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First Class MLM Tools

First Class MLM Tools was originally established in the late ’90′s with the goal to legitimize and professionalize the MLM Industry through ethical and proven practices.

The company is a generic training and resource company that any network marketer can come to for training tools and resources to use in their own network marketing business.
First Class MLM Tools is one of the oldest training and resources companies in the multi-level industry, which in itself speaks volumes for its product line and practices.

Tim Sales, the Founder, is a legend in his own right. One of the most beloved and respected men in the MLM Industry today, he made it his personal mission to create the necessary resources to help those in the industry become successful professionals in their respective businesses.

The tools and resources on this site are  used by network marketers worldwide to help explain the network marketing business model, or invite, present, and train.  The company's flagship products are Brilliant Compensation, What the Wealthy Buy on Payday, Professional Inviter and Professional Presenter.

Look through the showcase or shop to learn more about how these products can help you. Also utilize the four links below where we have grouped the products for your ease.





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