A Message from Tim Sales

Dear Friend,

I’m Tim Sales and I believe you have what it takes to be a successful Network Marketer. If you have the desire to succeed, then you will succeed. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

Tim SalesIf you look at everything else that encompasses your business … your product, your skills, your strategies, your marketing tools … all are secondary to your attitude. If you want success badly enough, if the desire burns within your heart, then you will achieve success, then you will succeed. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

But you don’t have to travel the road to success by yourself.

My staff and I are here to help you. We can do that by helping you sharpen your prospecting, sales and marketing skills, define strategies that will work best for you and provide you with tools that have proven themselves effective time and again at increasing sales and building downlines. There is a wealth of free MLM training articles here to get you started.

When I started in Network Marketing, my situation probably wasn’t much different from where yours is right now. I started off part-time. My full-time job was as an underwater bomb squad technician for the U.S. Navy.

I had just returned from the first Persian Gulf War. As they say in the military, I had pulled all the leafs off the clover, meaning, I had been in so many life-threatening situations that my luck was running out. I was shipped back to the States, to a Navy base in Maryland.

Though I found this job exciting, it wasn’t what you’d call financially rewarding. What I really wanted out of life was a safe way to earn a substantial income while at the same time providing a valuable service to others. I discovered that winning combination one day in a classified ad in the Washington Post.

I was cautious at first. What I heard about Network Marketing from the man who placed the ad seemed almost unbelievable. Then I paid a visit to him at his home in suburban Maryland. Coming from a small working class town in Tennessee, I had never seen such luxury. This man was obviously doing something right.

At the end of our meeting, he handed me a video tape entitled “Your Turn To Win.” I graciously accepted it, though I was embarrassed to even tell him I didn’t have a VCR with which to view his tape. But I was hungry to learn more about Network Marketing, so on a lunch break the following day, I drove my battered pick up truck to the local Montgomery Ward department store and headed for the place where they sold televisions.

After hearing my story, the manager agreed to allow me to watch this tape on the only VCR that was connected to a television. In fact it was connected to all the televisions on the sales floor. So for the next 45 minutes, I, along with the manager, his entire sales staff and a few customers and passers-by, watched “Your Turn To Win” on all 27 televisions at Montgomery Ward.

The Story That Forever Changed My Life

Nothing in that video impacted my life more than what came at the very end. It was a story about how circus fleas are trained. Now if you don’t know much about fleas, here’s a true fact of nature that’s just amazing: Fleas have been known to make leaps of up to 13 inches…about 200 times the length of their own bodies. This would be equal to a six-foot man jumping 900 feet!

But circus fleas won’t jump 13 inches. They won’t jump out of the jar even though the lid has been removed. Why? Because they’ve been trained to believe they can’t jump out of the jar, no matter how hard or how often they try. It goes against nature for sure, but it’s true.

The trainers simply put a lid on the jar and let the fleas bang their heads on the lid until the fleas are convinced that jumping high enough to get out of the jar results in nothing but a big headache. Now I’ve never really interviewed a flea, but I gotta figure they get headaches just as we would if we jumped off a trampoline and hit our heads on the ceiling.

The point of the video was well made. If you don’t take the risk of banging yourself on the head, you won’t get injured. Let me say it again a different way … If you don’t take the risk of freeing yourself from your present situation, you won’t feel any pain.

We humans like to avoid pain at any cost. That includes emotional pain like rejection and failure. It includes financial pain like losing money. And so we train ourselves to stay in emotional and financial bondage (the jar) and never allow ourselves to experience the rewards we could gain by jumping out of that jar.

Remember what I said earlier? Your attitude, above all else, is the factor that’ll determine your success in Network Marketing … and in all other aspects of your life. To succeed, you’ve got to want to leap out of that jar.

Now this is really important, so pay attention.

When I retired from my first Network Marketing company in the late 90s, I had earned millions and built a downline of over 56,000 people in 26 countries. I still continue to receive a substantial passive income from my business even though I am no longer actively involved. That ability to build passive income is one of the hallmarks of Network Marketing. Few opportunities can offer you that.

Let me add one more critical thought before I close.

When I started in Network Marketing, there was little, and I mean very little available to help a struggling Network Marketer succeed. I was simply told to make a list of all my friends and relatives and then go sell them on the idea. Sadly, that ill-conceived and unworkable strategy is still used by nearly everyone today.

Listen. On the road to earning millions, I made every mistake imaginable. I did my daily affirmations in an attempt to build up my emotional armor. But I still felt the pain of rejection over and over again. And I paid good money for sales aids that proved useless because they didn’t address the unique needs of the Network Marketer.

I have removed all the risks for you.

I love Network Marketing, both as an industry and as a way of making an honest living through multiple streams of passive income. FirstClassMLMTools.com is yours. Use it to your advantage. I have developed tools such as Brilliant Compensation and Professional Inviter to to name a couple that you can use to successfully invite prospects to learn more about your business and to quickly build your downline. Both are products of my own personal triumphs.

I also continually shop the industry, carefully selecting affordable tools I believe can be of significant value to you. I am a hard man to please, so rest assured, what you find at FirstClassMLMTools.com is the best you’ll find anywhere.

My crusade to increase the professionalism of the entire network marketing industry marches on, and I believe it begins at the most basic level – teaching network marketers how to be a professional in every aspect of their business. That’s why I provide free private group MLM training calls and I travel around the globe delivering professional MLM training events for groups and companies.

To your success,


Tim Sales


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    The purchases I make are entirely based on these articles and the training is absolutely awesome.

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