Please read the important information below to access and download any online products you have purchased.

As you know from our recent emails, we are shutting down the members area as a part of our whole new evolution to Network Marketing Power.

If you have missed our emails announcing these big changes, here's a quick recap:  Tim has been creating all new training videos and there's a whole new website for you to go to and enjoy all this great training. It's the all new Network Marketing Power. 

Part of these changes include closing up First Class MLM Tools family of websites, except for Brilliant Prospector and the First Class MLM Leads Store--they will stay online and accessible to you.

Your Member's Area is a part of First Class MLM Tools website and contains all the online products you ever purchased from us. We have reprogrammed it so that you can download all of them. 

If you have any concern that a product is missing, or difficulty downloading please let us know by contacting

If we do not hear from you then we will trust that you were able to access your members area and download anything that you wanted.

Also please remember that the members area will be closed out and no longer accessible on May 18, 2019  so please take the time to respond to us as quickly as you can, and make sure you give yourself enough time to download all your products.

As a reminder, we are not closing out Brilliant Prospector or the First Class MLM Leads store, however you can no longer purchase any products from this site.

It has been a pleasure to be of service to you all these years.  Enjoy your whole new experience at Network Marketing Power!

Your First Class Customer Support Team