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What Do Prospects Buy?

I love Network Marketing, both as an industry and as a way of making an honest living through multiple streams of passive income.

This website is yours. Use it to your advantage. I have developed tools such as Brilliant Compensation and Professional Inviter to to name a couple that you can use to successfully invite prospects to learn more about your business and to quickly build your downline. Both are products of my own personal triumphs.

I also continually shop the industry, carefully selecting affordable tools I believe can be of significant value to you. I am a hard man to please, so rest assured, what you find here is the best you’ll find anywhere.

My crusade to increase the professionalism of the entire network marketing industry marches on, and I believe it begins at the most basic level – teaching network marketers how to be a professional in every aspect of their business.

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First Class MLM Tools was established in the late ’90′s with the goal to legitimize and professionalize the MLM Industry through ethical and proven practices. We provide generic training and resources that any network marketer can use in their business. Tim Sales, the Founder, is a legend in his own right. One of the most beloved and respected men in the MLM Industry today, he made it his personal mission to create the products that would help those in the industry become successful professionals in their respective businesses.

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