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That Pink Slip Was Your Blessing in Disguise

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Here’s a great article for prospects you’d like to get into your business.

The Power of Working With People

“I would rather earn one percent of the efforts of 100 people’ than 100 percent of my own efforts.”” – John Paul Getty, billionaire oil baron.

a new way to look at work

If you’re like me, you worked hard to earn your paycheck. You took pride in working hard, perhaps liked the feeling of perspiration pouring down your forehead, and you even enjoyed the salted taste of your sweat on your lips. Perhaps you enjoyed the long hours at the office, knowing you were creating a strong future.  No matter what you did for a living, you knew you were providing for your family with your head held high, your shoulders squared to the wind, and your eyes wide open each morning.

pink slipAnd then you were laid off.

If you were one of the lucky ones, the company handed you a pink slip and some severance pay with a few words of thanks for the work and years you gave to them.

“Sorry we couldn’t keep you on… it’s the economy, you understand,” rang in your ears as you quietly walked out the door that last time, the burden of your now-uncertain future a weight you could barely carry.

Paychecks Don’t Always Pay Much

That last paycheck and the pink slip, suddenly shows you that “working for the man” wasn’t the safe and secure future you believed.  “The man”, it turns out can fall and bring you down with him. And that is why so many people today work for themselves.  A paycheck is a very limiting thing. 

Bleak Times Leads to a Better Future

Is there anything else besides wage paychecks or straight commission?

There is! There is network marketing (MLM) income. That’s the stuff that comes in when someone else does the work… when someone you help set up his own business on your networking team. (Maybe someone who also held a pink slip like yours in his hand.)

A Real Business, A Real Future, True Relationships and Bonding

Tim Sales will be the first to tell you that Multi Level Marketing is a real business.  And you have to treat it that way, but he’ll also be the first to tell  you that you will create a future that can’t be taken away from you by another and you will create relationships that will last a lifetime.  

Network Marketing is so much more than an impersonal work environment where management cares more about the bottom line than the people who produce that bottom line.  When you join an MLM company, you sign on for your own business, and work with people who want you to succeed, just as they want to succeed.  

The principles of true relationship building are the strongest in the the MLM industry.  These are the people who know what it really takes to become strong.

Leveraged, Residual Income

Working network marketing, you sell products and opportunity.

You “hire” him, train him and place him under you in your network. When he sells something, you and he both earn income.

Your knowledge in someone else’s hands, pays you handsomely.  MLM is a leveraged, residual income structure.

Working at the plant for wages, you had a restricted pay ceiling. With network marketing there is no ceiling.

With network marketing, you can earn income every day whether or not you worked that day! 

That is leveraged, residual income.

As long as you participate, network marketing income continues. The residual comes in on later sales because you built a structure and you signed players to it.opportunity knocks

The network marketing company pays you for your contributions to their growth.

“When the iron door closes, the bamboo gate swings open.” — Oriental saying

Feeling better about that pink slip now? It may be your blessing in disguise. 

NEXT STEP: Brilliant Compensation reminds and inspires us all to see that there may be a better way to earn and provide for our families, part-time or full-time. It removes the myths and common lies about the industry. When you are working to get new recruits into your business, it’s their first step.  Show them Brilliant Compensation before you show them your business model.



Building Your MLM: Strip It Back to the Basics

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There’s a multitude of directions, resources, approaches, solutions, and well just “stuff” out there than can easily distract you from business building. . .

Too many options can overwhelm and confuse. That’s when you need to strip back MLM to its simple core: your ability to communicate (which includes the skills of reaching out and following up).

Here’s the most basic sequence one must try to adhere to:

1.  Find Prospects: We have lots of resources available for you to do this, so I’m not going to talk about this in this item, other than if you need help finding prospects then there are various webinars and tools that will help you. (Note that finding prospects does require communication skills as well as promotion and advertising.)

2.  Communicate well with those prospects: The key word here is “well”.  Anything you need to do in your business can be done easily if you have good communication skills. Having the ability to communicate well can make ordinary things you do extraordinary.  Using honey instead of spice has a lot of merit you know, but don’t over do it either.  Be yourself, be natural. Show that you care. Above all else remember this:  your business prospers to the degree that you are doing it to help make others lives better.  When you operate that way others see it, feel it, and want to be a part of it.  

Think about how good it feels when you know you are cared for.  Now spread that feeling around to others when you are working with them and communicating with them.  They’ll warm up, open up and join up.  It’s human nature to seek for the genuine warmth and caring, interested person to have relationships with (friends, business, even acquaintances — who do you remember fondly?)

3.  Build true relationships:  Be genuine.  Be real.  Do it because you really want to.  Choose people to be in your downline that you really want in your downline as much for their ability as their personality.  Consider yourself in this business for the long haul and choose people who are there with you and for you.  Become friends outside of the business whenever possible.  Communicate well.

4.  Follow Up:  This is often a weak area.  Systems to help with follow up are very good to help you keep on top of it.  And again, we have tools to help with that if you need them. But what I really want to point out is that you need an active follow up schedule.  And following up is an art.  Having reasons to follow up helps, but the most important reason is that you care and you want to help.  If you are using the inviting formula correctly, then you already know following up is much easier to do with the earlier steps of the formula correctly done.  Why?  Because you established key factors that make your prospect look forward to hearing from you again, wanting to reach out to you in fact.  Especially if you had your “care factor” in place and your prospect genuinely felt cared for and that you were interested in him/her.  

5.  Show your new recruits how to do the same.  

So, don’t get overwhelmed by all the different, or cool, or new things that come your way with the promises of huge numbers and instant success. Because no matter what you do, what business your are with, or where you go, it is the basics, the fundamentals, the simple things that always work.  They are your foundation.

Just remember: “Rome was not built in a day.”  Excellent Communication and persistence is your greatest ally when it comes to winning at MLM. (* from the collection Li Proverbe au Vilain (published around 1190.)

build your MLM runway to success

 NEXT STEP: Brilliant Communicator.

In Honor of Our Veterans

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Today we honor all those men and women who have served to protect our country and her people.

We thank you.  Your courage, strength and valor are what make us a great nation.  Your dedication and love are what keep us safe.  Enjoy the day that has been set aside especially for you.  You have earned it.

For those of you who may be interested, I found a very nice article that explains this day and its history.  I hope you enjoy! Why is Veterans Day 2014 on Tuesday? Holiday history and more

Our Deepest Respect to all our Veterans, including our beloved Founder, Tim Sales!

Tanya Munro and all the staff at First Class MLM Tools

Do You Know Where You’re Headed?

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Do you know where you’re headed with your MLM activities? Or are you spinning like a top in confusion, moving from one local meeting to another, trying to find some sense of direction, something to hold onto that might work?

I’ve been in your shoes. I know how you feel. I, too, have been all revved up with purpose. Excitement was running in my veins. I had just found another MLM product line, opportunity and enthusiastic bunch of people who were just like me. We were going to grab the moon by its tail and slingshot ourselves to the stars. We were going to make ourselves millionaires overnight… just like the speaker talking to us at the front of the room.

But, after the meetings, back in my home or office, my excitement and I both faced a different reality: real life. At least, that’s how I felt. 

Sure, I had some wins with people; and then I got some losses.

Eventually I got lost in the shuffle.

And then I just got confused. I was no longer a player in the game because I was, instead, a broken piece going nowhere.

Do you feel like a leaf floating in the fall breeze with nowhere to land and no direction home? That’s tough, but there is a way out.

How to Get Out of the Mess

If you have to pick one thing — just one thing — to get yourself out of this mess, you should pick a direction. Any one will do. Pick one place to go and then start moving in that direction, and bring one more thing with you. Then take another “one thing” and align that to the first “one thing.” And keep doing that, one thing at a time.

There, doesn’t that feel better already? You now have at least two things that you know are there, and which are aligned and moving in the same direction as you.

What’s next, you ask?

You keep on adding up your “one things” and aligning them to your direction. You’ll soon notice you feel less like a zombie and more like breathing fire again. You’re also a lot less confused.

So you lost your way for awhile. So what?  Now you have direction!  

a direcrtionDirection is “… a line of development, way, trend,” per Webster’s Dictionary. It’s the sum of individual actions.  These become a trend and breed more development. Trending actions defeat confusion. Direction leads to goals and goal achievement, and that’s success.

Watch for the Signs

If you’ve felt confused, trust me, so have your downline people. You want to watch for the signs of confusion, which are: nothing getting done, numbers of new-person contacts dwindling to zero, communication dropping out altogether.  If you have that going on under you, you need to get right in there and help that person to find one thing and then another one thing… and so on. And they’ll come out of it.

Jim Rohn was right about confusion:

“If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.”

Remember this: confusion is a temporary condition. If you can take at least one step at a time in one direction, you can work your way out of it.

Next Steps:  Use Non Fluff Goal Training to set and achieve your goals. 


Operate Like a Leader Even If You Don’t Feel Like One

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MLM Success TipsMotivate your Multi Level Marketing (MLM) downline with training, for sure, but set a good example, too. Choose wisely with whom you will spend your efforts and time. Look to their track records as your reliable barometer of who deserves most of your help.

How to Build a Downline

Here are some noted actions that helped Tim Sales build his downline of 56,000:

  • Lead from the start. If you wait, your group will never grow. Take responsibility even before you know all the answers. Just do it. If you want to be a leader, reach for responsibilities and then never quit.
  • Arrive early at events, reserve seats at the front row for their group producers, and stay late. Front-row participants usually are the most eager to learn more.
  • Build morale by insisting on real production. Network marketing is a business but also a game. Tight relationships among you and your organization yield an “esprit de corps” greater than the sum of its parts.

j loLook Smart Even as You Cope and Organize

  • Dress impeccably, even in jeans. Appropriate dress is always in vogue.
  • As you handle what comes up, organize behind your actions. Although you are taking on a lot, always appear organized, because it builds confidence.
  • Earn the respect of your people by the way you treat them. What people think of your character or ideas comes from the example you set. People remember first impressions.
  • Reward your five top producers. Validation can be as simple as acknowledging someone’s work, gifting a headset to someone working hard at making calls, or just being a friend for someone who has hit a personal crisis. You’ll find that people who naturally get things done, when rewarded, double down and get more work done. The quality of their work goes higher, too.
  • Keep notes in your day planner about the three qualities that you admire most of your team’s top producers. Consider every day how you can boost those qualities among your whole team.

Always Always Always Train Your Team

  • The best leaders never stop training. And they train their downline to use techniques that build a true foundation, not fly-by-night fads.  The more you train, the more your downline trains, and the more your downline trains their downline the more wealth every one will have and it is not just the wealth of money, but the wealth of being a better person, having a better life and having your dreams come true.

Next Step: Your training and your team’s training starts with Professional Inviter

Some Will. Some Won’t. So What? Next!!

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Have you been in Multi Level Marketing (MLM) a while? Do you remember what your initial enthusiasm felt like when you started?

Chances are, you were really excited. You were ready to tell the world about your product and opportunity. You even thought your family and closest friends would jump right in like you did, right?

Well, you were right then and you can be right now!

The attitude you carried that day is the tone you can and should set every day of your MLM career. In fact, there is even a saying that validates you for it:

“Some Will. Some Won’t. So What. Next.”

It’s not that you shouldn’t care about the other guy, but that you should keep asking more and more new people to consider your products and opportunity. Some will like it and join you, some will disregard your offer… and that’s okay either way. Just keep asking. Keep on prospecting. 

On the back-end you can always stay in touch. But your front-end loader should be scooping up as many people as possible. Prospecting, like sales, is pretty much a numbers game — the number of people you contact is proportional to the number of sales you eventually make. 

Approach Everyone Within Three Feet

If you can approach any person within three feet of you and talk to them about something you might have in common to break the ice, engaging in a friendly conversation, you can prospect.

If you can ask a few questions about their family and their job and what they would like to achieve with their family and their job, and their lives, you can prospect with success.

If you can talk about your products and opportunity in a friendly and easily understood manner that keeps the conversation going, you will have more success. All of which is for the good.

The Right to Say No

To really succeed in prospecting… to not lose your attitude or enthusiasm embodied in the phrase “Some will. Some won’t. So what. Next.” you will need one more thing, despite whatever reactions that come in response to your mention of your business and your asking for their participation, and that is to grant to your prospect the same right that you granted to yourself when you spoke up: the right to say no.

A prospect has as much right to say no, to reject my offer, as I think I have the right to approach them and ask them to consider what I have was how I approached my  MLM activities and my general sales career. Not only did I do consistently better than others around me in sales, I also had people like me and want to stay in touch with me, whether or not they bought from me. And my downlines grew.

Maybe more importantly, though, we all had FUN! I know I did.

Michael JordanThat attitude also brought people on board who initially said no. They came around to say yes to me after some time had passed. They wouldn’t have been there if I had ignored them, or crossed them, upon our first meeting. Or if I crossed them off my list of prospects after the initial rejection. 

“Some Will. Some Won’t. So What. Next.” will get you up and out of bed in the morning on a day you have to prospect. And that’s every day if you want to achieve your goals in MLM.

Your expectations will match what will happen; you will stay enthusiastic and keep on prospecting; and you will enjoy it more… if you live by the MLM maxim, “Some will. Some won’t. So what. Next.”

Next Steps: MLM Brilliance is an excellent way to get a steady supply of prospects and help you get them on board.  Give it a two-week free trial.

File Prospects as “Not Yet, ” not “Dead”

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people-connectingAnyone into Network Marketing for a length of time beyond a few weeks, knows that prospecting is one of the most important actions to undertake. You can ask people you meet, you can call people, write to them; buy lists of names and email or phone them… there are lots of ways to prospect… very important. But not all prospects, cold, warm or hot, are going to say “yes” right away. You are going to be rejected. If you let yourself do it, you might even get disappointed. But, you would be wrong to quit. And you would be wrong to give up on anyone you asked.

Build a File for a Rainy Day

A friend of mine was presented with an Multi Level Marketing (MLM) opportunity years ago. He passed on the offer, at first. His prospective sponsor didn’t toss away her contact data about him. She added his name to a file system she kept. She didn’t file him under a “Dead” file label; she put him under “Not Yet.”notdeadyet (1) And every once in a while, when she had a few moments to contact him, she phoned or emailed or met with him. She did the same for every person she contacted. After a number of these meetings, my friend agreed to just try the product and… you know what happened next: MAGIC!

Overnight Success

Bells and whistles went off in his body. He got energized. He was SOLD. Another “overnight success.” My friend went from “not yet” to “Full-steam-ahead, Captain!” Within months, he attained the top tier in his MLM company, with 18,000 in his downline and a fat bank account that refilled every month! 30 years later, he still gets hefty residual checks from the system built with the help of someone who filed her prospects as “Not Yet,” not “Dead.”

pirates-treasureToday I can say that I became a millionaire, because someone else filed me as “not yet,” not “dead.” – Network Marketing Millionaire (Name withheld on request.)

And you should see the size of the treasure chest that his sponsor accumulated. If you want similar success, do what works: contact and file prospects as “Not Yet,” not “Dead.” Next Step: Professional Inviter is the complete training course that will help you  master the skill of inviting. Use it to help you get the most out of your prospecting. 

What to Do When You’re Stuck in Closing a Sale

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Let’s say you did your prospecting right… you got some leads… contacted one of them and got into communication.  You invited her to see your video, and maybe even Tim Sales’ video explanation about the Multi Level Marketing (MLM) industry (Brilliant Compensation), and you’re now on the phone after she watched the videos.

What do you do next?

Well, of course, you ask her if she watched the videos and what she thinks about what she saw and heard.

You listen as she answers your question. You take notes about what she says. You will use those notes to guide you to what to say next.

What to Do When You're Stuck in Closing a SaleBut then… and this WILL happen some day… you forget what you wanted to say. You can’t remember your trend of thought, and you are confused. You’re stuck.

You are in charge but you don’t know what to do. There is silence on the other end of the line… what do you do?


That’s what you do. You ask her a question about her or her needs or desires related to your videos, because as she is answering it, and while you are listening to her reply, she is going to help you two ways:

  1. You are going to use the time to quickly remember what you wanted to say. Your prospect will never know that you ever had a problem.
  2. Given the chance to speak, she will tell you what you need to know about her to close a sale with her. Keep your eyes and ears open. Listen. Take more notes. Ask her more questions to clarify her responses. Take more notes. And then you will remember or know what to say.

In 39 years of selling, including my MLM sales, I have never been taught this one lesson. It came to me at a time I was in a Boardroom in front of a group of executives who were listening to me, but suddenly I was stumped for what to say next. (It later came to me to do this again, when selling over the phone and online.)

I just asked a question and shut up and listened, and they spoke. What they said not only helped me get back on track, but also gave me the perfect solution to close the sale with them on the spot.

From then on, I have used this lesson countless times. I have taught it to others. One-for-one, this works. Try it, when you need it. You can even use it when you don’t need it, just for fun!

In MLM sales, being less formal than boardrooms, this remedy works even better.

In my opinion, this one solution is the greatest remedy in sales: 

When in doubt, ask a question!


Next Steps:  There’s so many great ways to communicate and sell artfully.  Artful selling is the way to long term relationships that will serve you well for many years to come.  Find out more in Ron Kule’s Sell Anything Artfully book/webinar package.

Is Failure One of the Seeds for Success?

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It isn't the mountains ahead to climb that wear you down. It's the pebble in your shoe. - Muhammad AliDo you have to lose to win?

There is no doubt that many successful people failed more than once on their road to success, enough to make it possible to believe that you have to fail in order to succeed or achieve your goals.

That happens to be false.

First of all, one flat tire, to make a travel analogy here, on a journey that ends with your arrival at the intended destination, does not add anything to the experience except time which was unwanted. And what if your tires had been checked before you embarked on the roadway?

Secondly, hiking toward the top of a mountain will not always be traversed at the same pace, or with the same ease, at every footfall. One simply takes each step one at a time, handling what comes. Enough steps taken, and the goal is reached.

Failure or loss becomes reality only when one quits. And one quits only when attention is allowed to wander away from and abandon the sight of the mountaintop, the goal intended.

We get what we put our attention on is what Muhammed Ali is saying here, at once making the goal and the hope of attaining it more important than any distraction. By calling it a “pebble” in his description, he also makes less of the distraction.

But behind this message is more and Muhammed Ali would agree with me: training. There is no excuse for lack of training.

Training Removes the Need For Losing

Again, we ask, “Does one have to lose to win?”

And the answer is a resounding NO!

Because correct training correctly applied and training based on correct data of a subject like, for instance, Multi Level Marketing (MLM), removes the need to lose. Understanding a subject well enough to practice its application to a point of complete certainty, trumps the false idea that one needs to lose in order to win, which just doesn’t happen to be true.

During the training, yes, of course, there will be mistakes made; there will be setbacks, but that is part of the training experience. It is not failure, itself. Such things are expected in training.

The graduate who knows his stuff and how to apply what he knows, has only to walk the walk… and keep walking all the way to the accomplishment of his or her goals. He cannot be denied because of his training, unless he denies himself the next step along his pathway to the top.

What Makes for Correct Multi Level Marketing Training?

Multi Level Marketing has been around for almost 100 years. There are hundreds of success stories one can read about and emulate or, at least, read up on and and use to visualize one’s own pathway that includes what actions to work.

There are books and seminars that can be attended. Listen to speakers who have made their bones in the MLM industry and became walking, talking success stories. Listen to what they have to tell you actually happened, and what they did to overcome or to expand their businesses. Compare what they say to what you already know. Understand their story, and know what you know for you.

Their success is NOT your success. But you CAN make your own success by learning a lot from theirs, if you seek out and ask questions of winners you admire.

There are books, articles, blogs and tools developed by winning leaders, which point the way to the common-denominator, successful actions that predictably work every time. These data can be cross-checked against others to make the differences and similarities pop out. Do this homework. Know before you go and makes less mistakes.

Mentors with real track records of success may be your upline sponsors, who will earn when you earn. Ask the mentor to mentor you; they have been there, done that.

If you want to earn a million dollars with Multi Level Marketing, ask MLM millionaires what they did right. Stay in touch with them. All of this is training. Read books like Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

Here is an example: the “Warm List” — a list of names of friends and relatives who can be approached to help you explain your new opportunity or product line. Untrained newbies full of excitement run to talk about what they’ve found, thinking everyone else will see what they see. In their excitement, they forgot to find out some basic facts about their products and company; they forgot to ask what are the best things to say to a warm list, which others before them have said and won with; they forgot to train up and practice with other insiders before they hit the warm-list prospects.

The result is a lot of losses, a lot of dashed hopes and decisions to quit… all of which are unnecessary, because of one omission: lack of basic training.

What you don’t know can and often will stand up and bite you. And the loss will hurt. And you might want to quit, but don’t do that.

Instead, take a step back and find out what you missed — getting trained on some action — and then get trained correctly. Practice what works. And then move forward. You see, what you DO know lets YOU stand up and take a bite out of what stands in your way on your path to your goals.

The choice is clear: ignorance and losses, or knowledge and wins.

The journey to the mountaintop consists of the steps of good training and practice and not any failure really as long as you keep going and keep taking the pebbles out of your shoes. Just ask Muhammed Ali — “The Greatest!”

Next Step:  Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.  This was a very important book for me.  I consider it to be one of the key factors that contributed to my success.  If you haven’t read it or if you are not applying the principles found in it, then I would urge  you to get, read and apply the material from this book.  Napoleon Hill was a very wise man and his influence has proved to be at the core of many thousands of people’s wealth building.

Four Vital Keys to Multi Level Marketing Success

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Multi Level Marketing’s (MLM) three first steps are easy to learn, once you clear away the bric-a-brac that clutters your mind.

One: Clear Your Mind

If you can stand in front of a stranger, or be on a phone call, with your mind free of any and all considerations about him or her, and about yourself, over why you can or cannot sell them on your opportunity and products, you stand a chance at multi level marketing success.

It’s like going to the movies. The house lights go dark. The film projector lights up the silver screen. You don’t know what’s coming next, but you watch what unfolds with hardly a thought on your mind. You absorb the movie. You see what you see, feel what you feel, as the film runs.

There is a life lesson and a multi level marketing lesson in the experience:

What I believe is that all clear-minded people should remain two things throughout their lifetimes: curious and teachable. – Roger Ebert, movie critic and TV personality

The reason this approach works is that prospects very seldom are clear-minded. They bring a lot of complications to you. They are, in fact, often close-minded, and your job is to open their minds.

Coming before prospects with NO pre-conceived notions and with a childlike curiosity is like watching a movie; you clearly see what is in front of you and you have a better chance of building an understanding with or about it.

Once your mind is clear, put only one thought in your head.  The one I teach you in Professional Inviter:  You want to make this person’s life better.  That’s it.  You are going to make their life better.  Then proceed to step two with a clear mind and the correct goal.

Two: Handle All Objections 

The second first step to multi level marketing success is handling the objections. “I’m too busy,” is a common one, which often appears right after you’ve mentioned multi level marketing in the same breath as your company. But does the phrase spell out the whole objection?

The answer is No.

Too-busy22“Too busy,” or for that matter, “No time” are generalities. If you accept them and walk away, you will not do well in multi level marketing.  

Instead of swaying minds, clearing a pathway to your goal of success, you will be buying others’ considerations. A clear mind helps you to SEE what is in front of you, making it easier for you to handle what is there, which is only three possibilities:

  1. A legitimate concern, where the prospect really is busy!
  2. A closed mind or attitude that blocks learning.
  3. Something else unmentioned.

How to Handle Objections

The legitimate concern of “no time,”surrenders to courtesy. You simply acknowledge the communication and ask for a better time to speak with the prospect. You might offer a couple of choices to get you back in or, at least, blow into the open the prospect’s bluff.

Once out in the open, you may have a shot at continuing immediately with your presentation. 

The closed mind or attitude depends on what is in front of you. If the prospect tells you a lot of reasons why he cannot take the time to listen, let him run them down.

Do not be anything more than patient as you listen to him reel off his considerations and then acknowledge them.

It’s a very funny thing but at the end of their long-winded explanation, you may have a prospect primed and ready to hear your opportunity with no more objections simply because they were able to communicate them and you properly acknowledged them! 

And of course, if they’re objecting to multi level marketing itself, have them watch Brilliant Compensation and What the Wealthy Buy on Payday.

Three: Stay Teachable

In fact, listen well to what a prospect says and you may learn the exact reason he will want what you have! If you skip this step, or if you sit there thinking you already know what you’re going to do to “handle” what you think is his objection… you will lose more often than not.

“The guy who believes he has all the answers cannot learn anything new,” is old, old hat. Don’t fall into that trap!

At times, unmentioned objections become non-objections simply by your show of genuine concern for the other person. Build rapport with off-subject, friendly conversations as much as seems right and you could see a change right before your eyes. Relaxed, the prospect might share what was on his mind, or simply change his mind without saying a word.

Four: Stay Curious

Success for you in the other 3 Keys may lie in your ability and willingness to remaining curious about your prospects. Learning these four keys to network marketing success is a simple task. Applying them well is just as easy with practice:

  • Ask more questions;
  • Stay curious;
  • Stay teachable, because what your prospect tells you will teach you a lot.

Next Step:  Learn the full Inviting Formula in Professional Inviter and use it religiously in all your prospecting.

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