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Get to Know Your Prospects Early

Posted in Network Marketing Basics, Prospecting by Ronald Joseph Kule.

get to know your prospects earlyGet to know your prospects early, because tomorrow might be too late. Your best opportunity to gather data and contact information about your prospects is at your first or second meeting, when they feel that you are interested in them. They feel that way because in their eyes you are just two people talking at that point. 

The first two times you meet are the optimum opportunities to obtain information such as cell phone number, hours they work, weekly patterns, personal likes/dislikes, family data, and more. You build relationship with such information but you first have to earn the right to ask for it.

Prospecting Tip

Mine the veins early when prospecting, when no one has interfered or added negatives. As time progresses, comments from others, which can cause your prospect to hesitate, may come into play, making it more difficult to gain the data you need to promote, inspire and sign up your new prospect.

Here is what you want to get by the second call:

  • Phone number (home and cell)
  • Email address
  • Working hours – when to when?
  • Hours at home
  • Private times of when not to call
  • Daily, weekly routines
  • Children’s names
  • Current profession
  • What does the spouse do?
  • Personal hobbies and interests

Some of this information builds your relationship; other data shows interest in their whole lives and provides “buttons” that you know will continue to inspire action.

Man with magnifying glass looking for coinsDon’t Interrogate Just Drill Down

You can also ask for deeper, more-personal information. Drill down and find their likes and dislikes — about their hobby, for instance — and note them down for future use. If a baby cries in the background, ask about the child: “Boy or girl? What is her/his name?”

Don’t interrogate, however, just ingratiate.

Each prospect is different. Work with the one in front of you. Do what you’re doing while you’re doing it — it makes people feel important, which, in turn, inspires. That’s good leadership.

Paying close attention to your prospect will pay off in rewards for you later.

Earning Your Right to Ask For More 

Outright asking, “What’s your cell phone number?” is too aggressive. Prospects feel uncomfortable and probably will not give you their information if you approach them this way.

But let’s suppose you warmed your prospect, qualified him smoothly, and discovered what he wants what do you do? Invite him to your opportunity. That could go like this: You say,

“There’s a video you need to see that can solve this (need, want). It explains a lot about what you want.”

Follow with information about how he can watch the video, and… 

“When would be a good time for us to talk after you’ve looked at it?”

Your prospect says,

“Tomorrow at 3 pm.”

You say,

“Then I’ll call you tomorrow at 3 pm. What is the best number to reach you?”

Very often, their cell phone number comes out as an alternative number, if you asked for additional information without being gruff or obvious..

When you’re going to meet with them you could also say,

“Let me give you my cell number just in case we can’t find each other.”

Give your number then ask,

“Do you have a cell number?”

At your first greeting you might have asked,

“What’s your typical day like?” Or, “Do you have any days off during the week?”

On first meeting, handing out your business card usually gets their’s back with important contact data printed on it. Using whatever data you do obtain helps you to get to know your prospects early. And that’s something that you can’t do too much of in MLM.

Winning MLM Online By The Numbers

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“Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better. Don’t wish for less problems wish for more skills. Don’t wish for less challenge, wish for more wisdom.” 

– Jim Rohn, motivational speaker, network marketer 

Bomb explosionTim Sales earned his fortune in network marketing after spending years in a military career that saw him defusing bombs every day. After his military experience, MLM seemed tame to Sales, and he has said so publicly.

Being the kind of guy that he is, Tim Sales listened to Rohn’s words and took them to heart not only for himself, but also for others he knew would follow in his footsteps. Among his many MLM tools made available through the company he founded for that purpose are tools which make prospecting better and easier.

Sales’ approach comes from his military background and training. His approach takes the clutter out of common contacts, marketing activities, websites, resources and training materials and organizes them into a pattern that seamlessly helps the trained network marketer grow network businesses through their mobile devices.

Group of people on cell phonesMobile Is King

The importance of having an online presence, and of being able to work with the numbers and do prospecting for new leads for customers and for new business associates is paramount.

According to recent surveys, 53.6% of all online purchases are made through a mobile device today. Putting your business alongside this consumer public puts it on the front lines of marketing activity and in a better position to find lead prospects already warmed to your opportunity.

Beyond device contact, however, remains the perennial need to connect on a personal level with targeted warm leads, and to convert them from interested bystander to hot prospect status. A constant flow of people reaching for your products or opportunity is the current demand for success in MLM. 

In other words, the need to know and do Public Relations and Sales is omnipresent even in today’s digital era of network marketing. The marketing numbers don’t lie:

73% of potential purchasers love a product brand because of its customer service reputation.

“Treat your customers like they own you. Because they do.” – Mark Cuban

And Cuban is right about that. Further market research reveals more of the picture:

  • A website’s visual design carries weight with 46% of consumers looking to make purchases, while colors increase brand awareness for 80% of those people viewing websites in search of products.
  • Fully two-thirds of consumers prefer to read article and blogs over advertisements and, of these, the same percentage respond well to brands after reading web content about them that they like on Twitter.

Still, it wasn’t the facts they learned from those articles and tweets that caused consumers to make purchases, it was the emotional responses generated by the blog posts.

“People don’t buy for logical reasons. They buy for emotional reasons,” – Zig Ziglar

A telling, current statistic explains how right Ziglar really was and how germane his viewpoint remains today: a whopping 89% of buyers will halt purchases from a company after having one bad, customer experience.

How This Relates to MLM and You

Lack of online presence today practically defeats your prospecting, because the same public making online purchases is most apt to respond to an income opportunity — the younger, business-oriented generation. You have to command their attention with color and other visual aids to state your story and generate reaches for your opportunity. And then you have to be prepared to field the reaches and communicate along the lines of sales interactions that can not only lead to purchases, but also deliver a customer service experience that captures brand loyalty.

Worldwide connectionsTim Sales’ approach to the problems of network marketing today simplifies and coordinates activities to allow for more prospect/associate interactions. He has gathered the current numbers and information that identify potential consumers’ or associates’ needs and wants — a powerful combination for competitive prospecting and upsurging sales, either of which will make you as a network marketer happy.

Emulating what tools Tim Sales uses for his network marketing business would seem the way to play the numbers for a big win.

And, as we all know, in MLM happiness usually becomes a richly rewarding experience that makes dream lifestyles a reality.

Finding Motivation in MLM

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Inspiration Begins With Purpose

how to get and stay motivated in MLMFinding motivation in MLM isn’t that hard, if you know where to look for it.

The day you first found out about the MLM product or opportunity that you are now involved with… do you remember the feeling? Were you excited? What caused that feeling?

Did you ever stop and analyze what got you most excited that day? And why? That wouldn’t be a bad idea, you know, to do that analysis right now.

When you understand what makes you tick, what makes you eager every morning to get up out of bed, to take on each new day with enthusiasm, you will have found an endless source of inspiration for you and your downline.

And it’s got a name: Purpose.

Purpose is Personal

Every individual has a purpose in activities that lead to personal satisfaction and happiness or success. That purpose is different, or is expressed differently, for each of us.

Discovery of what turns our fire on, though, is more than a nice idea to think about, because purpose motivates action beyond emotions.

Take war, for instance. War is tough to experience first-hand, but those soldiers who understand on a personal level why they are fighting, and what their personal goals are, weather the daily good and bad, and they generally survive better.

They also keep moving toward victory. They will not quit, because their purpose is stronger than any obstacles they face.

MLM in that respect is like fighting a war. There will be good days and bad. There will be small victories and losses, triumphs and failures.

Joel Chandler Harris wrote "Uncle Remus" tales.

the tar pits were no match for B’rer Rabbit in “Uncle Remus.”

When you feel down, rather than getting swamped by the obstacles, defining your purpose will help you figure a way through the morass, up and over the brambles, and help you to arrive at your goal.

Famed author and story-teller, Mark Twain, read Uncle Remus written by Joel Chandler Harris to his children. In his autobiography Twain describes meeting him:

“He was the bashfulest grown person I have ever met. When there were people about he stayed silent, and seemed to suffer until they were gone. But he was lovely, nevertheless; for the sweetness and benignity of the immortal Remus looked out from his eyes, and the graces and sincerities of his character shone in his face.”

Shy as Harris might have been, it was his keen purpose that brought about his career success.

 “Presidents may come and presidents may go, but Uncle Remus stays put. Georgia has done a great many things for the Union, but she has never done more than when she gave Mr. Joel Chandler Harris to American literature.” – U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt

Throughout his storied lifetime of journalism and creative writing, Harris never strayed far from his primary motivating purpose to help bring reconciliation among whites and blacks in the South.

Put Purpose Into Action In MLM

Lest you think these are just bright thoughts, put them into action. Here’s what you do:

  1. Determine or recall the first time you found your current product or opportunity.
  2. Determine the highest emotion you had the first day you found out about it.
  3. Discover the decision you made when you felt that way.
  4. Write your answers for numbers 1-3 above.
  5. Describe for yourself the first plan of action that you envisioned at that moment.
  6. Write that down, because a cleanly written sentence or two about that plan can become your inspiration and purpose that will motivate your every day as long as you want to play the same MLM activity.
  7. Now go and do the same with each of your closest and best-producing downline personnel.
  8. Make sure what is written down is kept prominent where it can be seen every day to remind and renew that purpose.
  9. Make sure your downline replicates this activity with each new person brought on.

Finding Motivation in MLM

I’ll wager that once you do the actions just described, you will feel more inspired and motivated in your MLM business.

I’d also bet that you will see your downline more inspired and productive after they do the same.

Purpose isn’t everything, but it goes a long way toward achieving the success of feeling happy about your work!

JFK on purpose


A Simple Guide for Leaving Messages That Work

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clapperboardSCENE ONE, TAKE ONE:

You’ve gotten your downline associate over his/her telephone fear. You are both prepped and ready for him/her to make the first prospect call. You’ve got a plan to invite someone to look at a video, listen to a conference call, or attend a live meeting.

You watch them dial. Voice mail. What do they do?

MACHINE: “After the beep, leave your message.”

YOUR ASSOCIATE: “Hi… uh… I was just calling to… I’ll just try later.”

You cringe. They suffer embarrassment. Didn’t you say they were prepared; that you were ready? They were prepared alright, for a live person!

Not a pretty sight! Not too inspiring or confidence-building; not going to create reach your way that way, no way.

Practice, practice, practice

Right now is a good time to learn what to do right, and what to practice until they are never surprised again by an answering machine or a voice mail service. This is how you do it:

  1. Leave yourself a message.
  2. Listen to it.
  3. Listen to how you sound.
  4. Decide what to do better.
  5. Make another test.
  6. Make more corrections and do it again… and again… and again. 
  7. Practice with them until both you and they are satisfied that they can leave a message that sounds great every time, inspires confidence, and creates reach.

Warm Market Call Style

warm marketWarm market calls (to people you already know) usually get responses — they know the caller, and vagueness is okay:

ASSOCIATE: “Hey, it’s me. Give me a shout out when you can.”

Keep it light and try not to sound like a different person. Here are six examples:

“Hi John. This is Tim. How are you? I’m calling to talk a little business with you… “

“Hi John. Tim here. Give me a call. I’ve got something I want to run past you… “

“Hi John. Tim here… haven’t talked in a while. I’d like to catch up on what you’ve been up to and run something by you… “

“Hi John. This is Tim. Hey man, something’s come across my desk that you may find interesting… “

“Hi John, this is Tim Sales, we’ve not talked in a VERY long time. Give me a call when you can. I want to hear about what you’ve been up to…. “

Just be yourself. 

“Hey John, did you see the ‘GAMECOCKS beat up on the Bulldogs? I’m calling to rub it in a little…


“… I want to talk a little business with you… “

Cold Market Call Style

Cold market calls (to people you know) will respond to authority. Position yourself as a leader in your field, but gently:

“Hi! I’m calling for John Smith. John, you filled out a questionnaire indicating your interest in a home business. I’m calling with regard to that. I’d like to get to know you a little bit and find out what you had in mind to see if it’s a fit with what I have. Let me give you my number…”

Long-winded messages or very short messages are not recommended.

There is a difference in the last half of the message, however. 

The last part of the message should ALWAYS be the same. Let me repeat that: The last part of the message should ALWAYS BE THE SAME!

The Last Part of the Message:

“… let me give you my number 888.888.8888. I’ll give that to you again, 888.888.8888. Look forward to talking with you.”

Varying the last part of your message could prove a costly mistake, because the prospect may not have your number. You must repeat it, because he may not have heard it the first time, or the message was not recorded properly.

Assume the worst phone connection and never make the mistake of a poor message, or that your prospect already has your number.

I should just change my voicemail greeting to: "Please hang up and text me."

A little humor, okay?

Speak clearly and without hurry. Remember to inspire a return call. If you have to include some important data, make sure it is placed early in the message. Let your phone number be the last thing they hear — people often hang up after they hear it.

And remember… mystery creates reach. Leave your audience hanging a bit. People are naturally curious, whether in your associate’s warm or cold market!

Use and teach these tips to your downline and watch your income go up!


How To Improve Yourself & Lead Your Team at the Same Time

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“Monkey see, monkey do.” It’s an old saw about human behavior, and not really about monkeys. But it also applies to network marketing, because in MLM you have to have copying — duplication — of actions to build success. This is the keynote of true leadership in MLM and since the network marketing model has leadership built right into its structure from top to bottom, duplication is a key element of success for everyone. Duplication may not be as difficult as some might think if you break it down the right way.

success failure

If you find someone in your organization who has a willing heart but is not making the grade, and you know you have trained him or her up, take them aside and really look at what they are DOING.

Marketing and selling is something you DO, so look to their ACTIONS.

If something doesn’t look right, ask where they learned to do that. Maybe the source was not correct, and so mistakes will follow, Failure copies failure.  

Maybe the source was correct, but the ideas were misunderstood. Inability to DO follows misunderstood ideas and words.

Successful actions, especially in MLM, have specific qualities that can be spotted:

  • They are do-able.
  • They are simple.
  • They don’t require enormous amounts of complicated training.
  • Nearly anybody can do them.
  • Nearly anybody can teach others to do them, too.
  • They are unlimited in nature and they can be copied over and over.

If your “successful actions” are complicated, they are just adding unnecessary complications and, so, may actually be a barrier to duplication. That makes sense, doesn’t it? Identify successful actions and define them simply. The funny thing is, this simple action will likely make you, yourself, more efficient in your own activities.

What to Do and What to Share

First, build a model for your downline that actually works.

Make one customer happy and then get your ACTIONS recorded down on paper. Spell out exactly what you did right. You’ll be surprised at how much data from your training comes back to your mind when you do this exercise.

Now, go out and see if you can recreate that same pattern with another person, to the same result. And then to others.

When you know what works, tell others. Show someone your notes and how simple your success was, and that they can do the same. That’s the way organizations begin to grow — by copying and training successful patterns.

success-blocksA Hard Road Leads to Easy Street

You have to continually work to perfect your methods, keeping what works in place and finding more patterns that are workable for your group.

Sure, they may make the same mistakes that you made, but don’t be too concerned when it happens. You learned by your missteps, right? Just gently nudge them in the right direction, and they will get there.

What About Leadership?

Leadership begins with observation. Guidance is a consequence of leadership and patience.

Helping others to do the right actions, to set examples for others and to teach the right way requires a patient will to first observe, and to watch others make their mistakes.

Join your observations of them to what you know works, and only then step in and mentor in that direction. You will find that people can easily copy that. They are willing to apply that. And when they do, they will be doing what works. They will have success.

It won’t always be easy but it can be really profitable for you in the long run.

Create & Share Success

Well, there it is: a formula for successful duplication and wise leadership of your downline.

A successful organization copies success.

It’s as easy as one-two-three!

1. Isolate successful actions

2. Build, record and share a prototype of those successful actions

3. Continually perfect your system and share what you know is right.


Five Tips For Moving Beyond Your Warm Market

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Online storeWhat’s old is new again. These days, outside of network marketing, you could be starting an online retail store, an affiliate marketing online blog or an eBay retail business.

Offline, your new venture could be a beauty salon or a construction and remodeling company. In any scenario, today’s market environment requires you to find customers fast. But from where? And you need employees or, at least, independent contractors who have the skills necessary to do the work your concern demands. Where do you find them?

How does one find reliable business partners these days?

Toward a friend, an acquaintance or even a family member might be where you seek to find your first candidates. Maybe they are not responsive, but maybe they know people who will be a good fit. The bottom line is that you will need human resources to help you start, maintain and expand your business, networking or not.

Friends and Family

Almost always, the first recommendations and referrals you turn to are from people you know, usually friends and family . In other words, your “warm market.” Not always the easiest, the warm list is a recommended place to start.

people-connectingMore than traditional brick-and-mortar business formats, more than online formulas, today’s network marketers aim to build a business that connects people and products together across many varied social strata and geographical boundaries — online melted these away a long time ago, and this new playing field dictates his or her activities. And forces him or her to learn new skills and engage in new field activities like facebooking, blogging, tweeting and holding online group chats among strangers.

However, one fundamental stayed the same and applies more than ever to the current marketplace: an MLM business must move past its warm market list as quickly as possible and develop a new warm market among its international prospect lists. 

Those who are part of the more traditional warm list, including those not initially interested in your opportunities or products, will have to be countered or worked around in a professional and honest manner that does not push them away. 

The fundamental idea that one should never violate is, “Never burn the warm list bridge behind you!” And for good reason: warm market prospects remain one of the greatest resources for the growth of an MLM downline. Family and friends who continue to respect you will give you referrals, be your customer and, when circumstances change in their lives, may actually say “yes” to your presentation one day.

People getting togetherHere are five MLM training tips which apply not only to traditional warm market, but also to online “families” and circles of friends.

  1. Never insult someone for his or her decision not to participate with you in your business. They will close doors behind you that one day may have opened a pathway to someone who might have earned you a fortune in your downline. Remember, of the first 500 people who opted in to the Amway opportunity, 495 fell away in a short time, but the remaining five built a billion-dollar business by working together. Berating someone for their lack of interest is unprofessional and out of place.

  2. Be wise.”No” rarely means no forever. The brother who rejected you and your offers could lose his job. If you embarrassed him or showed him lack of human respect, not only will he not work with you, he will level the playing field by telling your friends about the “scam” he avoided when you offered it to him.

  3. Objections and critical gossiping about past failures and bad experiences can be powerful life lessons. The challenges, once overcome, make you stronger. Dealing with personal issues as they appear and relate to your business, fortifies your resolve if you look at them as opportunities. People trust the leader who sets a good example and wins the day. An unbroken trust establishes relationships which can lead to a lifetime of business growth.

  4. It’s all in the numbers, not the yeses or no’s. Some prospects reach out after one conversation, others take 10 — nine”no” answers yield a “yes” on the 10th call. The art and heart of networking is finding out exactly what prospects mean when they give you a “no.” Like the 9th call, understanding the true objection could open the door to the change for the better that rocks your business!

  5. Bug them not. If friend or family prospects clearly are not interested, move on. Get yourself in front of new people who might see your MLM business or product eye-to-eye. Satisfied customers are the new warm list, and they will bring you other people who want what they have.

What’s Old Is New Again

Warm-list marketing from the early days brought MLM as an industry to where it is today. It will always be an important part of the business. And today, MLM leaders use both the traditional and brand-new online warm markets as the first and last places they go to for expansion. While the landscape changes every day, the rules of common courtesy remain the same. What’s old is new again.

Abuse it and you lose it.

Your Downline’s Got Telephone Blues?

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Telephone Blues: someone in your downline can’t pick up the phone and make prospecting phone calls. 

You know that’s “No bueno!” He or she knows the same thing.

You, their sponsor, have to make phone calls to build your MLM downline. Well, guess what… so do they!

Why People Fail in MLMDon’t let your downline associates drop off the radar screen over unmade phone calls. Instead, run them through a checklist that will get them producing winning phone calls. 

Telephone Blues are a symptom of underlying uncertainties. Ferret out the correct cause for the reluctance and you won’t be able to keep your downline away from that telephone!

Telephone Blues Checklist
Conducted by upline sponsors on their downline to debug their downline and get them on the phone comfortably.

  • What is your goal for your MLM business? Is it written down?
  • Where is your written plan for how to achieve your goal. Did you write it down?
  • What step on the plan are you doing now?
  • What MLM business resources do you use? Are these all that you could/should be using?
  • Do you have an active MLM-lead source? Show it to me.
  • Demonstrate how you prospect for a new customer. Let’s get one together.
  • How do you service your customers? Show me a live demonstration.
  • Show me how you get new distributors? Let’s gets one together.
  • How would you train a distributor to get new customers? Let’s have you train one while I watch.
  • Please introduce someone whom you trained and who does get new customers, so I can watch them demonstrate how they prospect for a new customer.
  • How do you train distributors to get distributors? Train one while I watch or introduce me to someone you trained who can get distributors. Let’s ask that person to demonstrate getting a new distributor.

Scaredy-cat Downline Answers

Phone fearThe answer to telephone blues is different for every person, but the sign of their existence is always the same: whatever activity or activities cannot be demonstrated. 

“But I could be rejected” is a non-answer. Call that bluff with a tape recorder and a command: “Invite me to your business meeting.”

They won’t be able to do it.

Why? Because the real answer is not fear of rejection. They just don’t know how to do a phone call interview.

I don’t care if the person has been in sales for 20 years. If they don’t make the calls, it’s because there is something about the business they don’t know how to do.

In order to succeed, your desire for successshould be greater than your fear of failure. - Bill CosbyInability to predict an outcome – that’s all there is to fear.

Consider sky diving. The inability to predict the outcome puts a fear about sky diving into people. People who have never done it have a harder time predicting the outcome because they just don’t know anything about the equipment, or the right things to do in order to do it safely. People who get up enough nerve to take the class before jumping, who learn what they have to do enough to overcome the fear… get in the plane and jump out the door at 12,500 feet.

Not knowing what will happen on a phone call can paralyze your downline, too, but with some training you and they can overcome this. Find out what they cannot do!

No Excuses

So, don’t you buy downline excuses for Telephone Blues. Instead, run your associates through the checklist above, and then train them on whatever comes up that they cannot do. (And make sure they do not mis-understand words in the subject. Misunderstanding a word can prevent ability to apply or do an action.)

Being able to produce improves morale! It also sure beats a bruising mental beat-down over telephone blues.

When the Inviting Formula “Doesn’t Work”

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Hello Network Marketing Professionals,

My staff have asked me to post a blog about the Inviting Formula, which I created and perfected many years ago. Recently, we have heard from people who say that they used every step of the Inviting Formula and it didn’t work. That’s the point I want to cover.

If you use every step of the Inviting Formula completely and correctly then it will work and it does work. But you have to remember that when correctly used, the Inviting Formula is working for you.

Tim Sales

Tim Sales

For example, let’s take a look at the qualify step. (And there’s a lot more to this step than what I touch on here). In that step you are learning what the prospect needs and wants and does not need and want.

Not every single person you reach out to is qualified. You can’t lose sight of that. If they were all qualified, then I wouldn’t have put that step there, and network marketing would pretty much be a walk in the park!

Finding your prospect’s needs, wants, and don’t wants as it pertains to your business is critical. It is the qualify that determines whether or not they join the business. It is the qualify that determines whether or not they quit. And it is the qualify that determines if they are best as a customer, a true business builder or just passed over by you.

Step back for a moment and think about what it is you are trying to accomplish with each step of the Inviting Formula that I teach in Professional Inviter. And honestly you should do that every time you are getting ready to meet with a prospect. What is your goal? If you have taken any of my training courses, you already know the answer to that: Your primary goal is to make people’s lives better. Now you use the six steps of the Inviting Formula to help you achieve that.

Here are the four biggest mistakes that I see people make when using the Inviting Formula: 

  1. They don’t use the Inviting Formula at all. (but they say they are)
  2. They don’t use the Inviting Formula in the correct sequence.
  3. They go through the six steps of the Inviting Formula too fast or too slow for that prospect.
  4. They don’t back up and redo a step when they see that the step they are now working on isn’t going so well.

That’s a big thing, if you suddenly find that the prospect is not as responsive as he was on the previous step, then you have to go back to that previous step. He didn’t get all the way through it after all.

Let’s try to put this in as simple of a concept that I can find: I was walking down the street and it didn’t work. Do you know why it didn’t work? Because I failed to put one foot in front of the other in a rhythmic pattern and a forward motion like I had been taught. I altered the sequence and I rushed. The result: I stumbled and almost fell.

My point: The Inviting Formula is just like that. You must completely understand each and every step and how to use it correctly. If you don’t do that, it is just like failing to walk down the street . . . it isn’t going to work.  You will stumble or fall.

Now here’s the other thing that really concerns me and I hear this far too often: “Oh yes, Tim. I got Pro Inviter and listened to it years ago. That was great stuff.” Let me just say this. If you listened to Professional Inviter years ago and you really mastered those six steps of the Inviting Formula, and you are using those steps as naturally as you breathe air then you should have a hugely successful downline today and you should be enjoying the financial freedom that you hoped to achieve back then. But that’s not the case with a lot of people.

Instead the person listened to the lectures one time, put them on a shelf and there they sit collecting dust while the person struggles to get new recruits. I can’t stress this enough: use those lectures and the workbook. Listen to the lectures, set up your own “Buckshot” and drill like I drilled and do it until it never even enters your mind to do it any other way. Professional Inviter teaches you a skill you will use over and over and over.  

Professional Inviter

Professional Inviter

If you don’t have a huge downline, or you’re not in the midst of successfully creating one then I can tell you that you are either not using the Inviting Formula or you are not using it correctly. The solution is to start using the Inviting Formula.

If you are using the Inviting Formula, and still not succeeding, and you think the Inviting Formula didn’t work, what do you do?

You pull out the lectures, listen to them again, review in your mind each step and find what you did wrong in that last interview. And then fix it. That’s right. Or you realize that the qualifying step really was done right and that person really wasn’t qualified and you passed them over correctly.

Now don’t think I’m being harsh or unkind. I’m not. I want you to succeed and the information I teach in Professional Inviter is your first route to success. So if you don’t already own Professional Inviter, here’s what I’m going to do. I have had the staff are run a special price on Professional Inviter this week. Why am I doing that? Because I want you to succeed — and that Inviting Formula is your best friend.

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Wishing you nothing but success!


Don’t Be Fooled by Media Reports of “Scientific Studies”

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Hello Network Marketing Professionals,

Just today I received an email from one of our subscribers. He was concerned about a recent article he came across that boldly made this claim in the headline:

“Liver injury caused by herbals, dietary supplements rises in study population”

So before I tell you what I told him, I want to say this. Don’t pay attention to headlines. It’s a waste of your time. More important than the headline would be truly understanding a Public Relations Campaign (there are many types, this type is really meant to start giving something a bad reputation).

When you read the article you will see something very alarming: “Liver injury cases included 45 caused by bodybuilding supplements, 85 attributed to non-bodybuilding supplements, and 709 due to medications.”

What do you see there? Do you see that 709 people suffered liver damage on “medications” while only 85 were brought on by “non-body building supplements”? Now the article goes on to say that the “body building supplements” are typically taken by young men, whereas the “non body-building supplements” are typically taken by women 40 and above. And notice, too, that the headline calls this “dietary” supplements, not “non-body building” supplements. Young men in their 20′s is certainly no comparison to women in their 40′s. No information is provided to any other medications that those women may have taken in those extra 20 years!

Crazier still, the article concludes with this: ” . . . therefore we cannot conclude that liver injury due to herbals and dietary supplements in on the rise in the U.S.”

I could go on and pick apart each and every line of the article, but the point I’m trying to make is that there is no sense is worrying over a headline, its designed to create an effect on you, in this case a negative one. It’s designed to instill some fear, uncertainty and doubt.

Now here is what I told our subscriber:

If you notice, articles like this are typically produced by the traditional medical professionals who will not make as much money if people stay healthy. I have seen many such articles like these over the years and always the powers that be who are behind them are the big pharmaceutical companies and the medical profession.

Alternative medicine and traditional medicine do not see eye to eye still. In fact in the 70s the MDs were actively trying to run the chiropractors out of business at every turn. Yet the chiropractors survived and became stronger, bigger and better simply because they knew their technology worked and they stood by it.

No matter what you choose in life, you will always find people who disagree and publicly try to dredge up “proof” to go against you. They do this for many different reasons, and that is why I always try to “arm” people with real education because it is knowledge that makes you confident. When somebody comes along and says something negative, it can’t affect you if you happen to already know that they are wrong and you don’t doubt your own knowledge.

I strongly urge you to do the following so that you are not shaken in your own beliefs about the products you provide.

First, study the information on your products and know them cold. You have to know and understand your products. You should be a shining, walking example of how good they are because you also use them successfully and get good results from them. But also, stay within the guidelines of your company, don’t put yourself at risk by making false or unrealistic claims!

Proven Nutritional Sales Tools

Proven Nutritional Sales Tools

Second, please, for your own benefit, get the proven nutritional sales tool package at our shop.

Just the two brochures that I had produced, which completely educate people on nutrition and supplements should thoroughly handle any questions, but the other resources in there will be the complete tool kit for you and your prospects or downline. We spent $20,000 researching the information for these brochures. Again, the point is knowledge.

Then study our blog. We have lots of training on there, you’ll learn a lot more as to why some people want to discredit this industry and its products (I’ll give you a hint here: It usually comes from the fact that they failed at it themselves — including people in the medical profession).

Don’t buy into the negativity of those who failed. And you will learn why they failed if you read this blog!

Here’s the link: Proven Nutritional Sales Tools

Finally, remember this: There was a time when those who failed used to broadly attack our industry and Brilliant Compensation completely solved that. So now all these people can do is try to attack the people and the products, since they failed to bring down the industry, just like they failed to succeed in network marketing.

I hope that helps all of you.

Three “Killer” MLM Decisions

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The three “killer” MLM decisions you never want to make are:

  1. Upon failing to make a sale, “I’m not very good at this. I quit.”
  2. After pushing hard for a sale, “I tried to make the sale and pushed too hard for it. I quit.”
  3. After making a sale and not feeling too good about it, “Maybe he didn’t need it. I can’t allow myself to do that again. I quit.”

It is an old adage but so very true:

“Winners never quit and quitters never win.” – Vince Lombardi

Analyzing the Decisions

Let’s take these up one at a time:

No. 1. - “I’m not very good at this. I quit.”

So you failed at making a sale. Did you expect to make every sale you ever tried? Do you know of someone who has made every sale to every prospect?

If you blew it, what you should do is go over what happened and trust your judgement. Look for what you did right more than what went wrong.

Decide how you will approach the same situation differently next time. Learn more about your craft (sales) before going for the next sale and practice what you learn until you are comfortable.  

Realize that comfort is not your goal for YOU, but for your next prospect. If you’re comfortable, so will he/she be — much easier to sell.

No. 2. - “I tried to make the sale and pushed too hard for it. I quit.”

So you pushed too hard and now you feel violated. Well, that’s just a back-draft from the fire you created. Don’t worry, it will go out as soon as you acknowledge to yourself what you did right, and what you will change.

Don’t be too hard on yourself; no one is perfect. Decide you will get better and then practice and learn more so that you ARE better next time, assuming your intentions are good and you’re there for what is best for your prospect.

No. 3. - “Maybe he didn’t need it. I can’t allow myself to do that again. I quit.”

So you pushed something on to a prospect that you feel you should not have sold to them. Take a deep breath and contact them. Tell them how you feel and give them an opportunity to reverse the sale. If they don’t, rest easy. You made a sale they liked.

One of the biggest things to learn about selling is that more times than not, you will not know WHY the prospect bought from you. It may have been for another reason that they never told you, but which makes sense to them. Let it be.  But, if they take you up on your offer to rescind the sale, make it happen with a good heart. After all, one day you may be up for selling them again.

Reversing a wrong will make you experience much relief! It may even bring you business from an unexpected source, perhaps a sales you never would expect.

happiest-peopleSalespeople who keep their hands clean lead the happiest lives. Once again, you can re-study your craft, decide to better next time and then do better.

If you are experiencing doubts and find it hard to continue, get with your upline sponsor and go over what you did right and what went wrong. Make sure you learn more about your products and what they do for people; learn more about selling. 

A Top 25 Network Marketer Agrees

Tom Chenault, recently named one of the Top 25 Network Marketers this year, shared his “secret sauce,” which looks a lot like how to avoid the three killer decisions:

  • Keep at it;
  • Keep learning more;
  • Keep on caring about other people more than yourself… your time will come.
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