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A Conference Call On Leadership & Truthfulness

Posted in Building a Downline, Leadership, Presenting Your Business by Tim Sales.

Good Morning Network Marketing Professionals,

As many of you know, I’ll be speaking on Leadership and Team Building in the upcoming Top Earners Academy sponsored and hosted by Ray and Jessica Higdon in Tampa Florida in August.

I’ve asked my staff to pull out of our audio library a conference call I did awhile back while I was developing the Professional Presenter Course, where I explain some of the values and skills that make a great leader.


Tim SalesA Conference Call from January 2009:

“Leadership & Truthfulness”

by Tim Sales



To learn more about Leadership and Team Building, please join me in Tampa!

Top Earner Academy

Take Your Rightful Place among Our Industry’s Next Superstars!

In Tampa, you’re not only going to learn from me, you’re going to have three power-packed days, where you’ll hear from some truly great people, especially my friends Ray and Jessica Higdon. They’re sponsoring this summit and they will be providing some real power-packed training.  If you haven’t heard these two, well, I can’t say enough about how much you’re going to learn.

Here’s the Rundown:

Event:  Top Earner Academy

Location:  Marriott Tampa Waterside, Tampa, Florida

Dates: August 13 – 15 (VIP Day August 16th)

Hosts & Lead Trainers: Ray & Jessica Higdon

Special Guest Trainers: Tim Sales and Peter Montoya

Coaches & Trainers: Jerry Clark, Vince Reed, Justice Eagan, Richard Matharoo, Steve Krivda, Cesar L. Rodriguez, Tanya Aliza, David & Kate Ingram, Terry Gremaux, Chris Carroll, Mark Harbert, Kdna Keep, and Jessica Nelson

Special Price (Ends on July 3rd at 7:00 PM EDT)

  • 1 Ticket: $397.00
  • 2 Tickets $597.00
  • VIP Tickets: $1,294.00, if you want all the perks and special treatment that Ray and Jessica can roll out for you, then this is the ticket to get! (And yes, I’ll be speaking on VIP Day! Don’t miss this! It’s the Elite Mastermind Training Day)

If you want more information or you are ready to sign up now, I’m sending you straight to Ray’s site to get registered. Just click the “Click Now” Button and you’ll find yourself at Ray’s Top Earner Academy Event Page where you can review all the exciting information and get your tickets!

Click Now button

For Those of You Who Plan on Coming But Need More Time:  

If we’ve caught you at a bad time, but you do plan on attending, you can secure your special pricing.  Simply call us or email us before July 3rd and reserve your tickets with a deposit.

  • $75.00 deposit for one ticket,  
  • $125.00 deposit for two.  (Balance will be due by August 1, 2015, Deposit will be forfeited if not paid in full by August 1). 

Sorry, but we can’t accept reservations on the VIP Tickets. There’s not too many of those left so if you want to go VIP you’ll want to get that as quickly as you can.

  • Call:  (888) 307-7104
  • Email:  support@firstclassmlmtools.com

Also, here’s how to book your hotel:  Call (888) 789-3090 or Click Here

Special Thank You Gift – Just For You!

And one last thing:  Once you buy your ticket, or if you’ve already bought it:  I’ve got a special thank you gift just for you! Forward your Sales Receipt for the Top Earner Academy from Ray’s site to support@firstclassmlmtools.com.  My staff have been instructed to send you a coupon for $50.00 for anything you want in our shop!  

Why am I doing this?  Because I believe that those of you who are going to that event have alrray and timeady taken the first step toward becoming Top Earners and I want to give you something that you can start using right away!  

You know what you need most so that’s why you get to choose how to use that coupon!  

I hope you enjoyed this conference call replay today and Ray and I can’t wait to see you all there!





Tim Sales

P.S.  Remember we do not have live phone support on the weekend but any voicemails or emails will be handled first thing on Monday as always. 

P.S.S.  To pay the balance on your reserved ticket(s), contact our support department and we’ll process your payment and get you registered.

Places To Value-Market Your Business on the Internet (Free)

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Good Morning Network Marketing Professionals,

With summer now in full swing, we often see lots of family time and vacations.  It’s a time typically when our industry doesn’t have as much growth.  I am frequently asked what should be done during this time to stay in the game.  The answer is promote.

Today, I’ve got some suggestions of places you can promote your business on the internet free or for very little.  But first let’s set the parameter.  

Here’s what you don’t want to do:  just try to sell product or build your business as your first step. In today’s Internet world, which has become very “socially driven” you want to give value as your first marketing step.

Here’s a great definition of what I mean by giving value: Anything you can freely give that actually helps people.  

Today, on the Internet, just about anywhere you go, people are trying to sell you something. And that’s ok.  It’s a great way to get introduced to new ideas, products, services, etc.  However, most end users are more interested in its social aspects first and foremost.  That means you’ve got to advertise in a more social way.

The real trick to getting those sales is to first build trust, respect and confidence in your potential prospects. Let’s face it, it is always easier to make a purchase from somebody you take seriously, and have some trust in.

It’s what we do as Network Marketers, building trust and strong relationships.  We know this approach works and if you think about it, we were probably the pioneers of this approach, long before there was a social structure on the internet!

Always start your marketing cycle by first giving value.

Before you begin advertising, work out what you can freely give that actually helps people.  Give them some value and then get them to your website or give them a phone number to call you, whatever works best for you (or both). Once you have that worked out then here’s some places you can market free.

Facebook_Logo-19Giving Value on Facebook  

The more you offer help, advice and real solutions in your posts and comments on other posts in your news feed the more you are going to become an authority and become trusted.  Do meaningful posts that refer people to your site at the end.

When you comment, avoid using a link to your site (it is often considered as spam).  If you have not joined groups pertinent to your business, then do a search for them and join.  

But don’t just “spam” your company or products.  Instead become a real member of the group offering support, advice, help and make yourself available to those who need help.

ypCaptureYP.Com (Also Known as Yellowpages.com)

You can list with them at no charge. Here you can accomplish a couple of things.  Get a local listing for your business.  Make sure you are listed only in relevant categories.  In the General Information Section of your listing, make sure you not only briefly explain your product line, but open your General Info section with some real value.  

If, for example, you are a health and wellness distributor, show first how your company can offer simple steps and education on becoming healthier or eating better, etc.  Then talk briefly about the products offered.  The profile section has many sections to it, so it’s a great opportunity to really make a local impression.  

Keep in mind though, customers can and will give reviews, so make sure you treat them right and even ask them to put a review up.  You can also advertise with YP.com, there’s a number to call to get assistance with this if you are interested.  Note:  Be very certain that you read and follow the Terms of Service before you do your listing.  This is always a critical step anywhere you look to market on the internet.

repspacelogo Repspace is “The Business Network for Work at Home Professionals”.

If you are not already a member of Repspace, go sign up.  It too is free. They offer several free services such as classified ads, groups, articles, forums and more.

They are similar to Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin in that people can make posts and follow each other, etc.  In essence they’re the social network for “work at home professionals”.  

Don’t go there and just post a flurry of ads. Go there, set up a great profile, and interact with people.  Post ads too of course, but use it as the social network it is meant to be.

linkedlogoLinkedin is for Business Professionals

Linkedin promotes themselves as the world’s largest professional network with 300 million members.  If you don’t have Linkedin, then get signed up there too.

Follow the same concepts for posting, giving value and interacting with other members.  Get signed up with groups relevant to your business and become a contributing member.

You can also advertise there, however, the terms of service are critical to understand and follow carefully.  Make sure you know them well. Just remember, the key is to give value first wherever you go!

Have some fun with it!





P.S. Summer is also a great time to train and hone your skills.  If you haven’t yet signed up for Network Marketing 101, go do that, It’s our downline building online training course.  You’ll get one lesson a week for the next six weeks delivered to you in our members area.  You’ll have one full week to practice before the next lesson arrives.

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[Insights] When You Have a Bad Day

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Today’s Insight

Hello Network Marketing Professionals,

What to do when you’ve had a bad day, bad week, or even a bad month? When you’re feeling like a failure instead of a success? When you’re thinking things can’t get any worse?

Just Remember This:


That’s right.  It always turns out alright! 



Tim Sales

p.s. Could you use a little help getting things up and running in your business?  Try the Business Pro Training Package.


[Insights] Big Ego Makes Others Feel Small

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Today’s Insight

Ego Definition:  a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance

Big (or Huge) Ego Definition: A person who thinks they are so great, and portrays a prideful attitude of themselves to the world, is a person with a hugeego.

If you have a big ego, you probably shut people off or turn them away. big ego

Ever seen a person with a big ego?  Did you want to hang around them or do business with them?  Did you want them for a boss? Do you want them in your downline?

It’s important to have a good sense of self-esteem and self-importance, who wants to do business with a wet mop?

The trick is to have just the right amount.

What’s the right amount? 

Enough confidence in yourself to also show that you have confidence in others and can show them that.  It’s the perfect amount of Ego.  

Everybody feels good, everybody feels empowered.





P.S. Need a little help getting just the right level of confidence and competence?  Try Network Marketing 101, it’s our online training course that takes you step by step through critical basics that help businesses grow fast and stably.


[Insights] Goals Are a Package Deal

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Good Morning Network Marketing Professionals,

Today marks the first day of a new type of blog post we’ll be doing over the weeks to come.  They are our Insights posts.  You’ll find they’re short, useable bits of information that are designed to help you out as you go about your business building.  We hope you enjoy them.

Here’s Today’s Insight

Goals are a package deal you know.  With each goal you set, included (free of charge) are barriers.  And the barriers are big or small.  The more you focus on the barriers, the bigger they get.

The more you focus on the goal, the smaller the barriers get.  Some disappear completely on their own.goals

So what are you going to focus on today?

With Admiration,




Tim Sales

P.S.  Need a little help achieving your goals?  Get Non-Fluff Goal Training today. Now available in Digital Format.


Core Training Line Up- What Should You Learn First

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Good Morning Network Marketing Professionals,

Yesterday, I sent a special informational email to new subscribers to our list, helping to answer the questions that come in so often about training on our core products.  My staff said that the email was so well received that it may be a good idea to turn that into a blog post.  Their reasoning was sound, so I agreed.

By providing this information in a blog posts, team leaders can also refer new subscribers who need training to this blog post as well.

Now I also offered special discounts to that select group yesterday, and I will extend those same discounts to our blog readers.  But do keep in mind that these discounts will end on June 5th, 2015, even though the blog post will stay up.  

Here’s the Email That Went Out to the New Subscribers Yesterday

Very often people who subscribe to my list are not aware that we offer three core training products that teach you how to invite, how to communicate like a master, and how to present and train your team.  They enjoy our blog and some of our specialty courses, but they never really dig in and take the next step.  Often because they don’t know what the next step is. 

This email is for those of you who have called or emailed asking for the sequence of our core training products, essentially in what order do we recommend that you train?

Finally, there’s been some confusion over the different versions we offer.

So first Let me explain the versions:

  • Silver Versions are digital only and are available to you in our members area.
  • Gold Versions are the physical products only, such as CDs, DVDs, Booklets, presentation cards and workbooks
  • Platinum Versions are both the digtal and physical so you can have the best of both worlds

Here’s your Training Line Up for the Core Training Products (you can click on the links below to get a complete rundown on each of these products). 

  1. Professional Inviter
  2. Brilliant Communicator
  3. Professional Presenter

What Do You Learn From Them (Or “why do I need to do this training, Tim?)

 Professional Inviter teaches you the real nuts and bolts to inviting people.  Whether you are inviting them to try your products, to a meeting, or lunch, or even a webinar, whether you are using the phone, or in person, in essence, anything you need to invite a prospect to. Inviting is the bedrock of all other actions that you do in Network Marketing, if you can’t invite, you can’t succeed.

If you invite poorly, you eat up a lot of your own profits.

Get It Now button

Available to you at 30% off with Coupon Code Pro30 until June 5th, 2015

featured-shop-bc-cd-set-and-workbook-233x233 Brilliant Communicator picks up where Pro Inviter leaves off.  It takes you deeper and helps you confront and handle the hard issues about yourself in business, but also allows  you to become a master communicator.  And it’s communication that is behind everything you do, especially sales.

When you master this course, then you’ll find that everything about network marketing is easier because you just raised yourself high in the ranks on competence and confidence.

Get It Now button

Available to you at 30% off with Coupon Code Pro30 until June 5th, 2015

 Professioinal Presenter is not only a training process for you to be able to present to an featured-shop-pro-presenter-2bindividual or an audience, but it is your tool to train your team so that they are not always relying upon you to invite, communicate and present to each and every prospect they bring.  

If you want more sleep and more free time, as well as more skill then you’ll want to become a professional presenter.

Get It Now button

Available to you at 30% off with Coupon Code Pro30 until June 5th, 2015

I’m giving you a coupon to get 30% off any version or any of these products.  To use the code, type in Pro30 at checkout.

If you decide to get all three core training products, use this coupon instead:  PRO40,  you’ll get 40% off instead of 30% off!

Note:  If you add all three items to your cart, the system is programmed to automatically apply the pro40 coupon code.  We are providing it for you in case your browser is not compatible and does not automatically give it to you. 

I hope this clarifies the line up and helps you in guiding yourself or those in your downline.

Looking forward to your future success,




Tim Sales

P.S. We have also recently added to our specialty training the new Brillliant Recruiting System.  You can get a free cheat sheet that shows you how to recruit like a pro just by clicking here

Don’t Blow It – Simplifying the Recruiting Process

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Hello Network Marketing Professionals,

I had an interesting conversation with a frustrated network marketer a few days ago.

During our conversation I asked what was stopping him from making progress in his business. His response, “I don’t want to blow it!” He constantly worries about losing good leads and blowing it after getting the conversation going.

And then what he told me next just blew my mind.

I asked what he was doing to start the recruiting process and what his results were so far. In about these words this was his response: 

“When I get a lead, my first conversation with them helps me set everything up. I ask questions to make a strategic map of the prospect’s strengths, weaknesses and abilities. Then, with this information I prepare the material that they should review and this usually includes something on the science of leadership or case analysis.”

His results so far are zero successful recruits.

I wasn’t surprised. The approach was too complicated.

Sometimes we make this business too hard. I recommended to my friend that really, all he needed to focus on right now was the Invite category. That’s it. Don’t worry about strategic maps and case analysis. Just learn to recruit and invite. That’s it.

I sent my friend one of our new inviting cheat sheets “How to Recruit Like a Pro” to help get him unstuck and working in a new direction.

Out with all of the maps and analysis and moving on with simple things he can do today to learn how to recruit like a pro.

I thought you’d like access too.  Download your free Cheat Sheet “How to Recruit Like a Pro” here.

Hoping this helps move your business forward this week,

Tim Sales




Tired of leads “looking for a job?” Here’s a solution for you…

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Hello Network Marketing Professionals-

It’s the start of a brand new week. What goals have you set for your business this week?

On the blog last week we launched a new short series that can help you get more leads and more people to talk to. After all, having enough people to talk to is always something that network marketers tell us is one of the most frustrating and difficult parts of the business.

We know how important leads are to your business – and are excited to introduce you to a very efficient and economical way to get more people to talk to.  Last week’s blog post focused on some the latest news from Facebook – and how entrepreneurs and small business owners can use the social media giant to find qualified and interested leads for any business or product.

Read the article here if you haven’t already – and then let’s continue on with the final two reasons why advertising on Facebook has huge advantages for network marketers. 

The first advantage to using Facebook, covered in the previous blog post, was that Facebook has a GLOBAL, gigantic audience that will include your target audience. There’s a huge pool of people you can tap into, and with that in mind, consider these other two advantages:

The Options to Reach Your Target Market Are Incredible

Sorry for all the excitement, but using Facebook advertising really helps you zero on the most qualified lead possible. Your ability to find a very specific audience is affordable and doable! Here are a few examples of how precise you can target an ad:

  • Let’s say you sell a weight loss product and want to start a local weight loss group. You can run advertisements that will only show up on Facebook for people in your area code who have an interest in weight loss or health and wellness. Facebook can even tell you how many people are in that reach, so you’ll have an idea of how many people would see your message.
  • Or how about you have a strong team or upline leader in a different area than you. You could run advertisements for your business in those key areas where the company or team is exploding and has a lot of support available. When you sponsor a new team mate from those ads, they immediately can tap into those resources that are local to them.

Starting to see the big picture? Not only do you have access to millions of people, but you can also tap into very specific, niche markets. That’s huge advertising power for your business.

And the final point you should know about, and one that I think you’ll be really happy about is:

Advertising on Facebook is really inexpensive

Yes, you read that right. Generating prospects on the social media giant is inexpensive and it’s not going to break your bank. Because you can really control your target audience, you know your ad is only going to be seen by your ideal prospect. And, you have full control over how much money is spent. If you want the advertising to shut off after $10 has been spent, the ad will shut off. And you constantly have at your fingertips all kinds of useful data to help you make good decisions on future advertising. You’ll quickly know exactly what you’re getting out of it.

Facebook will tell you all kinds of things like how many times your ad was shown and the number of people who clicked on the ad, and so much more.  With these tools, you are able to really develop the perfect marketing plan to get highly qualified people to talk to about your business or product.

After last week’s post, Alem wrote in and asked a great question that I thought you would like to be aware of too:

“I hope you will be discussing how to effectively use Facebook for advertisements.  I for sure want to grow my leads and could use all the help.”

And the answer to that question is – Absolutely! Facebook is a great way to grow your leads and we certainly have a resource that will help you, Alem. In fact, that resource is a webinar with Tim Sales and MLM Superstar Stephane Page.

You’ll learn all about how to advertise on Facebook, how to target your ad to generate a very qualified lead, how to quickly get Facebook to approve your ads, how to tell if your ad is a good ad and on target to create great leads, and so much more.

The best part about all of this is that the Successful Facebook Prospecting Webinar is on sale, but only for a few more days. The special price will save you 30 bucks, but only until April 2, so be sure to check out your special offer here:


And, if you have some experience generating leads on Facebook or have any questions please leave your comment or question in the “comments” section of the blog. I’ll be happy to continue the discussion with you there.

Have a great week – and make sure you’re connecting with 10 people every day. If you do, your business will grow.

Good News for Network Marketers. Don’t Miss it!

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Hello Network Marketers,

In the past 24 hours the technology section of new outlets has exploded with talk about Facebook’s recent update that is going to be extremely helpful and beneficial to small business owners – which includes network marketers.

I thought this was timely information that you would want to know about.  If you want more leads, more people to talk to, more people to sell your product to, then make sure you’re up on the latest info that’s out there.

One of the constant challenges that network marketers face is: not enough people to talk to. But what’s so exciting is that with new technology advancements, combined with the popularity of social media the perfect storm is created for network marketers to have a continual flow of good people to talk to.

Yesterday Facebook announced a number of updates and improvements that will directly benefit small business advertisers – their new developments help small business owners easily target specific users – which means helping you find very qualified people to talk to about your business or your product.

 If you’re not using Facebook to advertise for product leads or business partners, you should really consider it. You’re actually losing and missing out on a lot of potential by not at least exploring the possibility and giving it a try.

In fact, I personally know several successful network marketers who promote consistently on Facebook and have a constant source of qualified leads to work every day – with, and get this…it’s the best part – minimal expense.

I also have a friend in the real estate business who has been quite successful. He’s been working hard over the past few years to really create a presence on social media and he was recently interviewed about his strategies and success and one of the things he said was, “We get the most results from Facebook advertising – without question.”

With a lot of excitement buzzing today with Facebook’s announcements at their conference  yesterday I thought it would be helpful to look at ways you and your team can benefit from plugging into Facebook advertising. There are several reasons and over the next week we’ll be highlighting the ones that are most significant to you and your network marketing business.

Here’s the first advantage to advertising on Facebook:

Facebook Has A Global Gigantic Audience Which WILL Include Your Prospects

If you’re familiar with “Brilliant Compensation” think…Huge Expanding Market! 


Stats from last quarter indicate that Facebook has over 1.19 billion monthly active users and 728 million daily users.

You can be sure that with that many people logging on every day, you are guaranteed to find and connect with your market – regardless of what your company is or what products you sell.  A good percentage of your target audience is going to be looking at Facebook every day.

And the beauty of all of this is – especially if your business is global and operates in some or many countries around the world – you can target and find people in those countries. Expanding your business and truly having a global business is possible if you tab into this advertising resource.

I’d love for you to join in on our conversation. Have you ever advertised on Facebook and if so, what were your results and how did it go for you? Be sure to leave me a comment so we can continue the discussion there. 

Then, in a few more days we’ll continue with other advantages of generating leads using Facebook Ads. It’ll be a fun week of learning new ways to get more leads for your business. I hope you’ll stay tuned.

Also, before I sign off, If you’re already interested in this idea of generating a lot of qualified leads using Facebook, there’s something you need to listen to.  A short while ago Tim and Stephane Page hosted the “Ultimate Sales Funnel”  conference call and they talked about generating and working leads. They even announced a special Facebook Prospecting Webinar on this training call. You’ll get some important, behind-the-scenes information, so be sure to check it out.

You can listen here: https://firstclassmlmtools.com/ultimate/

Her stats went from 1 out of 40 to 1 out of 12 – how did she do it?

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Hello Network Marketing Professionals,

There’s a lot of interest from people in how they can get a lot more people to respond back to them.  I thought about it and realized that you could probably benefit from this short clip from my Professional Inviter Training.

Hope this helps you today and every day!

I’ve got these items on sale in our shop for you as well.  Go ahead and get some, then start sending them out to your prospects and get more prospects responding back to you too.  Click Here



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