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Don’t Blow It – Simplifying the Recruiting Process

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Hello Network Marketing Professionals,

I had an interesting conversation with a frustrated network marketer a few days ago.

During our conversation I asked what was stopping him from making progress in his business. His response, “I don’t want to blow it!” He constantly worries about losing good leads and blowing it after getting the conversation going.

And then what he told me next just blew my mind.

I asked what he was doing to start the recruiting process and what his results were so far. In about these words this was his response: 

“When I get a lead, my first conversation with them helps me set everything up. I ask questions to make a strategic map of the prospect’s strengths, weaknesses and abilities. Then, with this information I prepare the material that they should review and this usually includes something on the science of leadership or case analysis.”

His results so far are zero successful recruits.

I wasn’t surprised. The approach was too complicated.

Sometimes we make this business too hard. I recommended to my friend that really, all he needed to focus on right now was the Invite category. That’s it. Don’t worry about strategic maps and case analysis. Just learn to recruit and invite. That’s it.

I sent my friend one of our new inviting cheat sheets “How to Recruit Like a Pro” to help get him unstuck and working in a new direction.

Out with all of the maps and analysis and moving on with simple things he can do today to learn how to recruit like a pro.

I thought you’d like access too.  Download your free Cheat Sheet “How to Recruit Like a Pro” here.

Hoping this helps move your business forward this week,

Tim Sales




Tired of leads “looking for a job?” Here’s a solution for you…

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Hello Network Marketing Professionals-

It’s the start of a brand new week. What goals have you set for your business this week?

On the blog last week we launched a new short series that can help you get more leads and more people to talk to. After all, having enough people to talk to is always something that network marketers tell us is one of the most frustrating and difficult parts of the business.

We know how important leads are to your business – and are excited to introduce you to a very efficient and economical way to get more people to talk to.  Last week’s blog post focused on some the latest news from Facebook – and how entrepreneurs and small business owners can use the social media giant to find qualified and interested leads for any business or product.

Read the article here if you haven’t already – and then let’s continue on with the final two reasons why advertising on Facebook has huge advantages for network marketers. 

The first advantage to using Facebook, covered in the previous blog post, was that Facebook has a GLOBAL, gigantic audience that will include your target audience. There’s a huge pool of people you can tap into, and with that in mind, consider these other two advantages:

The Options to Reach Your Target Market Are Incredible

Sorry for all the excitement, but using Facebook advertising really helps you zero on the most qualified lead possible. Your ability to find a very specific audience is affordable and doable! Here are a few examples of how precise you can target an ad:

  • Let’s say you sell a weight loss product and want to start a local weight loss group. You can run advertisements that will only show up on Facebook for people in your area code who have an interest in weight loss or health and wellness. Facebook can even tell you how many people are in that reach, so you’ll have an idea of how many people would see your message.
  • Or how about you have a strong team or upline leader in a different area than you. You could run advertisements for your business in those key areas where the company or team is exploding and has a lot of support available. When you sponsor a new team mate from those ads, they immediately can tap into those resources that are local to them.

Starting to see the big picture? Not only do you have access to millions of people, but you can also tap into very specific, niche markets. That’s huge advertising power for your business.

And the final point you should know about, and one that I think you’ll be really happy about is:

Advertising on Facebook is really inexpensive

Yes, you read that right. Generating prospects on the social media giant is inexpensive and it’s not going to break your bank. Because you can really control your target audience, you know your ad is only going to be seen by your ideal prospect. And, you have full control over how much money is spent. If you want the advertising to shut off after $10 has been spent, the ad will shut off. And you constantly have at your fingertips all kinds of useful data to help you make good decisions on future advertising. You’ll quickly know exactly what you’re getting out of it.

Facebook will tell you all kinds of things like how many times your ad was shown and the number of people who clicked on the ad, and so much more.  With these tools, you are able to really develop the perfect marketing plan to get highly qualified people to talk to about your business or product.

After last week’s post, Alem wrote in and asked a great question that I thought you would like to be aware of too:

“I hope you will be discussing how to effectively use Facebook for advertisements.  I for sure want to grow my leads and could use all the help.”

And the answer to that question is – Absolutely! Facebook is a great way to grow your leads and we certainly have a resource that will help you, Alem. In fact, that resource is a webinar with Tim Sales and MLM Superstar Stephane Page.

You’ll learn all about how to advertise on Facebook, how to target your ad to generate a very qualified lead, how to quickly get Facebook to approve your ads, how to tell if your ad is a good ad and on target to create great leads, and so much more.

The best part about all of this is that the Successful Facebook Prospecting Webinar is on sale, but only for a few more days. The special price will save you 30 bucks, but only until April 2, so be sure to check out your special offer here:


And, if you have some experience generating leads on Facebook or have any questions please leave your comment or question in the “comments” section of the blog. I’ll be happy to continue the discussion with you there.

Have a great week – and make sure you’re connecting with 10 people every day. If you do, your business will grow.

Good News for Network Marketers. Don’t Miss it!

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Hello Network Marketers,

In the past 24 hours the technology section of new outlets has exploded with talk about Facebook’s recent update that is going to be extremely helpful and beneficial to small business owners – which includes network marketers.

I thought this was timely information that you would want to know about.  If you want more leads, more people to talk to, more people to sell your product to, then make sure you’re up on the latest info that’s out there.

One of the constant challenges that network marketers face is: not enough people to talk to. But what’s so exciting is that with new technology advancements, combined with the popularity of social media the perfect storm is created for network marketers to have a continual flow of good people to talk to.

Yesterday Facebook announced a number of updates and improvements that will directly benefit small business advertisers – their new developments help small business owners easily target specific users – which means helping you find very qualified people to talk to about your business or your product.

 If you’re not using Facebook to advertise for product leads or business partners, you should really consider it. You’re actually losing and missing out on a lot of potential by not at least exploring the possibility and giving it a try.

In fact, I personally know several successful network marketers who promote consistently on Facebook and have a constant source of qualified leads to work every day – with, and get this…it’s the best part – minimal expense.

I also have a friend in the real estate business who has been quite successful. He’s been working hard over the past few years to really create a presence on social media and he was recently interviewed about his strategies and success and one of the things he said was, “We get the most results from Facebook advertising – without question.”

With a lot of excitement buzzing today with Facebook’s announcements at their conference  yesterday I thought it would be helpful to look at ways you and your team can benefit from plugging into Facebook advertising. There are several reasons and over the next week we’ll be highlighting the ones that are most significant to you and your network marketing business.

Here’s the first advantage to advertising on Facebook:

Facebook Has A Global Gigantic Audience Which WILL Include Your Prospects

If you’re familiar with “Brilliant Compensation” think…Huge Expanding Market! 


Stats from last quarter indicate that Facebook has over 1.19 billion monthly active users and 728 million daily users.

You can be sure that with that many people logging on every day, you are guaranteed to find and connect with your market – regardless of what your company is or what products you sell.  A good percentage of your target audience is going to be looking at Facebook every day.

And the beauty of all of this is – especially if your business is global and operates in some or many countries around the world – you can target and find people in those countries. Expanding your business and truly having a global business is possible if you tab into this advertising resource.

I’d love for you to join in on our conversation. Have you ever advertised on Facebook and if so, what were your results and how did it go for you? Be sure to leave me a comment so we can continue the discussion there. 

Then, in a few more days we’ll continue with other advantages of generating leads using Facebook Ads. It’ll be a fun week of learning new ways to get more leads for your business. I hope you’ll stay tuned.

Also, before I sign off, If you’re already interested in this idea of generating a lot of qualified leads using Facebook, there’s something you need to listen to.  A short while ago Tim and Stephane Page hosted the “Ultimate Sales Funnel”  conference call and they talked about generating and working leads. They even announced a special Facebook Prospecting Webinar on this training call. You’ll get some important, behind-the-scenes information, so be sure to check it out.

You can listen here: http://firstclassmlmtools.com/ultimate/

Her stats went from 1 out of 40 to 1 out of 12 – how did she do it?

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Hello Network Marketing Professionals,

There’s a lot of interest from people in how they can get a lot more people to respond back to them.  I thought about it and realized that you could probably benefit from this short clip from my Professional Inviter Training.

Hope this helps you today and every day!

I’ve got these items on sale in our shop for you as well.  Go ahead and get some, then start sending them out to your prospects and get more prospects responding back to you too.  Click Here



bogus herbal supplements store brands

You Better Make Sure Your Customers Understand This…

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Hello there Network Marketers,

A few weeks ago a news story broke that everyone in our industry who sells nutritional supplements should be aware of.  The story reported that several big-name retailers in the state of New York  had dietary supplements on their store shelves that were “bogus” and failed the ingredient test.

This investigation alleges that these store-brand herbal supplements “could not be verified to contain the labeled substance, or…were found to contain ingredients not listed on the labels.”  There’s a link at the end of this article where you can read the full story.

But here’s why this is significant to you and your customers…

One of the most common objections that you get from customers is that the product is too expensive, or that they can get the product cheaper at another location. What most consumers don’t realize is that most times, their supplements are cheaper because the quality is significantly less.  So yeah, they might get a screaming deal on some healthy heart supplements at the local health store, but those supplements may not do them a bit of good in the long run.

That old but familiar statement still rings true:  You Get What You Pay For!

Here’s what you need to be aware of so that you can help your customers make educated and informed purchasing decisions – which should increase your product sales in the long run:nsf

If you sell supplements, you’ll want to make sure you and your customers know and recognize what this logo is. This is the logo for the National Sanitation Foundation, and the NSF runs an independent product certification program that evaluates over the counter supplements, so this would include supplements that are sold via network marketing channels and product sold through big-name retailers.

The heart of the program is that dietary and nutritional supplements are evaluated based on three main components:

  •  Label claim review to certify  that what’s on the label is in the bottle
  • Toxicology review to certify product formulation (we don’t test for efficacy)
  • Contaminant review to ensure the product contains no  undeclared ingredients or unacceptable levels of contaminants

 nsf bannerA product with the “NSF” stamp of approval is the consumer’s assurance that the product has been tested by one of the most respected independent certification organizations in existence today. It is valued by consumers, manufacturers, retailers and regulatory agencies worldwide.

One of the reasons why products can move effectively through the network marketing channel is that you, an educated and caring person can explain the benefits of a product to a customer. Store displays and  advertisements will never be as effective at selling something as you can be.

So help your customers and potential customers see the real value in what you offer. Hopefully the products you sell have been evaluated by the NSF. If you’re not sure, you can use the search tool on the NSF’s website to see if your company’s products have received this valuable certification.

If you’d like to read the news story that hit the media recently click here.

And, be sure to visit the NSF website where you search to see if your products are NSF certified. click here

nutritional supplement brochuresAnd finally, use this information along with our two Nutritional Supplement Brochures (that are on sale this week) to completely educate your prospects and customers.  These two brochures (Why do I age? get sick? get diseases? and What do Vitamins & Minerals Do For Me?) will educate your customers and prospects on why they need to take supplements in the first place, and why they need to keep taking them as prescribed. They are completely generic.  It doesn’t matter what company you are with, you’ll be able to show your customer the real scoop on his health and your solution to improve it.

That keeps you in customers!  Click here

Was this information useful?  Please let me know with your comments below!








The Three Boobytraps of Network Marketing: The Velvet Rut

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Hello Network Marketing Professionals,

Today’s blog post is the final installment in a week-long series we’ve been running, where we have addressed the three major pitfalls or booby-traps that network marketers often fall into. Pitfalls are dangerous because once you fall victim to them, it’s awfully hard to get back out.

The first two pitfalls are Introverting and Doing it All, and the final trap we’ll discuss is The Velvet Rut.

This is how Tim defines The Velvet Rut:

“The final trap is what I call the VELVET RUT. It’s when you’re making between $3,000 and $7,000 a month and the thought of going back to recruiting again is daunting.

The reason I call it the velvet rut is because you’re making just enough money to keep you in the game. It’s kind of comfortable, but because you’re not making the money you’ve dreamed of, it’s still a rut. It’s a trap!”

You’re probably reading this thinking – “Man, I wish that was me!” I know that most networkers would love to be in the velvet rut. Bringing in $3,000 per month of residual income isn’t too bad! Reaching this milestone is something to be proud of and if you’ve reached it, well done to you.”

It’s also worth noting that Tim’s definition says you’re in the velvet rut if you’re making $3,000 to $7,000 per month – but in reality – your velvet rut, as far as I’m concerned, is any level of income that you’re stuck in. If you’re stuck at making less than $100 per month, $500 per month and want to be making more – you are stuck in a rut and need to get out of it. 

It’s worthwhile for everyone in the industry to be aware of the velvet rut. Even if you feel like you’re a long ways out from achieving such a milestone, you can avoid this rut altogether. Do what’s been discussed in the previous posts in this series which are:

  • Stay away from being an introvert. Even successful leaders can introvert at times and retreat from the business or even leading the team. Choosing to actively be engaged in your business on a daily basis not only builds solid income, but it builds lasting and trusting relationships with your associates.
  • Don’t fall into the trap of “Doing it All.” Doesn’t matter if you have a team of 1 or 1,000 – the moment you fall into the trap of doing it all you are stuck in the trap. Start now by developing good training habits for your team. Train them correctly and train them to be leaders. Do this enough times and you’ll soon create solid leaders. You’ll never fall into the velvet rut.

So, just how do you get out of the velvet rut if you’re stuck there?

Tim’s advice would be this: Go back to work and sponsor three or four more people. Build them into leaders. GET YOUR DREAM.

Just be make sure that when you bring those new people into your business and you train them to be leaders, that you train them correctly. That’s why we released Network Marketing 101. If you’re looking for a solid training solution, check out Tim’s newest training tool for the industry here.

And as we draw this series to a conclusion I’d love your feedback in the comments section. Now that you’re aware of all three booby-traps – are you stuck in one of the traps? How can we help you get out? I look forward to reading your comments.

Three Booby Traps: Doing It All

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Hello Network Marketers,

We’re having a great discussion on the blog this week as we talk about the three booby traps or ruts that network marketers often fall victim to. In each blog post we present some ideas to get out of the rut and into productivity and profits and today’s post picks up with the second booby trap, which is “Doing It All.”

If you missed the first article in this series, you can click here for the first booby trap that prevents success in network marketing. But let’s dive into the second trap which is brought on because you’re doing something right – you’re sponsoring people. The only problem is, you create a team that is so dependent on you for everything – you are doing it all for the team. You see the problem here real quick – you’re really not creating leverage for yourself or your team. This is how Tim describes this scenario: 

Booby Trap No. 2 – Doing It All

“The success of sponsoring people eventually becomes a booby trap as well, it’s very well concealed. You can spot this trap when you have sponsored several people and have been praised so much by your peers for your ability to sponsor so many people that you identify yourself as ‘the person who can sponsor a lot of people.’”

You are guilty of “doing it all” and need to evaluate what you’re training and how you’re training if you ever catch yourself saying one of the following:

  • “None of my people are doing anything!”
  • “How do I motivate my downline?”
  • “I keep sponsoring duds.”

If this is you, you’ve watched very valuable, very capable people fall through the cracks. You’re adding people as fast as they’re dropping off the other end.

You are doing yourself, your team and the industry a disservice if you let yourself fall victim to this booby trap.

How to Overcome Doing It All

You must train the people you sponsor. If you’re unwilling to make a leader out of the person you’re sponsoring, don’t sponsor them! It takes great patience to train people. You have to sit through the pain of listening to them invite or present.

You want so badly to save them, and you can’t – if you ever want to make a lot of money in network marketing. Doing it for them only handicaps them. You cannot do it for them – you must train, train, train. And when you think they will never get it, you train some more.

And just what do you train on? Obviously, your company should provide you with some basic getting started training points. Do those. But what’s next? Network Marketing really consists of 13 daily actions that must be learned in order to succeed – this is what we call ‘skills’ training. Network Marketing 101 is our recommended course that covers these 13 daily money-making activities. It is generic and can be plugged into anything else you’re currently running with your team.

Patience combined with the right training creates a winning combination and your team will “get it” when YOU have enough patience and the right training program that teaches the skills needed to make it.

And one more gem from Tim:

“By the way, don’t stop your training until you see that your distributors can properly train THEIR distributors. If you don’t do this step, your organization will not move past the third level. You won’t build a Christmas tree (which is a better description than pyramid), you’ll build a diamond. All your volume will be up in your first 2-3 levels.” 

Now it’s your turn. Join us in the comments section of this article to further discuss any questions you have on this topic.  Are you in the downline of a great leader in your company? If so, what makes that person a great leader?

See you in a few more days where we’ll discuss the final Booby Trap: the Velvet Rut. Can’t wait to tell you all about it!

The Three Boobytraps of Network Marketing Series

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Hello Network Marketing Professionals –

This week on the blog we’re going to launch a new series that’s all about major pitfall areas that networks often fall victim to. And why are we talking about this?

Simply put, if you are aware of the danger areas you can avoid them. (Help your team avoid them.)  And if you’re a networker who feels trapped, well, we’re going to provide solutions for you to get out so you can keep working towards your goals.

Before I reveal the three booby-traps, in Tim Sales fashion, let’s define what booby traps are and how they relate to you and your business.  I’m taking this right from Tim’s vault of leadership training:

“The word booby trap means: a situation that catches one off guard; a pitfall; a hidden hazard.

In MLM there are in fact three areas that will catch you off guard and be a hazard if you’re not knowledgeable about their existence. There are three phases that one goes through as they advance (if they do) in network marketing – each can be a booby trap.”

The three areas of MLM that are known for booby traps are: Introverting, Doing It All and the Velvet Rut. Today’s blog post is devoted to the first trap, Introverting and then we’ll discuss the other two over the next several days.

Are You Guilty of Introverting?

Introverting is defined as “concentrating upon oneself or what one is doing.”  So if you’ve ever done one of the following, you’re guilty of introverting:

  • You’re talking with a prospect and you’re so worried about what you’re going to say next you aren’t able to fully “be present” when talking with your prospect
  • You have thoughts running around in your mind like “I sound stupid” or “I don’t know what I’m talking about” and you find that you withdraw from conversations.
  • You avoid talking with prospects
  • You avoid making phone calls
  • You delay buying/generating leads

All of these are indicators of someone who is introverting. 

How to Get Past Introverting

If you are constantly thinking about what other people think of you or you avoid talking with people about your business or product, you must get past it! Here’s what Tim recommends:

  1. Drill – This means to  repeat what you’re going to say over and over BEFORE you get in front of a live person.
  2. Focus all of your attention on the prospect.
  3. Create so much activity that you don’t have time to focus on your fears.

Several months ago our staff surveyed Network Marketers and one of the questions we asked was “Once you have a lead what is your least favorite activity to do?” A huge majority of the responses, over 75%, all reported activities like talking to prospects, initiate a phone call, and one of my personal favorites: “…simply call the person. Crazy…I know, but I’m scared to death!”

Tim has found that most of the network marketing industry is stuck, paralyzed even, when it comes to doing the day-to-day tasks that build teams and create fortunes, and so that’s one of the reasons why Network Marketing 101 was created.

If you’ve been following the blog for the past few weeks  you’re aware that Tim just released a new, unique training and really, the purpose of this training is to prevent you from being an introvert. And if you’re stuck in this booby trap, it will get you out in a hurry.

The three steps to get past introverting: drill, focus your attention on the prospects and create so much activity, are all essential components of the Network Marketing 101 course. If you haven’t had a chance to see what all the excitement is about, take a minute to see the what networkers around the globe are doing to get out of the introverting rut.

Before signing off, I want to leave you with one last thought from Tim. If you feel like you’re stuck in this rut and need some encouragement, print this out and put it someplace where you can read it for a week:

“When you confront what you fear enough times, you fear it no more. As you CONTINUE to do this, you will focus on DOING IT instead of worrying whether you CAN do it or not. Then, something bizarre will happen. You’ll sponsor someone in the business. And on that day you’ll realize you really CAN do it.  – Tim Sales”

You CAN do this business.  If you’re stuck, get Network Marketing 101 and let’s confront the hard stuff and start DOING what Tim has proven to work.

And one last request: I’d love to hear from you. If you’re caught in the “Introverted” booby trap, what is your biggest hang up? How can we help you? Leave your comments here on the blog where we can continue the conversation and get some help, ideas and suggestions flowing your way.

Training, Accountability and a Free 15-Minute Review Session

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Recently, one of our subscribers sent in this comment in an email:

I already own pretty much everything that Tim has put out and admit that it’s very good but still have not achieved a decent level of success in my mlm… Will there be any consultation &/or accountability in this training? My upline in non existent.

Thank you for reaching out to us. I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t achieved what you were hoping for in MLM….at least not yet. J  And I’m sorry to hear that you don’t feel like you have upline support. Although it can be a challenge, there are thankfully other options, including tapping into the resources we have here at FCMLMT.

To answer your question directly, Yes, there is an option for both consultation and accountability with the new Network Marketing 101 training. I’ll share the details of that in just a minute, but first want to point something out that I think can add value to our conversation.

Early in Tim’s career, as his downline began to grow, he realized that the only way he could be an effective upline was if he could coach a person based on what that person needed to succeed in MLM. He started with a group of people on the phone for a Saturday training and go over the comp plan, products, ingredients, the back office- you name it, his calls covered all of that stuff. Everyone on the team had the recommended tools and resources from the field and the company. But people would still tell him that the business wasn’t working for them.

This was really frustrating for Tim (he thought he was giving them everything they needed to succeed) until he figured out a way to pin point exactly where someone was getting tripped up. It was then, that he developed 13 money making activities that are essential to making it in MLM. And he developed a way for his team to keep track of what they were doing and a way for him to see where things were falling apart. Then, he could coach specifically for that person to help them get over whatever was stopping them from progressing.

The Network Marketing 101 Course is basically an introduction to the 13 activities. Each lesson is introduced in a specific sequential order and the action guides included with every lesson have simple, doable projects or activities to help you put what you’ve learned into action.  I am thrilled that you have many of Tim’s products, but where Network Marketing 101 could be helpful to you would be in these areas:

  1. The lessons are presented in a basic gradient level – not too overwhelming but enough training to give you sold direction and confidence. What you’ve learned in Tim’s previous trainings will be helpful as you go through the course.
  2. Because the entire course focuses on the 13 activities – you will see how everything you’ve learned in the past and learn in the course all fits together. Instead of all of these ideas and suggestions floating around in your head, I would suspect that this course will actually bring clarity to the training you have already received.

So let’s conclude with some specifics about the accountability and consultation option with the course. When you purchase Network Marketing 101 there are two packages to choose from, one of which is the Personal One-on-One Coaching along with the course.

Here’s what you can expect with the One on One Coaching:

  • Get input, feedback and direction on the content you’re learning. Make sure you’re learning and understanding the material for maximum benefit.
  • Have someone who you can be accountable to, to help you stay on task and on target so you can stop procrastinating.
  • Have someone to practice and role play with.
  • Oftentimes the hardest part of learning and training is the DOING part. Through the training sessions you will learn how to correctly DO what you have learned.

The Coaching sessions are 30 minutes per session, once session per week for six weeks. Especially where you don’t have upline support, this would be very helpful (and motivational) for you!

Ultimately, you have to be accountable to yourself. Your business will only grow if you are accountable for managing your time wisely and staying focused enough to consistently work the business.  But, combine that personal accountability and consistency with the added support of some personal coaching and you will  be amazed at what you can achieve in only six short weeks.  You can get the course and coaching package here: http://firstclassmlmtools.com/nwm101/

If you feel like you have invested in training but still aren’t getting results, leave us a comment sharing your biggest challenge when it comes to training. Why do you think the training you have done in the past isn’t getting you the results you hoped for? Everyone who submits a comment will receive a 15 minute free review session with me to go over what traning they have and some pointers to getting the most of your training so you can get results.


Marissa’s Story Is So Profound I Want to Share it With You All

Posted in Building a Downline by Tim Sales.

Marissa, it is for you and all those who feel like you that we created the new Network Marketing 101 Step-by-Step Online Training Program.  Your story is so profound that I wanted to share it and the comments from Kristyn and David Ingram with all our subscribers.

It is my hope that many will be inspired and take action!  Thank you for sharing!

Marissa’s Comment

Hi, after many late night Google searches for Work From Home opportunities, I pretty much stumbled upon then opted to become a new associate in the MLM industry following my recent layoff in Corporate America that took place on the day I was scheduled to return back to work from maternity leave.

After 11 years of experience, yet no college education on my resume, I came to the conclusion that my best case scenario would be to get “lucky” and be hired into a new company without having to experience a pay cut, or my worst case scenario would be to bite the bullet, and simply be thankful to take any kind of pay cut necessary just to be employed again. This was the extent of my thought process for about one month before the world of MLM possibilities and options captured my mind and heart alike. For the very first time in my life I had felt like I was not just going through the motions. I felt excited, driven, and motivated. Finally… I am hungry at the right time and the right place. But what this really means to me is a second chance for nothing less than greatness, it’s time to take a different approach that will serve me and my family well.

I took a very close look into the business system, the products, and exactly what would be required of me to earn career level income by the time my severance installments run out on May 8, 2015. I have learned that taking daily, massive, and persistent action to schedule a minimum of 12 interviews a day to complete a minimum of 6 interviews per day 6 x a week on the full time plan on average results in 4 new associates each week and 16 for the month averaging out to be 3K not including product introductory bonuses and right leg left leg business volume cycling.

I bring with me a useful assortment of workplace experiences that have developed and enhanced my communication skills to a very high level, so when i understood that my job would be basically to call up interested prospects using a telephone script for setting up an interview for them to work at home with our company it sounded like an absolute cake walk or so I thought….

But my anxiety level is now off the charts and I am having a difficult time being productive and or confident on a consistent basis. Please help me! why this is happening to me?

On the days when I push myself I never feel confident even if something goes better than I thought. I wish I could relax and not be anxious. Sometimes I am too anxious to make calls so I start my dial sessions late morning or afternoon losing large chunks of the day. I feel like I will repel prospects with nervous, anxious energy and a shaky voice.

I’m serious about building this home based business. I know it is the right thing for me and my family. I understand the percentage of people who start MLM end out quitting pretty quickly, and I understand building a business is a numbers game and that it will take time, energy, passion, money… And the only thing that spooks sickens and scares me is failing by choice.

My mentor recently helped me to see for myself that I have to begin to train and discipline my mind to think only prosperous positive thoughts. My beliefs thoughts and feelings and not where they need to be and are affecting the number of people who move forward in the interview process / funnel.

How do I begin to loosen up get comfortable connect and build relationships with people that I talk to if I use a series of different scripts designed as part of the business system throughout all my conversations with prospects?

David Ingham’s Response

Hi Marissa

Thanks for your post I am sure loads of people will relate to you me included 

We are all looking for a solution be successful in MLM and help our teams.

I know that Tim and Kristyn are working on some tools and I am sure you will get all your answers.

I am also excited to see answers to your questions and let us all grow and become a success 

Thanks for your honesty,

David Ingham

Kristyn’s Response

Dear Marissa,

Thank you so very much for this heart-felt message. I admire you for your tenacity and determination and would love to help you overcome this obstacle of anxiety, productivity and confidence in doing the business.

Your mentor has offered you some good advice – it’s important to think about positive, prosperous thoughts. It’s hard to meet challenges, stay determined, and build a successful business when you’re constantly telling yourself you can’t do this. So, that is good advice, but it’s only part of the solution.

I want to share a little analogy that Tim has shared before to help networkers in your situation. Imagine yourself standing at the side of the pool. You really don’t know how to swim, but everyone else in the pool looks like they’re having a great time. You want to jump in. So you do.  You take that leap and once you get into the water you realize you can’t swim. Your arms start flailing around, legs kicking, you’re trying everything you can possible do to keep your head above the water. You’re giving it “your all” to stay afloat. Your friend is at the side of the pool cheering you on, telling you can do it, keep going, stay positive!! But, in the end you just get too tired. Without the knowledge of HOW TO SWIM, it doesn’t matter how hard you’re trying or how nice it is that your friend is over there cheering you on. Eventually, your head will go under the water. Perhaps you see where I”m going with this. You can spend all the time in the world getting yourself pumped up, learning positive affirmation, training your brain to be positive…you can do that, but until you have skills and training to do the 13 daily activities in network marketing you are going to drown. You see, you HAVE to have both. Positive attitude and belief in yourself…check. But to go along with that, you need the training too; just like the person in the pool needs swimming lessons to stay afloat.

I hope you’ll take a look at our new course just released today – Network Marketing 101. It’s the perfect introduction to the skills training you need – focusing on the 13 daily activities that you must know how to do to make it in network marketing.

We would love to help you; please let us know how we can do just that.

Marissa, you are on the route to real success!

With Deepest admiration, Tim

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