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This is Where the Money is Made in MLM

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Hello Network Marketing Professionals,

How has your week been?  As we close out another week and end the first month of a new year, I hope that you’re seeing progress in your business.

If you’ve been following our blog for the past few weeks you’ll notice that the conversation has focused on important topics to help you remove the frustration, stop spinning your wheels and make forward progress faster than ever.

Today’s discussion is the third and final installment on successful activities that network marketers do every day to make money in MLM.  Earlier in the week we discussed Goals and Promotion, as well as Where most people get stuck in MLM.  But today we’re going to talk about the fun activities, and I say they’re fun because doing these activities is what brings in the bucks…they are the payday in MLM. That’s why they are important and worth our time discussing today.

The final three activities that network marketers must learn how to do correctly are:

  • Selling the product/service
  • Sponsoring people
  • Training new distributors

One thing I love about the network marketing industry are the people who are in the industry. You are good people who are interested in others, you are helpful, you want people to be happy and enjoy life. In fact, one of Tim’s observations is that business is about making people’s lives better. Everything he does focuses on this one single concept.

So when we look at these final activities that are essential to making money in network marketing, I want to point out two reasons why they are important to your success.

Reason #1 – You create loyal customers

When you know how to sell the product or service customers will gravitate to you because they will want what you offer. People won’t feel like you’re too pushy or aggressive. They won’t even feel “sold.” They will be excited because you’ve offered them something that is going to make their life better. And once you have a loyal customer, they are your customer for life.

Reason #2 – You create leaders

Your daily activities should lead to sponsoring someone and bringing them into the business. What an honor it is for you to help make this person’s life better. It’s now your responsibility to help them reach their goals. Your reward in doing so will be total time and financial freedom.

Folks, this is where the money is made in MLM.

When you can sponsor someone and train them correctly, you are paid exceptionally well. And what do you train them to do?  The items on this list that we’ve been discussing:

  • Goals and a plan to achieve them
  • Promotion to generate leads and customers
  • Dialing the phone and talking with people
  • Connecting with people and inviting them to look at the product or business
  • Setting appointments and presenting to those who are interested
  • Selling product and building a loyal customer base

Yes, it takes time to learn these activities. It does take effort to confront what you don’t know or aren’t doing well, and learn how to do them correctly. But, once you can do them, look at the pay off. Not only can you do them, but you can teach others to do them as well.

So why are these last activities on our list important? The answer is simple: you are able to make people’s lives better, and in turn, you achieve your goals.

I can’t think of anything more worthy of your time and effort than learning and mastering the activities on this list. In doing this, you become a true network marketing leader.

Speaking of leaders, we’d like to hear from you. Based on your experience and observation, what makes a great leader? What qualities do they possess? Why do people want to follow them and listen to them? How has she/he helped you personally? If you’d like to give a “shout out” just put your comments right here on the blog. 

The Heart of What You Do as a Professional Network Marketer

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Hello Network Marketing Professionals,

And welcome back to our week-long training series, where we’ve been discussing the most important things you need to know in MLM to succeed.

The next items on our “list of activities” that are essential to your success in network marketing are worth discussing because this is where the greatest majority of our industry is stuck!

Yes, you read that right. Talk with any leader, and they’ll tell you that the biggest problem areas they have in their downline fall into these daily activities:

  • Dialing the phone – reaching out to talk to people
  • Setting appointments
  • Inviting people to look at the business or the products
  • Presenting the business or the products

This area of dialing the phone, connecting with people and talking with them, inviting and setting appointments and then presenting is the heart of what you do as a professional networker.

Having the ability to easily communicate with someone and help them see the benefits of your product, or what makes it unique allows you to build relationships with others. And when you know how to communicate well and express your thoughts and ideas, you have this incredible ability to help people solve their challenges; you have the ability to show them how your product or service can make their life better.

Likewise, your business can be the answer to someone’s biggest problem. Think about the mom who hates choosing between daycare/work or staying at home. Or the baby boomer who lost most of his retirement when the markets crashed and is now scrambling to make up for the money lost. Your business is an answer to real problems. Does it work to just throw that business up on a website and wait for the people to sign up? No! It doesn’t work that way at all. These are people with real problems and concerns and they need a real person to help them solve it. So why is having the skills to connect with people, and knowing how to effectively communicate, and invite and present…why are these skills so important?

These are the skills required of you so that you can add value to a person’s life and help them see how you can help them and make their life better.

Getting Unstuck

So, if this list is where most people are stuck, the most logical question is….how do you get unstuck so you can reach those goals you’ve set for yourself?

Take a minute and just look at this list again and consider these four activities:

  • Dialing the phone – reaching out to talk to people
  • Setting appointments
  • Inviting people to look at the business or the products
  • Presenting the business or the products

Then, honestly answer these questions:

Which of these are you doing well?

Are there any that you’re trying to do, but not getting the results you had hoped?

Are there any items on this list that you are avoiding?

Of course, the benefit of figuring all of this out is simply this: Once you have identified what you can’t do well, you know where your focus needs to be. You know what to get help with. Learn how to do it, and then move on to the next one and master it.

Because this area of the business is the biggest stumbling block, I want to give you something that will really help you. Here’s the deal.

Take a few minutes and really think about the questions I asked above. You truly evaluating where you’re at  and acknowledging what you need to work is one of the biggest favors you’ll do for yourself this week. So, just do it.

Then, take a few more minutes and write your comments on this blog post. Let me know what you are doing well, what you are doing but not getting the results you’d hoped for, and let me know what you are avoiding.

Anyone brave enough to confront this and post their comment is going to get a response back from me with some helpful pointers to get you unstuck. You’ll see those comments right under your own blog comment.  In addition, I will personally email you one of Tim’s most popular training ebooks, “How to Recruit Like a Pro.”

I hope your comments keep me so busy this week that I don’t have time for anything else…well, except having time to put our finishing touches on Tim’s newest training  course for network marketers that we’re going to be releasing soon.   We’re super excited to get it into your hands!


Ever Wondered Why There Are Certain Things You Need To Know to Successfully Run Your Business?

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Happy Monday Network Marketing Professionals,

This week we’re going to dedicate three blog posts to the most important things you need to know how to do in network marketing. In last week’s blog we talked about why training is important, and we gave you list of “what you needed to know”.

Today’s discussion will focus on the first two items on the list: goals and promotion. But the focus is WHY you need to know this stuff.  Sometimes, it isn’t enough to be told WHAT you need to know.  Understanding WHY you need it is very important.

Jellyfish and Goals

I’m pretty sure that you had a big goal, something you wanted to get or achieve, when you signed up in the business. Only problem is, what I see happen a lot is that we have these goals, we just have no idea how to achieve them. We know we want to pay off that credit card debt….we just aren’t sure how to get the money to pay it off. 

The truth is, setting the goal is the EASY part. We’re all GREAT at setting goals. Accomplishing the goal is where it can get complicated for some. And really, what good is a goal if you don’t do anything/don’t know how to achieve it?

Having no goals, or not working to achieve your goal is like floating through life like a jellyfish. See, a jellyfish is just “there”…floating in the water. It has no ability to propel itself, it totally depends on the currents, and wherever the currents take it, is where it goes.

But, when you have a goal and you have a plan to accomplish that goal…now you’ve got structure, and you are going places. You get to decide where you go – the current (objections, distractions) have no or little influence over you because you’re in the driver’s seat. You decide what you want and you get it. 

Think about this: People who earn more than one million dollars a year are not, on average, extraordinarily gifted or talented in the usual sense of these words. They are, however, disciplined and hard working. They set goals for themselves and then stick to it until those goals are achieved.

So, you want to accomplish a goal this week, this month, or this year? Great! Make sure you don’t’ just set the goal – create your plan and then stick with it. That’s how you’re going to accomplish your goal.

Who Knows You’re In Business?

And of course, the next item on your ‘to do list’ for success in network marketing is knowing how to promote.

As Tim often does, let’s begin with a definition. The word promote means: to make known.

Today you’re in business. The question you need to ask yourself is: who knows you’re in business? Think about that answer and I challenge you to honestly answer it. Who knows that you’re in business today? How many people know that you have an incredible product or service?

All too often, network marketers have this impression that they don’t want to come off as being sales-y or pushy. They feel uneasy talking about, advertising or sharing the business or the product.

The truth is, not promoting will most certainly make it impossible for you to achieve your goals. Objections like worrying about if you’re being too sales-y or pushy, or being unprofessional stop you from promoting your business.  And if you don’t promote, you aren’t going to have leads or sales. As Tim has wisely advised:

“The worst thing you can ever do in your business is to think, ponder, worry or even get the idea that it’s unprofessional to promote!  The reason you promote is to create desire for your product. If you don’t create a desire for your product, it’s very difficult to achieve MLM success.”

Your assignment: Take a minute today to evaluate two important and crucial areas of your business and answer these questions:

  1. Do you have goals and a specific plan to help you reach your goal? If not, what’s stopping you?
  2. Do you have promotion methods in place so that you have people to talk to about both business and product on a consistent basis? If not, what is stopping you from promoting your business; what do you need to help you promote?

I’d love for you to post your answers to these questions in the comments section of this blog entry, where we can continue to the discussion and help solve some of these challenges for you.

Then, we’ll continue our series this week; see you back here in a couple days where we will be discussing the area of business where most network marketers get stuck. You won’t want to miss it!

Oh, and a little postscript for you:  Soon, Tim is going to reveal something completely new that is going to be your breakthrough in training. You’re starting to get a concept of what to train on and why, but just around the corner is the way we are going to make that happen!  So stay tuned for his big announcement!  It’s something we’ve never had available before and our beta phase was very exciting!


The Secret to This MLM Business Is. . .

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Hello Network Marketing Professionals, Just want to say thank you to those of you who responded so far with comments to the blog article yesterday. And to those of you who sent me notes privately, hey, I understand.  Sometimes saying your troubles openly can be tough.  I got those emails and I’ve asked Kristyn to help me get responses back out to you so look for that in your email.  Best to all of you!  Now I must say that a couple of the comments which did come were from folks who felt that training really wasn’t as essential as it truly is.  For a very small percentage of you, training may not be as essential as it is to others, perhaps because you brought some great skills with you into this industry, or because you’ve got a great upline who is coaxing you along.  Unfortunately, that’s not the case for others.  The more they can overcome the barriers they do have to getting some training time in the more they are going to have success and honestly, its going to get a lot more fun too! Tim (The rest of this article was prepared by Kristyn Bore.)

The Secret to this MLM Business is Training.

The biggest leaders in the industry have figured out how to teach successful duplication from one leader to the next. The correct skills are taught. And when enough people are doing those correct skills, the magic happens. This industry pays very well when you know the skills and you can teach them so the next person can do them correctly.

Bottom line, if you want to produce more, or you want your downline to produce more, you must be trained.

And the second piece of good news is that my development team has been working with Tim on something that is going to give you more guidance and help in the training department than ever before. I am not allowed to say any more about it right now, but just now that very soon, you’re going to start and see some amazing stuff roll into your inbox. I would encourage you to pay attention.

How & What to Train On

The test of effective training is not whether you show up to a weekly webinar and take notes, or you’re reading the latest and greatest “Rah Rah Motivational – Positive Affirmation” book. Yes, those things are important, don’t get me wrong. But, the most effective training is simply this:  Whether you can actually DO THE SKILL you’ve been taught. For example, if you are calling leads and not setting any appointments, it doesn’t matter how many best- selling “Rah-Rah” books you’re reading! Doesn’t matter how “pumped up and excited” that book makes you. If you don’t have the skills to set appointments consistently you’ll continue to drown. So for those of you who are wondering what you should be focused on learning and what you should be studying, here’s a list straight from Tim Sales’ little book with all of the training answers.

This is What You Need to Know

  • How to establish and achieve goals
  • How to promote
  • What to say to people when they make phone calls
  • How to set appointments
  • How to Invite
  • How to present your business or products
  • How to sell your business or products
  • How to sponsor people (the correct procedures and sequence)
  • How to train new distributors

Get Rid of the Fear & Hesitation

In order for you to get rid of the fear and hesitation and move into productivity that gets results, you need to be effective in each one of these areas. When you can do each of these things, you will be motivated because you are effective.  You will produce more because you feel ABLE to produce. Now it’s your turn!  Our entire staff is gearing up to help you in a big way this year, and Tim has something coming that going to take a lot of the confusion out of getting trained.   Leaders, please chime in here and let Tim know what obstacles are in your way of training your team. Especially since what he’s got up his sleeve should be exactly what Leaders have been looking for.  You’ll find out more about this soon.  For now, just keep reading the blog!  

What Makes Training Hard for You To Do?

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Hello Network Marketing Professionals,

I’ve been receiving emails and reading your recent comments on our blog. (Specifically these two: Gems of Advice from Tim Sales That Help You Turn The Corner & Get Focused Again and What Made You Join the Network Marketing Industry?)

Thank you so much for sharing your stories and your struggles!  I think both help others in the industry more than any of us will ever know.  In some of the emails I’ve received and comments that I’ve read, I can see the struggles do come down to not having enough training.

My thoughts today are specifically for those of you who are feeling a little hesitant about your progress….maybe you’re a little uncertain about how you’re going to reach your goal, or perhaps you have this incredible desire, you’re feeling the excitement, but deep down you have this little fear, this little hesitation that’s nagging you constantly saying, “You can’t do it.”  That problem goes away with training too.

You’re wondering HOW IN THE WORLD you are going to make it happen?!?

Look, I’ve got good news and bad news for you.

The bad news is that, in all honesty, it does you no good to sit there and have these doubts that you can’t do it, or that you’ve already tried and failed. That does no good.  You need to ditch the fear and hesitation and replace it with certainty and confidence.  But if you are not automatically reaching out for the things that would allow you to do this, then there must be something preventing you from doing so.

The good news is that all of this can be done by you.  But how you do it depends a lot on what your specific needs are when it comes to getting the knowledge you need. 

And that’s my question to you today.  All the things you struggle with have a common denominator:  You need more training, but you’re not getting it.  Why is that?  What makes it hard for you to get trained?  Is it time?  Is it money?  Is it an uncertainty of what you should train on?  Is it lack of discipline?  Is it something else?

 Looking forward to your comments.

All the Best,


Gems of Advice from Tim Sales That Help You Turn The Corner & Get Focused Again

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Last week Tim posted a Blog entitled  What Made You Join the Network Marketing Industry? where many of you shared your stories, including the triumphs and the struggles.  Your comments were all great and I loved reading all of them.  As I read some of the struggles, I realized how fortunate I’ve been to have had the privelege of working alongside of Tim for many years.   

That has allowed me to create a little collection of little gems from him.  It’s his advice and tips in a few areas that I want to share with you today. As well, I’ve included some great advice from Million-dollar earners Ray and Verlie who commented on the previous post I mentioned above.  

I wanted to post some of those gems for you here today.  As you will see, it is the kind of stuff that just seems to jump out at you the minute you hear them or read them…They’re the little gems that help you turn the corner and get focused again.

This post today is dedicated to:

  • all of you network marketers who are struggling to make it. 
  • those of you who need to figure out how to “get the hard stuff out of your way.” 
  • those of you who are wondering how to help inspire someone on your team and help light that fire and determination again.

I present to you a few “gems” from my little collection of advice from Tim Sales.

If you have anxiety or hesitate to talk with people about your business or product, or if you have a team member who is scared to death to talk with prospects…

Fear of rejection, out of comfort zone, call reluctance – these are all fancy phrases a person comes up with to mask what they don’t know how to do. I don’t care if the person has been in sales for 20 years. If they don’t make the calls and talk with prospects, it’s because there is something about the business they don’t know how to do.

If you’re frustrated because what you’re doing doesn’t seem to be working…

Certain proven activities create success in network marketing. Certain activities will make you money. Everything else is just a waste of your time. Successful network marketers focus ONLY on the money making activities that drive their success.”

If you need a good reminder about what business is all about…

When it comes to inviting someone to look at your network marketing business, your intention prior to the call (and during, and as long as you know the person) should be to make someone’s life better.  If that is your aim, truly your aim, then everything you do will be towards that. 

Show me someone who is focused on making money and I’ll show you a tired, worn-out, broke person because they’re trying to receive before they give.  And I’m not suggesting this person isn’t working their fool head off trying to make money.  I’m clearly stating that they won’t be able to because they’re focused on the receive side of the equation, instead of the service side of the equation. 

This universe is rigged that you give, then receive.  People think that by working hard they’re giving – nope!  Not until someone’s life is better do you get paid for your hard work.

If you’re fearful or afraid of any particular part of the business….

When you confront what you fear enough times, you fear it no more. As you CONTINUE to do this, you will focus on DOING IT instead of worrying whether you CAN do it or not. Then, something bizarre will happen. You’ll sponsor someone in the business. And on that day you’ll realize you really CAN do it.”

If you’re having a hard time motivating your downline…

The reality is, you can’t motivate your downline! But you can get them to produce more. Which is what you really want FOR them and FROM them anyway.

To get your downline to DO more, to get them to exhibit confidence, cheerfulness, and discipline requires you to do two things – GET THEM EFFECTIVE AT WHAT THEY DO with good training and make it in their interest to do it.”

If you feel like you’re ready to quit and give up on your hopes and dreams for time freedom and residual income…

Let me share some advice from Million-dollar earners Ray and Verlie, who recently commented on Tim’s blog post, What Made You Join the Network Marketing Industry? 

For the first four years we struggled at the same pin level. Eventually,  we found a “gun” and our business took off. Our confidence and belief went through the roof, and up until today we have earned $1.5 million. 

What stopped us initially – fear, procrastination, lack of belief, inconsistency, diversions, negativity

What worked?– we invested heavily in our personal development – walked over hot coals, jumped out of aero planes, sang and did comedy in front of 400 people – with no talent, powerful presentations, toastmasters, affirmations and visualization.

We finally made a committed decision to do what it takes and to be consistent.
Tim Sales Brilliant Compensation, brilliantly explained Tim.
– Not quitting!

If you think MLM is hard… 

I looked at this industry and said, “Sure it’s hard, everything is hard.” But it’s harder to not have what you want all your life than it is to just get the hard out of the way.”

So to all of you who are still trying to figure out how to “Get the hard out of the way”, I challenge you to decide today what your plan will be make 2015 the year you identify, tackle and remove whatever that “hard” is that is stopping you from getting what you really want in life. (from Tim Sales)

This is your battle cry this year.  Get the Hard Stuff Out of the Way!

Please take a minute to let us know what your “hard” is in the comments below:

  • What is it that is stopping your business from getting started, moving forward or advancing to the next pin level?
  • Do you struggle to train your downline?
  • Where’s your struggle? 

Or, if you’ve had some success in getting over a big hurdle, how did you do it? 

I’m looking forward to hearing from a lot of you!  Also, if you didn’t read that earlier blog post from Tim, please use the links to it in this article and have a look.  Give us your comments there too.  

Kristyn Bore

p.s. Ray and Verlie are spot on in the importance Brilliant Compensation plays in your business.  If you don’t have it or are not using it, please do yourself a big favor and get it.  Watch it yourself first.  Then get your downline to do the same.  Then use it with your prospects.  It makes a world of difference!

What Made You Join the Network Marketing Industry?

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Ever since Forbes Magazine published their article Would You Join A Multi-Level Marketing Company For Retirement Income? in the fall of 2014, I’ve been more and more curious about those of you who currently subscribe to our blog and training programs.  What made you Join Network Marketing?

According to that Forbes article, more and more retired people are joining Network Marketing and with a variety of commitment levels. We’re also seeing people who are planning to retire soon consider Network Marketing as the solution to no or low retirement nest eggs.

How many people today have found that they are in an all too common scenario where the money they make simply doesn’t go as far?  I recently had opportunity to talk with a fellow who used to work for General Motors and General Electric since the 80s.

He said that since the whole economic meltdown in 2008 he has had a rough time.  However he feels that he has fared better than many, because he did finally get re-employed. 

But he then went on to say that once again, he makes as much money today as he made in the 80s.  Except of course, in the 80s that afforded him a nice house, two cars in the garage, a boat, a savings account and extra spending money for he and his family.  He happily reminisced about the season tickets he had every year to his favorite football team.  It was a good life it seemed, and one he never thought would take a bad turn.  After all, he worked for two of America’s Giants. 

Today, although his children are grown and he’s on his own, his paycheck barely gets him through to the next one, the savings account is gone, there’s no boat, or two cars in the garage.  He’s frustrated that he finds himself nearing retirement and fully aware that unless things take a serious change, he’ll never be able to retire.  Until he and I met, MLM had never even entered his mind as a possible solution to his future. Even then he wasn’t sure he could pull off starting his own business so late in life and so “set in his ways”. Of course, Brilliant Compensation and Professional Inviter are alleviating those concerns.

For so many years, we’ve seen the bulk of the people in our industry entering from a younger age group  (20s to 40s), and of course many of these have turned MLM into life long careers. 

But the question arises, what does the MLMer arriving later in life need?  What are his or her challenges? What are their personal struggles and successes?

How is that different from those of us who got in at an earlier age?  Are the reasons that people join Network Marketing at 50 or even 60 any different than reasons that people joined in their 20s or 30s or 40s?

And that’s the motive behind my question today:  Why did you join MLM? And how old were you when you first got involved with Network Marketing? What do you feel your biggest fear was? Where did you find your real struggle to be? What successes have  you had? What made you stay around?

I’d truly love to hear from a lot of you on this.  I understand you are all very busy, but I think this is a good area where we can provide much insight that could help others.

Thanks in advance!   

Professional Inviter Student is Looking for a Partner to Role Play With

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Hello All!

Just a quick note.  One of our members who has been studying Professional Inviter would like to find somebody to do role playing drills and exercises with.  His name is Mike and he is English-speaking.  He is thinking that location should not be a problem because the two of you could work via skype chat and skype calls.  

If you would like to partner up and do some role playing, please contact me at tanya@firstclassmlmtools.com and I’ll put you in touch with him.

I think it could be a lot of fun and of course having somebody to practice the steps of the inviting formula before using them with your prospects can only be a good thing!

Look forward to hearing from you!



Merry Christmas & Our Schedule

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Merry Christmas!

To all our beloved subscribers, visitors, members, and in fact everyone who celebrates Christmas: 

May you have a wonderful, peaceful, joyous time this holiday season!


Our Christmas Schedule:

We will be closed December 24, 2014 through December 28, 2014.

Limited email support will be provided for those with support needs on December 26th in the early part of the day.

The Shipping Department will ship packages on Saturday December 27.



That Pink Slip Was Your Blessing in Disguise

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Here’s a great article for prospects you’d like to get into your business.

The Power of Working With People

“I would rather earn one percent of the efforts of 100 people’ than 100 percent of my own efforts.”” — John Paul Getty, billionaire oil baron.

a new way to look at work

If you’re like me, you worked hard to earn your paycheck. You took pride in working hard, perhaps liked the feeling of perspiration pouring down your forehead, and you even enjoyed the salted taste of your sweat on your lips. Perhaps you enjoyed the long hours at the office, knowing you were creating a strong future.  No matter what you did for a living, you knew you were providing for your family with your head held high, your shoulders squared to the wind, and your eyes wide open each morning.

pink slipAnd then you were laid off.

If you were one of the lucky ones, the company handed you a pink slip and some severance pay with a few words of thanks for the work and years you gave to them.

“Sorry we couldn’t keep you on… it’s the economy, you understand,” rang in your ears as you quietly walked out the door that last time, the burden of your now-uncertain future a weight you could barely carry.

Paychecks Don’t Always Pay Much

That last paycheck and the pink slip, suddenly shows you that “working for the man” wasn’t the safe and secure future you believed.  “The man”, it turns out can fall and bring you down with him. And that is why so many people today work for themselves.  A paycheck is a very limiting thing. 

Bleak Times Leads to a Better Future

Is there anything else besides wage paychecks or straight commission?

There is! There is network marketing (MLM) income. That’s the stuff that comes in when someone else does the work… when someone you help set up his own business on your networking team. (Maybe someone who also held a pink slip like yours in his hand.)

A Real Business, A Real Future, True Relationships and Bonding

Tim Sales will be the first to tell you that Multi Level Marketing is a real business.  And you have to treat it that way, but he’ll also be the first to tell  you that you will create a future that can’t be taken away from you by another and you will create relationships that will last a lifetime.  

Network Marketing is so much more than an impersonal work environment where management cares more about the bottom line than the people who produce that bottom line.  When you join an MLM company, you sign on for your own business, and work with people who want you to succeed, just as they want to succeed.  

The principles of true relationship building are the strongest in the the MLM industry.  These are the people who know what it really takes to become strong.

Leveraged, Residual Income

Working network marketing, you sell products and opportunity.

You “hire” him, train him and place him under you in your network. When he sells something, you and he both earn income.

Your knowledge in someone else’s hands, pays you handsomely.  MLM is a leveraged, residual income structure.

Working at the plant for wages, you had a restricted pay ceiling. With network marketing there is no ceiling.

With network marketing, you can earn income every day whether or not you worked that day! 

That is leveraged, residual income.

As long as you participate, network marketing income continues. The residual comes in on later sales because you built a structure and you signed players to it.opportunity knocks

The network marketing company pays you for your contributions to their growth.

“When the iron door closes, the bamboo gate swings open.” — Oriental saying

Feeling better about that pink slip now? It may be your blessing in disguise. 

NEXT STEP: Brilliant Compensation reminds and inspires us all to see that there may be a better way to earn and provide for our families, part-time or full-time. It removes the myths and common lies about the industry. When you are working to get new recruits into your business, it’s their first step.  Show them Brilliant Compensation before you show them your business model.



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