one or the other of these two, and NEVER come back for the next product, so they only got HALF the training!  Half the training means only half the success!  That's not good enough, is it? 

I want you to have the best chance possible to succeed, so I'm giving you half the training absolutely free - all you have to do is study it - and then use it to build your business.

Tim Sales

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Professional Inviter, Tim Sales, First Class MLM Tools

Professional Inviter

CDs & Workbook, & Transcripts (shipped)

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Professional Inviter

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When Purchased Separately


Professional Presenter, Tim Sales, First Class MLM Tools

Professional Presenter

CDs, DVDs, Workbooks, Brochures & Presentation Card

(everything shipped)

When Purchased Separately


Professional Presenter, Tim Sales, First Class MLM Tools

Professional Presenter

Digital Version + Brochures & Presentation Card 

(instant access to training with brochures & Presentation Card shipped)

When Purchased Separately


Now You Can Have Professional Presenter Absolutely Free When You Purchase Professional Inviter

Professional Presenter, Tim Sales, First Class MLM Tools

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