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What to Do When You’re Stuck in Closing a Sale

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Let’s say you did your prospecting right… you got some leads… contacted one of them and got into communication.  You invited her to see your video, and maybe even Tim Sales’ video explanation about the MLM industry, and you’re now on the phone after watched the videos.

What do you do next?

Well, of course, you ask her if she watched the videos and what she thinks about what she saw and heard.

You listen as she answers your question. You take notes about what she says. You will use those notes to guide you to what to say next.

What to Do When You're Stuck in Closing a SaleBut then… and this WILL happen some day… you forget what you wanted to say. You can’t remember your trend of thought, and you are confused. You’re stuck.

You are in charge but you don’t know what to do. There is silence on the other end of the line… what do you do?


That’s what you do. You ask her a question about her or her needs or desires related to your videos, because as she is answering it, and while you are listening to her reply, she is going to help you two ways:

  1. You are going to use the time to quickly remember what you wanted to say. Your prospect will never know that you ever had a problem.
  2. Given the chance to speak, she will tell you what you need to know about her to close a sale with her. Keep your eyes and ears open. Listen. Take more notes. Ask her more questions to clarify her responses. Take more notes. And then you will remember or know what to say.

In 39 years of selling, including my MLM sales, I have never been taught this one lesson. It came to me at a time I was in a Boardroom in front of a group of executives who were listening to me, but suddenly I was stumped for what to say next. (It later came to me to do this again, when selling over the phone and online.)

I just asked a question and shut up and listened, and they spoke. What they said not only helped me get back on track, but also gave me the perfect solution to close the sale with them on the spot.

From then on, I have used this lesson countless times. I have taught it to others. One-for-one, this works. Try it, when you need it. You can even use it when you don’t need it, just for fun!

In MLM sales, being less formal than boardrooms, this remedy works even better.

In my opinion, this one solution is the greatest remedy in sales: 

When in doubt, ask a question!


Is Failure One of the Seeds for Success?

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It isn't the mountains ahead to climb that wear you down. It's the pebble in your shoe. - Muhammad AliDo you have to lose to win?

There is no doubt that many successful people failed more than once on their road to success, enough to make it possible to believe that you have to fail in order to succeed or achieve your goals.

That happens to be false.

First of all, one flat tire, to make a travel analogy here, on a journey that ends with your arrival at the intended destination, does not add anything to the experience except time which was unwanted. And what if your tires had been checked before you embarked on the roadway?

Secondly, hiking toward the top of a mountain will not always be traversed at the same pace, or with the same ease, at every footfall. One simply takes each step one at a time, handling what comes. Enough steps taken, and the goal is reached.

Failure or loss becomes reality only when one quits. And one quits only when attention is allowed to wander away from and abandon the sight of the mountaintop, the goal intended.

We get what we put our attention on is what Muhammed Ali is saying here, at once making the goal and the hope of attaining it more important than any distraction. By calling it a “pebble” in his description, he also makes less of the distraction.

But behind this message is more and Muhammed Ali would agree with me: training. There is no excuse for lack of training.

Training Removes the Need For Losing

Again, we ask, “Does one have to lose to win?”

And the answer is a resounding NO!

Because correct training correctly applied and training based on correct data of a subject like, for instance, MLM, removes the need to lose. Understanding a subject well enough to practice its application to a point of complete certainty, trumps the false idea that one needs to lose in order to win, which just doesn’t happen to be true.

During the training, yes, of course, there will be mistakes made; there will be setbacks, but that is part of the training experience. It is not failure, itself. Such things are expected in training.

The graduate who knows his stuff and how to apply what he knows, has only to walk the walk… and keep walking all the way to the accomplishment of his or her goals. He cannot be denied because of his training, unless he denies himself the next step along his pathway to the top.

What Makes for Correct MLM Training?

MLM has been around for almost 100 years. There are hundreds of success stories one can read about and emulate or, at least, read up on and and use to visualize one’s own pathway that includes what actions to work.

There are books and seminars that can be attended. Listen to speakers who have made their bones in the MLM industry and became walking, talking success stories. Listen to what they have to tell you actually happened, and what they did to overcome or to expand their businesses. Compare what they say to what you already know. Understand their story, and know what you know for you.

Their success is NOT your success. But you CAN make your own success by learning a lot from theirs, if you seek out and ask questions of winners you admire.

There are books, articles, blogs and tools developed by winning leaders, which point the way to the common-denominator, successful actions that predictably work every time. These data can be cross-checked against others to make the differences and similarities pop out. Do this homework. Know before you go and makes less mistakes.

Mentors with real track records of success may be your upline sponsors, who will earn when you earn. Ask the mentor to mentor you; they have been there, done that.

If you want to earn a million dollars with MLM, ask MLM millionaires what they did right. Stay in touch with them. All of this is training.

Here is an example: the “Warm List” — a list of names of friends and relatives who can be approached to help you explain your new opportunity or product line. Untrained newbies full of excitement run to talk about what they’ve found, thinking everyone else will see what they see. In their excitement, they forgot to find out some basic facts about their products and company; they forgot to ask what are the best things to say to a warm list, which others before them have said and won with; they forgot to train up and practice with other insiders before they hit the warm-list prospects.

The result is a lot of losses, a lot of dashed hopes and decisions to quit… all of which are unnecessary, because of one omission: lack of basic training.

What you don’t know can and often will stand up and bite you. And the loss will hurt. And you might want to quit, but don’t do that.

Instead, take a step back and find out what you missed — getting trained on some action — and then get trained correctly. Practice what works. And then move forward. You see, what you DO know lets YOU stand up and take a bite out of what stands in your way on your path to your goals.

The choice is clear: ignorance and losses, or knowledge and wins.

The journey to the mountaintop consists of the steps of good training and practice and not any failure really as long as you keep going and keep taking the pebbles out of your shoes. Just ask Muhammed Ali — “The Greatest!”

Four Vital Keys to MLM Success

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Network marketing’s three first steps are easy to learn, once you clear away the bric-a-brac that clutters your mind.

One: Clear Your Mind

If you can stand in front of a stranger, or be on a phone call, with your mind free of any and all considerations about him or her, and about yourself, over why you can or cannot sell them on your opportunity and products, you stand a chance at network marketing success.

It’s like going to the movies. The house lights go dark. The film projector lights up the silver screen. You don’t know what’s coming next, but you watch what unfolds with hardly a thought on your mind. You absorb the movie. You see what you see, feel what you feel, as the film runs.

There is a life lesson and a network-marketing lesson in the experience:

What I believe is that all clear-minded people should remain two things throughout their lifetimes: curious and teachable. – Roger Ebert, movie critic and TV personality

The reason this approach works is that prospects very seldom are clear-minded. They bring a lot of complications to you. They are, in fact, often close-minded, and your job is to open their minds.

Coming before prospects with NO pre-conceived notions and with a childlike curiosity is like watching a movie; you clearly see what is in front of you and you have a better chance of building an understanding with or about it.

Two: Handle All Objections 

The second first step to network marketing success is handling the objection. “I’m too busy,” is a common one, which often appears right after you’ve mentioned network marketing in the same breath as your company. But does the phrase spell out the whole objection?

The answer is No.

Too-busy22“Too busy,” or for that matter, “No time” are generalities. If you accept them and walk away, you will not do well in network marketing.  

Instead of swaying minds, clearing a pathway to your goal of success, you will be buying others’ considerations. A clear mind helps you to SEE what is in front of you, making it easier for you to handle what is there, which is only three possibilities:

  1. A legitimate concern, where the prospect really is busy!
  2. A closed mind or attitude that blocks learning.
  3. Something else unmentioned.

How to Handle Objections

The legitimate concern of “no time,”surrenders to courtesy. You simply acknowledge the communication and ask for a better time to speak with the prospect. You might offer a couple of choices to get you back in or, at least, blow into the open the prospect’s bluff.

Once out in the open, you may have a shot at continuing immediately with your presentation. 

The closed mind or attitude depends on what is in front of you. If the prospect tells you a lot of reasons why he cannot take the time to listen, let him run them down.

Do not be anything more than patient as you listen to him reel off his considerations and then acknowledge them.

It’s a very funny thing but at the end of their long-winded explanation, you may have a prospect primed and ready to hear your opportunity with no more objections simply because they were able to communicate them and you properly acknowledged them! 

Three: Stay Teachable

In fact, listen well to what a prospect says and you may learn the exact reason he will want what you have! If you skip this step, or if you sit there thinking you already know what you’re going to do to “handle” what you think is his objection… you will lose more often than not.

“The guy who believes he has all the answers cannot learn anything new,” is old, old hat. Don’t fall into that trap!

At times, unmentioned objections become non-objections simply by your show of genuine concern for the other person. Build rapport with off-subject, friendly conversations as much as seems right and you could see a change right before your eyes. Relaxed, the prospect might share what was on his mind, or simply change his mind without saying a word.

Four: Stay Curious

Success for you in the other 3 Keys may lie in your ability and willingness to remaining curious about your prospects. Learning these four keys to network marketing success is a simple task. Applying them well is just as easy with practice:

  • Ask more questions;
  • Stay curious;
  • Stay teachable, because what your prospect tells you will teach you a lot.

Is Charisma MLM’s Secret Ingredient?

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CharismaIs charisma MLM’s secret ingredient?

“You’ve either got ‘it’ or you don’t.” 

Ever heard that? Do you buy it? 


Webster’s Dictionary defines “charisma” as, “a special quality of leadership that captures the popular imagination and inspires allegiance and devotion.”

But… is charisma good or bad?

Gandhi, JFK, Martin Luther King and Steve Jobs had charisma. But so did Hitler and Mussolini.

Stalin, Russia’s leader from the 1920′s to 1953, who killed millions of his countrymen, had charisma.

The common denominator of all charisma is inspiration. People with charisma inspire others to act (for good or bad).

In MLM, Mark Yarnell inspired success with his charisma, as did Jim Rohn, Brig Hart and Mrs. P.F.E. Albee (Avon), Mary Kay Ash (Mary Kay Cosmetics), Doris Christopher (The Pampered Chef) and Brownie Wise (TupperWare), among others.

Know-howWhat About the Rest of Us?

Those of us who do not have charisma, or think we do not, have to rely on our know-how’s: how to approach people, how to talk with them, how to state our case in a way that creates cooperation and closes sales.

If your family, friends, and other prospects dodge your calls or do not show up for an appointment, if they avoid contact with you, lack of charisma is probably NOT what causes this. Instead, the amount of force or effort you use when making your opportunity known may be off the mark.

How To Gauge Your Efforts

What To Do

♦ Counter any tendency you have to be too loud or too soft by being and acting more interested in your prospects’ needs and desires than your own. In other words, do not try to be interesting. You will find that you will be more interesting to your prospects when you are more interested in them. You will also be more effective. 

♦ Listen more. Rather than ask leading, sales-type questions to set up prospects for your next line, listen more intently. Ask for clarifications to really understand your prospects’ meaning and his complete communication. You will end up selling more.

♦ Put yourself in your prospects’ shoes — how would you like to be treated?

♦ Confidence comes from the heart, as in sincerity, and the head, as in knowing enough about your products and opportunity to have no doubts about them; or how to communicate with your prospects. Heart + head = sales.

♦ Follow the rule of hygiene: make sure your breath is fresh, and that body odors or colognes — too much of either one — do not distract your prospects.

♦ Dress agreeably for your prospect. The idea is not to interest people in your body parts. Network marketing is your business, and products are what prospects should be buying. Focus on business, and your prospects will do the same. In Network Marketing, I have worked with health clubs and doctors’ offices. It’s not appropriate to wear a suit or even dress clothes for that matter. The best rule of thumb is dress as nicely as the most nicely dressed guest.

Set a Good Example

On the TV show The X-Factor,  celebrity judges look for a talented person who sings with a quality that inspires. When the right individual sings, people listen and are moved. The show is a modern quest for charisma.

In MLM, the right combination of the few factors listed above might be all the inspiration your downline needs from you to succeed. Your brand of “charisma” may be all you need to succeed. Use the list in your professional activities consistently. You will cause more people to listen, follow, and be moved to act.

They will likely even consider you to be someone to look up to, someone with charisma!

Your success by doing what is right and what works sets a good example for your downline to follow. And isn’t that an inspiration worth creating?!


How To Overcome Your MLM Fears

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Imagine this:

You want to win at MLM. You’re attending an MLM convention. It’s your first one. As you listen to the leader speaking, you wonder, Can I do what she’s doing? Can I build an MLM business like hers? Can I make a living, a good lifestyle, with MLM?mlm convention

The answer that comes back into your head… is there more than one? 

You hear in your head: 

“Gosh, I think I would be too afraid to get up and speak before so many people. I don’t know if I can be like her. Is MLM even really right for me? I’m not that confident. I’m shy. I’d be scared.”

“But wait… what if I really could do that?! What if…?”

Sound familiar, those voices in your head?

Maybe You Are Already Looked Up To

Maybe you’re not even new at MLM. Maybe you already are winning at MLM and you have 100-500 people in your downline but you want more and you are afraid to admit to anyone that you are scared of speaking to crowds.

You did what you had to do so far but how do you expand from here? How do you find the confidence to take that stage? Even more daunting, how do you teach confidence to your downline?

Everyone in MLM needs confidence, sure, but before that, you needed a helping hand. Before you stood on your own in MLM, someone helped you. Now, your downline associates need your help. But, where are you going to find the confidence to help them find theirs?

There are only three things that you will ever need to find and build enough confidence to achieve financial security and your dream lifestyle: Certainty, Reach and Discipline.


When you were a child you did not know how to tie your shoes. Then your mother, or an older sibling, told you how to do it. They gave you information. They tied the laces as you watched. And then they let you try it.

A boy tying his shoelacesAt first, you did not tie them well, right? Over time, though, and after a number of attempts while you were thinking about what you were doing, you gained a certainty. You could thereafter tie your shoelaces without even thinking about it. From that point, you just “knew” how to do it. You knew. Well, that’s certainty.

Are you confident that you can tie your shoelaces today? 

Know-how breeds confidence.

But there is more at play in that lesson.


Practice made you better at it. Lack of practice would never have improved your ability to tie your laces. You had to reach out and practice to get your fingers to learn the pressure needed to tie your laces tightly. Once you got the hang of it, you knew the discipline of tying your laces the same way every time, without even thinking about how, was the right thing to do. 

The same lessons apply to public speaking and the certainty to win at MLM.


If you know you have the certainty to speak about a subject because you practiced speaking about it, you will also reach out to stand up in front of crowds and speak to them with a disciplined approach. And if you raised your hand or stood up in a meeting when the leader asked who would like to say a few words, you could say you were up to the challenge of the responsibility to speak to that audience, couldn’t you?

responsibilityCertainty comes hand-in-hand with reach and discipline. They are interrelated. In fact, they are co-dependent: raise one, the other two rise; lower one, the other two lower.

I also discovered that if I was to be a leader, I had to accept the responsibility of making tough decisions, and overcome the fears that go with it. – Terry St. Marie (a.k.a. Terry Starbucker)

Can you think of a few examples in your life where you have observed this? Take a moment or two and work this out on paper. Work it long enough to get certain about it; long enough to want to reach for more of it, for, there and then, you will understand the amount of confident reaching, certainty and discipline it will take to win at MLM.

And those three, specific skills will also teach you how to train others into the same skill-set with confidence.

When you incorporate those three principles into your MLM activities, you will instill them into your downline.

Confidence is a major part of success in MLM, off-stage or on.

And confidence, certainty, discipline and reaching out to others is where you will find the FUN of MLM!


Get to Know Your Prospects Early

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get to know your prospects earlyGet to know your prospects early, because tomorrow might be too late. Your best opportunity to gather data and contact information about your prospects is at your first or second meeting, when they feel that you are interested in them. They feel that way because in their eyes you are just two people talking at that point. 

The first two times you meet are the optimum opportunities to obtain information such as cell phone number, hours they work, weekly patterns, personal likes/dislikes, family data, and more. You build relationship with such information but you first have to earn the right to ask for it.

Prospecting Tip

Mine the veins early when prospecting, when no one has interfered or added negatives. As time progresses, comments from others, which can cause your prospect to hesitate, may come into play, making it more difficult to gain the data you need to promote, inspire and sign up your new prospect.

Here is what you want to get by the second call:

  • Phone number (home and cell)
  • Email address
  • Working hours – when to when?
  • Hours at home
  • Private times of when not to call
  • Daily, weekly routines
  • Children’s names
  • Current profession
  • What does the spouse do?
  • Personal hobbies and interests

Some of this information builds your relationship; other data shows interest in their whole lives and provides “buttons” that you know will continue to inspire action.

Man with magnifying glass looking for coinsDon’t Interrogate Just Drill Down

You can also ask for deeper, more-personal information. Drill down and find their likes and dislikes — about their hobby, for instance — and note them down for future use. If a baby cries in the background, ask about the child: “Boy or girl? What is her/his name?”

Don’t interrogate, however, just ingratiate.

Each prospect is different. Work with the one in front of you. Do what you’re doing while you’re doing it — it makes people feel important, which, in turn, inspires. That’s good leadership.

Paying close attention to your prospect will pay off in rewards for you later.

Earning Your Right to Ask For More 

Outright asking, “What’s your cell phone number?” is too aggressive. Prospects feel uncomfortable and probably will not give you their information if you approach them this way.

But let’s suppose you warmed your prospect, qualified him smoothly, and discovered what he wants what do you do? Invite him to your opportunity. That could go like this: You say,

“There’s a video you need to see that can solve this (need, want). It explains a lot about what you want.”

Follow with information about how he can watch the video, and… 

“When would be a good time for us to talk after you’ve looked at it?”

Your prospect says,

“Tomorrow at 3 pm.”

You say,

“Then I’ll call you tomorrow at 3 pm. What is the best number to reach you?”

Very often, their cell phone number comes out as an alternative number, if you asked for additional information without being gruff or obvious..

When you’re going to meet with them you could also say,

“Let me give you my cell number just in case we can’t find each other.”

Give your number then ask,

“Do you have a cell number?”

At your first greeting you might have asked,

“What’s your typical day like?” Or, “Do you have any days off during the week?”

On first meeting, handing out your business card usually gets their’s back with important contact data printed on it. Using whatever data you do obtain helps you to get to know your prospects early. And that’s something that you can’t do too much of in MLM.

Winning MLM Online By The Numbers

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“Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better. Don’t wish for less problems wish for more skills. Don’t wish for less challenge, wish for more wisdom.” 

– Jim Rohn, motivational speaker, network marketer 

Bomb explosionTim Sales earned his fortune in network marketing after spending years in a military career that saw him defusing bombs every day. After his military experience, MLM seemed tame to Sales, and he has said so publicly.

Being the kind of guy that he is, Tim Sales listened to Rohn’s words and took them to heart not only for himself, but also for others he knew would follow in his footsteps. Among his many MLM tools made available through the company he founded for that purpose are tools which make prospecting better and easier.

Sales’ approach comes from his military background and training. His approach takes the clutter out of common contacts, marketing activities, websites, resources and training materials and organizes them into a pattern that seamlessly helps the trained network marketer grow network businesses through their mobile devices.

Group of people on cell phonesMobile Is King

The importance of having an online presence, and of being able to work with the numbers and do prospecting for new leads for customers and for new business associates is paramount.

According to recent surveys, 53.6% of all online purchases are made through a mobile device today. Putting your business alongside this consumer public puts it on the front lines of marketing activity and in a better position to find lead prospects already warmed to your opportunity.

Beyond device contact, however, remains the perennial need to connect on a personal level with targeted warm leads, and to convert them from interested bystander to hot prospect status. A constant flow of people reaching for your products or opportunity is the current demand for success in MLM. 

In other words, the need to know and do Public Relations and Sales is omnipresent even in today’s digital era of network marketing. The marketing numbers don’t lie:

73% of potential purchasers love a product brand because of its customer service reputation.

“Treat your customers like they own you. Because they do.” – Mark Cuban

And Cuban is right about that. Further market research reveals more of the picture:

  • A website’s visual design carries weight with 46% of consumers looking to make purchases, while colors increase brand awareness for 80% of those people viewing websites in search of products.
  • Fully two-thirds of consumers prefer to read article and blogs over advertisements and, of these, the same percentage respond well to brands after reading web content about them that they like on Twitter.

Still, it wasn’t the facts they learned from those articles and tweets that caused consumers to make purchases, it was the emotional responses generated by the blog posts.

“People don’t buy for logical reasons. They buy for emotional reasons,” – Zig Ziglar

A telling, current statistic explains how right Ziglar really was and how germane his viewpoint remains today: a whopping 89% of buyers will halt purchases from a company after having one bad, customer experience.

How This Relates to MLM and You

Lack of online presence today practically defeats your prospecting, because the same public making online purchases is most apt to respond to an income opportunity — the younger, business-oriented generation. You have to command their attention with color and other visual aids to state your story and generate reaches for your opportunity. And then you have to be prepared to field the reaches and communicate along the lines of sales interactions that can not only lead to purchases, but also deliver a customer service experience that captures brand loyalty.

Worldwide connectionsTim Sales’ approach to the problems of network marketing today simplifies and coordinates activities to allow for more prospect/associate interactions. He has gathered the current numbers and information that identify potential consumers’ or associates’ needs and wants — a powerful combination for competitive prospecting and upsurging sales, either of which will make you as a network marketer happy.

Emulating what tools Tim Sales uses for his network marketing business would seem the way to play the numbers for a big win.

And, as we all know, in MLM happiness usually becomes a richly rewarding experience that makes dream lifestyles a reality.

Finding Motivation in MLM

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Inspiration Begins With Purpose

how to get and stay motivated in MLMFinding motivation in MLM isn’t that hard, if you know where to look for it.

The day you first found out about the MLM product or opportunity that you are now involved with… do you remember the feeling? Were you excited? What caused that feeling?

Did you ever stop and analyze what got you most excited that day? And why? That wouldn’t be a bad idea, you know, to do that analysis right now.

When you understand what makes you tick, what makes you eager every morning to get up out of bed, to take on each new day with enthusiasm, you will have found an endless source of inspiration for you and your downline.

And it’s got a name: Purpose.

Purpose is Personal

Every individual has a purpose in activities that lead to personal satisfaction and happiness or success. That purpose is different, or is expressed differently, for each of us.

Discovery of what turns our fire on, though, is more than a nice idea to think about, because purpose motivates action beyond emotions.

Take war, for instance. War is tough to experience first-hand, but those soldiers who understand on a personal level why they are fighting, and what their personal goals are, weather the daily good and bad, and they generally survive better.

They also keep moving toward victory. They will not quit, because their purpose is stronger than any obstacles they face.

MLM in that respect is like fighting a war. There will be good days and bad. There will be small victories and losses, triumphs and failures.

Joel Chandler Harris wrote "Uncle Remus" tales.

the tar pits were no match for B’rer Rabbit in “Uncle Remus.”

When you feel down, rather than getting swamped by the obstacles, defining your purpose will help you figure a way through the morass, up and over the brambles, and help you to arrive at your goal.

Famed author and story-teller, Mark Twain, read Uncle Remus written by Joel Chandler Harris to his children. In his autobiography Twain describes meeting him:

“He was the bashfulest grown person I have ever met. When there were people about he stayed silent, and seemed to suffer until they were gone. But he was lovely, nevertheless; for the sweetness and benignity of the immortal Remus looked out from his eyes, and the graces and sincerities of his character shone in his face.”

Shy as Harris might have been, it was his keen purpose that brought about his career success.

 “Presidents may come and presidents may go, but Uncle Remus stays put. Georgia has done a great many things for the Union, but she has never done more than when she gave Mr. Joel Chandler Harris to American literature.” – U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt

Throughout his storied lifetime of journalism and creative writing, Harris never strayed far from his primary motivating purpose to help bring reconciliation among whites and blacks in the South.

Put Purpose Into Action In MLM

Lest you think these are just bright thoughts, put them into action. Here’s what you do:

  1. Determine or recall the first time you found your current product or opportunity.
  2. Determine the highest emotion you had the first day you found out about it.
  3. Discover the decision you made when you felt that way.
  4. Write your answers for numbers 1-3 above.
  5. Describe for yourself the first plan of action that you envisioned at that moment.
  6. Write that down, because a cleanly written sentence or two about that plan can become your inspiration and purpose that will motivate your every day as long as you want to play the same MLM activity.
  7. Now go and do the same with each of your closest and best-producing downline personnel.
  8. Make sure what is written down is kept prominent where it can be seen every day to remind and renew that purpose.
  9. Make sure your downline replicates this activity with each new person brought on.

Finding Motivation in MLM

I’ll wager that once you do the actions just described, you will feel more inspired and motivated in your MLM business.

I’d also bet that you will see your downline more inspired and productive after they do the same.

Purpose isn’t everything, but it goes a long way toward achieving the success of feeling happy about your work!

JFK on purpose


A Simple Guide for Leaving Messages That Work

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clapperboardSCENE ONE, TAKE ONE:

You’ve gotten your downline associate over his/her telephone fear. You are both prepped and ready for him/her to make the first prospect call. You’ve got a plan to invite someone to look at a video, listen to a conference call, or attend a live meeting.

You watch them dial. Voice mail. What do they do?

MACHINE: “After the beep, leave your message.”

YOUR ASSOCIATE: “Hi… uh… I was just calling to… I’ll just try later.”

You cringe. They suffer embarrassment. Didn’t you say they were prepared; that you were ready? They were prepared alright, for a live person!

Not a pretty sight! Not too inspiring or confidence-building; not going to create reach your way that way, no way.

Practice, practice, practice

Right now is a good time to learn what to do right, and what to practice until they are never surprised again by an answering machine or a voice mail service. This is how you do it:

  1. Leave yourself a message.
  2. Listen to it.
  3. Listen to how you sound.
  4. Decide what to do better.
  5. Make another test.
  6. Make more corrections and do it again… and again… and again. 
  7. Practice with them until both you and they are satisfied that they can leave a message that sounds great every time, inspires confidence, and creates reach.

Warm Market Call Style

warm marketWarm market calls (to people you already know) usually get responses — they know the caller, and vagueness is okay:

ASSOCIATE: “Hey, it’s me. Give me a shout out when you can.”

Keep it light and try not to sound like a different person. Here are six examples:

“Hi John. This is Tim. How are you? I’m calling to talk a little business with you… “

“Hi John. Tim here. Give me a call. I’ve got something I want to run past you… “

“Hi John. Tim here… haven’t talked in a while. I’d like to catch up on what you’ve been up to and run something by you… “

“Hi John. This is Tim. Hey man, something’s come across my desk that you may find interesting… “

“Hi John, this is Tim Sales, we’ve not talked in a VERY long time. Give me a call when you can. I want to hear about what you’ve been up to…. “

Just be yourself. 

“Hey John, did you see the ‘GAMECOCKS beat up on the Bulldogs? I’m calling to rub it in a little…


“… I want to talk a little business with you… “

Cold Market Call Style

Cold market calls (to people you know) will respond to authority. Position yourself as a leader in your field, but gently:

“Hi! I’m calling for John Smith. John, you filled out a questionnaire indicating your interest in a home business. I’m calling with regard to that. I’d like to get to know you a little bit and find out what you had in mind to see if it’s a fit with what I have. Let me give you my number…”

Long-winded messages or very short messages are not recommended.

There is a difference in the last half of the message, however. 

The last part of the message should ALWAYS be the same. Let me repeat that: The last part of the message should ALWAYS BE THE SAME!

The Last Part of the Message:

“… let me give you my number 888.888.8888. I’ll give that to you again, 888.888.8888. Look forward to talking with you.”

Varying the last part of your message could prove a costly mistake, because the prospect may not have your number. You must repeat it, because he may not have heard it the first time, or the message was not recorded properly.

Assume the worst phone connection and never make the mistake of a poor message, or that your prospect already has your number.

I should just change my voicemail greeting to: "Please hang up and text me."

A little humor, okay?

Speak clearly and without hurry. Remember to inspire a return call. If you have to include some important data, make sure it is placed early in the message. Let your phone number be the last thing they hear — people often hang up after they hear it.

And remember… mystery creates reach. Leave your audience hanging a bit. People are naturally curious, whether in your associate’s warm or cold market!

Use and teach these tips to your downline and watch your income go up!


How To Improve Yourself & Lead Your Team at the Same Time

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“Monkey see, monkey do.” It’s an old saw about human behavior, and not really about monkeys. But it also applies to network marketing, because in MLM you have to have copying — duplication — of actions to build success. This is the keynote of true leadership in MLM and since the network marketing model has leadership built right into its structure from top to bottom, duplication is a key element of success for everyone. Duplication may not be as difficult as some might think if you break it down the right way.

success failure

If you find someone in your organization who has a willing heart but is not making the grade, and you know you have trained him or her up, take them aside and really look at what they are DOING.

Marketing and selling is something you DO, so look to their ACTIONS.

If something doesn’t look right, ask where they learned to do that. Maybe the source was not correct, and so mistakes will follow, Failure copies failure.  

Maybe the source was correct, but the ideas were misunderstood. Inability to DO follows misunderstood ideas and words.

Successful actions, especially in MLM, have specific qualities that can be spotted:

  • They are do-able.
  • They are simple.
  • They don’t require enormous amounts of complicated training.
  • Nearly anybody can do them.
  • Nearly anybody can teach others to do them, too.
  • They are unlimited in nature and they can be copied over and over.

If your “successful actions” are complicated, they are just adding unnecessary complications and, so, may actually be a barrier to duplication. That makes sense, doesn’t it? Identify successful actions and define them simply. The funny thing is, this simple action will likely make you, yourself, more efficient in your own activities.

What to Do and What to Share

First, build a model for your downline that actually works.

Make one customer happy and then get your ACTIONS recorded down on paper. Spell out exactly what you did right. You’ll be surprised at how much data from your training comes back to your mind when you do this exercise.

Now, go out and see if you can recreate that same pattern with another person, to the same result. And then to others.

When you know what works, tell others. Show someone your notes and how simple your success was, and that they can do the same. That’s the way organizations begin to grow — by copying and training successful patterns.

success-blocksA Hard Road Leads to Easy Street

You have to continually work to perfect your methods, keeping what works in place and finding more patterns that are workable for your group.

Sure, they may make the same mistakes that you made, but don’t be too concerned when it happens. You learned by your missteps, right? Just gently nudge them in the right direction, and they will get there.

What About Leadership?

Leadership begins with observation. Guidance is a consequence of leadership and patience.

Helping others to do the right actions, to set examples for others and to teach the right way requires a patient will to first observe, and to watch others make their mistakes.

Join your observations of them to what you know works, and only then step in and mentor in that direction. You will find that people can easily copy that. They are willing to apply that. And when they do, they will be doing what works. They will have success.

It won’t always be easy but it can be really profitable for you in the long run.

Create & Share Success

Well, there it is: a formula for successful duplication and wise leadership of your downline.

A successful organization copies success.

It’s as easy as one-two-three!

1. Isolate successful actions

2. Build, record and share a prototype of those successful actions

3. Continually perfect your system and share what you know is right.


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